Clearing an Isekai with the Zero-Believers Goddess – Vol.1-Chapter 1

The chapter isn’t in parts, it is here to help me divide the work for myself. Enjoy!!

Chapter 1: Makoto Takatsuki wanders into another world

Part I

“Is everybody okay? Put your jacket on and keep yourself warm.

” Ugh ….it’s cold.”

“I can’t do this anymore…”

“Sir, will we ever go home?”

“Shit, why didn’t someone come to rescue me?”

Our homeroom teacher, Satou-sensei, was going around talking to the students.

Everyone’s voices are fragile and dark.

 –How did this happen?

 Class A students of East Shinagawa Metropolitan High School, we were on our way home from a skiing camp when a heavy snowfall struck.

 At the same time, a major earthquake struck at the same time, and the bus fell off a cliff due to an avalanche triggered by the earthquake, leaving the bus buried in the snow, making it impossible to run.

 The heat was off and the cold air was coming in constantly through the cracked windows.

 It had already been more than two hours since we were trapped in the snow. The teacher immediately called for help on his cell phone. But the accident has occurred in many directions and rescue is difficult. It seems that they can’t fly the helicopter because of the blizzard.

(Isn’t this … a dead end?)

 My classmates are starting to feel that kind of vibe (it’s not good at all…), and it’s spreading.

 No one is saying it out loud..

 –And then.

“Takki-dono. Are you still playing the game at this time?”

“You know, at the end of my life, I’d rather die playing the game.”

“You’re a very determined man, indeed.”

“Well, is it?”

 Without taking my eyes off the game screen, I converse with my friend Fuji-yan, who is seated next to me.

 It’s cold. My fingers don’t work well in the cold air.

‘Hey. Don’t say something unlucky, Takatsuki-kun.”

 The girl next to me across the aisle warned me.

 Is this voice Sasaki-san?  I glanced over and saw that she too was shivering from the cold.

“I’m just kidding. It”s boring to do nothing.”

It’s true that it’s hard to stay put.

 With a sideways glance, Fuji-yan is playing a bishojo game on his phone.

” Fuji-yan’s playing games too.”

“I’m just looking back at my favorite event scene. Hmm, I guess Kanon-chan is the cutest of all.”

 On the screen, a cat-eared girl with twinkling eyes is beaming with a smile.


 Sasaki-san shouted something like, “I’m gonna pull it off.”

“Takki-dono is good and I, I wonder why you are drawn away!”

“It can’t be helped, Fuji-yan. It’s a world that girls don’t understand.

“You boys, we’ re in trouble, you know? Be more concerned.”

 Sasaki-san scolded me in a voice that sounded like she was just speechless.

“But you really want to play the game, don’t you, Sa-san?”

 I know that Sasaki-san is actually a secret gamer. That’s how we got to know each other. Otherwise, there’s no way in hell I’d be talking to a girl when I’m still shy!

“Wait, wait. Takatsuki-kun!”

“You didn’t have to hide it now.”

“Canon-chan, ha-ha.”

Come on, Fuji-yan, show a little restraint.

“You always love cat ears.”

“Not true! All beast ears are precious, not just cat ears!”

It’s a ‘philosophical’ thing.

“Oh, come on, don’t be silly.”

 Sa-san laughed at me. Yeah, that’s definitely stupid.

 When I returned my attention to the game screen (I was playing it while talking to him), the battery was less than a quarter of its capacity. Taking into account the progress of the game, it looks like I can just about complete it.

 The game I’m playing is an action-RPG game I’ve been getting into lately.

 It’s a dark fantasy in which the protagonist, whose hometown was destroyed by a demon, fights for the sake of revenge and freedom.

 The main character’s occupation is – a hero.

 When he defeats his nemesis, the door to the dark world opens and the appearance of the mastermind, the demon king, is flagged.

 When you defeat the huge demon dragon, the witch who controls death and the fallen hero, the last dungeon appears.

 And then the last boss, the Demon King will appear. I’ve witnessed this scene hundreds of times before. I check my play time. Yeah, it’s enough.

 The Demon King, with its high defense, cannot be damaged by normal attacks.

Therefore, it is necessary to counter at the time of a particular attack.

 I have practiced the timing of counters countless times, and I can apply them even with my eyes closed. The Demon King’s HP gauge is efficiently reduced and the final blow is dealt.


 Best Record. I wish I could have posted this record online.

 On the game screen, the main character, who has finished his revenge, proceeds to the Demon King’s throne and disappears into the back.

 This time it’s a normal ending, as I tried to complete the game in the shortest amount of time.

 The world has become peaceful, but no one knows the hero who defeated the Demon King.

 He saves the world and no one blesses him. That’s cool.

 By the way, my favorite ending is the one where the main character becomes the Demon King.

(Oh, I wish I’d seen that one again.)

 I looked around and saw that my classmates, who had been so noisy, had gone quiet.

 What’s going on? As I was thinking about this, a sudden sleepiness came over me.

 I called out to Fuji-yan, who was sitting next to me.


 No answer. It’s like he’s just a corpse. Seriously?

 Sasaki-san’s face on the other side is slumped and I can’t see her face. She’ s too limp to move.

” Sa-san? Aya Sasaki-san?”

 There’s still no answer. The game screen turned off in the middle of the ending.


 My own life is about to expire. It’s been a short life……..haha.

 –When I’m reborn, please make me a hero.

 As I closed my eyes while thinking such a stupid thought, my consciousness suddenly faded away.

 –I’m awake.

“Is this…?”

 I look over and see that I’m not on a bus.

“Hospital …..I don’t think it’s a hospital…”

 Stone ceilings and walls that aren’t concrete. Marble? I was sleeping in a simple, hard bed, covered with a thin blanket. The window was open or I could feel a breeze through it. It’s a little chilly.

 I don’t know if there’s a sense of cold in the afterlife, but maybe I’m still alive.

 There’s a large window a little ways away. It’s bright outside.

“Is it noon already…”

 It was nighttime on the way back from the camp, so that meant I slept for more than half a day.

”Even so, you wouldn’t leave someone who had lost their strength in the snowy mountains unattended.”

 Mumbling to myself, I wandered up to the window. I want to see what’s going on outside.

 Up until this point I had been in a daze, thinking that I must have been rescued from distress. I felt like I’d been laid up in a strange place, or so I thought.

 I stood at the window and looked out. I was immensely amazed at the view spread out there.


 The scene in front of me was…

 A deep green forest that is not typical for Japan. A vast lake. Behind it, a vast mountain range like the Alps.

A mysterious bird with seven-colored wings was flying freely over the lake. On the shore of the lake, a dinosaur-like creature was drinking from the water.

 A mysterious bird with seven-colored wings was flying freely over the lake. On the shore of the lake, a dinosaur-like creature was drinking from the water.

 A few carriages were parked in front of a building, and the man driving the carriage had a lizard head or looked like a dog.


 Wha… what? Ah.

 The thing pulling the carriage is a bird bigger than an ostrich.

 There’s also a creature that looks like a big lizard.

“What is this, a Hollywood movie…”

 My voice trembled.

“Yes everyone – shoot!”

“”””Fire arrow!””””

 I looked down at the window and saw a line of children lined up in a square that looked like a playground. They were wearing what looked like robes, and all at once, flame arrows were shot from their hands.

 The flame arrows hit their targets and then exploded. The embers of the explosion delivered a tail of smoke to the tip of my nose. The smell of charred wood brought me back to consciousness. Wasn’t this a dream?


 So that’s it. I’ve seen this before in the manga and anime.

 ——–This is a different world.

( Anyway, let’s find someone who knows something.)

 I wobbled to my feet and headed for the door. The corridor beyond the door was dimly lit by a lamplight. I could hear what sounded like a conversation in the distance. Um, is it downstairs?

 I went down the stone stairs and opened the poorly erected door by now.

 The room beyond the door was a large space, and I could catch a glimpse of a familiar classmate’s face.

(Thank goodness I wasn’t alone. )

“Oh, Takatsuki. You’re finally up.”

“Oh, hey.”

 I was unsure of who to talk to, and then I was called out first.

 My classmate Kitayama.  He’s a Yankee guy, and he’s comfortable with everyone.

”Tacky-dono, are you feeling okay physically?”

” Good. I’ m safe, Fuji-yan.”

“I was worried about you. You’ve been asleep at least half a day longer than everyone else.”

“What, I’ve been asleep that long?”

“Oh, yeah. They said you’re not going to wake up again. Hahaha.”

 Kitayama laughs merrily.

“Haha…” wow, not funny.

”Um, what are you guys doing here?”

‘Oh! Surprise me, Takatsuki. This is another world! That’s awesome.

Oh, I knew that. I realized it wasn’t Japan by looking at the scenery.

 Another world, huh? I could feel the sweat on my back.

 The cheerful Kitayama tapped me on the shoulder without knowing that I was sweating.

 Why is it that yankees have so much body language, it hurts so much?

“They say this place is called the Water Temple. It seems this is where we were sheltered after we lost consciousness.”

“Huh, the water temple…”

 Certainly, looking at the interior, it looks like a temple.

”By the way, let’s go hear about Takatsuki’s status and skills.

 Kitayama familiarly hunches over my shoulders.

“Status? Skills?”

”It seems that we received a mysterious power when we came to this world. I have the skills of ‘Storage: Superior Grade’ and ‘Appraisal: Superior Grade’.

”I got ‘Dragon Knight: High Grade’, ‘Spearman: High Grade’ and ‘Super Speed’!”

” Uh-huh.”

 I don’t know what you’re talking about all of a sudden. But it sounds awesome.

“You can learn more about your skills and status in that room over there.”

 Fuji-yan pointed to the door at the back.

“Thanks, I’ll go. By the way, am I the last one to wake up?”

 When they hear that, Fuji-yan’s and Kitayama’s faces clouded up a bit.

”It’s not like everyone in the class was saved. The rest……..”

“… the rest?”

 Their expressions and voices turned dark. What is it?

“Some of our classmates seem to have gone missing…”


 Again, I look around and see that I’m here with about two-thirds of my fellow classmates.

 I hardly have any friends in my class, but they’re still the classmates I spent a year with.

 I wanted everyone to be safe, if possible. Speaking of which.

“Fuji-yan, where’s Sasaki-san?”

“Sasaki-dono is not here.”

“Eh,….. you’ re lying, right?”

 I sat in a seat near her on the bus and we were talking right up until the last minute, and I thought she was safe.

 But I don’t see her for sure.


 What was the last conversation we had? Cat ears?So that was the last conversation. I should have told you better than that. I’m sorry, Sa-San….

“Don’t get downhearted, Takatsuki. We’re lucky to be here. Some of my friends aren’t here at the moment so…”

 Kitayama put a hand on my shoulder and said comforting words. Like Fuji-yan, he looked bitter.

 Kitayama has a lot of friends, you know. Maybe it’s forcing him to act cheerful.

“Just because we are saved doesn’t mean that we can’t be relieved.”

“What? Why?”

 Aren’t we under protection?

“I’ve heard that the shelter will protect people like us who have no relatives, but it seems we’ll have to stand on our own eventually. And this is a different world with an invasion of demons. First, we need to understand what we are capable of.”

 Mmm, I see. But they certainly can’t protect us all the time, can they? There are money problems and so on.

 I was relieved to have survived the disaster, but now it’s going to be difficult.

 I don’t even know if I’ll be able to return home from the other world. But still, I’m curious about this whole demon thing. And besides, I don’t know much about the status and skills.

 I’ll need to learn a lot about it. Most importantly.

” Do they understand what we’re saying?

“That’s the great thing about this temple! This temple is under the spell of automatic translation of otherworldly languages.”

“Wow, automatic translation. That’s convenient.”

“That’s why they’re bringing people from other worlds here.”

 Sure, if you don’t know the language, you can’t talk about it, literally.

 But automatic translation magic? You are advancing another world!

“However, before we leave the temple here, we must learn some otherworldly languages.”

“…Oh, I see.”

 The world is not a sweet place. As we were conversing, we arrived at the big door.

“I heard that the skills are private information, so you’re expected to listen to them alone.”

“Takatsuki~, tell me what skills you have later.”

 Kitayama chuckles and taps me on the shoulder.

” uhhh, I’m going to go.”

 Knocking at the door, I entered the room.

“Excuse me,”

 When I entered the room, a well-dressed and plump man who looked like a priest was sitting in front of a large desk. A slender and beautiful woman dressed as a sister is standing next to him.

 A smiling priest as well as a cool beautiful sister.

“Hello, fellow from another world. I’m a priest here. How are you feeling?”

“Nice to meet you, my name is Takatsuki. I think I’m feeling … okay.”

“I see. Let me know as soon as it becomes too much for you. By the way, has your friend told you anything about this place?”

“A little bit.”

“I see. Well, let me explain. This may come as a surprise to you on such short notice, but this is a different world than the one you’ve been in. You will be anxious not to see your family. But rest assured, we are here to help you. We will help you free of charge for up to a year until you are on your feet.”

 I heard that from Fuji-yan a while ago.

“Well, we can’t go back to the world, can we?”

 The priest’s expression grew cloudy.

 Huh? Did I say something strange?

“You must not have heard that story. Takatsuki-san, you were facing death before you came to this world, weren’t you?”

“Yeah, yeah. Yes, sir. We were lost in the snow.”

“That’s right. It should be the same for all of your friends. And the condition for those who come to the other world, this is to die in the original world!”


 Oh, come on, are you serious? So I’m supposed to be dead?

 Seeing the expression of surprise and astonishment on his face, the priest grinned and smiled at me.

“But don’t worry. God is very merciful. Before you died at an early age, he transferred you all to this world!”

 The priest strikes an exaggerated pose. I feel like he’ s used to it.

“O-Oh. I see”.

 So that’s it. I guess that means I’m not dead after all.

“By the way, going back to the original world would mean you would be dead. That would be troubling indeed,’ said the smiling priest.

“Ha, Right, that’s true,” was all I could say.

” Let’s talk about something positive to help you stay alive then. Have you heard about the skills?’

“Well, a little from a friend earlier. But I don’t know much about it.”

“Good. Now let me tell you. You should be given ‘unique’ skills when you come to this world. Specifically, the ‘Wizard’ skill and the ‘Swordsman’ skill are famous. It’s safe to say that whether your skills are strong or weak will determine your future life!”

“Oh, well that’s important.”

 Even when Fuji-yan and Kitayama talked about it, they said that skills were important.

“And then there’s status. People from other worlds often have statuses that are higher than those of ordinary people!”

“Oh, is that true?”

“Yes, that’s more than ten times as much as the average person like us!”

 That’s new to me.

”What about my specific skills and status?”

”Fufufu, don’t be in a hurry. Let me check it out for you now. You, go get that one.”

“Yes, Head Priest-sama.”

 Sister, who had been silently next to him until then, hands the priest a piece of paper of some kind.

”This is an item called the ‘Soul Book’, which is used to determine your skills and status.”

” Oh, Okay.”

 I gulp and swallow the spit. An awesome looking item came out.

“Don’t be so nervous. Please stand in front of this statue of the goddess and offer a prayer.”

“Yes, sir.”

 Something like this? I pose in prayer in front of the stone statue of the goddess.

“I’m looking forward to it. Because all of you from other worlds are blessed with great status and skills.”

 I heard those voices coming. Is it that convenient?

 The priest’s expectations were quite high. Soon after, a faint light wrapped around my body. And the paper the priest was holding emitted a light.

”Your skills and status have been determined.”

 The priest announces sternly. I’m getting nervous.

”Your unique skills are marked ‘Clear mind’ and ‘Water Magic:Elementary’ and the last one is marked ‘RPG Player’.

 Oh, magic skills! But elementary, huh? Also, there’s a skill with a weird name.

“Is it a strong skill?”

“Hmmm, I’ve never heard of that last skill before, but the first two are normal.”


“And about the status…”

 The priest gives me a suspicious look.

“Isn’t this some kind of mistake?”

 The priest shows the paper to the Sister.

“No, it can’t be. What is wrong with you?”

“Here, look. These numbers are….

 The Sister who looked at the soul book makes a dubious face.

“………..It’s true that the numbers are low when compared to all the other Otherworlders. But still,…………even compared to us, it’s low.”

 Huh? What?

“Um, is there something wrong with my status…?”

“No, no! It’s okay. Takatsuki-san, it seems that your status may be a bit…….lacking, but there’s nothing to worry about.”

 The priest is still smiling as usual. But his smile is more stiff compared to earlier. Does this mean that it wasn’t as the priest expected?

 It is shocking to see such a blatant attitude……..

”Well then, could you please explain the rest?”

“Yes, sir, Head Priest-sama.”

 The sister bows her head.

“So, then, Takatsuki-kun. Do your best.”

 The head priest walked out of the room with heavy step.

 I was left alone with Sister here.

”Now, let me explain about Takatsuki-san’s ‘Soul Book’.  Please have a look.”

 Looking at the booklet I received, my name and age were listed. The skills I just heard about and the status 『Strength』, 『Stamina』, 『Magic Power』, etc. are listed. Just by looking at the numbers, it’s hard to tell how much it is.

 And there was one item that was very curious.

 –‘Life span’, 10 years and 0 days to go.

 What? Huh? What is this?

“Oh, um. What do you mean by this `lifespan’?”

 Am I going to die in ten years? No, no, no, no. You’re kidding me.

“Let me explain. In our world, you can find out how long you will live in the Soul Book.”

“Hey, I’ve only got ten years to live!”

 I’m fifteen years old now. You mean I’m going to die when I’m twenty-five?

“This 10 years of lifespan is common for all the other worlders.”

Is that… so?

 So that means that Fujiyan and Kitayama have all had ten years.  It’s hard to say how I feel about it, but I calmed down when I heard that everyone’s the same on that regard. But still, that’s too short.

“This life span can be extended by dedicating a ‘contribution’ value to the Holy God.”

“What? Can life expectancy be extended?”

“Yes, you can do that.”

 Oh, I see. That’s a relief. I have to ask you how to do it.

“What exactly do I have to do to ‘contribute’ to the Holy God?”

 I want to know how to extend my life span. I don’t want to die in ten years anyway.

“There are many ways, but the quickest way is to donate to the church.”

 Donation? Donations, you mean.

“Oh, is it money?”

“Yes, the money.”

” Can money buy you a lifespan?”

“Yeah, it can be here.”

 Holy shit. Apparently, you can buy your life span with money in this world.

 You can do whatever you want in this world.

“However, to donate enough money to extend one’s lifespan for many years, a huge amount of money would be needed. Since Takatsuki-san doesn’t have any money in this world, this method is not very practical.”

 Sure, I’m broke now.

“Well….. What other way is there?”

The second way refers to ‘defeating demons that harm people’ or ‘saving people from disaster.’

“Oh, I see.”

 This one is easy to understand. So, you want me to help people.

“I get it. So you want me to use my skills to help people?”

“‘Yes, that’s right. Now, let me explain the skills. Takatsuki-san’s three unique skills are ‘Calm mind’, ‘Water Magic, Beginner’ and ‘RPG Player’.”

“What kind of skills are these?”

“Each skill is described in the ‘Soul Book’.”

 Let’s see, I think it’s this one.

‘Calm mind’………a skill that allows you to maintain a sense of calm. With this, you won’t need to panic if you’re attacked by a strong monster! You can do it!

‘Water Magic: Elementary’ ….This is a skill that can be used for elementary level water magic. You don’t have much magic, so you can’t blame me for being a beginner! Good luck with your training!

‘RPG Player’…. a skill that allows you to use the perspective of an RPG game player… for a 360 degree view! It’s a unique skill that only otherworldly people have! You’ re lucky!

(Goddess of luck, Ira.)

-Part I end-

Part II

 Whoever wrote this is very excited! Is she drunk? It seems to be a goddess of luck though.

 It also included notes on how to use skills. I’ll read it in detail later.

“I have a rough understanding of the skills. So, what do I do now?”

“You, otherworlders, will have free access to the facilities of the Water Temple and classes for a year. In the meantime, I suggest you decide on a profession that suits you.”

 The Sister nonchalantly explains.

“‘Well, by the way, what profession would you recommend for me?”


 Why the silence?

“In this water temple, we offer a variety of classes to prepare you for your career. I suggest that you first attend the various classes and choose a profession that suits you.”

 Don’t you have any suggestions? I don’t think I have a job that I’m suited for now.

 Well, I guess I’ll just have to try it out on my own. Think of it as a free scenario.

 It’s just, the initial status is too low.

“Okay. Then please explain how to take a class. And also the rules of life here.”

” The manual here has everything you need to know.”

 I was handed a thick book. On the cover, it is written as ‘Water Temple Manual (for Otherworlders)’.

 Oh … good preparation.

“Well then, if you don’t understand anything, please ask the people in the nearby temple if you have any questions.”

 Without smiling, the sister informed me. She said the story is over.

 That was cool until the end, Sister.

 Outside the door, Fuji-yan and Kitayama were waiting for me.

“How did it go? Takki-dono.”

“Hmmm, that’s kind of a mixed bag.”

“Come on, Takatsuki, let’s have a look.”

“Oh, hey!”

 Kitayama takes away the Soul Book.

“Hey, hey, isn’t your status too low? Hmm, that sure doesn’t look like a strong skill.”

Kitayama seemed to have lost interest. You bastard! You took the liberty of looking at it and now you’re talking to me!

 I can’t say it out loud, but I complain in my mind.

 But still, I guess my skills and status are weak after all.

“Takatsuki is a game nerd, after all, so that’s a weird skill. Well, good luck with that!”

 I don’t know if he’ s trying to soothe me or not, but he taps me on the shoulder with a thump.

“Hey, you know what Takatsuki’s skills are…”

 And then he starts telling other classmates about my skills. Is there no privacy?

“Kitayama-san, you can’t tell others about other people’s skills without permission.””

 The sisters have been paying attention. Good.

“What are Fuji-yan’s skills like?”

“What are Fuji-yan’s skills like?”

 I asked Fujiyan while looking at my ‘soul book’.

The ‘storage and super-grade’ skill is the ability to move items in and out freely. The ‘Super Grade’ skill seems to be able to store quite a lot of things. The ‘appraisal and super grade’ skill is the ability to see the quality of the items you find.


 Sounds convenient. At this point, Fujiyan lowers the volume of his voice.

”Actually, I didn’t mention it earlier, but I was given these skills as well.

 Fuji-yan showed me his “Soul Book”.

” ‘Gal-ge Player’?”(Dating sims for boiz)

 It’s kind of like my skill and the name is a bit like mine.

“What kind of skill is it?”

“It looks like I’ ve got the ability to read people’s conversations in written form. I’ll also be able to save and view the conversation log.”

“Surely a lot of gal games have a feature like that.”

”I was told that this is another unique skill unique to otherworldly people… but it’s embarrassing for people to find out the name of this skill…”

 Well, indeed.

“My ‘RPG player’ is similar. Is this the kind of skill you get when you love games?”

“I wonder. At any rate, since all of these skills are useless in battle, I’m going to become a merchant.”

“Oh, I see. Sounds reasonable.”

 Indeed, it’s a skill that seems to be suitable for merchants.

“Takki-dono’s skills might be more powerful than you think when you use them!”

“I don’t know.”

 Looking at the reactions of the Head Priest and the Sisters, I guess my skills were a bust. Huh……..depressing.

 Incidentally, I was told why the priest said that the otherworldly people were strong.

 It seems that there have been times in the past when otherworldly people have wandered into this world, and they all had strong status and skills. In other words, it’s an achievement of the past.

”Why is my status, being the same otherworlder, the only one who is weak?”

 Later, as Sister passed by, I asked her about it. My classmates are about ten times stronger in status than people in this world.

 I’m about a third of the average person. That’s too weak……..

“Well about that……..Perhaps, but Takatsuki-san was very weak when you came to this world.  Out of all your friends who transitioned with you, you were the weakest, so it may have affected you when you were given the status.”

“Was I really that weak?”

” Your heart had stopped beating for a time. I managed to revive it with my priest’ s magic.”

“….I’m sorry for the inconvenience.”

 The situation was worse than I imagined.

 I guess it’s because I’ve been playing games all the time and haven’t been training my body.

 The sisters recommended that I study at the water temple I’m in for a while.

 My classmates have more powerful skills than the instructors in the temple, so a special class was set up.

 I’m in the general class because my skills and status aren’t strong enough. It’s depressing.

 Am I the only one whose difficulty level is too unbalanced?

 –Another world, damn it……..

 I sighed, loudly.

“Hey, Takatsuki-kun. You’re awake.”

 I was alone and in a daze of thought when I was approached.

 A fresh, handsome man with a beautiful woman on either side of me is in front of me. Well, he’s my classmate.

 – Sakurai Ryosuke.

 He is the center of the class and the ace of the soccer team in his freshman year. He has never run out of women. Definitely a perfect man from all directions.

“Sakurai-kun, huh? I am grateful for it.”

“It’s good to hear. I was worried when I heard you didn’t wake up easily.”

“Uh, thanks for that.”

 Honestly, I don’t like him. He’s someone who’s on the opposite end of the spectrum from me.

“Have you heard about the status and skills yet?”

“Well, sort of.”

 I told them briefly about my skills. He told them about his own skills too.

 Sakurai-kun has the ‘Light Hero’ skill.

 I heard that the two girls behind him have the ‘Sage’ skill and the ‘Holy Knight’ skill.

 Judging by the names, I suppose they’re all a winner.

“Takatsuki-kun, by the way, would you like to join our party?”


 All of a sudden what?

“What, Takatsuki-kun?” It’s Eri Kawamoto, next to him, says to me.

“I think another party would be better for Takatsuki-kun, don’t you think?”

 The other girl is Saki Yokoyama.  They are the most beautiful girls in our class.

“To be honest, we’re leaving tomorrow. I have been reaching out to a lot of people.”

“What, tomorrow? Aren’t you early?”

 Aren’t we all supposed to be training here?

“Ryosuke’s the ‘Light Hero’ so he doesn’t need to be trained.”

“He’ s been nominated for Knight Commander of the Sun Nation.”

 Kawamoto and Yokoyama were enthralled talking about it.

“Would you like to join us, Takatsuki-kun?”

 Sakurai-kun says briskly. An invitation to a party, huh?

“There are only strangers around, and I think we should help each other out.”

 Sakurai-kun says with an innocent smile.

“Hmm,” I think.

 It’s not bad? No, wait.

 Even if I followed Sakurai-kun and the others now, the only thing I can do now is to carry their luggage.

 If you’re not good at it, you’ll be a slave, if not a servant, then you’ll certainly be an underling.

 Sakurai-kun is a good guy, so he won’t do anything like the servants, but the two beautiful women on either side of him look at me and say (hurry up and refuse) with their eyes.

“Thanks for the offer, but I’m going to train in the Water Temple for a while,”

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

 ’It’s a shame,’ said Sakurai-kun, looking really disappointed.

“If Takatsuki-kun says so, it can’t be helped, can it? Oh, that’s right. Why don’t you teach him swordsmanship, Saki? Stay here for a while.”

 Kawamoto-san says something funny.

“Then maybe Eri-chan should teach her magic, right?”

 Yokoyama-san immediately retorted.

“Hey, don’t be ridiculous!”

“You too.”


 At first glance, Kawamoto-san and Yokoyama-san seem to be close, but they seem to have something on their minds.

 The man who seems to be the cause of this doesn’t seem to notice the delicate atmosphere though.

“Well then, if you change your mind, you can always give me a shout.”

 He smiled briskly and left. Kawamoto-san and Yokoyama-san are silent. They didn’t even look at me.

 Oh, the two girls stared at each other for a moment. I thought I heard their tongues clicking. I’m afraid of a cat fight.

 Sakurai-kun, I hope you won’t be stabbed someday. I’m a little worried.

“Hi, Takatsuki.”

 Another group of people approached me a while later.

“I heard you have the weakest ‘Water Magic’ skill in the Seven Attributes?”

“And that’s elementary, right? Huh.”

‘It’s more about status. Seriously, you’re below average.”

 There’s a flirtatious guy named Okada who’s good friends with Kitayama, and a gal named Kawakita.  Kitayama is also there.

 At school, the three of them often hang out together. They’re all together like a bunch of yankees.

 –I’m not very good with them.

“You know, Takatsuki. What are you going to do for a living?”

 Okada asks me, grinning.

“I haven’t decided yet. And you, Okada?”

“Me? I’m a Swordmaster! I’m going to use my ‘Great Sword: Super Grade’ skill to slay the monsters!”

“I have a skill called ‘Great Magic’. I heard that I can use all the advanced magic of the four attributes of fire, water, wood and earth! Isn’t that awesome?”

 I didn’t ask you, Kawakita-san, I thought, but I replied, “That’s great.” So in short, you are boasting.

“That’s good, you guys have a skill that you can use right away. I’m a dragon knight, so I have to start by catching flying dragons. It’s a pain in the ass.”

 Kitayama seems to be enjoying himself as he says this.

”You’re also a ‘Spear User: High Grade’ and ‘Super Speed’! It’s a luxury!

“Hey, give me a ride after you catch the flying dragon.”

“Oh, I got it.”

“Hey, hey, hey, don’t hit on my girl.”

“I’m not hitting on her!”

 Okada and Kahoku-san were dating? I didn’t know.

 In the end, they ended up asking me very little about me, and instead ended up bragging about themselves.

 ……..Ah, I feel heavy.

 –It’s been a month since I arrived in another world.

 One-third of my classmates were taken by a major figure from some country or a scout from some organization. The ones who were gone early were super powerful skill holders like the ‘Light Hero’.

 The scouts seemed to be the first to arrive, and various people came to replace them.

 As I listened to their stories, I learned about the situation of the continent we’re on.

 The continent we’re on is called the “Western Continent” and there are six countries within it.

 To summarize it briefly.

  • The Sun Nation “Highland” … the largest country on the continent. Population, military and financial power are all tops.
  • The Fire Nation “Great Keith”……..Half of the country is a desert. Martial arts flourish and there are many beastmen and mercenary soldiers.
  • The Water Nation “Roses”….This is the country I’m in now. Tourism is thriving. And the Church influence is very strong.
  • The Wood Nation “Spring Rogue” … the land of the forest. There are a lot of elves and beastmen.
  • The Commercial Nation “Cameron” …….A nation of finance and commerce. There are many banks and merchant guilds.
  • The Earth Nation ” Kaliran” …….an underground country. There are many dwarves. Manufacturing of weapons and other products is thriving.
    (TN: I used Nation instead of Country because I wanted to add avatar joke but couldn’t)

 It seems to be like this. The relationship between the six countries is reasonably good. It seems that there is no war.

 Also, there used to be a country called “Lafilogue”, the Moon Nation, but it’s been destroyed now.

 My classmates were scattered to various countries depending on the conditions of the scouts. There wasn’t a single scout for me. ……..Yeah, I knew.

 Currently, I’m taking a course in ” Magic Science: Elementary”. I don’t have any classmates from my former world. The ones taking the lecture with me are kids in the lower grades of elementary school.

“Takatsuki-san is new to this world. Everyone, please be friendly with him.”


 The children respond cheerfully.

 One high school student is alone among the elementary school students. ………Haha, it makes me cry.

”Well then, today we’re going to study the attributes of magic. There are seven attributes in this world, and each one has these characteristics.”

 The Old lady teacher writes an explanation on the blackboard.

  • ‘Sun’ – Manipulates light, thunder, wind, etc.
  • ‘Moon’ – Manipulates darkness, death, etc.
  • ‘Fire’ – Manipulates flames, heat, etc.
  • ‘Water’ – Manipulate water, ice, fog, etc.
  • ‘Wood’ – Manipulates plants, poisons, etc.
  • ‘Gold’ – Manipulate time, space, fate, etc.
  • ‘Earth’ – Manipulate the earth, stones, metals, etc.

‘Each of the seven attributes has its own goddess who controls them. Except for the moon, the other six attributes are widely believed in this continent. As you know, the moon is the attribute of darkness and death, and the attribute of the devil. Don’t believe in it.’


“And no matter which magic you use, you need to have magical ‘mana’. To use strong magic, you need to use a lot of mana, and to do so, you need to raise your level…”

 The lecture continues. It’s more interesting than the previous world class.

 Let’s study this world first.

 –Well, I’ve come to another world.

Three months ago.

“Takki-dono. goodbye”

Yeah, Fuji-yan.

 Fuji-yan was scouted. The other party was not the Adventurer’s Party, but the Merchant’s Guild.

 It seems that he had made a connection with a merchant who came to the Water Temple. Fuji-yan is firm.

”I intend to work as a merchant in the city of Makkaren, which is closest to the Water Temple. If you ever stop by, give me a shout.

“All right. I’ll look for Fuji-yan when I get to that city.”

“Then good luck with your training.”

“Yeah, you too.”

 I shook hands firmly with Fuji-yan and we parted.

 I didn’t have many friends to begin with, but once Fuji-yan was gone, I hardly had a chance to talk to my classmates anymore. More than half of the members who were there at the beginning had already left.

 I felt lonely.

“Has Mako-niichan improved his water magic technique?”

 Lately, I’ve been talking to a boy I became friends with when I told him about my former world.

 He seems to be the third son of a nobleman somewhere.

“Water Magic: Water Ball.”

 When I uttered the word, a ball of water about the size of a softball appeared in the palm of my hand.

 The procedure of the magic is ‘Generation’ → ‘Operation’.

 The procedure for activating the water ball is “Generate Water” → “Water Manipulation (make it into a ball shape)”. It’s a pretty simple procedure.

 The strength of the water magic that can be created depends on the amount of magic mana of the user.

 In addition, it is said that you can use magic quickly if you train your “proficiency” in magic.

 My Magic Power is at the beginner level, so it’s very low.

 It’s all I can do to make such a small ball of water.

 Fortunately, proficiency seems to improve as much as you use magic, so I’m training every day.

“Wow! Three months and you can already work your magic! It took me two years to do that, Fireball!”

 A fireball the size of a basketball appears in the palm of the boy’s hand.

 …It’s huge. It’s about five times my size. Comparing it to my own magic … makes me sad.

 The boy has the ‘Fire Magic: Intermediate’ skill and the ‘Swordsman: Intermediate’ skill, and he is determined to become a magic warrior.

(I wish I could have been a magic warrior too. I don’t have the extravagance of being a hero.)

 I don’t have any warrior-related skills, and I can’t get into a warrior-type profession.

 I have no choice but to try my best to be a wizard.

“Let’s do our best, Makoto-niichan!”

 Yeah…., I said, nodding emphatically.

 – half a year has passed since I came to another world.

 Few scouts were coming to the temple now.

 The remaining classmates, including me, had to figure out how to handle ourselves.

 However, they have ‘Swordsman: Advanced’ skills and ‘Wizard: Advanced’ skills, so they don’t have to be that pessimistic.

 ……..except for me.

 I’m currently studying the ‘Traveler’ and ‘Thief’ normal skills in addition to training as a wizard.

 The normal skills can be learned by anyone who trains in them.

The “Water Magic” and “RPG Player” skills are called Unique Unique Skills and cannot be learned by anyone.

 It is up to the person to decide what unique skills can be used or not.

The ‘Traveler’ normal skills are useful for traveling, such as ‘Dismantle’, ‘Cooking’, ‘First Aid’ and ‘Ignite’.

‘Thief’ normal skills include “Danger Detection,” “Searching,” “Evasion,” “Escape,” “Clairvoyance,” and ” Listening” among others.

 Many skills are useful for detecting danger in advance and escaping from enemies.

 This is a must for me, as I plan to work solo.

 These things are kind of fun. It’s like preparing for a trip.

 –It’s been nine months since I arrived in another world.

 There are only three classmates left, including me. We don’t get a chance to see each other.

 When I’m not training these days, I spend most of my time in the library. It’s a way to learn the language of this world.

 If I can read, I can understand the books. I don’t know anything about this world.

 I know nothing about this world’s history, races, demons, geography, diseases… etc.

 In three months, I have to be out of here. I tried to increase my knowledge of this world as much as possible.

 I also did a little research on the history of this world.

 The years of this world are measured by the ‘Salvation Calendar’.

 Currently, it is the year 1001 of the Salvation Calendar.

 The year 0 of the Salvation Calendar is the year in which Abel, the “Savior”, defeated the Great Demon King.

 –Abel, the “Savior”.

 According to the history books, he had the two heroic skills of the “Light Hero” and the ” Thunder Hero”.

 A cheat bastard. Abel, the “Savior”, founded the largest kingdom on the continent, Highland.

 He defeated the Demon King and founded the country. He’ s a royalist and a hero.

 Abel, the savior, saves the world, and afterwards, Roses, the Nation of Water and Great Keith, the Nation of Fire are founded.

 In other words, the countries, we’re  in are all about a thousand years old. That’s relatively shallow.

 I could learn more about the history of the past thousand years in the library books.

 However, the history before the year 0 of the Salvation Calendar only remains in fragments.

It was said that it was a dark time when a ‘Great Demon King’ ruled the continent.

 The current era exists thanks to the ‘savior’ who saved it.

 –One year has passed since I came to the other world.

 All of my classmates are long gone.

–I became the last person left from the Class A of the first year.

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