Another World is Full of Happiness Vol.2-Chapter-1-Part I

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Chapter 1: Guild Request and a New Encounter.

Part I

“Carena-san. I need to do a few requests before the house is ready. What do you have in mind?”

“Yes, what’s wrong? If it’s a request, it’s posted on the board, right? You didn’t have a request that you could accept?”

Ryoji speaks to Kerenarien, who was working as a receptionist. When Kerenarien replies while remembering the contents of the request she posted in the morning, Ryoji speaks up with a troubled look on his face.

“I looked at the bulletin board, but there’s nothing I could accept. Because most of them say more than three people to receive,”

“Couldn’t you put together a temporary party before you team up with us?”

Ryoji muttered in a small voice as Carena replied, tilting his head at the line about not having a solo request.

”Because if I’m going to have my first party, it should be with Carena-san.”

“Oh, God! I’d be excited to hear you say that.”

When Carena, who hadn’t missed the soliloquy, jokingly tells him in embarrassment, Ryoji replies with a slightly embarrassed look on his face.

“Did I hear you? I whispered so you wouldn’t hear me.”

“Don’t underestimate the hearing of the elves. But I’m glad. I can’t believe you care about me that much.”

“It can’t be helped. It can’t be helped because Carena-san is too pretty.”

As the two of them were flirting and the conversation was about to drift in another direction, something like a binder appeared from behind Carena and sucked into the back of her head at a beautiful angle.

‘”Aye! Whoa! What are you doing? What? Me, Melta?”

With tears in her eyes, Kerenarien turned around to see Melta standing in a form of anger. Melta is smiling, but her eyes are not smiling at all. The two of them stiffen at the sheer force of it.

“Good morning. Ryoji-san. It’s another beautiful day. Did you come here to ask for something?'”

“Oh, oh, good morning. Melta-san.”

Ryoji was greeted by Melta with a smile so fresh that he almost fell in love with her, but he had seen the first binder attack, so his reply was that with a shaky voice.

“Ryoji-san. I’m not very impressed. The guild is a place to take jobs, not a place to hit on women, you know? If it’s in too much of a state to see, you’ll have to be careful, so please be careful.”

The pain in the back of her head and the look of indignation on Melta’s face froze her in place, but when she was revived, she screamed in protest.

“Hey! You’re terrible! Don’t just hit me with a binder out of the blue!”

“Oh, so the binders are in the other world, too.”

Turning her eyes ruthlessly so as not to be seen by Ryoji, who is muttering his simple thoughts, Melta says to her, so that only Carena can hear.

“You know next time you run off, don’t you?”

“I understand, of course. So don’t be so mad at me. I’ll do my job.”

Nodding coyly with a face twitching in fear, Carena started looking for a request that Ryoji could accept.

“For the time being, I brought you a request that no one seemed to accept, so I brought a request that could be done solo…”

When Kerenarien returned after about ten minutes, she had four requests in her hand.

  • Search for a lost cat.
  • Transportation of iron ore
  • Shopping assistance
  • Defeating the Mushroom Monster

“How would you like to start looking for a lost cat?”

“All of them! I’ll take care of everything, just make sure you process the receipt!”

“What? Don’t we need to go over the details of your request?”

“I’m fine! I’ll get it done in a week!”

When Carena decides that Ryoji will take it, she goes through the receipt process.

“The receipt procedure is now complete. The request has been received and the request appears on the certificate. Please report the request to the requester or the guild when it is completed. Please see the parchment here for more detailed information.”

After the formalities were over, Carena handed him a parchment and told him in a small voice to do his best. Ryoji took it with a smile and ran out of the guild in good spirits.

It was an old woman who had sent in a request to look for her cat, an old woman who had started her cat three years ago and hadn’t been back for three days and she was worried about it and wanted to find it.

“I’ll bring him back soon, don’t worry, just wait and see, Grandma.”

While communicating cheerfully, after hearing the information about the cat’s characteristics, “a black cat, only the tip of the tail was white male cat”, Ryoji produced a map on the interface as soon as he left his client’s house and set the search area to one kilometer and began searching.

“Search by black cat! Oh, too many. So a black cat with a white tail end? Whoa! I got five hits!”

Ryoji had come to the fourth case, having started his search from a nearby area that had been caught by the searchers. It was a large shack in a corner of the slum, and in front of the shack, two men wearing equipment that was disproportionate to the slums were keeping a vigilant eye on it.

“What? I mean, it’s crazy tempting and suspicious?

Ryoji spoke in a childlike tone as he approached the men with slow motions, distracting them from the signs.

“Hello! Beautiful day indeed!”

They looked dumbfounded when they saw Ryoji smiling at them, but then they remembered their work and the men were menacingly furious.

“What? Who are you? This is no place for kids! Now get the hell away from here!”

Unfortunately for the men, they probably didn’t see the parade the other day. Had they watched the parade from a distance, even for a moment, they would have realized that the kid in front of them was the hero of Drugul, the boy, as they called him.

“You know the word? You can’t afford to be careless.”

The men who were completely caught off guard were unable to react to the movements of Ryoji, who wore the lightning attribute in his hands, and they collapsed without understanding what had happened.

“It’s okay, they aren’t dead! I’m sorry for the surprise attack tho.”

Once he was sure they were both unconscious, he moved them to a secluded area and tied them up. After confirming that no one was coming out of the door and that there was no sign of people around, Ryoji stood quietly in front of the doorway and began to examine the inside of the hut, narrowing the search area to five meters.

“As soon as I walked in the front door, I saw five people in a large room and two animals. There’s nearly thirty animals in the back room. Is it possible to get by with about five of them? Okay! I am sorry to interrupt!”

Ryoji opens the door with a kick and rushes into the hut.

“Who’s there? You!”

“I’m looking for a lost cat. A cute little black cat with a white tail end, do you know where he is?”

Suddenly, the men shouted at Ryoji as he rushed in and tried to grab him. Ryoji lightly grabbed the men’s hands and used the lightning attribute to stun one of them. He struck the other one across the stomach, rendering him unable to act. The men were caught off guard, thinking he was a child, but when they saw the power of Ryoji’s attack, the two men silently drew their swords and split off to the left and right and attacked him in a time difference.

“Oh! You’re good!”

Lightly brushing aside the sword brought out by the man on the right, Ryoji turned his back slightly to the man on the left. Sensing an opening, the man felt that he had an opening, and struck down his full length strike from the upper level.


The man, confident of victory, opened his eyes in astonishment as he saw his sword stop just before it touched Ryoji’s body, rather than cutting him open.

Ryoji, who had parried the attack with his invisible shield-shaped gauntlet, struck him in the face with his left hand, which was clad in the lightning attribute.

”Why the hell are you so damn strong!”

The man screamed out with too much unreasonable strength. Ryoji tilted his head lightly at the man’s words, but with a refreshing smile, he said.

“Flirting and vigour!”

Without time to react to Ryoji’s words, the man who had been hurled in all directions with Mithril’s sword was trapped against the wall while being tossed around, and finally the sword was smashed and the tip of the sword was held against his throat. The man, realizing the difference in strength, slumped down as if he had lost his will to fight and let go of the broken sword.

“All that’s left is you, uncle, what do you want to do?”

After ending the series of battles without a single breath, Ryoji speaks to the last man, who was stunned. The man was stunned at first, but when he understood the situation, he shouted with a bright red face.

“You must be Ryoji! You know who I am? Mark! Hey! What are you doing? Come on!”

Surprised by the man’s shout as he came to himself, he answered as he had an idea of Mark’s name.

“Could it be that you’re calling the man at the front door?”

“Yes! Even though you are Yuhan’s favorite adventurer, you’re still only an H-ranked adventurer! You didn’t beat the bull man. My boy Mark could have knocked you out with a single blow! He’s a D-ranked adventurer, you know!”

Ryoji replied to the man who was spitting and screaming at him, looking apologetic.

“Sorry. If it’s someone named Mark, he’s probably over there resting.”


“So he’ s sleeping. It’ s okay! I didn’t kill him! Hey, I’m just knocked out, stuffed and rolled!”

“It’s over. The perfect plan…. Thwarted in this place…. My position and honor are at bottom..”.

The man, who realized all of this from Ryoji’s too-light explanation, fell to his knees as if he were losing his strength, and continued to mutter vacantly, looking stunned.

Inside a shack in a corner of the slum, Ryoji was pondering.

“So what do I do now? These guys? I don’t think it’s a good idea to just leave them there. For now, let’s bring the two guys outside, inside here.”

After rolling them out of sight and into the shed, he took out the rope Iolus had given him and wrapped it around them by putting them in a circular position.

“Let’s just harden it up later, just in case.”

Ryoji looked at the five of them, but felt that the ropes alone were not enough for him to feel comfortable, so he activated the earth attribute magic and firmly fastened both of their respective legs.

“Okay, that’s a relief. Well, let’s go find the black cat.”

Ryoji approached the two dogs, black and white, shivering in the corner of the room and reached out to them. At first, the two dogs growled threateningly, but when Ryoji took some raw meat out of storage and gave it to them, one of them began to eat it warily and single-mindedly. The other one saw this and started eating the raw meat at a tremendous rate, wagging the tail and barking for more.

“All right. I’ll serve you a lot of it, just eat it quietly there.”

At the dog’s urging, Ryoji smiled and took the meat out of storage and opened the door to the back room and went inside. There were a large number of caged dogs and cats inside, and as he checked them out one by one, he spotted the shivering cat of purpose.

“There you are! I finally found you. I’m going to take you to your grandmother’s house, okay?

Taking out the black cat in its cage, Ryoji gently stroked its back. The black cat looked frightened, but as he stroked her back, the tension dissipated, and eventually she closed her eyes and began to rumble in her throat.

The client, an elderly woman, thanked Ryoji repeatedly for delivering the black cat. Apart from the fee for the request, Ryoji refused to accept her gift as thanks and got her to sign the completion form. He then went to the guild on his way to complete the request and ask them to deal with the men who had tied him up to release the animals.

As he walked through the guild’s doors, he wondered about the unusual hustle and bustle that surrounded him. The adventurers, who are usually merry and boisterous while drinking, are fully equipped and flying instructions.

”What’s going on? Ah! Carena-san. Isn’t that kind of stuffy?”

“Ryorge-san! I was going to go look for you!”

Carena, who had an impatient look on her face, let out a loud sigh of relief when she saw Ryoji’s face.

”What’s going on?”

Somebody took the princess’s dog while she was visiting the city of Drugul.

Wow. Does this stuff feel like an urgent request from the guild?

“Yes! If we don’t deal with it soon, we’re in big trouble!”

Then, when Carena told him about the characteristics of the dog that was taken away, Ryoji confirmed it with a tilt of his head.

“Hey. Carena-san. This dog is a large, white male, right? Maybe it”s friendly? Maybe he likes meat?”

“That’s right. They took him away because of his friendly nature…”

As Carena agrees with Ryoji’s tone and tries to continue talking, Ryoji drops a bomb.

“I know where that dog is”

“Oh right. You know. Yes you do. Eh? Eh! Yes! Did you say you know where it is!”

Everyone’s gaze was focused on Ryoji as Carena let out a cry of surprise at Ryoji’s casual answer. Unaware of everyone’s gaze, Kaleenarien questioned with the force of grabbing Ryoji’s chest.

”So! Ruoji-san! The dog! Where is the dog?!

“No…..about the dog. Let’s relax for a minute.”

“This is no time to settle down! The princess’s dog has been kidnapped in the city of Drugul and is missing! Isn’t that the perfect excuse to attack Yuhan! In order to keep the damage to a minimum! We need to rescue it as soon as possible!”

Ryoji nodded coyly at Carena’s sharp look and led the adventurers present to a hut in a corner of the slum.

“Eh? Erland-Eichel-sama? And Mark? Why are they tied up in ropes?”

Carena’s eyes came to rest on a group of five men seated in a wheelchair, bound with ropes and with stone fetters on their legs.

“Do you know them?”

“Not a very pleasant acquaintance, though. Eichel-sam wanted me to be his mistress for a long time, and Mark wanted to have a go at me.”

Eland-Eisel, who had been mumbling about something, began to yell at Carena’s voice, finally realizing that they were surrounded by many people.

“Hey! You know who you’re roping in! Do not think you can get away with this to me, cousin of the former Lord of Drugul, after what you have done to me. Ryoji! I will never forgive you! No matter how much Yuhan likes you, I will make you regret putting your hands on us!”

Hearing Eland’s shout reminded Ryoji of the man who had entangled with him while showering him with ridicule and ridicule when he was receiving his reward for defeating the cow man.

“Ah! You’re the old man who was yelling nonsense at me during the benefit award!”

“I’m not an old man! You have no sense of decorum!”

“That’s enough!”

Just as Eland was about to shout even louder, a dignified voice that seemed to overwhelm the surroundings echoed through the hut. They all turned their gazes to the entrance of the hut, looking for the owner of the beautiful voice, which was unsuitable for a corner of the slum. A woman ahead of them, a sharp-eyed one, walked in vigorously.

”Where is my Shirayuki!”

Ryoji stepped forward as he pointed to a corner of the room. When the woman looked towards his fingertips, she saw a large white dog that was chewing on a piece of meat with a single mind. When the dog saw the woman, it barked happily and began pouncing on her, pouncing on her.

“Were you the one that rescued the Shirayuki? And of course got him out safely without any injuries….”

“Shut up!”

When the young knight spoke to Ryoji in a high-pressure, questioning tone, she reprimanded him as if to interrupt him, and then she turned to Ryoji and looked at him from top to bottom before speaking to him.

“You helped Shirayuki?”

Ryoji began to explain to the woman the young knight called princess, choosing his words carefully.

“Yes. I have rescued princess-sama’s Shirayuki. However, I apologize for not knowing that Shirayuki was a friend of the princess and feeding him without permission.”

(It’s a dog owned by a princess, right? Animals owned by these noble people should be treated the same as humans, right? It helps that the courtesy skill triggers automatically.)

 When Ryoji knelt down on his knees and answered that, the princess, feeling better, nodded her head enthusiastically, and asked him.

“I didn’t get the name of this gentleman. May I get your name?”

“Yes! My name is Ryoji Ucino. I have been knighted with an honorary knighthood by Lord Yuhan of the Frontier for defeating the bull men in the Cave of Trials.

“Oh! You’re the hero of Drugul, Ryoji-sama! I can’t believe the hero I’ve always admired helped Shirayuki! This is just what the god Iorus would have wanted! We were meant to meet, after all!”

The moment Ryoji replied, the woman’s dignified figure rang out, her cheeks blushed like that of a normal girl’s, and she grabbed Ryoji’s hand with vigor.

“Princess Elena! Please, mind the surroundings, think about what people are looking at! I understand that you are happy to see the hero of Drugul, Ryoji-san. But please calm down a little more. Ryoji-san is feeling troubled as well.”

“Carena’s right. Indeed. You will be rewarded for your commitment. We’ll send a messenger. Please look forward to it.”

Having stepped between the two of them and succeeded in releasing their hands, Carena whispered in Ryoji’s ear.

“You don’t know the princess’s name, do you? Her name is Elena-Sandstrom. She’s eighth in line of succession to the throne.”

—Part I end—-

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