Sayonara Ryuusei Vol.1-Chapter-5-Part-II

Chapter 5 ──── Black Rose Spirit(Fairy)

Part II

We continued on our way down the trailless path through the ever-deepening greenery, listening to the rustling of the trees in the forest as they spoke, and when the sun had finally sunk completely beyond the horizon, my heightened senses caught a strange sensation.

 Even though the wind had not changed, the rustling of the trees had grown bizarrely loud, and I could hear the screams of the wind spirit from the wind and the throbbing of the earth spirit from the ground I had stepped on.

 Gio, who had been listening to the mutation of the forest, stopped in his tracks, seemingly without a second thought, and let out an astonished cry.

“What! Those guys were moving faster than us!”

 Not only Gio, but also Fio and the other Wood Elves had mixed expressions of surprise and fear on their faces, a change from the harmonious atmosphere they had been in before.

“‘Brother, we need to hurry up and get back, or everyone in the village!”

“Oh, the forest, the wind, everyone is going to be killed!”

 With Fio’s face contorted in frustration and Marr’s half-horrified face, Christine-san and Serina also immediately detect the abnormality.

 I was the only one who heard the screams of the forest as well as the Wood Elves, but these two also noticed the abnormality and were already getting ready for battle. They are quick to talk, and that’s a relief.

“You guys, I’m sorry, but we can’t take you to the village.. ……”

 I interrupted Gio’s words as he turned around to tell me, and I chanted a magic chant.

“Listen to my voice, O reason of the wind, for a time it shall be a swift wind that pushes us back, Windaxel.”

 It’s an auxiliary magic that interferes with the flow of wind and grants speed. I activated it on everyone present here.

 Gio seemed surprised that their bodies were suddenly enveloped by the directional wind that had given them directionality.

 Gio had no time to ask a question, so I called out to him.

“It’s a wind aid magic. If you’re in a hurry, it will help you. The village has been attacked by demon soldiers, no?”

“…… Yeah. Thanks, but you guys are here.”

“We’ re not going back. There’ s no way we’ re going back after coming all the way out here. Not from a moral standpoint or from a practical standpoint.”

“I agree with Doran. We can help you, too, to a lesser extent. I’ve already said it many times.”

“I agree with Doran-san and Christine-san!”

“Your life may be in danger. If you prove capable of fighting it, everyone in the village will be counting on you. And perhaps I will too. In spite of the fact that I’d lead you into a battle in the forest.”

“That’s very kind of you, Gio. We’re saying that’s fine with us.”

 After hearing our words, Gio made an expression that could not be more bitter and bowed his head slightly.

“I’m sorry. I owe you.”

 I replied to Gio as he bowed his head.

“I don’t take it as a favor. Let’s go.”

 As the darkness of night fell, the demon world’s miasma began to stain the cold, clear night air, and we ran like the wind.

 Our goal was to fight through the struggle that awaited us and exterminate those who shouldn’t exist in this world.

 Gio and his friends live in a village in the forest with several springs and some of the oldest and largest trees nearby.

 I heard that there have been sporadic attacks from the demon world in the past, but this one seemed to be on an unprecedented scale.

 We ran with the speed that the moonlight would leave behind the shadows that fell to the ground, and we ran single-mindedly and without resting our feet even a step.

 Eventually, our eyes were met with the sight of a deformed army, surrounded by thorns and ivy intertwined with a defensive wall.

 Gio and the rest of the Wood Elves’ settlement is now being attacked by the demon world’s men in a fierce attempt to break down the defensive wall.

 Without building a bonfire, with only the moonlight pouring down from the moon in the sky, the demonkind continue to flock to the defensive wall without a battle cry, a yell or even a cry of agony.

 The march of the demon soldiers, who have no sound, no heart to tremble in fear of death, and no lives to be lost, is the most eerie thing to those who were given life by Mother Nature.

 I could clearly hear the sound of Christine-san and Serina gasping for breath as they ran beside me at the distorted appearance of the lifeless ones.

 The defensive wall that rose solemnly in front of the demon soldiers was filled with flowers of various colors – red, yellow, purple, white, blue and green – in places. If a demon soldier touched it carelessly, the sting would immediately extend and pierce its body, sucking out every last bit of power that was building the demon soldier from the wound.

 It’s hard to believe that this defensive wall was created by nature, but it is a living wall that the trees transformed themselves to protect the Wood Elves and other people living in the forest with their own will.

 In addition, at the top of the barricade, wood elves, beastmen, and insects can be seen. They shoot arrows at the demon soldiers who flock to the defensive wall, dropping rocks and chanting magic as they try to put up maximum resistance.

 Zelt wasn’t the only demon soldier trying to break through the defensive wall.

 Zertz, a rigid demon soldier about twice as tall as I am, dressed in steel-colored muscle armor, with arms as thick as logs and a lop-sided face with no eyes, nose and mouth.

 And you can also see the demon soldier Ganaf with the right arm of a horseman’s spear and the left arm of a circular shield on the lower half of his four-legged beast with sharp claws, and his red eyes shining behind his helmet.

 From the feet of the demon soldiers, countless thorns, the same thorns that were used to construct the defensive wall, extended from the ground and entangled around the feet of the demon soldiers who formed a squadron, leading to strangulation, and even skewered their torso and thighs with stake-like tree roots that were pointed like stakes.

 Interrupted by these, the demon soldiers seem to be unable to get as close to the defensive wall as they would like.

 I could say that the Wood Elves were fighting better than I had expected against the demon soldiers.

 But I could only feel this way for a short time until a huge cavalryman rushed in from the rear with a cloud of dust.

 As we rushed to the southwest of the village, from the north of the village, we could sense four huge forces different from the demon soldiers, and one of them was approaching the village’s defensive wall at a terrific speed.

 The huge shadow that raised a large amount of earth and sand with each kick was a beast with a lower body just like the Demon Soldier Ganaf, and its arms themselves were in the form of a giant cavalry spear and circular shield.

 However, at the border between the upper and lower body was the head of an eyeless beast that tended to strike its fangs, and its upper body was covered with heavy armor without gaps.

 The blood-colored armor, spears of the same color, and shields are all made of his own body, transformed to suit his needs.

 A hulking cavalryman three times my size dared to charge forward without regard to thorns and tree roots protruding from the ground, let alone the friendly demon soldiers in his path, crushing them with his six clawed feet and advancing with his right arm spear.

 It is truly an assault of destruction that nothing can stop.

 A huge horseman, running with the wind torn out of his body, let out a low voice reminiscent of a broken bell and shouted a yell. Unlike the demon soldiers who had no self, these horsemen seemed to have a will of their own.

“Move, move! Whoever stands in front of this Gheorud shall be crushed to a pulp!”

 A force field is formed around the one who proudly calls himself a Gheorud by the red magic emanating from his entire body, which converges on the cavalry spear thrust forward, dramatically increasing the destructive power of this assault.

 After trampling down a number of Zelt and Salz, turning the five of them into pristine rags, Gheorud finally thrusts the point of the cavalry spear into the defensive wall of the trees protecting the village.

 In the moment of the collision, the red force field of the spear and the magical power of the spirits that passed through the defensive wall of the trees fiercely rival each other, and it became a shock wave that exploded into the space in all directions. The demon soldiers in the vicinity were blown away like dust, and the wood elves who were standing on the defensive wall also lost their equilibrium and fell to their knees.

 What came with the shock wave was the loud noise that was generated upon impact. It wasn’t just a sound.

 The screams of the trees that make up the defensive wall struck our bodies and souls.

 The magical power, filled with the murderous and destructive intent of the demonic beings, brought spiritual pain to the trees that was beyond the bounds of physicality. Furthermore, Christine-san and Serina, who heard the voice, also let out a brief cry of pain as it pierced their entire bodies for a moment.

 Even humans and lamia are like this, so the pain and suffering felt by the wood elves who share life and death with the forest must be beyond words.

 Gio, Fio, the other Wood Elves and Marl were also on one knee on the spot, biting their back teeth and desperately trying to endure the pain they felt from the trees.

 Gio and the others had greasy sweat smeared on their neat faces, and even more blood drained from their originally white skin, turning their complexion into a white wax.

 But something that was trying to get their halted feet moving again immediately began to burn fiercely in their hearts.

  Anger, pure anger at the demons who hurt the trees, the trees that are their family, and tried to bring unjust deaths to those who live in the forest.

 I didn’t miss the raging flames of anger in Gio’s eyes, almost scaring me.

 From the tip of our gaze, having pulled out the cavalry spear that had penetrated the defensive wall to its roots, Gheorud was about to move his four animal legs to descend to make another charge.

“You can withstand the attacks of the demons, but you cannot withstand the blows of my spear. What a comforting cry it was. Let’s see if you can take my spear once more.”

 The defensive walls of the trees that had previously boasted of being unscathed by the demon soldier’s onslaught had now been cruelly punctured by a large hole.

 If you look at it, the severed trees and sections of ivy are loosely wriggling and regenerating at an unusual speed, but it would be much faster for Gheorud to deliver another blow.

 Gheorud looks at the hole in the barrier that was opened wide by the previous blow, and pulls his own right arm backward, planning to widen the hole even further.

 At the very moment I was trying to generate magic power from the soul of the dragon species, a large number of thorns grew out of the ground that cracked with every step Georgiou made, twisting around Georgiou’s huge frame and lifting it into the air.

“Impudent, if you think you can bind this Gheorud with this level of caution …… nuh-uh!”

 Unlike the thorns that were trampled on by the Gheorud earlier, the thorns that bound Gheorudo’s huge body were different from the thorns that were trampled on by the Georudo, and they exerted a restraining force that only allowed the blood-colored armor and the lower half of the beast to move to the extent that it could only wriggle.

 The thickly sprouted stings dug into the lower half of Georgiourd’s body, and black blood oozed out from the areas pierced by the stings, as black as the darkness of the night.

 As the thorns begin to greedily suck that black blood and magic, roses bloom everywhere from the thorns.

 It was a black rose that reminded me of deep, dark darkness.

” The abominable black rose!”

 With the right arm of his javelin wielded furiously, Gheorud flailed about, trying to break free of this black rose’s restraints.

 But no matter how violent Gheorud rampage was, the black rose’s restraints did not loosen in the slightest; rather, the more he rampaged, the deeper the thorns dug into Gheorud’s body, sipping more and more of his black blood.

 Suddenly, a new figure could be seen standing on top of the protective wall in a position directly in front of Gheorud.

 A wandering moonlight strips off the nighttime robe and sinfully exposes the identity of the figure that appears to be fluttering even from a distance.

 It was a woman. However, it must be described as a slanted castle or the finest. And bewitching, too.

 The limbs standing on top of the wall of a crouched and defensive wall are so well proportioned that it could be said to be one of the ideal forms of a woman’s body, and the richly protruding breasts, the buttocks that draw a smooth line, and the hips that connect them with a large neckline are no less than Christine-san’s.

 The dress of jet black which makes the line of the bewitching limb stand out clearly.

 The slit on the left side of the dress is so deep that the base of the feet is exposed, and a white leg wrapped in thin stockings stretches out from the slit.

 In addition, the upper half of the dress was boldly designed to open up from the upper half of the breasts to the slender shoulders, drawing a sinful cleavage that could never fail to attract a man’s eye.

 Her black hair, shining like a black ball, was mingled with thorns thinner than the ones that bound Gheorgud, and black roses with dark petals bloomed in places.

 In addition, a single large black rose in the area above both ears.

 I immediately recognized the identity of this beautiful woman.

“A rose, or perhaps a black rose spirit.”

“Yes. It’s the most powerful rose spirit in the forest of the Entente, Diadora.”

 Marr, who should have been struck by fear and pain at my muttering, responds with a bouncy voice. It means that that that black rose spirit is trusted enough to make Marr sound like this.

” Diadora, huh?”

 Looking down coldly on the black blood soaked demon and reigning as the queen of the night sky with the moon at her back, Diadora’s dignity is truly that of a ruler.

 At the sight of Deirdre looking down at Gheorud with her icy cold gaze, I was feeling the same emotional response that I had felt when I first met Serina.


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