Person With Inferior Ability Vol.2-Chapter-2-Part-3

{Chapter 2} First request from World Ability Users Agency

Part III

 When Matsuri called out quietly, Hiroto’s back reacted with a jolt. He was scared, honestly, because Matsuri’s call was so quiet. Was Matsuri angry at him for keeping it a secret? Or will she be creeped out? Or will she still not believe him? Maybe luckily she hasn’t heard?

 He was thinking so, but now there was no point in fretting. Now that the secret was out, there was no telling what would happen next.

 It was not the timing he had intended, but he reminded himself that he had to face it now.

 Hiroto was surprised when he looked at her.

 Matsuri was crying in front of him …….

“Matsuri-chan, ……?”

 She was looking at him with tears streaming down her face. He couldn’t speak and stood here. He didn’t know what words to say to her right now.

“Hiroto…..Was that true what you said earlier? No, it’s true, isn’t it?”


 He could only nod his head. He didn’t feel like fooling around now.

 What would she think? I’ve been keeping quiet about it until now. It’s not like I was cheating on him. However, it was not easy to tell him just because they were good friends.

“Hey, Hiroto, …… sorry. I ……”

 Ichigo put his hand on Hiroto’s shoulder apologetically. When Hiroto saw the serious expression on Ichigo’s face, he thought he saw a part of Ichigo’s inner thoughts.

 Despite being hard for Ichigo to believe, but he immediately accepted Hiroto’s story despite his surprise. It was probably because Ichigo himself had been facing his own doubts about Hiroto. And it was also something that Hiroto appreciated.

 However, Matsuri was different. No, she may have had her own thoughts, but she never forgot about Hiroto’s existence.

 So, will she be able to accept this unbelievable fact about him like Ichigo did? And even if she does believe it, what will she think about Hiroto? The fact that it was Matsuri who was supposed to know Hiroto the best made Hiroto rather uneasy here.

 Hiroto nodded to Ichigo and showed him. Seeing this, Ichigo also removed his hand from Hiroto’s shoulder.

 Hiroto was determined.

 No matter what conclusion Matsuri came to, he was going to accept it. ……

 Hiroto faced Matsuri.

 She was still staring at him, as if she was choosing her words or not thinking clearly.

 Then …… Matsuri opened her mouth.

“Hiroto ……, I didn’t know …….”

“Yeah …….”

 Matsuri wiped her tears once. And then she looked at Hiroto with the most serious face ever.

“Hiroto y…….you are too much! I can’t believe you’ve developed such a severe case of chuunibyou!”

“……………………… e?”

 He wondered if this was what it meant to have time stop.

“I’ve always thought that boys always have this kind of period, but …… you’ve had it for a while already. Because you neglected it, it got so complicated…….”

 Sweat slowly trickles down from Hiroto’s forehead.

 And he turned to Ichigo to make certain.

 Ichigo met his gaze with the same astonishment as Hiroto, and shook his head.

 Apparently, Ichigo has accepted Hiroto without misunderstanding him.

 Then, Shizuka, who had been behind Matsuri, comes forward with unsteady steps as she bends over and shakes all over her body.

 And……she turned upwards while laughing.

“Buh-hi-ha-ha-ha-ha! Hee-hee! Domori-kun! This is terrible! Ahahahahahaha! My stomach! Ugh, My stomach! Domori-kun! To me! Are you trying to kill me? Hey! Are you trying to kill me? Help me, please! Help me, please! Haaa.”

 She was already in over her head.

 Hiroto had made the confession of his entire existence.

 In addition, it includes the secret of 1,000 years of Domori’s …….

 And yet, why?

 Hiroto was now embarrassed and felt like dying.

“Oh, um… Matsuri-chan? Mito-san? Well, I thought you heard my story……”

“I heard it! I heard it perfectly! Yes, yes, I heard you’re an irregular, ability user, right? Ahahahaaa it’s enough! Domori-kun, stop it!”

 Hiroto’s face twitched.

 Because it’s embarrassing to death.

“…… Hiroto.”

 Matsuri speaks to Hiroto with an expression that is a mixture of regret, sadness, and a certain determination at its fullest.

“W-What is it? Matsuri-chan.”

“Have you ever told anyone else about what you just said?”

 Of course not. The entire Domori family has been keeping it a secret.

“No, I haven’t!”

“Yes, ……. That is the only saving grace. ……”

 Hiroto’s heart ached. It made his heart ache in a way that was 180 degrees different from the previous meaning.

 He became teary eyed spontaneously.

 Yeah, now, Hiroto is being treated as the most vulnerable person in the area, who has just had an extreme case of chuunibyou.

(If this is the case, I’d rather have my secret exposed and have people believe me!)

“Matsuri-chan! Hey! It’s my house, actually!”



“It’s okay. I understand now. I’ll rehabilitate you from now on. Since your condition is this severe, I don’t think it will be easy. But I will do my best as a fellow student. Otherwise, I won’t be able to show my face to my master!”


Hiroto’s strength drained from his body. He knew that Matsuri was relentless when it came to this. She has always been like that. Once she has made up her mind, she is strong-willed and does not cut corners.

 Ichigo, who was watching this scene in a daze, whispered to Shizuka, who was shaking her body breathlessly beside him.

“H-Hey, Mito-san?”

“What? Hakamada-kun. Fufufufu! Hakamada-kun, you were the best just now! You’re really a bad person, Hakamada-kun! But great job! I can’t believe you went so far as to pull out information that confirmed Domori-kun’s black history!”

 Shizuka gave Ichigo a thumbs up.

“Ah, Ahh, ……. You know? Yeah Can I ask you something? Hey, calm down a bit, Mito-san.”

“Pu-Pu-Pu! Hahaha. Haha, haha, that was funny. So, what is it?”

“Weren’t you there just now, before Hiroto started talking?”

“Was there?”

“Eh? Then you didn’t see it?”

“What was there to see?”

“No, there was …….”

“Oh, you were doing something interesting? Oh, shit! I missed it. Berry Berry’s van just passed by the park, so Matsuri and I were focused on that. We were talking about going there later because they might be in front of the station.”

“Berry Berry” was a crepe shop selling fruit-filled crepes that had become popular in this area. It was extremely popular with the female students, who would come to the station or shopping mall at irregular intervals by vans.”

 Ichigo opened his eyes halfway and thought. They definitely didn’t see that…….

 Certainly, if you listen to Hiroto’s story without seeing his inhumanly amazing skills, this would happen, right? The answer would be the current situation of Matsuri and Shizuka.

(Are they Lucky or unlucky, ……)

 At the cost of being able to keep his secret, Hiroto was being treated as someone with a severe case of Chuunibyou.

 However, Ichigo has no way to save Hiroto.

 Thinking that it is no longer an option, he looks at Hiroto with a powerful gaze, who is currently being told by Matsuri, with or without hesitation, the schedule for the future rehabilitation of his condition.

 Noticing Ichigo’s gaze, Hiroto could feel what Ichigo was trying to say, which was understandable since it was the two of them.

 That was ……

Go into this situation with all your might!

 It was something like that.

 Hiroto opened his eyes wide at the command while Matsuri was explaining. Then he glared back at Ichigo.

(No, I don’t want to! I can’t go on like this! I am!)

(You idiot! You don’t have to reveal such an amazing secret. That’s the price you need to pay.)

(Put yourself in my shoes, too! Because it’s Matsuri-chan, I’m sure she’ll be teaching without even looking at the surrundings and the whole …… class will find out! Oh, I’ll be the one in pain. ……)

(That’s it! Protecting secrets should be the top priority right now. Don’t misjudge the gravity of the situation. Only I …… know your secret. Wouldn’t that be enough?)

(I-Ichigo ……)

(Hiroto …… I am on your side. No matter what you are, you’re my best friend. ……)

(……! )

(Hiroto. I will follow you so that your wounds will be as light as possible. ……)

(U……Uuu. Ichigo, thank you …… for your help.)

(All right, ……, I’ll leave it to you.)

 Ichigo stopped Matsuri, who was still talking.

“Shirasawa-san. I think it’s enough.”

“Hakamada-kun! Not yet!”

“No, I think Hiroto already understands.”


 Matsuri calmed down at Ichigo’s serious attitude. Hiroto was also impressed by Ichigo’s resolute attitude. As the sun was setting and the park was turning reddish brown, Ichigo turned his head and stood next to Hiroto.

“Even if this guy is helpless, can’t recognize the difference between reality and fantasy, and is a severe case of chuunibyou, if we work together, we can do something about it,……. I know it’s going to be very difficult.”

(………………What? What did you just say?)

 Hiroto misunderstanding? He looked at Ichigo, but Ichigo did not look at him.

“There are probably only a few high school students in Japan who can say something like that. But we’re …. friends with this crappy chuunibyou patient, aren’t we? Shirasawa-san, Mito-san.”

 Veins swelled up on Hiroto’s forehead.

 Matsuri took Ichigo’s words and lightly lowered her eyes.

“You’re right. …… If things continue like this, Hiroto won’t be of any use when he goes out into the world.”

“I’ll help you too! Hakamada-kun. I feel sorry for my friend too, who still needs heavy care!”

“Yeah! Let’s do our best! We’ll do something for this insignificant sufferer!”

“Whoa! I am..!”

 Ichigo stops Hiroto from shouting out with his hand. He sent a signal to tell him to leave this to him, and Hiroto clenched his fist while gritting his teeth.

(Yes, that’s right. It’s to protect the secret, to protect the secret, to protect the secret.)

 Then Matsuri looked unusually anxious.

“But I wonder if Hiroto will be able to come back …… to this side.”

“That’s right. I’ve never seen a patient with such a severe case of second-degree illness like Domori-kun. ……”

“Hey! How are you two treating me!? !”

“That’s right, …… and then the whole class. No, we’ll need the help of the whole school.”

“Whaaaaaaaal? You! Ichigo!”


 Hiroto raised his voice at Ichigo’s suggestion and grabbed Ichigo by the chest.

(Earlier, you said you’d follow me so that my wounds from school life would be lessened!)

(Idiot, this is the only between us! I wouldn’t really do that. You’ll just have to keep talking to me.)

(Hohoho, it’s true, isn’t it? It sounds like you’re trying to make me feel worse.)

(Just. Think about it. Your story is so much more than that to a stranger. “I’m a irregular, and my family’s been like that for a thousand years!” Yeah Right anyone would believe?)

(Ugh! I didn’t say it like that!)

(I’d rather have said it like that! Let’s try talking about this seriously. That makes you look even worse!)

“Hey, Hiroto! What are you doing to him! Hakamada-kun is saying this for your own good.”


“No because! Let go of Hakamada-kun.”

 Hiroto reluctantly took his hand away from Ichigo when Matsuri told him to.

“No, Shirasawa-san, I’m fine. If this guy is going to get better, then this much ……”

“Hakamada-kun, ……”

“Hahaha, Hakamada-kun, you really are Domori-kun’s best friend, aren’t you?”

 Hiroto didn’t understand what Ichigo said earlier, but for some reason, he was unable to understand why Ichigo’s likeability was increasing so rapidly.

 And in proportion to that, he feels like he is becoming a painful person.

“Okay! Hiroto! Your rehabilitation starts tomorrow! Be thankful for all the kindness, okay?”

“Y-Yeah. T-Thank you.”

(I’m not convinced!)

“Yeah. I have to be strict.”

“Me too, me too!”

(Mito-san you just want to have fun, don’t you? This ……)

 Hiroto, who has given up, is exhausted.

 Then, Ichigo calls out to Hiroto with a look of satisfaction on his face.

“Okay, it’s all good now, Hiroto.”

“After all……”


“How can it be good? Ichigo! I’ll kill you!”

 The next day, Matsuri, Ichigo, and Shizuka were very active at school, and in a single day, Hiroto had established himself as a painful chuunibyou patient throughout the school.

It was at the cost of protecting his secret………….

 And Hiroto swore to himself.

 For the time being, he planned to leave Japan.

 He made a firm decision to go to Miramar at the request of the World Ability User Agency.


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