Episode 37: My Means of Being a Maiden

Ugh! My sides hurt!!!

“We’ve had a lovely cup of tea today.”

” True, right?”


“Everyone, I’m so excited.”

“Yes, indeed.”

“Yes. It smells so good.”

 Early morning. Although today is a holiday, there was a gathering in the gardening club this morning. Naturally, as planned, I’m going to go to the Diom Magic Academy afterwards to do some research.

 I also promised Amelia that I would do some research on Ariane Olgren.

 But have you noticed it? In fact, that …… I was …… in the conversation just now.

 And so, while everyone in the gardening club is enjoying their tea and scones, Sera-senpai walks in, looking flustered.

“I’m sorry, too ……! I’m so late to the party: ……!”

“It’s all right, Deena-san. We have a minute or so left.”

“I see. That’s good.”

 Sera-senpai feels relieved to hear that from Rebecca-senpai.

 She sits down in her usual seat and gets her tea as it is …… suddenly, her gaze meets mine.

“Oh? Rebecca-sama. Is she a new member of the club?”

“No. It’s Ray-san.”


 Since she seems to be popping up, I greet her again.

“Sera-senpai. It’s been a while. It’s a me, Ray-White.”

“Hmm …… mm ……! No, no, no, no, no. …… You’re kidding, right? Because you sound and look like a girl!!”

 That’s what she says, so I turn my voice back to the man I was.

“Ahm…… n…… yes. How about this, senpai?”

“Wow! Don’t make that noise with that look! Holy shit!”

“So, I’ll just put it back, okay?”

“…… Rebecca-sama, this is …….”

“Actually ……”

 So, Rebecca senpai gave an overview …… separately, but that’s not a big deal. It’s simply that I came to this gardening club gathering dressed as a woman. Of course, it’s also for the mission that’s coming up later.

 And I also wanted to make sure that my cross-dressing skills hadn’t diminished. I haven’t used this kind of technology much since I already changed my voice. I used the make-up tools I had kept in my room, just in case, to put on my makeup, and I also had new uniforms for the girls from each academy.

 This was also actually …… when I talked to the director.

“I see. Let me take care of it.”

 And the next day I was provided with a girls’ uniform that was my exact size. Being quite tall, a girl’s uniform of this size would have been difficult to assemble, but the director …… handles it with ease.

 Maybe the head of the department is not just a regular guy …….

”…… Okay, I understand. Let’s admit that he looks good in women’s clothing at a hundred paces. Originally, he has a slightly neutral face and thin lines, …… but it’s the voice! How can you make that sound? And the skeleton! You have a weird bone structure and you’re losing some muscles, that”s crazy!?”

” Even men can make a woman’s voice if they train for it, right, senpai? Physique and muscles are an application of the internal inside code. Anyone trained in undercover work should be able to do some physical changes, but I’m a little …… good at it, shall I say that? Well, as expected, I can’t be as tall as I am.”


“Yes. Because I have been trained so bloody hard to do it, too.”

“Well, that’s fine, but …… why do you need a woman’s voice?'”

“Sometimes it’s better to change your gender when you’re working undercover.”

“…… Yeah, okay. I’m not going to ask you in depth about you. ……”

 So I’m fully dressed as a schoolgirl, and I’m responding in a female voice.

 I wore a long wig with beautiful chestnut-colored brown hair and also a whole lot of makeup. However, if it’s too dark, I won’t look like a student, so I kept it to a minimum. The rest of the time, I put the stuffing in my chest and it’s done.

 My master had drilled into me the art of cross-dressing, but I didn’t expect it to come in handy here.

 I was reminded of the greatness of my master.

“Ray-chan, you’re so cute!”

“Yeah, yeah. Stay in that outfit the whole time!”

“He’s cool when he’s a boy, but when he’ s a girl he’s amazingly cute!”

“Here. Do you want some snacks? Would you like a cup of tea as well?”

“Everyone. Thank you very much.”

 For some reason, my cross-dressing was a big hit with these seniors.

 This is a solid response.

 Apparently, my skills are not inferior, either.

 When I reaffirmed that, I quickly got up from my chair.

“Senpai, I have a few things to do so I’ll take my leave now ……”

‘”Oh, I see. Please come again, Ray-san.”

“Yes. I’ll be back to talk about the flowers. Now, seniors, please excuse me from …….”

 I bow reverently and walk out of the club room.

“Ray is …… seriously cute. ……”

 Finally, I heard Sera-senpai blurting out, and I reflexively took a guts pose.


Earlier, I was in the Arnold Magic Academy’s uniform, so I was returning to my room to change into the Diom Magic Academy’s uniform this time. Just then, Evi also woke up or yawned and was pacing around the room.

“Oh, Ray? It’s amazing that you’re always running …… hmm? No, who is it?”

“I’m not ……. Gosh! It’s me.”

 I adjusted my voice and quickly returned to my usual male voice.

“….Hmm?’ Are you Ray?”

“Very much so. I am Ray-White.”

“But, but, but …… you’re a woman!”

“For a few reasons. I’m dressing up as a woman to head out on a mission right now.”

“No, wait …… wait …… I can’t get my head around this ……”

“It’s okay. Just let it go.”

 While talking like that, I quickly change into the uniform of the Diom Magic Academy. And then I check my appearance again with a full-length mirror.

 The brown hair that reaches to your chest and the translucent white skin. And those lips are not dark, just enough to make your blood color look good. The eyelashes were also turned up nicely (raised with burlers), creating a perfect schoolgirl without a single wrinkle or blemish.

“Okay, perfect. Well, I’m off. I’ll be back in the evening.”

“Ah, …… umm.”

 He seemed confused, but well, it was inevitable. People were surprised at first.

 And so I just wanted to check out …… Amelia’s condition before I left this academy. It’s not that I don’t believe in her, but I wonder if she’s still working hard at training today …….

 And I was heading to my usual training ground.

“Mu…….. a good job. But is that …… Elisa and Clarice?”

 Amelia had apparently been doing the training I’d imposed on her since early morning. But this time, Elisa and Clarice were also next to me, apparently helping with the training. It’s a simple process of melting the ice generated by yourself, but the actual preparation and post-processing is a hassle, so …… that’s what Elisa and Clarice are doing …….”

 That’ s a great friendship …… and, as usual, I talk to Amelia, feeling like an instructor.

“Trainee Amelia! Looks like you’re doing well!”

“Ranger! We are training hard today, sir! Yeah. ……? What ……?”

“Eh, that voice just now is …….”

“It’s Ray-kun. …… Eh? Eh?”

 I continue the conversation as it is, while everyone is poking around.

“So Elisa and Clarice are helping out too? That’s great. It’s just Trainee Amelia. Don’t lose focus, okay? Don’t be flaccid just because you have a friend.”

“Re, Rengaaa?”

 She stares at me with a look of puzzlement, so I quickly break the story.

“Oh …… I’m sorry. I’m going on a mission now. I decided it would be better to dress as a woman on that occasion, so I’m dressed like this.”


 The voices of all of them echoed in this place as they overlapped each other. All three of them seemed to be astonished, and even Elisa was holding her mouth down. However, is it really that surprising? In case you’re wondering, I think the original model is still intact …….

“Wait, wait a minute! Are you …… seriously Ray?”

“Huh. …… What do you think, Clarice? Isn’t my cross-dressing pretty cool too?”

“No, I’m not saying you’ re cute or anything, but… It’s prettier than most girls out there, but ……!”

“U …… yeah, I’m a little surprised …… or maybe even a little scared ……”

“…… Yeah. You’re both right. It’s hard for me to believe that …… that Ray has changed so much.”

“Huh. That’s good to know. It wouldn’t do any good if they found out.”

 On this mission, I actually considered diving as a normal male student, but I decided that the same sex would be a better way to get close to …… Ariane-Olgren than the opposite sex. Apparently, she has a sort of cronyism around her, and she doesn’t attract many male students.

 That’s why I dressed as a woman.

 The only thing I can’t do about my height is that I can’t help it, so I tried to take advantage of that now. The skirt is a little shorter so that the slender legs stand out, and the socks are also shorter in length. This way, the length of these legs will stand out the most.

 This would be something that only a woman could see from any angle.

 Of course, the unnecessary hair treatment is perfect. I took a shower as soon as I woke up today, and I shaved everything carefully.

“Ah! But what about your voice?”

“Clarice-san. How about this one?”

“Oh, my God! Huh? How do you get it out!”

“There’s already an established technique for men to produce a woman’s voice. It’s hard to say because it’s …… a sensory issue. It’s just a matter of practice, you know?”

 I’ll tilt my head back a bit and dare to make a woman’s gesture. Once I get over there, I’ll have to seal the gesture to the man’s voice. Let it sink in while we’ re at it.

“U…… wow …… you have a prettier voice than me for some reason! And it’s fake, but it’s also kind of disgusting that you have big chests!”

“…… I’m a little unsure of myself, too: …… maybe ……”

“Ray, where the hell are you going to go ……?”

 It’s a three-way reaction, but it’s a good one. Amelia is looking at me like she’s looking at something completely deformed …… well, it’s a good response.

 I’m going to have to get my hands dirty. It’s time to move on.

“Amelia. Expect something interesting. I’ll get you the information on Ariane Olgren! Well, goodbye everyone!”

 So, I headed to the Diom Magic Academy with great enthusiasm in this cross-dressing outfit.

 There is not a single regret in my cross-dressing!


Now that’s what I call

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