Person With Inferior Ability Vol.3-Chapter-4-Part-2

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Part II

 It’s a busy day for Kakitate Shima, Secretary to the head of the Japanese branch of the World Ability User Agency.

 Today, she spent her time in front of the computer without taking a step away from it, and the time is already straddling the day.

 She has a lot of work to do, including examining the many requests that are currently coming in, selecting the appropriate ability users for each case while taking into account the urgency and importance of the request, the progress of each ability user at the destination, sharing information with other branches, and securing a meeting schedule for the branch manager to attend.

“The Sapporo project is going well. The one in Kitakyushu is a little behind. It may be a little tricky with Rank F, but …… they need to hang in there for now.”

 Shima looked at his watch for a moment, took a breath, and sipped her cold coffee.

“Well, that’s it for today,……,uhm? Email at this hour?”

 Shima was just about to close her computer when an email came in from a dispatched ability user using a form that was only used in emergencies.

(This is from …… Mizuho-san. Oh yeah, I forgot about the time difference. But urgent means …….)

 Shima opened the email and checked the contents.

(This is a request for investigation,……, and the name of the enemy ability user was identified! Their names are …… Niezbeck and Rokiarum? I’ve never heard of them. But these are the people who didn’t back down at all when they took on the two rank A’s. …… what kind of people are they?)

 For some reason, Shima was disturbed by the unfamiliar enemy ability users reported by Mizuho.

 She gave up on the idea of going home and got up and moved to the storage room where the data of the Ability User Agency was stored, which was completely cut off from the outside server.

 Standing in front of the heavily secured door, she authenticated her retina and fingerprint on the monitor next to her, and at the same time, she lightly emitted her spiritual power to open the door of the room.

(It’s been a while since I’ve been here. ……)

 This is the reference room of the World Ability User Agency, which only the head of the Japanese branch and Shima are allowed to enter. By the way, only authorized people can enter here. All data is automatically shut down if there is more than that number of people in the room.

 Shima sat down at a computer in front of a large monitor in the center of the room, turned it on, and accessed it.

 There was a database of information gathered from the days of the Ability Agency, the predecessor of the agency, and it was stratified according to the level of importance of the information.

 Shima is only authorized to view up to the second-highest of the five levels of importance, and not the top-level information.

“Niezbeck …… Rokiarum …….”

 Shima typed in what she thought was the enemy’s name from Mizuho’s information and searched.

“Eh ……, no way, it’s a case of top-level information!? The organization’s name is the Sword of Surt? I can’t browse any further than that!?”

 Shima’s expression stiffened in surprise, forgetting the exhaustion of the huge amount of work she had dealt with today.

(The details are in the Agency’s headquarters case! This means that anyone who obtains this information should immediately contact Rome’s headquarters and ask for instructions! What the hell is going on!?)

“No, this can’t go on like this!”

 Shima changed her complexion and hurriedly stood up to contact the branch manager, Omine Hisae, and the headquarters of the World Ability User Agency.

 Hiroto was looking at the ceiling on the bed in the room on the second floor of Mathew’s mansion he was assigned.

 Gatson went out saying ‘I’ll be back soon, master’ and Hiroto, who was alone, lost himself in thought for a while.

(This enemy is dangerous. Both their abilities and their ideology …… and their purpose. I’m not sure what to tell Mizuho-san and Marion-san. However, I can’t tell them where the source of the information came from.)

 Hiroto is troubled by the fact that the range in which he can move is limited.

(If the purpose of the enemy’s ability users is as Gaston reports, then …… the request for General Mathew’s protection is almost complete. There is no reason for the other side to attack General Mathew.)

 Hiroto turned over with some uneasy feeling.

( Whether or not we, the …… agency, need to think about anything other than the request.)

“I’m thirsty. Let’s go get something to drink.”

 Hiroto got up from the bed and went out of the room to ask for a drink.

 He walked down the long corridor outside the room, but he couldn’t find any servants. He thought it would be better to visit the kitchen on the first floor to get a drink, so he went down the wide stairs.

 The sun was starting to set and the whole place felt dim, but that was probably because the lights outside the rooms were set to dim in Mathew’s mansion.

 As Hiroto walked down to where he could see downstairs, he was fortunate enough to see the butler, Arokaune, talking with another servant on the floor in front of the main entrance. Arokaune then noticed Hiroto.

“What can I do for you, sir? Eh, uh, guest?”

“Ah, call me Domori.”

“Yes, Domori-sama.”

 He thought he hadn’t said his name, and asked Arokaune for a drink.

“Understood. We are about to eat, so I will prepare something refreshing instead of something sweet. Would you like to have them brought to your room? Or would you like to have a drink in this drawing-room, since it’s empty?”

“Well, excuse me, but could you please bring it to my room?”

 When Hiroto answered so, a dignified voice came from the stairs where he had just come down.

“Arokaune, there you are. I want to go out tomorrow. Please prepare a car for me. Oh? And you would are …… a guest I presume?”

 Hiroto turned his head towards the owner of the voice and saw a girl with light brown skin and an appearance that fit to be called rational standing on the stairs.

 She has a slender body and a straight back, and her good posture and well-defined face exude a sense of elegance.

 She was dressed in what might have been the formal attire of a Miramar, a very long and large sash wrapped around her body.

 Arokaune turned to face the girl, walked lightly up to her, and bowed.

“I understand, Miss Nina. Yes, this is our ………… guest from Japan, escorting Mathew-sama.”

“Eh? Excuse me! Please call me Domori!”

“Oh, I’m sorry. This is Mr. Domori.”

 Hiroto glared at Arokaune, who didn’t remember his name, even though he had just said it.

(Mizuho-san and Marion-san whom you didn’t even meet, you remembered them! This old man, hmm …… is Young Miss, Nina! So this is the …… person that Gaston was talking about.)[TN: I used Young Miss instead of Ojou-sama, don’t know why just felt like it]

 Remembering the name Nina from Gaston’s information, Hiroto cast a confirming glance at the girl.

 As Nina came down the stairs, she stood next to Aroucaune and bowed lightly to Hiroto.

“I apologize for the inconvenience, Domori-sama. I was going to join you later for dinner and say hello, but I am Nina. My father, Mathew, is very grateful for your help.”

“No! It’s nothing. It’s my job, so I haven’t done anything to be thanked.”

“No, my father told me. I heard from him that you have a calmness that is unbecoming of your age.”

“Eh!? Me? N-no ah, that’s not true. You really think so? My goodness~”

 Hiroto, who is not used to being praised, responded with a flustered look.

“Yeah, that’s right! ………… a person who appears weak. It is different from the story.”


“No. …… By the way, Domori-san, what were you doing here? I apologize if you were in the middle of work.”

“Eh? Yeah! Of course! As an escort, the structure of this house must be understood.”

 As Hiroto said so, Arokaune turned his body to Nina expressionlessly and bowed his head.

“Mr. Domori here has been resting in his room for some time now, and he has just come to ask for a drink because he is thirsty. He also asked me to bring some drinks to the room where he was resting earlier. The other escort, Shurian-sama, and Mathew-sama, are attending a meeting, while Shitenji-sama stayed in her room working on her report.”

“…… Oh, Is that so”

“Ah, …… no, after that I got a job, too, you see? Ahahaha. ……”

(This old man has malicious intent in the way he says things!)

 Hiroto’s skin tingled from Nina’s stare, and he laughed dryly, and Nina then smiled and made an unexpected suggestion.

“Yeah, it’s probably hard to get used to the sunshine and high temperatures in Miramar compared to Japan. In that case, would you like to join me in your room? It’s more comfortable for me to have someone I’ve talked to before than to greet and eat in front of people I’ve never met before.”

“Eh? N-no. …… I’m going to work from now on, too.”

“Then let me explain the layout of the house to you. It would be like killing two birds with one stone, you know. And it’s more efficient to know the structure of the house first and then see it for yourself.”

 To be honest, Hayato was thinking of taking a rest today after quenching his thirst, but Nina’s offer seemed like a good one. Also, Mizuho and Marion had to work, and he felt that it was wrong to take a day off alone.

“That’s ……, That’s right, let’s do that then. Thank you, Young Miss Nina …….”

“Please call me Nina.”

“Ah, then Nina-san.”

“Yes, this way, please. Arokaune, can you get two drinks for the reception room here?”

“Understood, Young Lady. I’ll have them ready for you.”

 Nina nodded and guided Hiroto to the reception room next to the large floor in front of the entrance.

 There were heavy bookshelves and a large cowhide sofa in the center of the room.

 Nina had Hiroto sit on the sofa first, and she took out a folded blueprint of the house from the bookshelf and spread it out in front of the table.

“This is the blueprint of the house. Please feel free to look around. And please feel free to ask me anything.”

“Thank you very much. Now, if you’ll excuse me.”

 Hiroto said and rotated the floor plan so that it was easier for him to see.

 This large mansion was three stories high, but other than that, there were no other features and it didn’t look like they had put any thought into it. For now, Hiroto thought, it would be better to look at the surroundings rather than the building.

 The other important thing would be to find out Mathew’s position.

“Nina-san, excuse me, but can you tell me where General Mathew’s bedroom is and where he often goes when he’s here?”

“Yes, of course.”

 Nina got up from the sofa in front of Hiroto and sat down beside him and began to explain in detail.

“This room on the third floor is my father’s bedroom. So the meeting that is taking place right now is in this room on the first floor, and yes, my father is usually in the study on the third floor.”

“I see. ……”

 Nina came so close to Hiroto that their shoulders touched, and she explained in detail.

 Hiroto listened intently to the explanation and looked at the floor plan as if thinking.

 A knock came on the door of the reception room where Hiroto and Nina were sitting.[TN: well it doesn’t say Nina specifically, just Hiroto-tachi, and I don’t know how to address it properly] 

“Excuse me. I brought you a drink. …… Ha! Young Miss!”

 Immediately after opening the door, Aroukaune shouted, and Hiroto stuttered and turned to look at him.

“Young Miss! You shouldn’t be so friendly with strangers like that! Now, please step a bit away.”

“It’s all right. Hiroto-san is here as my father’s escort. It’s not polite to call him a stranger, Arokaune.”

“Eh!? Ah, I’m sorry!”

 And only now did Hiroto notice that Nina was closer than he thought, and he hurriedly distanced himself from her. Nina sighed boringly and got up and sat down on the sofa opposite Hiroto.

 Arrowkaune put down the coaster and held out two glasses in front of Hiroto and Nina, and straightened his posture.

“Young Miss Nina doesn’t know the true nature of gentlemen. Whenever there is an opening, they become like wild beasts. Though Domori-sama may look harmless, you never know what kind of evil he may be thinking inside. Even more so, when faced with an untainted and lovely lady like Miss Nina, the restraint becomes ineffective. ……”

“wa wa wa, restraint ……”

(This old man ……)

 When Hiroto stuck with his indescribable smile, Nina put one of her elbows on the sofa, crossed her legs, and made a troublesome face instead of the elegant one she had been wearing before.

(Huh? Her attitude seems to have changed a lot. ……)

“Oh, okay, I get it, I get it now. Arokaune is too sensitive about this kind of thing. This person is the one who doesn’t notice anything when I’m so close to him, closer than I should be. There is no way this wooden stone would dare to do anything to me in my father’s house.”[This 木石(bokuseki) means trees and stone or in this case, I changed it to wooden stone for ease, and also unfeeling person/blockhead]

 Nina said, stopping Arokaune with her free right hand.

(Wooden stone? What’s a wood stone? Um, I’ll look it up later. …… It doesn’t sound good for some reason.)

“And Arokaune, your comment was rude to our guest. You should apologize right now. It’s your job to be hospitable to guests.”

(No, Nina-san is just as rude ……)


(Ah, this old man said Gununu! This is the first time I’ve heard a real-life “gununu”!)

 When Nina pointed out his rudeness and instructed him to apologize to Hiroto, Arokaune turned his body to Hiroto in an awkward manner.

 And then bowed deeply,……, and his face was unusually close to Hiroto’s head.

“Domori-sama, I apologize very much. It was an unbecoming comment to make to a guest. This Arokaune will take any kind of punishment. And in case of emergency, I am prepared to use my old body to fight with you. ……”

“Ah, don’t worry about it, Arokaune-san. I don’t care about …… that at all?”

 Arokaune showed an extremely overpowered smile to Hiroto from up close and raised himself and walked out of the room.

( Muuu…… what now~ )

—Part II end—

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