Person With Inferior Ability Vol.3-Epilogue


Immediately upon arriving in Minra, Matthew gathered his executives in the conference room of his residence to check on the situation. Marion attended the meeting to escort Matthew as instructed by Hiroto, while Mizuho went to his room to contact the agency.

 It was at this time that the two learned of the unprecedented situation that was about to hit Miramar.

Marion listened to Miramar’s current situation in the conference room, and her complexion changed.

 Mizuho’s complexion changed as she looked over the e-mails that had already arrived in her room and called the Japanese branch of the Agency to get permission to make an international call.

 After about an hour …… passed, Hiroto arrived at Matthew’s residence, having shaken off the enemy.

Hiroto first looked for Mizuho and Marion to assess the current situation, and they were waiting for him at the entrance of the mansion.

“Hiroto! Is it safe? Are you okay?”

“Hiroto-san! Are you hurt?”

“I’m fine! Mizuho-san, Marion-san! What’s the situation?”

They were surprised to see Hiroto running all the way here after that fierce battle and not even out of breath, but the situation was tense right now. They cannot waste any more time.

 Mizuho explained the details of the exchange with the agency with a frustrated look on her face.

“It’s an extraordinary situation. It’s beyond our control. We have received instructions from the agency. Simply put, we will be replaced as soon as we meet up with the other ability users who are on their way.”

“Eh!? That is …….”

 According to Mizuho, one of the agency’s top forces, Rank SS, is currently on its way here and will be replaced as soon as the person of that ability arrives here.

He also informed us that the organization called Sword of Surt is an S-class dangerous organization, that its purpose is to destroy the significance of the Agency’s existence, and that the power of the Sword of Surt is no match for the two Rank-A members.

Hiroto understands what the agency has instructed him to do.

 However,……, he couldn’t help but feel emotionally unsettled.

Hiroto had been involved with Matthew, Guaran, and Nina, all of whom had tried to pave the way for the future of this country, and he had a feeling of indescribability overtaking his heart.

 Marion also explained Miramar’s situation.

“It’s tough here, too. It seems that countless demons summoned by the enemy are now approaching the major cities of Miramar. The target cities are the capital city of Nephi, Yongla, Pinchin, Tarkett, Soror, Passaung, and now Minra. And, inexplicably, the enemy has already arrived in some of the cities but is waiting on the outskirts of the cities, perhaps in step with the other cities. Naturally, troops from all over Miramar are in chaos trying to intercept the demons.”

“……? It’s not possible to summon that many demons! The organization called Sword of Surt,……, who the hell is the enemy summoner? And what’s more, its movement …….”

“Yes, I honestly don’t understand what that means. If anything, it’s supposed to give Miramar’s army time to prepare to intercept.”

Marion looks doubtful, and Hiroto speculates on the enemy’s thoughts.

 It is obvious that they are probably thinking of launching a simultaneous attack on each city.

However, why they would make such a roundabout move is not clear.

 The damage to the cities of Miramar would have been immeasurable if they had attacked by surprise.

“Perhaps …… this is just a show for the enemy.”

“A show!?”

Mizuho unfolded her crossed arms at Hiroto’s guess.

“Ummm, in light of what Mizuho-san said, Miramar should have nothing to do with this Sword of Surt’s purpose. I think the reason for attacking it on a large scale is to show the world a show of attacking all the cities of Miramar at once, to show off the existence of ability users, and after revealing the existence of the Agency as well, they are trying to show off its powerlessness. ……”

Mizuho trembled with anger when she heard Hiroto’s comment, and Marion’s expression stiffened as well.

“What a bunch of people they are!”

“I can’t allow …… that kind of reason to go …… to innocent people.”

 That’s not all.

What Sword of Surt was doing had nothing to do with the minds of Matthew, Guaran, or anyone else who wanted to make Miramar a good country, it had no meaning, it had no context, and it just appeared from the side for its own purposes and violated and destroyed them.

 The one that mocks the hearts, thoughts, and determination of these people who put their own lives and lives on the line like insects. ……

A hot, boiling feeling welled up from deep within Hiroto’s gut.

 His eyes gradually become more and more intense, and the normally good-natured boy’s face disappeared.

 Mizuho and Marion noticed this change in Hiroto.

 But for some reason, they were not surprised at all and just stared at him.

They recognized this face of his because they had seen him at the party at the hotel.




“What? What’s wrong?”

 Mizuho and Marion nodded at the same time as they looked at each other, and Mizuho looked right into Hiroto’s face.

“Let me tell you what we want to say to you, Hiroto.”

For a moment, Hiroto wondered if the sermon he was told on the hill was going to start here.

 But Mizuho and Marion are not in that mood.

 It is because the two were even smiling.

 The girls’ serious, yet kind and receptive expressions made Hiroto nervous.

“Hiroto, do what you want to do right now. Both of us will approve of it unconditionally. You have the power to do it and accomplishments to make us recognize it. Even if no one recognizes you, even if no one remembers you …… at least to the two of us who know it.”

“That’s right, Hiroto-san. We both have enough experience …… accumulated since we met you to believe in you, Hiroto-san. So when you decide what you are going to do or how you are going to do it, please tell us. We will definitely stand by you.”

 Hiroto’s eyes widened at their unexpected words.

Hiroto looked back at them alternately and searched for the meaning of their words.


 Accumulations since we met?

When did we meet?

What on earth did they mean?

The people who lost their memories of Hiroto using that power had never said anything like this to him.

Hiroto made a miserable face as if he was expecting something, but was frightened of what would happen if he did not.

However, the two of them were not bothered by Hiroto’s miserable expression or his reaction, and they were looking at this boy, Domori Hiroto, straight in the face.

 Hiroto’s body involuntarily began to tremble.

The corners of Hiroto’s eyes started to heat up on their own, and tears started to well up in his eyes.

Then …… Hiroto looked at the two smiling girls alternately and tried to say something to them.

But the two girls told Hiroto the answer before he could.

“”We both ………….””

“remembered…… Hiroto.”

“remembered …… Hiroto-san.”

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