Prologue-2-Those who are judged on Innocent charges

 About 20 years ago.

A small demon nation on the edge of a continent suddenly declared war on the entire world.

They were supposed to be a small number, but they sucked up endless magical power from the “Magic Furnace of the Underworld,” attacked people, produced more and more demon children, and swallowed up neighboring nations one after the other.

 The Holy Kingdom of Therium, the largest power at the time, called on the remaining nations to wage a thorough war against the Demon Kingdom.

Although they gathered and trained talented people from all over the world to fight against this powerful force, the Demon Army’s momentum remained unabated.

 However, the situation changed drastically when two geniuses appeared on the scene.

 Seig Andreas, the Strongest Hero.

Mathis Lutius, the Supreme Sage.

 The army led by these two youths defeated the demon army at breakneck speed.

 Finally, they destroyed the Demon King and the source of the Demon Army’s power – the ‘Magic Furnace of the Underworld’.

 Just as they were relieved that peace was restored, the news of the death of the strongest Hero shook the continent.

The Holy City of Therium, Theriust.

 In the cathedral at the center of the city, there is a grand courtroom where nobles, soldiers, and serious criminals are judged.

 The circular hall had a high ceiling, and chairs were arranged inwardly around the three-meter-high ceiling. Seated there were high-ranking church and military officials who had been selected for this purpose and were the judges for today only.

 Standing in the center of the bottom of the hall, in front of the semicircular fence, was a young man with black hair and dark eyes. He was wearing a shabby robe with fetters around his neck and hands.

He had no special magic on him, as his sword and magic skills were below average, but there were soldiers with long spears lined up behind him, ready to stab him in the back for contempt of court if he got out of line.

“The trial for the attack on and murder of the Hero will now begin.”

 From his seat in front of him, the well-dressed and well-bearded presiding judge announced the opening of the trial.

“Defendant, Mathis Lutius. The defendant is accused of having led the demons to kill the hero Sieg Andreas, who was caught off guard immediately after the defeat of the Demon King.”

The defendant was not allowed to speak, and the testimony of witnesses, uncertain whether they were there or not, was told.

 The upper-level audience in the rear of the room frankly hurled accusations at the defendant.

“What an audacious thing you have done.”

“How dare you murder one of the greatest treasures of our country, or even of the world?”

“And leading the demons who are your enemies.”

“Enemy of mankind!”

“Shame on you!”

 The accused was left standing while the military officials continued to testify.

 According to them.

Mathis Lutius, who had no ability, took advantage of his position as the Hero’s best friend to rise in the ranks and was growing in stature.

 He was in fact passing on Hero’s advice to others, and he himself did not have the wisdom to be called Sage.

It was the Hero who implemented the lost ancient mysteries, not Mathis.

The witnesses’ expressions were grim, and some of them gathered anguish between their brows.

 It was obvious that they were being told what to do.

 It was only natural. They had interacted directly with Mathis, and his measures had saved their lives on numerous occasions.

On the other hand, the only voice that comes to his defense is the one that says, 

“He and Seig had a bond that was deeper than family. I was there and I can attest to that. He would never try to kill his best friend.”

 It is Isabella, his mentor. She was also one of the judges.

 The middle-aged judge responded.

“Sometimes they kill each other, even if they are parents and siblings. I do not doubt Mathis’s intelligence, but his schemes and achievements were ultimately all stolen by the Hero. Therefore, it is not surprising that he was jealous to the point of creating a desire to kill.”

“He is a young man who knows his place. He knows what he can do and what he can’t do, and there is no reason for him to be jealous of the Hero who implements his own strategies perfectly, even if he admires him.”

“Jealousy is not only a theoretical thing, you know.”

 After a sardonic laugh, another judge raised his hand and said, 

“The Hero’s power is tremendous. Didn’t the defendant, seeing this, think this way?”

 –He will become a threat to the world sooner or later.

 For a moment, silence reigned in the room.

 As if in anticipation, a voice rose from the audience.

“It’s true, you do have a point.”

“Seig’s irreverent words and actions were quite unnoticeable.”

“Was it the Hero who was getting the better of him?”

“He must have had the ambition to take over the country sooner or later.”

Now they turn around and start to undermine the brave men.

{A Hero is a disposable pawn.}

 The words of the Hero himself, however, did not reach the ears of anyone but his friend.

“But even if he wanted to stop it, joining forces with the demon tribe is ……”

“He may have been driven by righteous indignation, but he made a mistake.”

“No, no, it has not yet been decided that it is only out of righteous indignation.”

 Again, self-serving arguments were thrown around.

The judge then glared at him saying, “Do you have any explanation, defendant?”.

” ……I didn’t lead the demons. I never thought of killing my friend, moreover.”

 The stifled voice drew derision from all sides.

“Fumu. You insist on your innocence to the end. That’s fine, too.”

 With a thud, the presiding judge pounded his gavel.

“The verdict is handed down. It is clear that the defendant Mathis Lutius led the demons to kill the Hero Seig Andreas. Although there is some doubt as to his talent, the fact that the defendant made a great contribution to the Holy Kingdom and the world cannot be completely denied. The motive was a mixture of jealousy and righteous indignation, and we also recognize that there were problems with the hero’s daily conduct…”

 He pauses for a moment and then says,

“He will be fitted with a ‘Watcher’s Collar’ and sent to the frontier.”

Although the only possible sentence would be ‘death penalty’ regardless of what anyone says, the sentence came out of his mouth as smoothly as if he had prepared it in advance.

(Yeah, I knew it.)

From the defendant’s seat, he looked around the upper row.

There were the people who had set him up. Including the audience in the back, there were more than just one or two people.

 The plan had been underway since the time the special unit to defeat the Demon King was formed.

 To kill the Hero.

 A horrifying plan to do just that.

 A selfish and abominable plot carefully prepared by those who feared the mighty and wanted to enjoy peace and tranquility by eliminating them.

 Right here, right now.

He wanted to kill them all, caring nothing.

He was consumed with hatred, but he couldn’t do it.

 –I need ‘Power’.

 Not the power …… to avenge his best friend. For only that, he has enough to do it.

 Killing them before exposing their crimes would not make him feel better.

 Above all, he was accused of killing the Hero, and their accomplishments were disgraced in the court of justice.

 He needed the power to restore his honor. So, he decided to do it.

(I will live as you. I will establish in this form the greatness that you were originally supposed to accomplish. This life of mine that you saved, I will not waste it.)

 He would leave his best friend’s name in history as a legend.

 That is the revenge he chose.

 The dark-haired, dark-eyed young man standing in the defendant’s chair is…

(Watch me, Mathis.)

He is none other than Seig Andreas, the strongest Hero, disguised as his best friend.

TN: You guys(Like a few 10s of people who read it) should have noticed by now, but I changed name from Zeek to Seig.

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  1. I’m curious if he’s actually dead. It’s generally not easy to catch a “genius tactician” completely by surprise, especially not one who can easily hold a number of trump cards others can’t plan for in the form of his secret arts, and Mathis even had a lot of connections who could have become informants.

    It’s possible that there was a completely unexpected factor, like their teacher betraying them, that led to him actually dying, but it’s also possible that faking his death and giving the hero a chance to reverse the tide is the “best ending” he could manufacture.

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