Episode 36: The Time of Formation


 I open the door with a bang.

 I’m in the club room of the environmental research club. Although the reason for coming here today is that it’s a club activity, this time I wanted a favor.

“What’s up Ray?”

“President…..No, I’d like to ask you all a favor.”

“Alright. This is about you, the next ace. Just say it.”

“Yes, actually…”

 Without a second thought, I spell out the words.

“I want to form the Amelia Support Squad!”(TN: It’s a cheerleading group, but these guys are muscle head so I used Support Squad)

 Moments later, a murmur spreads through the club room.


“One of the three great aristocrats.”

“But can we form a support squad?”

“Ah. Those three great households are so sensitive.”

“But she’s quite pretty, isn’t she? I’m actually a bit of a fan…”

“You too? As a matter of fact, so am I….”

 The response from the club members didn’t seem to be too bad.

“I see. So, why did you rely on us? I have my job as an operator, too. But that goes for Ray too, doesn’t it?”

 Those overwhelming muscles seem to wrap around me as if to ask me a question.

 Well … we had already taken off our clothes. It’s no longer an act of consciousness. Unconsciously, the subconscious mind, which is imprinted on this body, spoke to us telling us to do so.

 In this overwhelming space, clothes are just a hindrance.

 We had naturally begun to speak in this bulk.

“Support … it’s important to feel that way, but I think the volume of your voice is also important.”

“Keep going.”

“And furthermore, I figured its overwhelming presence was also an important factor in the support.”

“I see…”

“You can fight with the presence of those who are supporting you. That’s a great strength. And I’ve come to understand that that presence is … the very muscle.”


“The heart of the universe is a muscle.”

 I am no longer conscious of what I am saying. I’m merely embodying this passion in my heart in the form of words.

“………Huh. I see, so that’s how it is.”

“I think we have the best bulk in this academy, and I think we can provide the best support.”

“Hey, guys do you want to get in on this?”

 The head of the department glances back and the members of the department agree with him.

“Of course!”

“Oh! Let’s cheer her on with our best bulk!”

“Amelia’s Cheering Squad….hehe, that’s awesome!”

“Yes! Let’s do it!”

 I’m glad I said that after all…….that’s what I thought.

 Apparently, after investigating again, it seems that each player has a cheering squad like this. Even among them, it seems that the one building a major force is Rebecca senpai’s cheering squad. I’ve heard that it even exceeds the framework of the academy…. After all, Rebecca senpai seems to be a great person.

 And the one leading it is Sera-senpai. She’s been hanging on to something, but she said it was her reason for living, so I was strangely convinced that it was a way of life too………

 I was inspired by them, and thus I thought of establishing the Amelia Support Group.

“Well, Ray. Let’s start with the appearance.”


“Ah. That means … starting with making a support squad uniform.”

“I see … I am learning something new.”

 The head of the department, showing off his overwhelming bulk, walked straight to the window with the curtains. Then he turned around and told all the members of the club.

“Listen up! We’re going to do this, and we can’t afford to be half-assed!”


“Amelia Support Squad, come on! Let’s show them how it’s done at the Magic Swordsmanship Competition! Our overwhelming bulk!”


 So, we got to work on that as soon as possible.

“Wow………! What is this!!”

 Then, a little later, Evi arrived. But as soon as he opened the door of the club room, he seemed strangely surprised.

“What … what are you doing, this?”

“Evi. Let me explain.”

“Ray… what the hell is going on here, man?”

“We are working on a hachimaki, a happi coat, and a banner.”(Hachimaki a Japanese headband. Happi Coat is a traditional Japanese long coat)

“No that may be true but why are you doing it?”

“Amelia’s Support Squad has been formed.”

“Amelia Support Group? Do you mean that literally?”

“Yes. I’ve formed a support group for Amelia. Mostly the Environmental Research Department, though. Evi will be joining in, I hope.”

“Huh … I see. It’s a silly question. Of course I do!”

“Fufufu….Okay. So let’s get Evi to help us with that.”

“Let’s go!!”

 We are all currently sewing together. We do not write ‘Amelia Support Group’ with a pen on Hachimaki.

 We sew by hand.

 For some reason, the head of the department had a sewing kit and a lot of cloth. He said he had experience in making clothes, so he would do everything from making patterns to designing them for us.

 The other members of the club may be accustomed to this kind of work as well, but the strong men gathered together to do the detailed work for each of them.

 This must have been the result of daily muscle training.

 And so we too are engaged in that work.

“Excuse me…”

“Oh I’m sorry to interrupt you……………..”

 Then another few minutes later, it was Clarice and Elisa who came in. I’ve already told the two of them what to do and they’ve agreed to it. It was no use if it was all men, so the two of them were asked to join the Amelia support group as well.

 They just wanted to support Amelia, so they both said it would be a good opportunity.

“Oh! Well done to both of you for coming!”

“Wha…? Wait, why you’re naked…..!? I mean, aren’t you all wearing clothes…!”

“…e!? eh!?”

“Don’t panic, you two. I’m wearing boxer shorts.”

“That doesn’t matter! You’ve got two girls here, so you better get it right!”

“Mm……..sorry. Director, there seems to be the case!”

 When I tell him this out loud, the head of the department, who is chiming in on his sewing, looks up.

“Hmm? Yeah, I’m sorry about that. I’m usually dressed like this. Hey, guys, we’ve got a first-year girls here! Each of you will wear a uniform!”


 So I asked Clarice and Elisa to step outside for a bit and we put on our uniforms again. Once everyone has done so and resumed their work, I invite them back into the club room.

“I’m sorry, you two. Come on in.”

”Enough! Watch out for it!”

“Muscles … lots of muscles …”

 Once again, the entire Environmental Research Department, plus Clarice and Elisa, and the Amelia Support Group is now in full swing.


“Hah … hah … hah … hah … hah …”

“Trainee Amelia. Let’s call it a day.”

“Ra, Ranger!”

 Today was another day of training with Amelia. Currently, the physical strengthening was almost complete, and we have entered the next stage, the week of magic strengthening. This is actually where the true harshness of the Ainsworth-style boot camp begins. Of course, the period of physical strengthening is also quite tough…….but this week of magic strengthening is the toughest.

 That’s mainly because they train thoroughly in the process of processing, even within code theory.

 Currently, various forms of ice work were placed in front of Amelia’s eyes. And when I create the one I specified, it will melt it within a specified time. Of course, blowing them up or otherwise shattering them is out of the question. The process of slowly dissolving it from the inside with heat…….in other words, the process of vibrating the molecules inside and generating heat is built into the code, and then the magic is exercised.

 This was what I originally thought, but Amelia tended to make the process of processing a rough process in her code theory due to her large magic capacity.

 Rather, sorcerers with smaller magic capacity tended to be more careful in their processing processes…….but still, it was because of the large magic capacity that detailed processing was necessary.

 Amelia has made up for it with her ample talents until now…….but that’s no longer the case.

 I would like to gather my own research on the Mage Swordsman Competition, especially the data of the students who would be competing against Amelia, but it’s difficult to narrow down the target because everyone has considerable skill. That’s why a more delicate skill in magic is required from here on out.

“Rehydrate yourself.”

“Oh thank you….”

 Handing over the water bottle, Amelia poured it down her throat in one go, and then poured the rest of it down her head. Perhaps she’s quite feverish, if not out of control in the magic domain. Besides, it’s this weather. The scorching heat of summer is unrelenting and shines down on us.

“What do you think? Is everything okay?”

“I know how randomly I’ve been doing magic all this time…”‘

“To be honest, Amelia is too messy. It’s fine if it’s at the student level, but the level at the Mage Swordsman Competition is quite high. And the eldest daughter of the Orgren family seems to be quite formidable. This level of skill would be basic.”

“Did you look into Ariane?”

“Oh. Ariane-Olgren. She’s 175cm tall, and more importantly, her reach of her limbs is quite long. This is a considerable advantage in battle. What’s even more notable is the delicacy of her magic. I heard that she could use Holy Grade magic as well. However, in the Mage Swordsman Competition, high speed magic, chain magic and delay magic are important. But the opponent would be aware of that. However, this is information that can be gathered by anyone. Therefore, tomorrow I will infiltrate the Diom Magic Academy.”

 When I tell her that, Amelia’s expression turns a single color of astonishment.

“………Eh! What, infiltrate…?”

“Yeah. I’m on it. I’m used to this kind of sneaking mission. I’ve been in enemy territory, infiltrated enemy facilities, sabotage, and espionage all over the place, and my mentor has beaten me to it. I’ll make sure you get the best results possible.”

“…Is that okay?”

“Of course. Trust me.”

“That’s not what I meant but I’m going to stop you anyway, so that’s fine, but do I have to do my usual training on my day off tomorrow?”

“Yeah. Just do it on your own. You’re not going to skip work, are you?”

“Of course! Well good luck with that Ray….”

“I’ll take care of it.”

 I want to do my utmost for Amelia. In order to do that, I’ll only collect the data of the winning candidates who will be competing in the rookie competition of the Magic Swordsman Competition.

  On the other hand, I could do some sneaking, but that depends on the situation……..

 Then I began to prepare for tomorrow’s mission in various ways.

Amelia Fight!!!

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