Vol6-Chapter 100: What Did She Come For Anyway?

Although I wasn’t the one who tled everything till now, we reached chapter 100.

What is happening to me?

Zara was confused as she suddenly couldn’t move, but she immediately tried to understand the situation.

(Space immobilization …… is an advanced barrier. I don’t think I can escape with the way I am right now.)

 She exhaled and relaxed her shoulders.

She then turned her gaze to Shiva, the black warrior.

He was standing firm in a strange pose, twisting his body and pointing his finger at Zara.

(This guy …… is empty inside …….)

 Just a puppet. She doesn’t feel the magic power that comes from within.

 If this is the case, the real Shiva must be hiding and controlling it somewhere.

 Or perhaps…

This time, she didn’t look at him but only let her consciousness drift to the seat opposite him.

(Haruto Zemphis. Don’t tell me this guy is ……?)

He was looking blankly at her and didn’t seem to be invoking any particularly powerful magic.

(It’s not the same after all, is it? Well, it is too early to conclude.)

 In any case, it is certain that Shiva is nearby.

She thought that any bad move or word would immediately result in a second attack.

Zara spun her thoughts at high speed and chose the right course of action.

“Demon….. what do you mean?”

She straight up lied.


The empty puppet exclaimed in surprise. It froze in a strange pose and then moved with a staggering walk.

Ahead was Tiarietta who was also frozen in place and unable to move.

 Shiva’s doll is talking to her.

 Tiarietta, who looked stunned, was responding to something, but she didn’t hear her voice.

Shiva’s puppet turned around and pointed at her.

“It’s no use fooling around!”

(This is gonna take forever if I continue, isn’t it?)

When she thinks about it, she is dismayed.

“I’ve already seen through it.”

 On what basis? She would like to ask, but she thought he would dodge the question.

“You smell just like Val Agos, Mercumenes, and those other disguised demons who turn into giant werewolves!”

Shiva explained lamely. It was not a very convincing argument, though.

(Anyway, “Demon” huh ……. If that’s what he misunderstood, then I guess there is room for negotiation.)

 She is possessed by a ‘Demon God,’ a higher existence than a demon.

 It is difficult to say that she is a demon god herself, but it would be very troublesome if she were known to be one.

“I can’t hide it from you, can I? Yes, that’s right. Two months ago, I became an apostle of Lucifera, the Demon God.”

“I knew it! Fuhahaha, I just tried to trick you, and you confessed. Stupid fellow.”

So out of sync.

His jumping with strange steps and his multiple overlapping voices also increased the discomfort. 

(No, he’s trying to confuse me by using bizarre words and deeds to take the initiative.)[TN: Nope, he’s just trying to entertain his sister]

 While being impressed by Shiva’s discretion even after being restrained, Zara reminded herself not to be taken in by her opponent’s pace.

“Yes, Val Agos and Mercumenes are my brethren, but I am not as loyal to Lucifera as they are to the demon god.”

“Fu, it’s futile to catch me off guard. All the demons say so.”

“No, they don’t say that, do they?”

“Hmm? Yes, well, I guess so. They didn’t say that!”

Is it still an attempt to confuse her by changing his pose as he speaks?

“That’s why, if you want information, I’ll give it to you. However, information on Demon gods is limited due to the restrictions.”

She couldn’t help but provide a certain amount of information. If the information’s not verifiable, there’s no problem with falsehoods.

“It will take time before you can trust me. I’m not saying that you should break these restraints right now, but I’m also in a position as the daughter of nobility.”  

 There was a dull thud behind her.

When she turned around, she saw Hart, who was distracted by the Shiva puppet and had lost consciousness and collapsed. There was blood dripping from one of his noses.

“Eh? I’m telling you, it wasn’t me, you know? I didn’t do anything—Gugaa!?”

 Her back was burning hot. What’s more, it was an uncomfortable sensation as if several hands were rubbing the insides of the body.

“Wha-What are you doing!”

Shiva Puppet was pointing one of his hands at her as if to show off.

 It’s bad.

So much that she had no idea what was going on or what was being done to her.

(I have to run away. This “vessel” is already…)


Zara- the demon god Lucifera’s consciousness, which had melted into her, immediately decided to abandon the “vessel” and ran away.

“Ah….no, it’s-it’s not like that. It wasn’t me, it was just some weird guy who was inside of me. ……”

And now, only Zara Yessel was left.

“Yeah, looks like it.”

 A man in all black comes up to her.

Zara remembers the time when the demon god had fused with her, and of course, the exchange here and now.

 All she could do was clench her teeth in horror.

“I have some questions for you, but I also want to have a private conversation with you. So, go back to sleep.”

 A black hand covered Zara’s forehead.

“Ah, …….”

Immediately after receiving a jolt of electricity, her consciousness was suddenly cut off.


Ah, I’m tired. My head is pounding.

It’s difficult enough to watch those “tubes,” but I had to whisper to Professor Tia while moving the black warriors and watching their reactions.

 I was exhausted.

I erased the black warrior and stood up.

“You’re a great actor, aren’t you? At least they didn’t know you were controlling the puppets.”

“Is that so? Well, I don’t really care.”

Zara-senpai was asleep while standing. When I focused my attention on her back, I saw a total of 22 tubes, some connected to the ground and some not.

Yeah, she is back to her true self.

“I see. Apparently, as you guessed, something possessed her. Perhaps the Demon God?”

I thought she was a demon, like Val Agos and the others, but Professor Tia seemed to think she was ‘above that,’ based on Zara-senpai’s speech.

“But was it right to let her go? It’s unclear if we can get any useful information from her now, isn’t it?”

“If she could escape at any time, she would have told a lot of lies anyway. She seems to have memories of when she was possessed, so this is better.”

“Well, yes, that’s true. But I don’t think you’re doing it out of pity for her?”

 There is no such thing.

But as a result of having dispelled the possession, it is a form of selling my gratitude.

We must make progress in gathering information.

 In fact, we made progress.

Zara-senpai became quiet like a rented cat and talked to me about various things.

 Among them, the most fruitful one was…

“Heh, so the Demon god is in the Queen.”

 Professor Tia was in charge of the questioning. The Black Warrior was also with her. (I was hiding).

 And what a surprise. Gieselotte is possessed by something like the main consciousness of the demon god Lucifera.

 Could this be the final battle between mother and son?

 Anyway, I will examine the information and decide what to do.

 By the way,

 I wonder what that Demon or Demon god is doing here?



The 100th chapter! I know it’s not quite a milestone in terms of story, but there it is.

It is thanks to all of you that I have been able to continue this long.

Thank you very much!

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