Person with Inferior ability Vol.1-Chapter-1-Part-II

Chapter 1: Entrance Ceremony Preparation

Part II

 As they walked towards the gymnasium where the entrance ceremony was held, Ichigo suddenly looked at Hiroto with a sideways glance.

 When they were talking about their junior high school days, there was something that came to mind regarding Hiroto. It was the time when Hiroto mentioned earlier when he took a long period of time off after spring break, when he was in the third year of junior high school.

 Looking back, there were many things about Hiroto that made him feel strange.

 One year ago, when they were about to enter the third year of junior high school, there was a terrorist bombing in Shinagawa during their spring break.

 It was reported that it was aimed at a politician and the upper part of the headquarters of a major corporation was completely razed to the ground, a huge incident that caused a great uproar throughout Japan at the time.

 And that was not the only thing that caused a lot of commotion. The fact that it was a terrorist attack in Japan was enough to cause an uproar on the Internet that there were discrepancies between the facts and the news reports. Rumors such as “the politician who was targeted was not actually there”, “the way the building broke down is not appropriate for a bomb”, and “the real disturbance was not in the building but at the aquarium on the other side of the station, but there was almost no news about that building” led to a lot of rumors, and a number of occult sites claimed that it was not the work of humans. There were even some things that went wrong, and it became something that could not be stopped or retrieved.

 Unfortunately, Hiroto and his mother had the misfortune to be present at the scene of an unprecedented incident. And in the confusion, Ichigo hears from Hiroto that his mother has gone missing. Because of this, he fell ill due to mental exhaustion, and he missed three months of school after the spring break.

 According to the media reports, there were no deaths or missing persons, but after hearing the story from Hiroto himself, he wonders if something was wrong with him. And Ichigo had also looked it up online.

 The story itself is strange, but that’s not what Ichigo is having a problem with right now.

 The problem was that despite the situation of his best friend, he hadn’t even gone to visit him once. It’s not that he didn’t know where he was. Hiroto was recovering at his parents’ house. And it’s not because they were so concerned about his situation that they didn’t go there on purpose.

 So what was the reason? 

 The reason for that……..

He forgot.

 It’s not that he forgot to go to visit him. It’s that he forgot that he had a friend named Hiroto.

 Ichigo, who has a surprisingly strong attachment to his friend, falls into a state of self-loathing every time he remembers this.

(Even though it’s the end of spring break, how could I forget my best friend…)

 And that wasn’t all.

 If Ichigo was the only one who had forgotten about him, it might have been just in case. However, at the time, not even his other classmates seemed to remember him.

 Even the same homeroom teacher from the second year of junior high school took attendance and read out Hiroto’s name and said, “Huh?” as he tilted his head.

(Only Shirasawa-san seemed to be different… but what the hell was that all about?

 Yes, at that time, Matsuri was the only one who maintained the same relationship with Hiroto. In fact, seeing that also led Ichigo to remember Hiroto.

 And one more thing. In fact…… was the same.

 For the first time since he saw Hiroto’s face in front of the school gate earlier, it was him! Ichigo remembered. Until then, he had completely forgotten about him. That’s why Ichigo got involved with Hiroto as if to shake off the guilt bubbling up in him. For a moment a.. there was a complicated expression on this boy’s face.

(I don’t think I’m that unsympathetic of a man…)

 With that in mind, Ichigo walked into the gym with Hiroto.

When Hiroto and Ichigo entered the gymnasium, Matsuri was sitting in one of the arranged pipe chairs with a girl friend of hers. Ichigo knew the petite girl as well, and he immediately recognized her as Shizuka Mito , who was in the same kendo club as Matsuri in junior high school.

 Matsuri noticed us and beckoned us to the two empty seats next to her, so Hiroto and Ichigo walked past the parents’ seats and made their way to Matsuri and the others. The hall was buzzing and one could sense the unique atmosphere of the entrance ceremony.

 Hiroto also looked around him, and felt a little nervous and happy at the beginning of the entrance ceremony, which made him feel uplifted, albeit belatedly.

 When they take their seats…. 

A girl with a bright smile bent over Matsuri’s seat to greet them and gave her a greeting.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Mito Shizuka. Good to see you again. Oh, I know Hakama-kun. We were in the same class when we were in the first and second year of junior high school, right?”

“Yeah, nice to see you again! Mito-san.”

 Ichigo held out his hand to the energetic girl in front of Hiroto and Matsuri, who were between them, and extended his hand to Shizuka, who smiled and shook his hand and dodged….

Hiroto beside him comes into Ichigo’s view.

 There………Hiroto was silently shedding tears.


“You…are crying a lot.” (TN: She’s talking to him like with a stranger)

‘What? Shizuka, what are you talking about? We were in the same class with you in junior high school, weren’t we?”

“What? Huh? Wha–? Did we go to the same middle school? I mean, were we in the same class in eighth grade?”

 At Shizuka’s surprised reaction, Hiroto’s tears increased even more.

 With an awkward expression on her face, Shizuka hurriedly clasped her hands together.

”Ah……..I’m sorry! Um, um, I, yes! I’m forgetful. I also forgot to eat breakfast and rice today, and more than once I forgot to put on my underwear because I was too sleepy to do so!”

 Ichigo thought that she was running her mouth about something amazing, but then he was surprised to see that Shizuka didn’t know Hiroto as well.

 Just like that time…..

 Ichigo gazed at Hiroto with a serious look on his face, gazing at him with a caring look.

 However, although he’s completely sulking, there’s the usual Hiroto there.

”No, it’s fine. I don’t mind it at all. I’ve always been lacking presence.  Women in particular tell me I lack presence…… I remembered Mito-san, but that doesn’t matter…

“Ahh, It’s a failure, failure. Isn’t it strange? I don’t forget about people, but… um… Domori-kun, Domori-kun? Hmm? And… Do you know Matsuri? Ah !”

Shizuka takes on the attitude that she finally thought of, but it seems that Matsuri was more concerned about other things than the interaction between the two.

“Hiroto. Rather than that… what happened during the spring break?”

“Ah no, nothing…t…”

――Hiroto lays his face down, and his shoulders hang down without force.

“Oh, I’m sorry that’s not it! I’m asking you where you’ve been on spring break.”

Apparently, this was a matter that Matsuri wanted to be sure to ask about and close down.

“Eh!? Why? Nothing.”

“So why are you freaking out about it?”

  Just as Matsuri’s questioning was about to begin, like a clogged general, an announcement was made in the hall.

[Err, we will now hold the ninety-second entrance ceremony for Horaiin Kitsurin High School.]

([] is for announcement from mic)

―― Hiroto looked forward with a look of salvation, while Matsuri furrowed her eyebrows and looked forward with a sigh, though her mouth was clenched. The inside of the gymnasium is rapidly enveloped in silence.

 The entrance ceremony begins, and the head teacher makes a formal greeting as the stage rises and plays the role of moderator. Then, it went to the principal’s greetings as scheduled.

[Now then, the principal of Horaiin Kitsurin High School, Soichiro Takano-sensei, would like to say a few words to the new students.]

 Amidst the obligatory applause and welcoming wave of hands, a person who appeared to be the headmaster of the school, dressed in a fine tuxedo, stood in front of the microphone with an unsteady gait. From the looks of it, he seems to be of old age.


 In the silence, the first thing I do is speak up.

[Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy your high school experience … and have fun. That’s all.]

 Everyone in the audience was like, “Huh? And were stunned. Then the head teacher from earlier comes out.

[Everyone! Applause! When I say clap, I mean clap!]

 The atmosphere of the venue was silent at first, but then a big round of applause broke out. In the midst of the applause that covered the audience, Hiroto was able to perform

(…is that my grandfather’s acquaintance? Just the fact that he knew my grandfather is like…)

 He was stumped.

After that, the ceremony ended without a hitch, as there was a school song that could not be sung yet and a talk from the student council president.

 When the ceremony was over, as Matsuri had said, the class list for the new first-year students was distributed, and the new students began to move to their own classrooms.

 Hiroto and the others also stood up and focused on Hiroto’s class list, which happened to be the first one open.

”Ooh! Hiroto! We’re in the same class! ….Huh? Mito-san too!”

“Oh! Really! Nice to be around.”

 The three of them got excited and exchanged high fives and handshakes.

(………Huh? Speaking of which……..what about Matsuri?”

 When Hiroto and the others noticed it, a depressed voice came from right next to them.

”It’s just me … no.”


 Shizuka and Ichigo, who have a great ability to read the air with Matsuri’s words, quickly follow up.

“But look! Matsuri. You’ re in the next class! We can have lunch together!”


“Yeah, that’s right! Shirasawa-san. I’m so honored to be in the class next to you.”


 Beside the silent Matsuri, Hiroto gets a sharp look from Shizuka and Ichigo… and… ha!

“Matsuri! Look!”

“Hiroto, just keep quiet.”


(Why is it just me?)

 On the class list, Hiroto, Ichigo and Shizuka are in Class D, and Matsuri is in Class C.

 The four people moving to the classroom are led by Matsuri, who is silent, and solemnly heads for the classroom with each passing moment. When they arrived at the classroom, they still had about 30 minutes to spare, so the four of them put their belongings on their assigned seats and reassembled at the corridor.

The seat of Hiroto was on the rightmost corridor side in the front row, Ichigo was behind Hiroto on the left, and Shizuka was on the left side. Matsuri, a member of Class C, seemed to be in a good mood when she saw Hiroto’s seat. (TN: I know this is the second time I am redoing this, but I still feel irritated by this girl)

 Matsuri’s seat is at the very back of Class C, on the side of the corridor, and although the classrooms are not the same, the position of her seat is close to that of Hiroto through the doorway. When Matsuri regained her usual condition, the three of them were relieved.

 As the conversation went on for a while, Ichigo asked Hiroto about his doubts from before.

“Hiroto, why is this school the only one to take the exam? I’m sure you’ve only taken one entrance exam, right?”

Hearing that, Shizuka’s face becomes sincerely surprised.

“Eh! Domori-kun, you’re surprisingly confident. Even Matsuri has been to four schools, including those that offer slipstream programs..”

――Matsuri, who knows what Shizuka’s words meant, looks sorry or rather reluctant.

Then, Hiroto scratched his head and opened his mouth with a sigh.

“Yeah… I said I was going to talk about it anyway, but… Actually… to put it simply…”

“What? You’ nearly gave up on high school because you couldn’t afford it!?”


” Living on your own starting high school!? With no money to spare? Hey, hey, hey!”

“Yeah. That’ s how you normally react, right?”

“You said that you live with your grandfather most of the time. You’re going to leave your old man? And were you really that poor? You’ve got a house.”

“Look, I didn’t leave home. Jiji…, I mean my grandfather kicked me out of the house.”


“Damn it! Just telling you about it just infuriates me, you know? It’s the shame of our family situation.”

 Hiroto shows an unusually hateful and brooding expression on his face.

 To sum it up…….. Hiroto’s grandfather Tenzo spent the living expenses that Hiroto’s parents had left him and which Hiroto had carefully managed on entertainment expenses. He also cried when he heard about the unfortunate life story of a snack bar mom named Himawari, so he used the rest of the money to provide her with a place to live as an aide to her.

 Hiroto was stunned when he heard the incomprehensible story from Tenzo, but it was already too late.

 The family was almost penniless, and Hiroto almost gave up on going to high school. However, Kazo got in touch with the principal of Kitsurin High School who knew him, and they talked to the principal and got an offer to pay the tuition and other expenses as long as he could pass the entrance exam. Hiroto jumped on the offer and after a period of intense study, he was admitted to the school in a bizarre way.

“This……was the reason for that.”

 Hiroto is making an inexpressible smile as he closes his eyes and says ” Phew”.


 Three different reactions. Ichigo’s eyes are half open and Matsuri is looking down with her brow pinched between her eyes. Shizuka had a hard smile on her face and sweat was pouring off her forehead.

(((No, no more…..I don’t know where to start and what to say to him…)))

Ichigo had met Tenzo before. Surely different, or was his first impression of a weirdo? He thought it was just a feeling. No, he wanted to think so. The root of it was that common sense Ichigo felt it was rude to think badly of other people’s families.

“So, where will you live? Have you already decided?”

“Oh, it seems that a friend of my grandfather’s has a house, and he’s going to let me live in it for a reasonable price.”

 When Ichigo heard that, he had a bad feeling about it, and he couldn’t help but say what he was thinking.

“Your grandfather’s acquaintance, a cheap place…Is it all right? The place.”


 Everyone was silent on Hiroto’s uncertain answer. When they heard it was from an acquaintance of his strange grandfather, the word that came to everyone’s mind was that kind called a friend.

“Ah! It’s time to go! Matsuri has to get back to her classroom. We need to get to our seats too.”

When Shizuka remarked, the four people rushed back to their respective classes.

When Hiroto and the others took their seats, a woman who seemed to be the homeroom teacher came in at the scheduled time.

 Everyone naturally pays attention to their homeroom teacher for the first time in their high school lives. But in another way, this one couldn’t help but attract attention. She has a slender figure, a high nose and a sharp face. The eyes with intelligence behind the silver-rimmed lintel glasses. He wore a white suit with slits and a perfect fit.

 The classroom was buzzing. The boys are all red-cheeked and the girls are all sighing.

 The woman stood in front of the teaching platform and began to write her name on the blackboard in silence. There is no sense of futility in the series of movements before she turns back to you.

”Congratulations on entering the school, everyone. I’m Mirei Takano, the homeroom teacher for Class D here. I hope that we can work together throughout the year to make the class more exciting. I look forward to working with you.”

 It’s a common greeting, without any distraction. However, there was enough force to remove the buzz and flirtation from the students in Class D. The new homeroom teacher’s expression didn’t twitch. The new homeroom teacher’s expression didn’t even twitch. The students are frozen in place.

“Gentlemen, what do you say?”

“””””…nice to meet you!””””””

 The response was seamless and unbelievable for a new class that has just been created.

 In just a few seconds, the homeroom teacher, who said her name was Mirei, made sure that everyone understood her high level of leadership and strength.

“Good. Then I will explain the schedule for the future.”

 The new homeroom teacher, who is truly a cool beauty on the ground, begins to explain in an easy to understand manner. The way she does it seems to give the students a sense of urgency and deep loyalty, and all of them are taking notes silently and happily. But………only one person, Hiroto, had a different sense of tension than the other students.

(This person! Engulfing everyone’s Ki… Are you letting your Ki be masked in class?)

 Hiroto stares at the homeroom teacher’s back facing the blackboard. There are such things in old martial arts. Hiroto thinks that she may be doing some martial arts. But then Hiroto felt the homeroom teacher’s ki rise even higher. He can feel that Ki of his homeroom teacher rising to a fierce level on her seamless back. Hiroto looks into it as if it were sucked into it.

(That is… Senki ! Wow. It’s amazing. I don’t even feel evil. She’ s doing it on purpose! Why? You’re showing me this? No, you shouldn’t know about this.)

Looking back, Mirei looked at Hiroto for a moment, moved her mouth, and smiled.


Hiroto suddenly suddenly stands up. The students around him were stunned and focused their eyes on Hiroto.

What happened to Ichigo and Shizuka with their big eyes? It looks like.

――Hiroto realizes the unpleasant atmosphere that he created, and sweats.

“Yes…what is it?? Well, Domori-kun?”

Mirei says after confirming the list. It’s more like a question than a conversation.

“No, no… sorry. Nothing.”

“So sit down”


Hiroto sits down while shrinking. However, Hiroto did indeed read the words that his homeroom teacher had said with his lip-reading technique. It was “Give my best regards to Master Tenzo and Master Sun.”.

The homeroom teacher glanced at Hiroto, who was still confused, to sit down and turned to the front with a clear face.

“Okay, folks. We will now begin homeroom. As a reminder, your seats will remain unchanged until the next midterm. You can ask questions at any time. Please ask as needed. Now, I will ask everyone to introduce themselves today, check their lockers and shoe boxes, hand out any handouts or other materials that you need to fill out, and then we will dismiss the class.”

 Under the order of the new homeroom teacher, self-introduction started one by one, and the process of the first day of admission ended.

“Yes, thank you for your time. That’s it for today. Tomorrow is the day off for everyone except the dormitory students, so I’ll see you the day after tomorrow.”

 The students answered and started preparing for school, Mirei called out to Hiroto.

“And, Domori-kuni, who was a little noisy earlier. Sorry, can I ask you to collect the prints? Also, I’d like you to help me a little, so please come to the staff room together.”

“Oh… yes, I understand.”

 Hiroto is a little embarrassed and follows Mirei while feeling that the boys in the class seem to be envious. However, the students around him naturally thought that he had been noticed by the previous blunder.

 Hiroto was tensely following Mirei, and when he entered the staff room, he placed the prints collected in the class on the desk.

“Good job”

“Oh, yes teacher. About the help…”

“Help is a lie.  There’s something I need to talk about. To you.”

“……what is it?”

“You don’t have to be that tense. Well, I wonder if Domori-kun felt strange when you entered this area?”

 Mirai puts her elbows on the desk when she sits on her chair and crosses her legs.

“Like here, everyone has a strong determination…..”

 When Mirei reassembled her legs and looked at Hiroto’s face, he looked away lightly.

 When Mirei reassembled her legs and looked at Hiroto’s face, he looked away lightly.”

“What? What are you talking about…?”

“You’re surprisingly vigilant. Well then I will tell you that I am just like you… .earlier I showed you Senki you remember?”


――Yuyo stares at her beautiful eyes because of what she has told so far.

“I’ve heard about you from Master Tenzo and Master Sun. So, Don’t worry. It’s a normal school. But you and I, and a few others are somewhat unique, I will tell you that there are such students and teachers. Otherwise, I don’t want you to be bothered by surprises later.”

“You had a talk about me with Grandpa and Master…?

“Yes. And in your case, it would be better to have someone who understands. You know, like a … peculiar constitution or something.”

“Do you know!? My this!”

“Yes. Well, even if you don’t say it, you would think it would be weird as soon as you meet some like us. Therefore, the fact that a large amount of spiritual power is simply leaking in vain has been told to the current students and teachers like us. It’s better than complicating things then, right? And don’t worry, I didn’t tell them anything else.”

 After hearing the explanation, Hiroto becomes serious.

“Can I ask a question?”

“Yes please.”

“Same as me you say… but how much is it? And how much do you know? About the Domori family and ….….If you don’t mind, I hope you can answer these questions.”

“For your questions. Oh well. Yes, I am a Spiritualist. I’m a student on the same path as you. I’ve been mentored by Master Sun. And I wonder if I’m your senior in that regard? Also, I’m a person who has been pursuing Sendo since the beginning, unlike you. As a matter of fact … you and I have met before, haven’t we?”

“Yes!? Is that right? I’m sorry, I didn’t remember at all…”

“You don’t have to worry about it. The Domori family is really unique and has a close relationship with the world of Senkai… I have no interaction with other people with ability at all.”

 Mirei exhaled lightly and slightly softened facial expression.

“And about another one, I know the Domoriri family quite well.  As far as I know, they are the strongest family of spirit swordsmen in the world, the property they manage, and the fact that you passed through the Demon’s Cave and stayed in the Demon’s World beyond that for about three years.”

“!? You know that much… You even know the time difference with the Demon world…”

――Hiroto changed his complexion because what Mirei said about the Domori family, is to be kept secret.

“Don’t worry. Only a few people in the world know this, because it’s insurance. It’s a dangerous property that could shake the world, right?. It’s good as long as the Domori family has the power, but if it’s not, we have to do something about it. Even The Three, who are watching the operation of space, cares about it.”

“Really……..I had no idea. Eh, no way! Was it an insurance policy for Master Sun to come to me, who couldn’t become a spiritual sword master because of this constitution?”

“I suppose that’s the way it goes..”

“Grandpa didn’t tell me anything at all.”

“But as I said many times, it’s a very normal school, except for that. I’m a teacher and you’re a student. Even if it’s only a couple of weeks here, I know it’s hard for you because you’re a blank who spent three years in the Demon World, but we won’t give you any special treatment either, please understand well.”

“Oh, yes. Please do so.”

“Now, the story is over. Take care and go home. Please give my best regards to the teachers.”

“Yes… I see. I look forward to working with you.”

――Hiroto says so and bows out of the staff room.

Beauty is gazing at Hiroto’s appearance. However, unlike before, there were things in the beautiful eyes that didn’t look like a teacher. It may be a passion or a longing.

“…Yes, Regards. I’ll never forget you. No matter what…”  (TN: Love/Betrayal/Yandere? Find out on future chapters of PWIA!!!)

 It was a small voice, but it was a solid and powerful voice.

 Hiroto goes to the entrance, puts his shoes in his newly assigned shoe box, and changes his shoes. Ichigo said, “You want me to wait?” but he felt bad and asked him to leave first.

“Wow, but I was surprised.”

 Hiroto didn’t think he would meet such a homeroom teacher at a high school that he finally entered.

(Grandpa, you said, “The principal is an acquaintance,” but is the principal also a kind of “ability user”?)

――He remembers the appearance of the principal and the content of the speech at the entrance ceremony.

(I wonder what.. Is the old man’s acquaintance even a decent person?)

Sighing heavily, Hiroto thought about the future. No matter which angle he thought about, he was worried about his own future, which was difficult to look forward to. But for now, he had to face the immediate issues. First and foremost, it is necessary to secure a source of income after moving.

 So Hiroto realizes that it’s very important.

“Ah, I need to go  around the sealed land by the end of next month! Well, I think it’s stable now, but… I’m busy. I was born into a troublesome house. Thanks to this constitution, I’m a dropout……”

Domori Hiroto has another face that he has not told anyone.

The Domori family has been a family lineage that has inherited the ability to fight against strange things such as monsters and demons for generations.

The direct line of the Domori family has been a family of spirit swordsmen for generations, and a swordsman is a person capable of manipulating swords and spiritual powers, manipulating the techniques of resisting and retiring.

However, Hiroto is not a spirit swordsman. Right now, he’s a user of Senki who learns Sendo from his master, Sun Wei.

 Hiroto suddenly looks at his martial palm. Those hands are clearly the hands of a person who has mastered some kind of martial art if one looks at them.

( Even though everything of the Domori family has been drilled into me, I can’t use it to my advantage. But………I’m really glad grandpa brought Master Sun with him. Because I only managed to acquire the ability to fight without using my spiritual power).

The reason why Hiroto wasn’t a spirit swordsman was due to Hiroto’s troubled constitution.

When he was a child, Hiroto was called to the dojo by his grandfather, Tenzo, and his father, Ryoichi, with a serious expression on his face.

“Listen, Hiroto. There is a lineage of spiritual swordsmen in the Chinese family of ability users, but the Domori family’s lineage is a little different from that. The sword of the spirit swordsman is a sword as it is meant, and at the same time, it has the characteristics close to that of a sacred tool. Therefore, it has a stronger meaning as a sacred tool for rituals.”


First, Tenzo opens his mouth to explain, and Hiroto nods at them. It was something that was usually heard, but the unusual atmosphere of the two made the young Hiroto nervous.

“ However, with the Domori family’s spirit swordsman, the sword skill is enhanced and it is specialized in close quarters combat. In short, it can be considered as Domori-ryu swordsmanship. The Domori family has dealt with it in the past situations by combining strong sealing and strong close combat capabilities. On top of that, the Domori family squeezed their wisdom and sometimes wielded it so that these dangerous properties would not be known to the world, and as a result, they have continued to protect those places for more than 1,000 years. ….you’ve been told this many times. Ryoichi will explain the rest, I’m tired.”

Tenzo lost his concentration in a flash, and soon he collapsed on his feet with a guday and lay down. Or, should I say, it’s a good effort for this grandfather.

 Hiroto was  troubled to react when he saw his father’s face shaking with his grandfather’s appearance.

 Later on, he learns that this was actually a very important meeting in the history of the Domori family that was held to address the issue of Hiroto’s lack of spiritual swordsmanship.

“In the first place, Ryoichi. Domori family is always a family with one child in a generation. Well, I understand what you are trying  to  say. But it is true that it is impossible for Hiroto to be a spiritual swordsman. He has a lot of spiritual power, but he can’t use it at it.”

“Dad, that’s why I said you’ll talk to Hiroto about the future and everything else!”

“Well, that’s not good anymore. The restoration and re-strengthening of the barriers of the sealed land have been done to such an extent. Isn’t Hiroto also grown?”

“Dad! That’s not the only role of Domori’s. What if someone comes to sniff out the Demon’s Cave?”

Yes… this was a big problem.

 It was surprising that the direct descendant of the Domori family, Hiroto, did not have any talent as a spiritual swordsman. In fact, it was no exaggeration to say that he didn’t even have the qualifications to be an ability user.

 Such a thing was the first time in the history of the Domori family, a rare incident.

However, Grandfather Tenzo didn’t even seem to care about such an abnormal situation or an emergency situation.

“So why don’t you just have another power? The point is, it is enough to protect the land when it’s necessary. Especially if you can protect the Demon’s Cave.”

 In contrast to Ryoichi, Tenzo simply dismisses the situation.

“Eh!? But then Dodori’s technique and skills is more than something else… Where’s that power? Hiroto already possesses spiritual power, and it is always out regardless he’s doing it consciously or unconsciously, so it’s completely unusable. In the end, no matter what you make him learn, he won’t be able to meet and acquire it.”

What Ryoichi is saying is common sense for an ability user. Normally, ability users emit spiritual power when they activate their abilities. That is to say, it was a medium of touch to activate the ability.

 However, Hiroto is unable to control that spiritual power and it comes out on its own.

The ability that the ability user manifests varies depending on the size and density of the spiritual power of that person, as well as the added attribute. The ability person manipulates it by one’s own will and activates an original ability

“Furthermore, the size and density of the spiritual power, and the added attributes are, in a sense, a recipe for cooking. In other words, it is similar to completing food by using seasonings such as attributes, centered on the food of spirit power. The same thing can be said for those with magical abilities. In other words, Hiroto, who has a large amount of spiritual power that he can’t even cook. Therefore………let Hiroto live a normal human life……..”

 His father’s words were a harsh reality for Hiroto. When his father told him to live a normal person’s life, Hiroto felt he was being poked and prodded and looked down.

 However, that statement was received by Tenzo as the exact opposite.

“You’re not the only one who is concerned about him. I understand that you are worried about your child, but you are a bit overprotective. Don’t you want to release this talent-less Hiroto from the shackles of the family?”

 With a nasty look on his face, Kazo grinned while using his elbow as a pillow pillowcase, and Hiroto looked up with a smile on his face. Then, Ryoichi is trying to avoid the gaze of Hiroto.

“Well, listen, Ryoichi. The other power I’m talking about is a different kind of power that you know.”

“…What? Another one? The other is… no way!”

Ryoichi opens his eyes and shows a surprised expression.

“Well, let him learn the Sendo. There is no opposition to spiritual power or magic in the Sendo. There is nothing wrong with having spiritual power in your body. Above all, Sendo is not something one is born with. It’s an acquired ability. I know a fellow who is perfect for a teacher.”

“Well, wait a minute. I know how much that means to you, but this is ridiculous! You know better than anyone that practicing Dao is not a casual pursuit, dont you?  All of them risk their lives, and some of them fall down on their way and on their way up, and I can’t count the number of them. And even if one learns, one doesn’t know if it will be worth it!”

Tenzo is astonished at Ryoichi’s outburst.

“You are not the only one who knows how to do this. You see, Hiroto is not as weak as you think he is. In fact, he has already acquired the foundation for learning Sendo.”


—-Part II end—-

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