Clearing an Isekai with the Zero-Believers Goddess – Vol.1-Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Takatsuki Makoto trains with Lucy

“Good morning. Did you wait? Makoto.”

“I’ve just arrived.”

“Let’s go then.”

 After some couple-like exchanges, I went off with Lucy to meet up with her.

 The meeting place is the entrance to the guild.

 Nevertheless. I look at Lucy’s face again. Large, clear eyes and a sleek nose. The white skin, red eyes and lustrous hair. She is exceptionally beautiful.

 To be able to party with a beauty like this, other worlds aren’t to be abandoned!

 But there is one thing that bothers me.

“Aren’t you cold?”

 Even though it’s already spring, it’s chilly in the morning. I’m wearing a long-sleeved shirt and a jacket, while Lucy is wearing light clothes. She’s wearing a camisole-like top and a short skirt. I’m wearing a cloak, but it’s hardly a protection against the cold.

“My natural temperature is high. Don’t worry about it.”


 Lucy says it like it’s nothing, but that exposure to wholesome high school boys is a sight for sore eyes. The bare shoulders and thighs in a bare fashion are honestly too much for my sexual drive. ……

 I quietly set my ‘Calm mind’ skill to 80%.

 This will cut out most of the annoyance. Let’s pretend I don’t care and change the subject.

 I stood in front of the guild’s bulletin board.

“Do you have any good quests?”

“Hmm, not exactly spectacular.”

 A quick look at the list of difficult quests like ‘Defeating the Gryphon’, ‘Defeating the Minotaur in the Great Labyrinth’ and ‘Delivering the Scales of the Fire Dragon’. It’s impossible for us.

 And then there are the low-level quests like ‘Collecting Herb’ and ‘Delivering Horned Rabbit Meat’.

“Oh my, isn’t that Makoto-kun and Lucy-chan? Are you looking for the new party’s first quest?”

 Mary-san just came to work.

”Good morning, Mary-san. Do you have any good quests for us?”

“Hmmm, a party of two bronze ranked wizards… That’s a tough one.”

 She gave us a puzzled look. Well, I guess that’ s the way it goes.

“Maybe we’ll turn it into a goblin hunt. Safe and profitable.”

“You’re the expert on that.”

“Mary-san, I’m going out, do you mind checking in for us?”

“Okay, be careful. I think you’ll be fine, Makoto-kun.”

“What about me?”

‘Lucy, listen to Makoto-kun. No fighting, okay?”

“Eh, what’s that?”

 Lucy doesn’t like the look on her face.

 I mean, you had a fight over the last party. No wonder she was worried about us.

 We checked in with Mary-san and left the guild.

 We had just walked out of the guild when Lucy spoke to us.

“You know what? Mary-san has a thing for Makoto, doesn’t she?”


 What is Lucy saying all of a sudden?

“No way.”

“I mean, isn’t she nice to Makoto, though?”

“That’s because I’m new, you know?”

 As for the rest, she was probably worried about my poor stats.

 When I first showed her the Soul Book, she was quite surprised. It’s too meager a status.

 But Lucy didn’t seem to be convinced by those words.

” You know, other adventurers aren’t taken care of when they reach the Bronze rank by her. Rumor has it that Makoto’s the only one she’s always cared for.”

“What? Really?”

 No, no, no, no, I don’t think I know anything about that.

“Well, no way. ……”

“Everyday when Makoto is eating dinner, she always gets tangled up with you, doesn’t she? Mary, you know, before Makoto came along, she used to drink at the guild only once every two days?

“Heh. I see. ……”

Mary-san likes me? A beautiful, older sister.

I swallowed my saliva as I remembered Mary-san’s big breasts.

Would I, a virgin, still be able to gently lead?

 I mean, that’ s not it! I think I’m in a hurry because I heard about Fujian’s de-virginization.

 I am not such a brash man.

“Stop being silly and let’s go!”

“Oh, don’t you dare change the subject.”

“That’ s enough. We need to take the goblins seriously.”

 For now, let’s get back to the subject of quests.

“All right. Hey, where are we headed today?”

“It’s near the Devil’s Forest, where I usually hunt goblins.”

“Eh, isn’t it far? It’ll take us half a day just to go there.”

“It’ s okay. It’ s okay.”


 Lucy looks worried. Well, once you get there, you’ll understand. I greeted the guard at the west gate and left the city. Just outside the gate, we are in the forest. For a while, we walked along the forest streets.

“Speaking of which…”

 I ask what I’ve been wondering about.

“Lucy is an elf, right?”

 My first party companion is an elf. This is something I can brag about to Fuji-yan, right?

“We-Well, yeah! I come from the Elven homeland.”

Oh, I knew it. Lucy suddenly looked away as I said, “So there are red-eyed, red-haired elves out there.”

“Umm, I’m a mixed breed. I’m not a pure elf. ……”


 Ahh, that was a snake in a bush. Perhaps it’s because of the mixed bloodlines that she’s been struggling with. Or maybe the other elves left her out. If so, then it’ s a bad thing to ask …….

“Well, my grandfather is the head of the elven village, so he threatened that anyone who messes with me will be ostracized.”

 It looks fine.

“Does it bother you that I’m not a pure elf, Makoto?”

 She looks at me with an anxious face. She’ s so expressive.

“I merely asked because it’s the first time I’ve met an elf since I came to this world.”

“Oh, that’ s what it was.”

 Lucy looks relieved.

 Mmm, conversation is hard to have within a party. I don’t know how far I can go in to talk about it. For an antisocial person, the difficulty is high.

 We walked for a while in the woods and headed toward the creek that runs along the side of the road. I guess I’ll be around here.

“Hey, where are you going? Isn’t that the river over there?”

“It’s okay. Get over here.”

 I walked briskly on the surface of the water. It’s the water magic “water walking”.

“Chantless, as if it’s natural hmm ,” says Lucy, with a impressed look on her face.

“Come here,” I said, beckoning Lucy to come to me.

“I can’t use ‘Water Walking.’ …… I mean, what are we going to do after this?”

“Just give me your hand, for God’s sake!”

 Without waiting for a response, I grab her sleeve and pull her into the river.


” Hold on to the hand. It will break the spell, if you let go”

“Hey! You know, it’s scary when you pull me so suddenly!”

 Sorry. Supporting magic such as ‘water walking’ can take effect when the user and the body part are in contact. The effect disappears when the user and the body part are separated.

 Well, I could cast magic for both of us. It saves magic power this way.

“It’s so fluffy, over the water. It’s so weird.”

“Hold on tight. The speed will be pretty fast.”

“What does that mean?”

(Water magic: water current)

:Eh? Ehhhhhhhh!”

 Lucy’s astonished cry rises. We make our way upstream.

“We’re only moving water underfoot!?”

 Fufu, she’ s surprised.

“What is this?!”

“I guess it’s an variation on ‘Water Magic: Water Flow’. “I named it ‘Water Magic: Water Current’.”

 The image is a moving walkway like the one in the station in the previous world.

 Maybe they wouldn’t use it like this in this world. It’s my original magic.

“The magic with the weird name …….”

” Shut it. We will be speeding up.”

“Hey, wait! I’m not ready.”

I accelerated all at once. This moment of acceleration feels the best.


 A scream echoed through the forest.

“Hey! Don’t yell!”

“Don’t be ridiculous!”

 We stormed across the forest, all at once.

“Just give me a break, ……. I might have gotten tipsy after that.”

 Lucy staggered and leaned against a nearby tree.

“Sorry, I guess I sped up too fast.”

 Gotta reflect. I was having too much fun.

“No, I’m fine. It’s great, we’re there in a flash. That’s how you always get around.”

“Yeah. Pretty fast, no?”

“Yeah. Is this near the Devil’s Forest?”

“Yeah, so no shouting. We will be surrounded by goblins if you do so.”


 Lucy rushes over and grabs the sleeves of my clothes again.

“How many of them are there?”

“About forty of them. As usual.”

“What! That’s a lot!”

“That’s about it, around here. Because even the closest ones are far enough away. It’s foggy today, and the chances of them noticing us are slim, so we’ll be fine.”

“You’re used to it.”

“I come here every day.”

“Hmmm, that’s a goblin cleaner for ya.”

Let’s not use that nickname. It’s embarrassing.

Anyway, let’ s just go hunt the nearest monster at random.”

It would be better to hunt the demons in the vicinity so Lucy could cast the spell slowly.

◇ Lucy’s point of view ◇

“Okay, I’ll see you in a bit.”

 Saying that, Makoto disappeared into the fog.

Is he using his ” Stealth ” skill to erase the sound of his footsteps and signs? There is no longer any sign of him.

”Ugh …… near the Devil’s Forest, huh ……?”

 When I was alone, my anxiety suddenly swelled.


 Faintly, in the distance, I heard a sound. We elves possess good hearing.

 Still, the sound was so faint that I wondered if I was imagining it.

 Yeah ……, w-what, what?

 I waited in a jittery state, and after a moment, Makoto came back.

“I took one down,”

“I don’t get to see that.”

 I say sulkily.

 –I hear a rustling sound.

 A little goblin is looking at us!

 Oh no! He’s going to call the others!

“Makoto!” I let out a small cry.

 Goblins, on their own, are weak monsters, but they get nasty when they attack in packs.

“It’s okay,”

 Makoto’s voice is as calm as can be. He turned his one hand toward the goblin with a flutter, and suddenly the goblin’s mouth and eyes were covered with something white.

 The goblin was huffing and puffing, unable to speak. Is he …… manipulating the fog?


 The goblin was confused, unable to speak.

 Makoto approached without a sound and thrust the dagger into the goblin’s heart.

 Sleekly, the blade pierced, but it did not get blood back.

 The dagger that he pulled out remained clean. With a thud, the goblin collapsed.

 There was no sound as it fell. Is he using the ‘Stealth’ skill to muffle the sound?

(Using his skills to manipulate the mist and the monster’s blood with water magic to avoid getting blood back? And everything chantless? Lies. ……)

 He’s doing some pretty outrageous things in plain sight.


 Simple, right? Look at your face! This is not easy at all!

 This is a wizard who has continued to train in proficiency? Awesome.

 But what he’s doing is more like an assassin.

“I’m gonna go hunt some more.”

 With that, Makoto disappeared into the fog again.

“This is the result of today’s battle.”

 Mako has hunted about ten goblins.

 The basic strategy is to use the ‘Covert’ skill to approach them from behind and hunt them quietly.

 If the goblins are unlucky enough to notice him before he gets close, he immediately blocks their eyes and mouths with ‘Water Magic: Fog’.

 As a result, they won’t call their friends.

“There’s a lot of fog around here, so I can use the Water Magic Technique as much as I want.”

“The Devil’s Forest is shrouded in mist all year round.”

 Even within the guild, everyone was wondering why the rookie Makoto was hunting in the dangerous Demon Forest. That riddle has been solved.

“I’m not very powerful. I can only use such a petty magic.”

“I don’t think it’s too insistent. ……?”

 I think it’s a big deal. He’s an apprentice mage, but he’s managed to do it with ingenuity and hard work.

“By the way, can I see Lucy’s magic next?”

 Oops, here we are at last.

“O- okay.”

“Didn’t Lucy take a long time to chant her magic?”

“Yes, …… for at least three minutes.”

“Well, it’ s a long one.”

 Ugh, looks like he’s disappointed.

“Well, that’s okay. I’ve taken out most of the goblins nearby. I’m sure they won’t be aware of it right away, even with the long chant.”

“Have you thought that far ahead?”

“Since we’re here, I’d like to take a closer look at the magic of the Monarch Grade.”

 Mako’s eyes sparkle. A look of anticipation? Sort of.

 Oh, was his character like this? I thought he would be cooler than that.

“All right, I’ll get ready.”

 I can’t fail. I’ve broken up with Jean and Emily’s party, and there’s no one in the Makkarren Adventurer’s Guild who will be adventuring with me anymore.

 I start chanting. However, it is elementary fire magic fire bullets.


 Makoto murmured. Good, he’s surprised. The fireball got bigger and bigger.

 Eventually, a fireball the size of a house floated above my head.

“Isn’t this… too big?”

 Mako’s face is drawn up. But I’m so focused on the magic that I don’t have time to answer.

 My hands are shaking. I’m desperate as I’m holding the huge mass of flames generated into a sphere.


 A huge fireball was released in front of me.

 With a thud, a sound like something heavy falling to the ground, and a thud, the ground shook.

“Gaaah!” ” Guffaw —-!” “Gahaaa —–!”

 Multiple goblins’ decimation can be heard.

 Gosh, a pillar of fire rises up with a force that scorches the heavens. The magic power is lost from your body and you feel a little languid.

 Ah, briskly!

“How’s that? Makoto!”

“Amazing. This is a big forest, supposedly fire-resistant trees that are burning like hotcakes.”

 Makoto said, impressed. For the first time in a long time, I could use the fireball with about ten percent power.

 It felt good! Ah, but the fire might be too powerful ……?

 The Demon Tree in the Great Forest was hard to burn.

 However, they were roaring and burning like it didn’t matter.

Ah, that? I may have gone a little overboard.

 ————– It caught fire.

◇ Makoto Takatsuki’s point of view ◇

“Boss, One soda”

“Me too. Strong one.”

 Lucy and I went limp and sat down at our usual skewer stall.

“Aye. It’s unusual for Makoto to order a drink.”

“I’m exhausted today. I need to get drunk.”

“Did something happen?”

 The boss asks us. The magic Lucy blasted caused a fire in the Great Forest.

 We had to go around putting out the fires. I did most of the work, though.

 Elsewhere, Lucy was fuming the whole time.

 On the way there, strong looking monsters from the demon forest were attracted to the fire and gathered there, and we got really freaked out.

 After that, when we got back to the city, in the adventurer’s guild, we heard that smoke was rising from the Demon Forest, and that a demon dangerous enough to burn the forest had come out? It was a big deal.

 Mary-san and Lucas-san were pissed off at us, and Lucy was forbidden to use fire magic in the Great Forest.

 It was only a short time ago that she was freed after an hour-long sermon.

“Haha, that was a disaster.”

“It’s not funny. It’s not easy to work together in a party. Right, Lucy?”


 There was no response. I glance next to her, and she seems to be zonked out and depressed.

 Lucy timidly opens her mouth.

“Hey, Makoto. Are you angry?”

“Hmm? Angry about what?”

“I know it’s been hard for you because of my magic. ……”

“I don’t mind.”

“Won’t you tell me to break up the party or something?”

“It’s only our first day, remember?”

 I said, “No way,” but apparently Lucy has been kicked out of the party on the first day several times in the past. Some people have a temper, don’t they?

“Well, I guess next time you can shoot with less power,”

“…… It’s the last thing I can do.”


“I can’t make it any less powerful.”

 That ridiculous fireball is the least powerful.

 –now it’s not mega-fire, it’s …… fire.

 A line from an old comic book I read about the Great Demon King came to mind.

 Lucy was the Great Demon King ……. No, or not.

“For now, let’s try using a magic other than fire magic,” I suggest a different idea.

“Tu, I can’t use it ……”

“What did you say?”

 Lucy shows me her ”Soul Book”.

 It said the unique skills: ‘Fire Magic” Monarch Grade’, “Grand Mage” and “Spirit User”.

“I heard that the Grand Mage skill allows you to use the four attributes of ‘Fire’, ‘Water’, ‘Wood’ and ‘Earth’.”

“I’ve been practicing fire magic all my life: ……”

 Fire magic is the basis of attack magic.

 Except for guys like me who can only use water magic, usually they practice fire magic first.

 It’s a high attack power, and it’s an effective offensive magic against most demons.

 However, it’s a shame that you can only use fire magic. The Grand Mage Skill is crying out for it, right?

“And what’s spirit user skill supposed to be?”

“It’s a skill that elves and dwarves often have. We have a belief in spirits.”

“You can’t do spirit magic, Lucy?”


 Lucy silently looks away. I don’t need to ask. ……?

 Well, I expected that it wouldn’t work, though.

“Spirit magic is hard to do. You don’t use your own magic, you borrow the magic of the spirits, but it’s hard to control.”

“That’s a lot of pressure for Lucy, who can’t even control her own magic.”

“Ugh! Yes, it is.”

 You’ve got a lot of strong skills lined up.

 I want one. I suppose there’s no point in asking for one.

“For now, let’s practice fire magic!”

 I pecked at my glass while biting into my skewers.

“…… mmmm ……”

 Lucy gave a small nod and plopped down at the table groggily.

 Too drunk, huh. You asked for a stronger one.

 For a while, we continued to go through a lot of trial and error on how to work with Lucy.

 Lucy takes a long time to chant her magic anyway. If it hits, its power is outstanding.

 So, basically, I’m going to be the bait and draw the enemy to me. And Lucy would follow.

This was the math, but Lucy’s magic was not stable at all.

 –Sometimes the flames would split.

 –Sometimes they’d be flying in different directions.

 –at one point, it went out of control in her hand and nearly scorched both of us black.

 So what about other than ‘fire magic’? She tried it.

 However, the chanting speed is extremely slow because she has hardly ever practiced.

“It’s no good. This is impossible.”

 I was playing enough against the big rat in the south forest, but Lucy’s ‘earth magic’, which didn’t activate at all, made me give up on utilizing her strength.

(Water Magic: Ice Floor)

 With a swoosh, the big rat slips and falls. Then I threw the dagger to finish him off.

 A quick dagger stabbed the rat to death.

 I couldn’t kill a single rat with my magic, so I had to “stop the rat with my magic → finish it off with the dagger” every time.

 It’s a pain in the ass, really. As I was thinking about this, I felt a gaze on me. What is it, Lucy?

“Doesn’t Makoto’s magic activate too quickly, even though it’s chantless?”

 Lucy gives me a wide-eyed look.

” Well, it’ s better than magic that doesn’t even activate when you chant over 10 minutes.”


 Lucy gets teary-eyed easily.

I wasn’t bullying you! Don’t cry!

“Has your magical proficiency increased?”

“Only one in a week. ……”

“Lucy’s proficiency level is now ’11’?”

 The proficiency level required for no chanting is ’50’. It’s still a long way to go.

“By the way, I’m 91, and I’ve gone up one too.”

“It’s crazy! I’m told it usually doesn’t go up much past 50! Why, you’re growing at the same rate I am!”

 Well I don’t know. It’s because we practice together every day.

 And maybe it’s because I practice right after I wake up in the morning and late at night until I go to bed.

 With a sigh, I peel the skin of a large mouse.

 As usual, it’s sharp as ever. It was pleasant to use. Thank Goddess-sama.

“That dagger is very sharp. Are you using some kind of skill?”

 Lucy points out, visibly.

“It’s a magical weapon,”

“Hmmm, for a wizard, the dagger is his weapon of choice.”

“I don’t care.”

 I’ve kept it a secret that the goddess gave me this.

 I was also warned by Fuji-yan that I shouldn’t say too much about it.

 Well, there’s no need to bother saying that I’m a believer in the evil god.

“Let’s finish up for today. I am going to be hunting for goblins now, so why don’t you meet me at the usual place in the evening?”

 I have to earn money to eat, because all I do is train, so I continue to hunt goblins.

 However, I don’t have a lot of time to hunt, so my earnings are decreasing. This is also a troubling situation, isn’t it?

“Yeah ……, I guess I keep practicing my magic in the city …….”

 Trudgingly, Lucy headed towards the city.

 Hmmm, she’s not in high spirits. How can I cheer up a girl at a time like this?

Maybe I should consult with Fuji-yan, who has the “Galge Player” skill.

Same day, evening.

“Lucy, thanks for the hard work today.”

“Yeah, Makoto. Forgive me for always entrusting you with the hunt.”

“Don’t worry about it. We’ re a party and we help each other out.”

 This is the usual food cart area inside the guild’s entrance.

 However, the skewers boss’s place was full, so we changed places and decided to have dinner at a bench and desk in another restaurant. The menu for dinner was a sandwich with vegetables and chicken, which Lucy said she liked, and soup.

 I also thought I should have bought some juice, but for some reason it was with alcohol.

The owner lady winked at me and said, ” We gave you a complimentary service,” but I didn’t need that service.

” Aw, damn it! Why doesn’t it work out!”

 Lucy is scratching her head as she empties her second glass.

 It’s rough. But it’s better than being down and out.

“Well, let’s just take it easy.”

 I bit into my sandwich and played with the ice in my glass, floating it around in the air.

 I popped the ice in the air into my mouth with a snap. Cold.

“…… Hey, are you using that chantless magic in front of me in a sarcastic way?”

“It’s just an exercise.”

The speed at which magic is activated is truly unbelievable. I’ve never seen a single person in the Elven home that could do magic so quickly.”

“But the power is so clunky. Hopefully Lucy will be able to provide some follow-up on that.”

 There’s no reply from Lucy, and I can hear a strange “Ugh” and a throat churning as she drinks down her glass.

 She’s still a bit listless.

“Hey, Makoto.”


Auntie, I need another.

“Hey, don’t stop in the middle.”

 She’ s a drunk. Lucy seems to be a drinker, but not very hard.

 Halfway through her fourth glass, Lucy began to speak.

“My mother is my goal.”

 Hmm? I’ve never heard that one before.

“Hmm, what does Lucy’s mother do?”

“She’ s a mage. A very, very powerful mage.”

“Wow. Is she a famous mage?”

“…… Yeah.”

“What’s her name? Maybe someone I recognize, too?”

 Lucy is silent. Does that mean she doesn’t want to say her name?

“Do you have any goals, Makoto?”

 I was returned with a question. Hmmm, goals. I have one.

 It’s a little embarrassing, but it’s also weird to hide something from my party.

“Capturing the Undersea Temple.”

 I answered honestly, but Lucy got a pouty look when she heard it.

“What? That highest difficulty level? The unexplored dungeon?”

“Yeah, I guess that’s the goal, for now.”

 The goddess is in the Underwater Temple.

“And that’s it for now? I don’t believe it! It’s called ‘The Last Dungeon’!”

“Heh, heh …… I didn’t know that.” Last-dun, huh Goddess-sama.

“Why there of all places? If you want the same difficulty, you can clear the Zenith Tower, and it is said that if you clear it, you can become immortal; and it is said that in Hades, there’s amazing treasures and weapons dormant there. The Undersea Temple is a dungeon with a high level of difficulty but nobody really knows what is in there.”

 What a horrible thing to say. Goddess-sama? Maybe you’re not promoting it enough.

(Ugh, shut up!  I can”t interfere with the human world, so you can’t blame me)

 A sulky-looking goddess pops into my mind.

“The undersea temple is under the sea. If I could master the water magic proficiency, even I could go there.”

 In the meantime, I’m gathering information for my ultimate goal.

 It’s an unpopular dungeon for adventurers because it’s in the water, but for me it’s very gratifying.

 After all, I never have to worry about water.

“I’m not so sure. ……. The deep waters of the Middle-earth Sea, where the undersea temples are located, are churned up by water spirits, water dragons, sea beasts, and even the Sea King Leviathan is said to be present. I believe that humans will be swallowed up by them.”

“Well, I’m going to use my ”stealth” skills to hide from the demons.”

“You can’t run away from the spirits. They’re everywhere. They’re fickle and mischievous.”

“Hmmm, I didn’t know that.”

 I gulped down the berry-flavored cocktail. It’s a little too sweet.

“Speaking of Spirits…what are they?”

Fire, water, wind and earth. The world is made up of these four things. That’s what the old gods say.

 Hmm? An interesting word came.

“Old Gods?”

“Well, to the human race, they’ re evil gods, right? You know what the Titan gods are?”

 I know. I’m a believer.

“The old gods used to get along with the spirits, but the holy gods who rule the world now don’t like spirits. That’s why spirit magic isn’t as popular as it used to be.”

 Lucy says boringly.

“So we’ll have to do something about the spirits to get to the undersea temple, then?”

“Well, you never really know what they say. It’s a myth. But then again, you’ re a daredevil. You’re an apprentice mage with dreams of reaching the undersea temple.”

“The bigger the target, the better.”

“Yes, of course! We’d better aim high.”

 Lucy agreed, suddenly and forcefully.

“Makoto! We”ll do better starting tomorrow!”

 Lucy’s spirits seem to have lifted.

“How do you think we’ll train tomorrow?”

“Hmmm, yeah…”

 After that, we ate our food and slurped up our drinks and talked. Same as usual.

 Perhaps it wasn’t the usual because somebody approached a troubled party of two mages.

“Hey, Makoto. You got a minute?”

The two people who approached me were Jean and Emily.

They were two of Lucy’s former party members.

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