Episode 26: Characters and Other Settings

TN: Remember maho and majutsu are different here and in this series Majutsu is the one used, and ‘Magic’ and ‘Sorcery’ you see are the same, and if case where Maho is used one I will specify it.

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Also, it’s a rather messy summary, so please forgive me for that.(from syosetu)

◇Main characters

Ray White (male)

Age: 15 years old. First grade.

Appearance: Black hair short hair. Although he is as tall at 180 cm, he looks thin overall. However, he is amazing when he takes off his clothes (his muscles). When he returns to Ice Blade Magician, his hair  turns into a bluish white.

Profile: A modern-day ice balde magician. Originally from a small village in the eastern part of the continent, he became a war orphan as he was involved in the Far East campaign. Then, after some twists and turns, he was taken over by Lydia Ainsworth.During his service in the Far East, he caused a runaway overheat in the magical realm, which he now uses his magic to pull down and fix. Also, his Ice blade magician essence as a sorcerer is three things: ‘Deceleration’, ‘Fixation’, and ‘Reduction’. Although his personality is serious, he lacks common sense, and is currently struggling to get used to the school. By the way, he has a gold-class hunter’s license (his master told him to force him to get it)..

Amelia Rose (female)

Age: 15 years old. First grade.

Appearance: Crimson hair, twin eyes with burning eyes. She is just under 170cm tall. Proportions are slightly above average. She has an overall appearance of being well toned.

Profile: The first of three major aristocrats, the eldest daughter of the Rose family. However, it seems that she dislikes the constitution of the pedigree of the aristocrats and is worried about various things…? When she met Ray, she began to think about how she should be as a magician. As a magician, she has considerable talent, and due to repeated efforts, she is now in the top position both in name and reality.

Elisa-Griffith (female)

Age: 15 years old. First year.

Appearance: she has semi-long, slightly greenish hair. She’s 155cm tall, but her breasts are actually the largest in the story. She is surprisingly concerned about it…

Profile: She is a half-elf, and her ears are slightly pointed. She is concerned about this, but her consciousness has changed after meeting Ray. She wants to be a researcher in the future, so she has a deep insight into code theory. He also excels in other academic areas. Although she is not good at practicing, she is quite knowledgeable.

Evi-Armstrong (male)

Age: 15 years old. First year.

Appearance: brown hair is trimmed. He is 190cm tall. He is muscular and well-built. Unlike Ray, he is not skinny.

Profile: A man who loves muscles and is loved by muscles. He and Ray share a room in the dorm, but their passion for each other’s muscle training has led them to become best friends. Lately, he’s been training mainly his upper body because he’s worried about the cut of his pectoral muscles. His favorite discipline is the deadlift. He would like to become a hunter in the future, but he is still on the fence.

Albert-Allium (Male)

Age: 15 years old. First year.

Appearance: short hair that is bright blue in color. He is 175 cm tall. His body is reasonably well trained with some thickness.

Profile: the eldest son of an upper-class aristocratic Allium family. He has grown up believing that bloodlines are everything. Because of this, he tends to despise those who are not noble, and even those who are lower class. However, after the fight with Ray and witnessing the fact that he is a sorcerer of the Ice Blade Magician, he has many thoughts on the matter…

Rebecca-Bradley (female)

Age: 17 years old. Third year.

Appearance: long black hair, silky and beautiful. She has a crybaby in her right eye. She is 165 cm tall. The proportions are excellent, but her chest is a bit larger than the rest of her body.

Profile: The eldest daughter of the three major noble families of the Bradley family. She has a quiet personality and speaks in a gentle manner. She is exceptionally talented as a sorcerer, and is already a platinum-class platinum sorcerer. Despite her personality, her real-world abilities are quite high, and she was the winner of last year’s Magical Swordsman Competition Magic Chevalier main competition. Incidentally, she is also the head of the Horticulture Club and student council president, and is regarded by those around her as a charismatic and perfect person.

Head of the club (male)

Age: 18 years old. Fourth year.

Appearance: he has close-cropped black hair. He is 195 cm tall and muscular. His physique is the best in the school.

Profile: Head of the Environmental Research Department. He currently holds a gold-class gold hunter’s license. He sees that Ray has the makings of a hunter and recognizes him for his bulk. His family is a farmer, and he has recently become addicted to growing corn…

Dina-Sera (female)

Age: 17 years old. Third grade.

Appearance: Short brown hair. Height is 160 cm. She’s really worried that her body is slender and has no breasts…

Profile: Deputy Director of the Gardening Department. She worships Rebecca and is the effective leader of the flower garden. She hated Ray who came to the men’s prohibition (though not systemically prohibited) garden, but admits that his enthusiasm for gardening is real. Also, She really likes them as good juniors, such as going shopping together.

Lydia Ainsworth (female)

Age: 29 years old.

Appearance: Blonde blue eyes. Height is 173 cm. At present, She’s making it a semi-long bag that fits on her shoulder. It is described by Ray as “looks like” an angel.

Profile: Arnold Kingdom Army, former tactical task force former member. The rank is Major and retired. He is a former magician of swords. However, unlike Ray, she found the Anti-Material code , and can’t actually use it. Therefore, in the Far East campaign, she played an active part mainly in the magic of “deceleration” and “fixation”. Currently, she is forced to live in a wheelchair due to injury in the final battle, but she doesn’t mind that life as a researcher fits her sexuality. She’s tough for her disciples, but in reality, she’s so sweet that she really values ​​Ray.

Carla Hale (female)

Age: 32 years old.

Appearance: A slender woman with long black hair. Height is 157 cm.

Profile: A maid who takes care of Lydia. She doesn’t talk very much, but she has a quiet impression. She is fond of Ray, and spends a lot of time cooking and cooking for him whenever he comes over. She also likes to take care of Lydia, and is glad to be a maid for her.

Abby-Garnett (female)

Age: 29 years old.

Appearance: her long orange hair is pulled back in a single bun. He is 172cm tall. His eyes are a bit sharp, but he is still in the category of beauty.

Profile: Arnold Kingdom Army, former tactical task force former member. Her rank is colonel and retired. She is one of the seven great magicians and has the nickname of “The Burning Magician.” As its name suggests, She excels in fire magic, but its essence is “acceleration.” A magician in contrast to Ray. Shee is currently the Dean of Arnold Magic School.

Helena Grady (Female)

Age: 27 years old.

Appearance: short black hair, always dressed roughly. He is 164cm tall.

Profile: She started teaching at Arnold School of Sorcery three years ago, and was regarded as a good teacher who took good care of her students… but in fact, she is a researcher who belongs to the eugenics agency. Until now, she had kidnapped students and dissected their brains. Although she intended to do so again, she was defeated by Ray and is now under interrogation.

Elliot-Arkwright (Male)

Age: 32 years old.

Appearance: Brown hair, long for men. Height is 177 cm. The body is well trained, even on clothes.

Profile: A teacher who teaches swordsmanship at the school. Actually, he has a high level of combat ability and is a former soldier, and is quite good as a magic swordsman. Lately, he was surprised at Ray’s swordsmanship, recognizing that he was not an ordinary person.

◇About the world view (mainly about the Arnold Kingdom)

A world view in which magic is completely incorporated in life. Not only clothing, clothing and housing, but also infrastructure is full of magic. Also, the birthplace of magic is said to be the Arnold kingdom, so the idea of ​​the Arnold kingdom is well established when learning magic. Currently, there are three magic schools in the kingdom. Among them, Arnold School of Witchcraft is said to be the highest peak.

Looking at the world as a whole, the continents are divided into the west continent, the central continent, and the eastern continent, and the Arnold kingdom exists in the northernmost part of the west continent.

Also, although it is called the Arnold Kingdom, it has not adopted a complete royal government.

The political form is a constitutional monarchy. In short, the authority of a monarch is regulated by law. In essence, the royal family are just idols. It is true that it is the royal lineages that have made this country so prosperous so far, but the present state is governed by the prime minister and the cabinet. However, the popularity of the royal family is still strong. Their trends are taken up in the news one by one, and the public is very interested.

As a terrain, it is a large country that extends north, south, east, and west. Especially on the north side, there are many forests and mountains, and there is an academy near that. On the other hand, the east and west are residential areas. The south is a place with a lot of farmland. Kita Ward is flourishing as a student district. There is also a port in Nishi Ward, which is a prosperous area because it serves as a trading hub. Chuo Ward is the most prosperous area in the kingdom, with some downtown areas. Chuo Ward also has a castle. Speaking of going to town means going to Chuo Ward.

In addition, the Arnold Kingdom is not the only state-of-the-art witchcraft. Formal science, natural science, social science, humanities, and applied science are also the highest in the world. Among them, magic is classified as a natural science. Therefore, there is a tendency that natural sciences are particularly well developed in Japan. At the time of establishment, the purpose was to provide research and knowledge of magic, and could only study natural sciences. However, all disciplines have been studied recently. All are aimed at the search for knowledge. It is this kingdom that is truly a paradise for those seeking learning.

In addition, magic has been incorporated into infrastructure, clothing, food and shelter, and magic has already become an indispensable part of people.

◇ About the magicians

The magician has a rank, they are as Copper grade →Silver grade→Gold class→Platinum class →Holy class. The seven tops of those Sacred Grades are described as the Seven Great Magicians of the World with respect and awe. The Seven Great Magi are currently famous for the Ice Blade, The Burning Magician., and Illusion. Because these three are mainly active on the surface stage. However, only ‘The Burning Magician.’ and ‘Illusion’ have revealed their identities. The identities of the other seven great sorcerers are kept private, and few people know about them..

Also, magicians tend to develop their bodies easily if they are highly suitable for magic. That is why many people are tall and mature for all ages and women. this isinternalInsideIt is said to be the influence of the code, but it is not absolute because it is a tendency to the end. There are some sorcerers whose bodies are not so well developed but who are proficient in magic.

◇ Regarding the three major aristocrats

An aristocrat located at the top of the magicians. The Rose family, the Bradley family, and the Olgren family exist. The Rose family has the most power among them. Although they are still bloodlines, few of them have actually become the seven greatest magicians. They use their power while keeping their eyes down on that fact. However, they are not corrupt by any means, but only to the extent that they are recognized as an authority.

◇Regarding Eugenic Agency

A mysterious organization that advocates eugenic thought. There are rumors that if it is for the pursuit of magic, it is merely a tool such as human life and that it repeats inhuman experiments. Currently, they are trying to expand their power by recruiting excellent magicians and researchers from all over the world. Of course, each country is dealing with it, but the whole picture is a mystery. At present, it is described as an organization completely independent of the country.

・Memory trace Engram

Another name, magic memory. Neurons have been discovered in the brain that store magic, and they are called memory trace engrams. In theory, it is also possible to manipulate the memory trace engram to implant magic in others. Originally, magic is acquired (of course, there is an aptitude for it), but if a memory engram can be transplanted, anyone can use magic without regard to congenital factors (talent) or acquired factors (effort). That is, even holy grade magic.

・Dark triad system

The Dark Triad is a collective term for narcissism, machiavellism, and psychopathy. A type of systematic magic that incorporates the dark side of the human into magic. that isinternalInsideIt is considered a kind of code, but the whole picture is a mystery. However, there are rumors that you can get amazing abilities.

◇Regarding Magic realm overheating

A sorcerer has a sorcerer’s area in his or her frontal lobe that performs code theory. Ordinary sorcerers do not have a runaway magic region, but various factors, such as excessive use of magic and emotional runaway, can cause the magic region to overheat. Literally, this is a state in which the magic domain is running amok, and although it is possible to use magic on an uncommon scale for a time, it has been confirmed that in the worst case, the brain can be burned out. However, in the worst case, it has been confirmed that the brain can be burned out. However, there is currently no clear cure for this condition.

◇ Regarding Sorcery(Majutsu)

Sorcery is the technique of reconstructing the first quality prima materia. And the process of reconstructing it is called code theory. Moreover, the first property prima materia is the substance that forms the root of all things. The human body, a desk and a chair, and even animals have first substance prima materia at their core.

This technique was originally derived from psychological coding, in other words, inscription. The notation was applied to sorcery, and the systematization of it is considered to be the beginning of modern sorcery.

The Theory of Code: Code Theory

1: Encoding: Encoding

2: Decoding: Code decoding

3: Processing: Processing

4: Embodiment: Realization

Magic activation process

First fee (Prima materia)→ Coding → Code decoding → Processing → Materialization → Material or phenomenon.

Magic is classified into lower, intermediate, advanced, and sacred depending on the difficulty level. Moreover, it is derived from the following categories.

High speed magic(quick magic),Remote magic, Chain magic, Delay magic ,Changes in supplies (Material shift), Large-scale magic: Extended ,Large scale magic: Extended chain..

Sorcery can also be categorized as internal code and external code. Inside code for physical enhancement or sensory enhancement. Other external outside codes are used to generate sorcery with respect to the outside world.

The law of conservation of mass is always applied to code conversions. In other words, the scale of matter and phenomena that can be generated varies depending on the first fee(prima materia) consumed. Sorcery is also a technique for creating matter or phenomena, but the matter can be classified into four elements. Solid, liquid, gas, and plasma. 

・Basic attributes (also for material magic and phenomenon magic)

The basic attributes of magic are water, ice, fire, and electricity. And these are mainly classified into two. It is material magic and phenomenon magic. Water is a liquid and ice is a solid. Therefore, these are classified as material magic. Because fire and electricity are phenomena that combine substances, they are classified as phenomenon magic.

As for the difficulty level, phenomenon magic is more difficult. The reason is that in order to create a phenomenon, it is necessary to incorporate the phenomenon on the premise of creating a substance. In short, there are more processes than material magic. It is said that the phenomenon of refining puts pressure on the magical area because it stores the process as a mental model, but the truth is not yet confirmed information.

・Non-basic attributes

In addition to basic attributes, magic has other attributes. Currently discovered are non-attribute magic, mental interference magic, and conceptual interference magic. Although there is no attribute magic, there is not enough data for the other two because there are too few people to handle them. Researchers are currently studying them.

・ Regarding dual code theory

A new code concept advocated by Lydia Ainsworth.

There are two types of codes (internal form): material code and anti-material code. The material code is a body of information in the process of materializing the prima materia. The anti-material code is an information body that returns the materialized material to the prima-materia. The two exist in opposition to each other, and usually only the anti-material code is latent. However, when it is activated, the substance or phenomenon in which the prima materia exists, as well as magic, is reduced to the prima materia. Therefore, in theory, even the human body can be reduced to the Prima Materia, but since matter and the human body have a special area that should be called the Quality Area-Materia Field, it is difficult to interfere with them.


Currently a hot topic among researchers. It is a mysterious substance that is said to be applied during processing in code theory. It is mainly classified into four types.

Qualia (used during code processing)

Format Qualia (Aidos)

Composition Qualia (Huray)

Purpose Qualia (Telos)

Main qualia (Arche)

However, the whole picture is a mystery because it is still a new research concept. Currently, we are giving it a name and conducting research.

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