Another World is Full of Happiness Vol.3-Chapter-4-Part-2

I am way too casual about this series, aren’t I?

Part II

The food Ryoji had prepared, which he had taken out of storage, was a big hit. Now they were talking over dessert and tea after dinner.

“Where do you live?”

“Right now we are living in a tent on the outskirts of Royal Capital.”

“Eh? Living in a tent? Why though?”

“Didn’t Sophia tell you? We came to Royal Capital with our whole family because we were having trouble making a living. In the end, even in the capital, we had trouble making a living, so we decided to go to the east…”

The chief began to speak in self-mockery, but Ryoji interrupted him by raising his hand.

“Wait a bit! If I offer you a place to live, will you prepare starch syrup for me?”

“You mean it! That’s great! Grandpa! Since Ryoji-sama is offering us a place to live, let’s make syrup for him!”

The chief looked into Ryoji’s eyes and confirmed it while chiding Sophia for her innocent joy.

“Sophia. It’s not that simple. Ryoji-sama. With all due respect, there are more than 40 members of our tribe. Will you be able to support that many people?”

“It’s not that much of a problem. As for the location, can I leave it to Carena? As long as she buys the land, I will build the houses. A place where about 20 houses can be built, and also a spot where a syrup factory can be constructed, even if it is a little far away from here.”

“Is the size of the factory large enough for forty people to work there?”

“Is it okay if the lot is a little bigger to allow for expansion?”

“Leave the location to me. More importantly, you didn’t discuss the important issue of wages.”

“That’s right. I’ll guarantee food, clothing, and shelter. Let’s negotiate on a piece-rate basis for the syrup. First of all, is the gold I gave Sophia enough? If not, let me know. I will give you more. Then you can get everyone’s clothes and other necessities ready, eat something delicious, and wait for my contact. I’ll contact you when everything is ready.”

“Ohh, ……. Ryoji-sama. Thank you so much. We will repay you with a lifetime of gratitude.”

The chief bowed his head deeply and pledged his loyalty for the rest of his life.

“Oh. So this is the Royal Academy of Magic. It looks more splendid than I expected.”

“For those who want to learn Magic, the Royal Academy of Magic is the place to be, you know.

Unfortunately, the quality of the school has been declining recently due to the small-scale power struggles.”

Hearing Ryoji’s mutterings, Carena responded with a frown. 

“Yuhan-sama said something similar, but what does a small scale look like? Does it feel like a salon for each grade, or like the children of nobles with high titles doing whatever they want? Is the school’s philosophy of being a place where anyone can learn, is it falling apart?”

“Yes, that’s right. You know a lot about the Royal Academy of Magical Arts without me having to tell you, don’t you? W-well. It’s Ryoji-sama we are talking about so it’s likely you got quite a lot of information about the school.”

“Wait a minute! Don’t let it slide saying “because it’s Ryoji-sama” anymore! I have a feeling it’s going to catch on at the academy!”

Entering through the main gate, he found the reception desk, but the line was longer than he expected. Ryoji looked at Carena and confirmed it with a grimace.

“Hey. What’s the point of waiting in line?”

“We’re applying for the entrance exam, so if you’re asking me if there’s a need to wait in line, I’d say ‘no’.  Do you dislike waiting?”

“Well! There is nothing to do inline! I wish there was a food stand or something!”

Ryoji’s comment drew cold stares from those around him.

“There’s no way I’m going to have a food stand when I have an exam coming up.”

“Who is he? That guy? The one with the super cute girl?”

“That’s why I don’t like kids.”

“They’re commoners anyway. They can’t even stand to stand in line.”

As he looked around without paying attention to the voices from the line saying whatever they wanted, he spotted a group of about five people amusingly looking at Ryoji.

“Hello. Why aren’t you guys in line?”

“Hello. Drugul’s Hero. It’s the same reason as yours. There is no limit to the number of people who can stand in line, and we are exhausted, so we don’t see the need to stand in line. Besides, it’s fun to watch. It shows the true nature of all of you who are tired of waiting in line.”

A girl who seemed to be the leader answered Ryoji’s greeting and questions. He casts a glance around, liking the way she speaks casually.

“So, are you all friends?”

At Ryoji’s confirmation, the leader girl and the others looked at each other and started laughing.

“No. No. I’m only here because Lucia asked me to. I’m Mateo. Are you the Hero of Drugul? Though you would be a bigger person than I had heard rumors about. Is it true that you have a hundred mistresses besides your fiancée?”

“I don’t! Not at all! I have a fiancée, but I don’t have any mistresses. Moreover, the number of mistresses is ten times larger than the last time I heard about it! And, Carena, don’t look at me like that!”

“But there’s a chance that Ryoji-sama might ……”

“Nooo! And using “because it’s Ryoji-sama” is forbidden! hmm? What’s wrong?”

The five who had been listening to the exchange between Ryoji and Carena looked surprised when they heard Carena’s name. When Ryoji asked with a curious look on his face, Mateo answered for him.

“Don’t you know Ryoji-kun? She is Carena, the spirit’s beloved daughter, you see? She’s a B-rank adventurer who works around the city of Drugul and is not only popular as the guild’s receptionist but also a celebrity with a reputation as an adventurer, right?”

“Ehh! You got such a cool nickname? Why did I never get to hear it?”

“You’ve never asked me.”

Carena replied nonchalantly to Ryoji’s surprise about having a nickname, causing everyone to ask questions about the celebrity’s presence at the event.

“What is the relationship between Ryoji-kun and Carena-san? Did you come here at the request as an escort for the Drugul’s hero?”

“No. My name is Carena and I am Ryoji-sama’s fiance. Please take good care of Ryoji-sama, okay. Also, let me advise you on your classes at the institute. If you are in the same class as Ryoji-sama, be careful whenever you see his eyes sparkling. He can be quite enthusiastic and do some crazy things. At that time, give up and say, ‘Because it’s Ryoji-sama’.”

“Carena-san is Ryoji-kun’s fiancée! Amazing! Next time, please tell me how you met. And, we should just give up ‘because it’s Ryoji-kun,’ right? Understood!”

“Don’t agree to that! If you spread such words, it will be hard for me to go to the academy!”

Seeing that Carena and the others were comfortable with each other, Ryoji created a table and chairs with earth magic and took out fruits and drinks from storage.

“Let’s sit down and talk.”

The group sat down on the table and chairs that suddenly appeared in front of them, looking at the fruits and drinks on the table and chairs with stunned looks on their faces and incomprehension.

“This is for the new friends I made before enrolling. Cheers to meeting everyone!”

The group was stunned to see Ryoji raise his glass vigorously and finish it, but then Carena muttered something to them. These words seemed to wake them up, and they all took their glasses and began to drink.

“I understand! This is the way to use ‘Because it’s Ryoji-kun,’ isn’t it? I am convinced.”

Lucia drank her drink in one gulp and nodded with a sigh. The group nodded with tired looks on their faces, and then they joined hands with each other and made a pledge to unite.

“Best regards from now on. Let’s keep a close eye on Ryoji-kun!”

“””Roger that!”””

“No, no! Aren’t you treating me badly? Let’s introduce ourselves first. My name is Ryoji Uchino and I serve Count Yuhan Stokeman. I was appointed as a Viscount a short time ago.”

He tried to change the subject by introducing himself, but everyone stiffened again.

“What now?”

“N-no. I heard that you just became a Viscount. Eh? Are you really a Viscount? Did King Marcel appoint you as Viscount on the day of your audience? Is it that easy to get a knighthood?”

“Seems so!”

At Ryoji’s light answer, he managed to hear Lucia muttering in a small voice as she recovered from her stupor.

“Because it’s Ryoji-kun. Let’s think it’s normal because it’s Ryoji-kun. Good. Lucia.”

“A moment? Lucia-san?”

As if ignoring Ryoji’s confirmation, Lucia changed her expression and began to greet him.

“All right! Then, I’m next, right? I’m Lucia Curbelo. I’ve been here observing people since I arrived first thing this afternoon. Thanks to that, I made friends with a fun and amazing people. Best regards for passing the exam. Okay. Next in line, please.”

“Heyah. I’m Mateo Hinemes. I’m a nobleman, but don’t worry, I’m the third son of a poor nobleman. When I was kicked out of my home, I came here to make a living as an adventurer, is this good?”

“Next! Next is me! My name is Mishka Molon. I am the daughter of a magic tool store and came to the Academy to gain the knowledge needed to create tools. I am happy to make friends right away. Please let me know when you come to the store. I’ll give you a bonus.”

“Next is me? Rosa Sarmiento here. I think I am the oldest one here besides Carena-san? I was an adventurer, but I’m tired of it. So I’m gonna do well at the academy and hopefully, they’ll hire me here.”

“Last one is me. I’m Orlando Lavernia. I can use a little bit of magic, so I want to study at the academy to improve it.”

After the self-introduction session, checking at the reception area, they found few people left except for Ryoji and the others, and the place was quiet again.   The table and chairs created with earth magic were stored in the storage room and then he speaks to Carena.

“Then. I’m off.”

“Please don’t be too reckless and mess up the academy, okay?”

Ryoji headed towards the reception desk while nodding to the worried Carena with a wry smile on his face.

After successfully completing the registration, the six students arrived at the training hall where the exam was to be held. Normally, this is where the students practice their magic, but today it was crowded for the exam.

“It looks like the magic test is over there. Let’s go there right away!”

The rest of the group followed Lucia as she ran briskly with a wry smile on her face. The magic test is called the first gate of the examination hall, and if you do not pass this test, you will not be able to take the next test.

The examiner, a man who confirmed that the six had arrived, checked the binder in his hand and spoke to them.

“It looks like you are the last to take the test. Will you take a turn? I’m sure you’ve heard, but if you can’t pass this exam, you’ll have to leave without taking the next one.”

“May I go first?”

Lucia took the initiative and held up her hands and began to flow magic power. The magic meter returned to its initial state in about five seconds, emitting a red color.

“Ohh! Red. You seem to have more magic power than average. Congratulations.”

“Thank you! Did it! Passed the first stage with this!”

While looking at Lucia, who seemed to be very happy, they took turns measuring their magical power.

The results were red for Lucia, Mateo, and Orlando, light red for Mishka, and dark red for Rosa. The examiner, who was watching the measurement, confirmed the results with a surprised face.”

“Did you guys come from the same school?”

“No, we met at the reception desk and became friends.”

“I see. Well, I thought you guys were studying together at a famous private school.  It seems that some kids can use swords, so it seems like a good party.”

While looking at Ryoji wearing a sword belt, the examiner muttered when he saw the name of the last examinee. Ryoji, who had been watching the situation, called out to him.

“Is there something I can help you with?”

“Ryoji Uchino, right. Can you please channel the magic power to the magic measuring device?”

While placing both hands on the magic measuring device, he remembered the message from Yuhan and Harold ‘Go all out with the intention of destroying it’.

“All right! ‘Go all out!’  since I am told so, let’s destroy it by following the template.”

He compressed the magic power in both hands as he gathered it. Those who could sense magic power looked at Ryoji with surprise, but Ryoji, who was concentrating, did not notice and sent it into the magic measuring device at once.

The device glowed so red that it was impossible to open eyes. When the glowing stopped and they recovered their eyesight, they tried to check the device, but it had vanished without a trace, leaving only the desk.

“Where is the measuring device?”

“Did it disappear because the magic power was too great?”

Ryoji was stunned and looked at the place where the magic meter had been, but the examiner answered with a look of incomprehension on his face.

“I passed, right? Did it! We all passed!”

Ryoji, who had confirmed to the examiner that he had passed, happily waved his hand toward Lucia and the others. However, they all looked at Ryoji and the place where the magic measuring device was located alternately and sighed in resignation.

“Isn’t this thing attracting a lot of attention?”

“I was an adventurer myself. I’ve seen people who have measured the magic power meter in my time as an adventurer, but I’ve never seen anyone who destroyed it. Especially not the ones who made them disappear.”

“But don’t worry! The only one who’s getting attention is Ryoji-kun.”

Ryoji muttered as he looked around, to which Rosa responded. Lucia interrupted as if to take over. All that remained were the examiners, and a crowd had gathered at the spot where the magic measuring device that Ryoji had made disappear had been located.

“Lucia. Mateo. Mishka. Rosa. Orlando. And Ryoji, who has a different standard!”

“Eh? Why am I in a different category?”

After confirming that Ryoji and the others had arrived at the next test location, the examiner checked the names of the examinees on the binder and told them to begin the test.

Attribute Judgment Examination

In the next test, attribute judgment, a crystal ball was placed in the same way as in the guild. The results were as follows, except for Ryoji, who took the test in the same order as before.

Lucia, Fire-Wind

Mateo, Fire-Water

Mishka Fire-Water

Rosa Fire-Water

Orlando Fire-Wind

The fact that everyone had two attributes from the start would normally be greeted with surprise, but the examiner’s eyes were glued to Ryoji’s name on the binder.

“Your Magic Power seems to be off the charts, but what about the attributes you can use? It’s your turn next.”

“Understood. I will give it my all again next time.”

“””You can’t break the crystal ball even if you make a mistake!”””

Ryoji, who was warned in a united voice, expressed his dismay and told them that he would not do anything reckless, and put his hand on the crystal ball and poured magic power into it just as he had done with the guild.

“I have heard that the Fire attribute is Red, the basic one. Blue for Water, Silver for Wind, and White for ice. The Earth attribute is Brown, and Pink is for the Recovery attribute, right? And finally, my favorite, the Lightning attribute!”

“Ehhh! What the! How many attributes do you have, Ryoji-kun?”

“Are these the only ones I know? Ah, yes. When I mixed them all, they became colorless and transparent.”

In response to Mishka’s near-exclamation, Ryoji happily answers and even shows the colorless and transparent attribute.

“Isn’t it amazing?”

“It’s so incredible, I can’t even comprehend it. By chance, are you able to use Light and Darkness or Space-time attributes?”

Shaking her head, Mishka casually asked Ryoji.

“Eh? What kind of colors are those?”

“As I recall, I’ve heard that the Light attribute is Gold, similar to lightning, with some Silver mixed in. The Dark attribute is said to be completely black. I also read that the Space-time attribute reflects all colors at the same time. I don’t know if it’s accurate or not, but it was written in a document from the past that I found in my father’s room. ……”

Ryoji immediately poured an image into the crystal ball for an attribute that he had never heard of before.

“Is it something like this? Ah, it’s done. Look! Mishka! It’s done. …… Huh? What’s wrong?”

It was so easily done that he tried to show it to Mishka and the others, but they, including the examiners, looked at the crystal ball with astonished expressions on their faces.

“Hmm. What’s wrong?”

“Ry-Ryoji-kun, I’ll answer your question. The attributes of Light, Darkness, and Space-time are said to be lost attributes. They existed until about 500 years ago, but now they say that no one can use them. What I’m trying to say is! Ryoji-kun, you really are too insane!”

In response to Ryoji’s quizzical look, Lucia began to explain with a firm smile, but in the end, she exclaimed in a voice that echoed throughout the examination hall.

Casting Speed test

“And let’s get it all over with for now. Then we’ll talk about Ryoji-kun.”

The examiners told the group to move on to take the rest of the tests. When they turned around and looked at the location of the attribute judgment test, they saw that several examiners were pouring magic power into a crystal ball.

They were trying to see if they could reproduce the phenomenon that Ryoji had caused and they were shouting ’We can’t do this! It’s impossible’.

“Then, all the examinees except for Ryoji-kun, please begin the chanting speed test at once.”

“Examiner? Am I the only outcast?”

“Since it’s you, your casting speed must be off the charts, right? I feel sorry for these kids.”

“In such a case, you can explain it with  ‘Because it’s Ryoji-kun’.”

“I see. That’s what she meant. ‘Because it’s you,’ huh. That’s a very clever way of putting it. I’ll use it.”

“Stop it! I told you it’s forbidden! Don’t think about it with a serious face!”

Ryoji’s shouts were not enough for Lucia and the other examiners to join their voices and begin practicing, ” Because it’s just Ryoji-kun.”

“Everyone’s done. Now it’s your turn. If you say you’re not special, could you shoot some magic into this tool?”

“Like this?”

“I knew it. Can you look here?”

“Eh? It says 0 seconds?”

“This is a magical tool to measure the Casting Speed. It shows the transmission time from your hand to the tool. Can you take a look at the other kids’ results? It says three seconds, right? I guess it’s ‘Because it’s Ryoji-kun’?”

“Not that! That’s unreasonable!”

“If Ryoji-kun says, ‘it’s unreasonable!’ I think Mr. Unreasonable will get angry.”

Rapid Firing Ability Judging Test

“Finally let’s do the Rapid Firing Ability test. All of you except for you, Ryoji-kun, will begin to prepare.”

“Objection! I don’t think this is the way to treat a cute little examinee who genuinely came to take the test and doesn’t know what’s right or wrong!”

“Your objection is overruled. You have already met the criteria for passing the exam. There is no need for you to take any more exams.”

Ryoji protested when he was told that the exam was over, but his protest was summarily rejected. Lucia, who had been watching the situation, spoke to him with a regretful look on her face.

“Sorry. Ryoji-kun. Let me be honest with you, but your unquestioning talent is breaking our hearts. So will you stay behind and watch over us?”

“What do you honestly mean?”

“I don’t want you to show off and say ‘cute little examinee’ to us all! Don’t be silly! You just sit there and watch.”

Lucia told Ryoji with a big smile on her face and headed for the exam site.

—-Part II end—

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