Noble Reincarnation-Chapter 71

Chapter 71: Attribute Complete

 The next day, I was in my study, listening to Don’s report.

 It was about the selection of knights.

 I heard from Don about the large-scale selection of knights that always takes place when a new Emperor ascends to the throne, how it is done, and the criteria for the test.

 Although the scale was bigger, the selection of knights was something that was done every year.

 The idea that Don had put together was safe and there was nothing to complain about.

“Umu, that’s the basic outline.”

“Is there anything you’d like to add?

 Don read between the lines of my words and asked me back.

 I nodded quietly.

“The final stage of the selection process is to be seen in person, right?”

“Yes. It also means that His Majesty’s favor will be bestowed upon the knight candidates.”

“Then, let me take a look at the top 100 and the bottom 100.”

“I get the top 100, but the bottom, ……, means the last 100, right?”


 I nodded my head clearly.

“Why would that be?”

“Talent is a sharp thing.”


“If we just do what we do normally, we’ll only end up with people who are similar to each other. That’s why I want to see with my own eyes those who fail by normal standards.”

“I see.”

“They say there’s a fine line between genius and a so-so person, but if you look at it from an ordinary person’s point of view, it’s not a fine line, it’s two extremes. Besides.”


 Is there more? Don makes such an expression.

“I’ve been involved in political affairs for nearly ten years under His Majesty the Former Emperor. So I know that bribery is quite rampant in the normal selection of knights.”


 Don bowed and said nothing.

 He was in a position where he could not say whether there was or was not.

 So he replied with a kind of tacit approval.

“The more confident you are that you can handle yourself and thoroughly dislike bribes, the more the recipient will dislike you and lower your grade. That accounts for the bottom 100.”

“I see. …… You’re right. I missed the point.”

 Don bowed again with a sincerely impressed expression.

“I understand. As Your Majesty suggested, I will try to shortlist 100 people from the top and bottom.”

“I am certain you are aware of this, but please do not tell anyone you are selecting a lower rank.”

“By your will.”

 Immediately after I became emperor, I remodeled the study of the mansion.

 I still had my desk in the best place, but I also made a seat for Don near the entrance.

 There, he would make or revise the decree based on my orders, and then I would put my seal on it.

 As I watched Don make the decree, I thought about it more.

 People are treasure and potential.

 The reason I’m looking at the bottom 100 is to bet on that potential.

 Is there anything else I can do, I wondered.

 I thought about this as I sipped on a cup of tea made from melted snow water.

 Then I stared at Don.

 I wanted more men like him, and I wondered how I could find them.


“Please confirm this, Your Majesty …… Your Majesty?”

 Don came back with a draft of the decree and looked at me curiously.


“Do I have something on my face?

“You’re not a knight, right?”


“I’ve been thinking about how to find more men like you who don’t come from a knightly background. Maybe it would be more convenient to include you in the selection of knights.”

“You …… want a civilian in the knight selection?”

 Don was surprised.

 My words sounded so shocking to him.


“That’s …… unheard of, sire. A knight, for starters…”

“I know. The empire is a nation of warriors, and those who are skilled in martial arts are selected as knights every year, right?”

“As you have said, sir. It’s a tradition that we do.”

“The large-scale selection for the accession of the new Emperor is both a tradition and an exception.”

 In addition to this selection, another annual selection will be held within the year.

 Immediately after the new emperor ascends to the throne, there will be a whole new round.

“If it’s a special case, there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of unprecedented, right? Something like – well, let’s do a test and scoop up the literati.”[TN: Literati means, the person of the educated class, or in simple terms for the novel it means the ‘literate civilians’,] 

“But then, can’t we continue to do what we’ve been doing at ……?”


 I chuckled.

“If we continue with the current system, it will take a long time to select civilian officials. Isn’t that right?”

 Don nodded quietly.

“Unlike the knights, young people rarely come up. Especially the bold and free-thinking ones. By the time we find and employ them, they’re all middle-aged and well-rounded. So I want them from the stage of possibility.”

“…… I see.”

 I thought for a moment.

Don’s objections are understandable.

 But I’m the Emperor.

 The emperor is the one who can push through what he wants, even if it goes against tradition.

 I can push through the absurdity of tripling all taxes tomorrow, and recruiting literati is nothing compared to that.

“I’ve made up my mind. Let’s pick up the literati. I want as many people as possible.”

“By your will……, as expected of my lord.”

 To my determination, Don looked at me with an enthusiastic gaze, as if moved.


 The selection of literati is unheard of, so even if it is a draft, it will take time.

 I threw it to Don and left the study so as not to disturb his thoughts.

 Leaving the palace intact, I entered the Royal Palace accompanied by the eunuch Gran.

 As I passed, all of the soldiers, the lady in waiting, and eunuchs put down their work at hand and bowed their heads on their knees until I passed by.

 While receiving every ounce of emperor-like respect and awe, I came to the treasury of the royal palace.

“Woaa …… awesome …….”

 In front of the mountain of treasures, Gran could only marvel.

“If you like it, why don’t you take one of them?”

“Ehhhh!? N-no! I’m afraid I’ll lose my life span if I get one of these.”

” Be a  bit greedy.”

 I smiled slightly and walked randomly through the treasure room.

 The last time I came here was when my father gave me Luthiya – now Bahamut.

 Remembering that time, I came here to see if there were any more treasures.

 Yes, treasures.

 I want treasures that increase my abilities, like Leviathan and Bahamut.

 I am the emperor.

 Now, I can take what I want and no one will complain.

 So, I went around the treasury, looking for the real treasure.

 I stared at the treasures, holding them in my hands, checking for any change in the status that was always in the corner of my vision.

 There was no change at all.

 Could it be that there are not so many things left like Luthiya ……?

 Then I hold up a small jewelry box in my hand.

 The lid had an indentation in it that could hold five jewels, but nothing was attached to it at the moment.

 It was an incomplete treasure, and I knew it wouldn’t improve my abilities, so I tried to put it back where it belonged.


“What’s wrong Gran?

“In the recesses of that box ……, there was a jewel of exactly the same shape as that earlier.”

 Gran clearly stated that it was “exactly the same”.

 I know his memory well.

“Where? Go get it.”


 Gran turned back the way he came, and after a while, he came back running.

 He had a blue gem in his hand.

 I took it and looked at it, comparing it to the jewelry box, and saw that Gran was right, the jewel and the hollow matched exactly.

 When I tried it on, it went on surprisingly smoothly, as if it had been sucked into place.

“Well done, Gran. You will be rewarded later.”

“Thank you very much!”

“Was there another one?”

“I am afraid not, sire.”

 Gran said firmly.

 With his excellent memory, he was able to remember the land prices around Almeria’s mansion, and also about this gem.

 If Gran, who can take care of things for me, is like this, then he certainly hasn’t seen it yet.

“If that’s the case, go look for it.”


 Gran did as I commanded and started searching.

 I looked around with him, trying to find something that would fit into the four remaining hollows.

“Here it is. Your Majesty!”

 Gran quickly found a red gem and brought it to me.

 I received it, loaded it, and it fits into the box just like before.

 I became more and more convinced that it was all there.

 Gran and I searched for about an hour.

“Now we have everything.”

 I put the last jewel into the treasure chest.

 The box had always had a luxurious feel to it, but when all the gems were placed in it, it became even more divine.

 The next moment—- my status changed.

{Command me.}

 I could hear Bahamut’s voice in my head.

 I don’t know what I am supposed to command.

“……… Fine, do it.”

 I decided to leave everything to Bahamut, who didn’t waste time arguing.

 The next moment, a light shot out from Bahamut’s body – the bracelet that contained the ring – and, though it was light, it curved in the middle and was sucked into the red gem that I had just put in the box.

 The red jewel began to shine so brightly that it lit up the inside of the treasury.

 Then I heard the same thing from Leviathan, Behemoth, Fuwawa, and Apophis, one after another, as Bahamut.

 I further commanded, “Do it.”

 One by one, light shot out of the bracelet, illuminating the jewels I had loaded into it one by one.

 Eventually, all five jewels glowed – the next moment.

The lid of the box opened by itself, and inside was a feather ornament.

{I’ve been waiting for you.}

 I heard a voice in my head.

 And that’s not all.


Name: Noah Ararat

Empire Emperor

Gender: Male

Level: 15 + 1 / ∞

Light E+BDarknessE+B


 The “+” in the wind had instantly increased by two steps.

[TN: As you have read from the title, all his attributes are now enhanced]

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