Clearing an Isekai with the Zero-Believers Goddess – Vol.1-Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Takatsuki Makoto gets his first companion

“Oh, look who’s back, the big time rookie Goblin cleaner.”

“Good job on the day-to-day hunting.”

“Sometimes you gotta go after the big ones.”

“No, he can’t, he’s an “apprentice mage”.”

“And he’ s a solo adventurer.”

“There’s no such thing as an apprentice mage going solo.”

“You’ ve got that right there.”

“””Ha ha ha”””

 As soon as I returned to the Adventurer’s Guild, I was greeted with a flurry of questions. How did this happen?

 –It has been three months since I became an adventurer.

 In my first quest, I was able to successfully deliver a horn rabbit.

 On top of that, I reported the defeat of five goblins. The guild sister said to me, ” Huh? I can’t believe it” And told me that ” You’re so reckless” I was taken aback.

 I didn’t really mean to push myself too hard, though.

 Feeling better for surprising the guild staff, I hunted goblins every day from the next day onwards.

 This made a bit of headlines in the Adventurer’s Guild.

 They asked me where I was hunting goblins, and when I told them it was near the Demon Forest, they were satisfied. Apparently, it’s not a problem for there to be a lot of goblins near the Devil’s Forest. It seems to be a bad idea to be near a human settlement.

 However, the guild lady said that “the Devil’s Forest is too dangerous for Stone Rankers. You’ll have to wait until you reach the Bronze rank.”

 They thought I was being reckless because I wanted to raise my adventurer rank.

 But my goal is to ‘level up’ and ‘extend my life span’.

 I don’t put that much emphasis on adventurer ranks. Even if I raise my adventurer rank, other adventurers will still make fun of me for being an apprentice mage….

 As the level goes up, the status goes up slightly. Physical strength, muscular strength and magic power. However, my status growth is poor. Huh……..I can’t get strong.

 That said, since goblins are dangerous demons that attack people, it’s also nice to see that you can accumulate “contribution” points when you defeat them. Horned rabbits and large rats don’t earn points.

The more “contribution” points you accumulate, the longer your life expectancy will be.

 My lifespan is still less than ten years. I’ll just have to earn them.

 That said, leveling up is fun in itself.

 In an RPG game, the moment you level up is the most exciting. Even more so in this other world. The fanfare of leveling up is unheard of, though, RPG players, I wish you’d do that much.

 Goblin hunting is easy once you get used to it. It’s less risky and a solid way to level up.

 Near the Demon Forest, I found goblins and hunted them around.

 As a result, I was given the nickname ‘Goblin Cleaner’.

(Not very cool, is it? I wish I had a cooler name anyway.)

” You guys, let’s give him some credit for hunting goblins. He’ s doing fine on his own.”

“Well, you should invite him to the party.”

“Oh come on, what can I do with an apprentice wizard who can only use water magic?”

“Totally. Hahaha.”

 I can hear the bad conversations. Just ignore it.

” Big boss, grilled skewers.”


 I sit on a bench in front of the skewer stall at the entrance of the guild and order from the stall owner.

“Would you like a drink?”

“Apple soda.”

 In this place, I usually order skewers and drinks.

 But I don’t like to drink alcohol, so I always have a soft drink.

“And rice balls, too.”


 While waiting for the skewers to be grilled, I nibbled on a salty rice ball. The rice is a little harder than Japanese rice. The smell of burning sauce tickles my nostrils as it sizzles in front of me.

 There are many other food stalls in the guild, but this one is my favorite.

 The taste is similar to Japanese yakitori. I heard that this flavor was introduced by an otherworlder in the past. I wonder if that otherworldly person is from Japan.

“Here’s the skewered platter.”

 A set of five skewers is placed in front of me. The meat is horned rabbit from the Great Forest.

 My first quest order was from this shop. I’ve been a regular customer ever since.

 The plump, sweet and spicy sauce-flavored thigh meat is grilled on a skewer. The juices of the meat spread in my mouth.

“It’s always good.”

“Thanks. By the way, how was the hunt today?”

 I can converse with the boss in a friendly manner because he is acquainted with me.

“Twenty-two goblins and five horn rabbits. I’ve told the guild to let the meat go into this store.”

“I’m thankful for your help, Makoto. You can have the drinks for free.”

 It’s just another routine exchange.

“But you never get tired of hunting goblins. What’s your level now?”

” It’s around 14.”

“What a weird one. A level 14 guy is considered to be full blown adventurer. When I was……..”

 The boss of this place used to be an adventurer and his level is said to be over 40.

 He used to be a warrior, but he injured his foot and retired. He is now the owner of a skewer shop.

 He occasionally tells me stories about his adventuring days, which is very helpful.

“Oh, things are heating up. Big boss, grilled skewers with ale, please.”

“Hello. Lucas, you’re back.”

 A large, warrior-like man sat down next to me with a thud.

” I went to the Fire Nation to slay a sand dragon. Alcohol is prohibited on the journey. The rewards were good, but it was tough. Oh, Makato. Long time no see.”

“It’s only been five days. Good job out there.”

“Alright, Cheers. Phuaaa~, Delicious–“

 Lucas-san is a veteran adventurer of Makkaren, and his rank is gold.

 He seems to be an old friend of the boss. And he’s also a mentor to the newcomers. I was under his care at first.”

“By the way, isn’t it time for you to challenge the dungeon, Makoto? You’re close to level 15.”

“I think I’m going to try the beginner’s dungeon when I reach level 20.”

“The appropriate level for a beginner’s dungeon is about 10, though.”

“I’m weak. So I need to do it very carefully.”

 It shouldn’t have been strange, but the boss and Lucas-san were looking at each other.

“Usually newbies are more enthusiastic about going for it.”

“There’s nothing to caution him about as a veteran.”

 All right, I just wanted to be cautious.

“Oh, you’ re having a blast! Fellas.”

 A beautiful blonde lady interrupts between me and Lucas-san.

“Good evening, Mary-san. You’re off work?”

“Jesus, don’t you dare interrupt me, Marie.”

 Mary-san is the lady at the reception desk of the Adventurer’s Guild.

 We have many opportunities to meet up with each other for quest requests. I’m often indebted to her.

 She’s also an incomparable drinker, and after work she always goes to the guild for a drink.

 Thanks to this, it’s become part of my daily routine to get involved with her.

 I don’t drink, I just eat my dinner.

“One ale for me. Also, roast some vegetables for me appropriately!”

“Got it.”

“Well, Cheers, then. A drink after work is a wonderful thing.”

“Oh, Mary. Why don’t you go make a man and go to a fancy bar instead of drinking in this dirty little stall?”

“What? Lucas-san! You know how hard the receptionists work at the Adventurer’s Guild! Especially with the monsters being so active these days, I don’t have time to make a man. Old man, another one.”

“Mary-san, you’re going too fast.”

 She’s a beautiful woman when she’s silent.

 When she’s drinking, Marie-san is a heavy drinker, as good as any adventurer.

“Ah, Makoto-kun! You’ re drinking that kind of juice again! You earned a lot of money today, so you need to drink a pint.”

“Oh, come on. That’s not what a Guild employee should be saying.”

 The boss is dumbfounded.

“I drink on occasion too, you know.”

 In this country, you can drink from the age of thirteen.

 So there’s nothing wrong with drinking, but I don’t like alcohol to begin with.

 The first time I drank an ale, it was just bitter, and the first time I drank hot sake on the rocks, I spat it out in a huff. The only thing I can drink is a cocktail with apple soda.

 I’ve decided to limit myself to one drink because I get drunk very easily.

 There is no need to force myself to drink it, but Lucas-san taught me that if you’re an adventurer and can’t drink, you’ll get picked up.

“Why, occasionally?”

“Lucas said the other adventurers will look down one me if I can’t drink one of those drinks, right?”

 Don’t you forget, old man.

“Oh, yeah, right. Hahaha.”

“Well, that’s a good one. Hey, boss, I’ll have another one.”

“Aye. You know, you don’t have to drink every day. That’s not for me to say.”

“How can this boy be so mature at such a young age? Not so cute, Uriuriuri.”

 She put me in a headlock. Mary-san’s large breasts hit her back.

 Awawa. Invoke the “Calm Mind” skill! Be cool, be cool.

 Mary-san is popular within the Adventurer’s Guild. Because of this, I feel the jealous eyes of the other adventurers. Many of them include the adventurers who have just come in the field earlier.

“Tch!” “That bastard.” “You’re a small fry wizard,’ such vindictive voices can be heard.

 It’s not my fault, is it?

“Mary-san, you are too drunk.”

“I’m not drunk yet. It’s just the beginning.”

 She hugged me from behind!?

“Twenty-two goblins today? Well done, well done.”

 She holds me in a hug and nuzzles my head. Marie-san does a lot of body touching when she’s drunk. Because of this, it’s easy to mislead your partner and there are numerous adventurers who fall in love with her.

 She’ s a devilish woman.

But! I’m a man who has endured the temptation of a goddess. I’m not going to be fazed by this.

 —- Mumuu.

 Something fluffy is pressed up against my back. D-Don’t freak out! Ah, soft………

“Ha! You’re a goblin hunter and you act all high and mighty.”

 I heard such a voice. I turned around and saw a man standing there in a young warrior’s outfit.

 Jean, was it? He’s a new adventurer in Makkaren, just like me.

 He became an adventurer about six months ago. His current rank is Bronze.

 I heard that the promotion from Stone to Bronze in six months is quite fast.

 However, he doesn’t like the fact that I’ve been an adventurer for three months and I’ve become famous, so he gets tangled up with me from time to time.

“Oi Jean. Get along with each other, as  newcomers.”

“Lucas-san! Why haven’t you been training me lately!”

“I look after you during your Stone rank days, but above the Bronze rank, I treat you as an independent person.”

“Don’t do it, Jean-kun Don’t go scaring Makoto-kun, because he’s so quiet.”

 I’m not scared. ………no, I’m not sure.

 Behind Jean, a mage and a priest stood. A party of three?

 Three against one……..let’s keep it quiet.

“It doesn’t matter. Isn’t he a mage apprentice? I don’t think ‘Intermediate Swordsman’ Jean would care about that, right?”

 The girl who approached Jean was a red-haired mage girl.

 She’s wearing revealing clothes. She’s a flashy beauty.

The one saying, ” Right, let’s just quickly complete the defeat quest and aim for the iron rank.” is a priestess girl. This one is a pretty girl with a slightly childish face.

 There are many women. Is it a harem party……..

 Keke! A man must be silent and go solo.

“Ho, the quest of subjugation! What’s the catch?”

 Lucas-san changed the subject.

“It’s the defeat of a stray ogre! I heard a traveler saw it recently.”

“Oh. Bronze ranks, slaying a ogre. It’s like a promotional ceremony. Good luck with that.”

“Yes! I’ll show you what I can do! Hey, Makoto! I’ll be the first one to get to the Iron Rank!”

 He said no and left. The monk girl gave me an apologetic bow.

 The priest girl is a nice girl. The wizard girl doesn’t seem to be interested in us.

“Never mind that, right?”

 Mary-san comforts me. No, I don’t mind that at all, do I?

“I’ll take my time getting there.”

 Tomorrow, I’m just going to take down another goblin as part of my daily routine.

“You know, taking down twenty-two goblins by yourself isn’t exactly my pace.”

 Lucas-san gave a retort.

 Even if you say that, goblin hunting is safe and easy.

 I’m the type of person who levels up as much as possible in RPGs before taking down the boss.

 For a while, I’ll continue to do it the way I’m doing it now.

 The next day, on the way back from hunting goblins.

 Today’s harvest was twenty goblins. I’ll also hunt a horned rabbit on my way home, and deliver it to the general’s shop. As I was thinking about that…

 Ki———iii! And suddenly, a loud, ‘Danger Detection’ skill warning sound rang out, in my head.

 There’s a pretty dangerous monster? I have my “stealth” skill activated.

 It’s okay, I’ ve not been spotted. Silently, I went to take a look around.

There’s … something out there.

 About 50 meters away, I see something that looks like a giant figure in the fog.

 Could it be a stray ogre? A stocky, humanoid shape with what looks like horns on its head.

 It’s just… isn’t it too huge?

 A typical ogre is about 2 to 3 meters tall. But this guy is more than five meters tall.

 Every time it walked, there was a heavy thud, and the ground underneath its feet trembled.

 Normally, there would have been other monsters around here, but right now, there was no sign of them at all.

 They’ve all escaped. I can’t go for the horned rabbit in this situation. I guess I should give up for the day.

 Let’s go back to the guild. Quietly, just as we were about to leave the place.


 I heard the scream of a woman.

“Damn it! This guy!”

 I can hear a guy yelling.

(Hey, hey, someone’s being attacked?)

 Upon closer inspection, I see a few adventurer-like people. A party of three: a swordsman, a mage and a priest.

 They are all young. They don’t seem to be veteran adventurers.

“Or rather, it’s those guys.”

 It was Jean’s party that I got involved with yesterday.

 He said they were going to take out the ogre. And now they are in a pinch.

 As much as I’d like to say “Suck it up”, it’s not a good idea for me to get involved either.

I’ll keep my “stealth” skills on and observe.

(They’re going to run, right?)

 The iron rule for adventurers is “value your life”. If an enemy stronger than you appears, just run away.

 Lucas-san warned me a lot when I was a stone rank. They should be the same.

(Hmmm, the wizard boy and the monk boy … maybe they’ll catch up to me.)

 Maybe it’s fear, or maybe it’s impatience, but I haven’t been able to escape well. The demons are catching up to me.


 Jean grabs the hand of the priest girl and runs.

“Hey! I?!”

 The wizard girl screams. Apparently, Jean cares for the priest girl.

( Hard world, this is.)

 Oh, the wizard boy has fallen. A demon approaches. This is not good.

[Do you want to save the mage girl?]

 Yes ←


The “RPG Player” skill shows up with a choice.

 Whoa, whoa, whoa. For whatever reason, isn’t it too much of a burden for a ‘Bronze Rank’ adventurer with ‘Mage Apprentice’ job?

(Why not just abandon her?)

 It’s simple advice from the Goddess-sama. Hmmm, but….

[Do you want to save the mage girl?]

 Yes  ←


 The choices are flickering. Damn it, It’s annoying!

Just give me a break. It’ s over when you’re dead.

“Hee, ee, get away from me.”

 The mage girl hunches over. The ogre is right there.

 Jean shouted towards the mage girl, “Quick, escape from there!”.

 But it doesn’t look like he’s going in for help. Help her. The priest girl is clutching her mouth and looking grief-stricken. …Oh, no. I don’t have time to worry about it.

“No, no! Help me!”

 The wizard girl’s cries were in vain, and the giant ogre’s hand reached out. Ah, damn it!

“Water Magic: Ice Blade!”

 An ice blade stabbed into both of the demon’s eyes.

 –Gaaaah! The ogre screams and clutches its eyes and suffers.

“Hey, get out of there!”

“Eh, er, um, ehh??”

 The wizard girl looks confused.

 I stepped in between the ogre and the wizard girl and I held up the Goddess’s dagger.

(Hey, oh, I won’t forgive you if you die.)

 I heard the goddess’s dumbfounded voice. I’m sorry. I just want to be cool.

 The ogre that’s holding its eyes and suffering is huge enough to look up. Its arms are like giant tree trunks, with hairs that look like wire. It’s too big. How am I going to fight this kind of thing?

 And by the way, I don’t have much magic power left…….

 I can’t generate water anymore.

“Hey! Get the hell out of here.”

 Once again, I call out to the mage girl.


 She crawled away. Good, good. In the meantime, the ogre pulled out the ice blade that was stuck in his eye. The wound in its eye is healing fast.

“Oh come on, seriously?”

 I knew that ogres had the ability to regenerate, but I didn’t expect it to go this far.

 Even if I cut it with a dagger, it would likely heal quickly.

“Oi, over here.”

 I doubt it can understand a word, yet I try to call out to it to get its attention.

 Glaring at me, the ogre glares at me. It immediately gets to its feet to crush me.

 Yikes. “Evasion” skill! I activate my bandit skill and dodge the giant’s attack.

 A giant’s foot passes by like a tip of my nose, grazing my forelock.

 I dodge, dodge, dodge, dodge, dodge it.

 Don! Don! Don! Don! Don! It’ s a repetitive process, trying to stomp me.

 If I get trampled, I’ll die instantly.

 I suppress that fear with my ‘calm mind’ skill, and I continue to use my evasion skill.

 Glancing over, I could see that the mage girl had escaped into the distance.

 Alright, now let’s move on then.

 –‘Escape’ skill!

 Activate the skill and keep my distance from the ogre. The ogre has a bright red face and runs towards me.

 Oh, scary scary. It’s impressive to see a gigantic monster approaching us in a straight line.

It’s a relief that my body doesn’t freeze up in fear with the “calm mind” skill.

 If it catches me, though, it’s all over.

 I moved through the trees in the forest as if I were weaving between them, since my straight-line speed was no match for it.

 After a while, I arrived at the destination. I can see a swamp.

I used my “map” skill to find it. I’m glad it was close.

(Water Magic: Water Walking)

 I stand on the edge of the swamp, above the water, waiting for the demon.

(Water magic: fog.)

 Using fog to reduce visibility. It should be hard for the other party to see the swamp.

“Hey, over here!”

 This is the moment of truth. Will it work? If not, let’s get out of here.

 The ogre just charged at us. Alright, this is good. I’m using water magic and water walking to stand on the water.

 The ogre probably thought the swamp wasn’t so deep. It follows me all the way into the swamp.

(Sorry, it gets deeper all at once beyond that.)

 With a quick, loud splash, the ogre’s feet were swallowed by the swamp. Of course, it immediately struggled to get to the surface.

“As if I’d let you!”

(Water magic: water flow)

 Using magic to manipulate the flow of water, I create a vortex in the swamp.

 The ogre gets further into the swamp and gets stuck in the depths.

 The water and the sludge at the bottom of the swamp tangled together and gradually dragged the ogre off its feet and into the swamp.

 Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah , screaming mournfully, the ogre sank down.

 About ten minutes later. I made sure that the ogre was out cold in the swamp.

 For ten minutes, it had been flailing in the water with no breathing. It was too tough for it to survive.

“I am glad it worked……..”

 Cold sweat was starting to form by now.

“Oi! Are you okay?”

 Jean came in with the party. Looks like everyone is okay.

“I just took it down.”

 Saying that, I let the ogre float to the surface.

“Oh, my goodness. You took down that huge ogre!?”

“That’s amazing.”

 Jean and the priest girl gasp in amazement.

“Ah, Thank you “

 The wizard girl thanks me for my help.

“Ah-, for now, let’s just take the ogre’s head back.”

 Jean scratched his head and quickly cut off the head of the ogre I had killed.

 After that, I went back to the guild, evading the monsters. Hah, I’m tired. Let’s go to bed early today.

“You guys! Look at this ogre! That’s a big one, twice the normal size! Guess who beat him!”

 In the Adventurer’s Guild’s display space for today’s catch of the day, Lucas-san is shouting with an ale in his hand. The adventurers are surrounding him. They’re all drunk.

 Apparently, the ogre we fought today is not just an ordinary ogre, but a rare breed called a big ogre.

 Lucas-san yelled at me for challenging the big ogre alone, saying it was suicide.

 However, he seems to have forgotten such things now. That old man is so random.

“Who defeated it?”

 Now that’s Mary-san’s voice.

“Our promising rookie Makoto! He’s not a goblin cleaner anymore!”

“””””oooooooooooooohhhhhh!!””””” The crowd cheered.

 This is already the third time we’ve had this exchange.

“Let’s decide on his next nickname!” “How about a Ogre Killer?” “Though he only killed one of them” “It was a big ogre and He went solo, right?” “It’s awesome” “Mary-san like him” “Damn that bastard”

 I don’t need another nickname. Also, the second half of the story is irrelevant.

 I sat down on my usual skewer bench with the commotion in the distance.

“You’re a hero today,”

 The boss laughs at me.

“I’m tired. I need to go to bed.”

 I can’t wait to go to bed, but my place to sleep is in the guild’s rest area.

 I can’t sleep in all this commotion, even if I wanted to.

“Well, that’s fine. Do you want something to drink?”

“I need water. I’ve been drinking a lot.”

“Here you go.”

 A glass of water poured out. ………It’s lukewarm.

“Water magic: Cooling.”

 I chilled the water and sipped it and sobered up.

“Hey, do you mind if I sit here?”

 Suddenly, I was approached from the side.

 It was the mage girl I saved earlier.

“Sure. Suit yourself.”

 The mage girl, sits next to me.

 She has red hair, red eyes, and fake eyes that give her a strong impression of strength. And she’s an amazing beauty.

 When I look closely, I see that her ears are pointed. An elf? She’s an elf.

 I’ve never seen one before in this world. A fantasy classic. I’m secretly excited.

 However, she has red hair and eyes. The book I read in the temple said that the elves in this world have blonde or silver hair and blue or green eyes.

 So maybe a different race. I will ask Mary-san about it later, secretly.

“Old man, you got any cocktails for me?”


 There was a soda cracker on the table.

“Thank you so much for today.”

“You’re welcome.”

 I clink my glass against hers.

“My name is Lucy. You saved my life, Makoto.”

“Don’t worry about it. I got a lot of rewards from the guild. I’ve also accumulated a lot of ‘contribution’ points from Gods.”

When I checked my ” Soul Book”, I found that my life span had been extended by about a week. But in terms of my emotions, it shortened by about a week. I don’t want to fight the ogre for the time being.”

“But still, you’re awesome. Makoto is a bronze rank, right? How could you take down that big ogre all by yourself?”

“I just got lucky.”

“I have high-grade magic and it didn’t help me at all…”

 It seems that Lucy-san can do advanced magic.

 I’m so jealous of her. But I didn’t get to see any of her magic today.

“That’s great. That’s great, I’d love to trade my skills for yours.”

” It is not true! I have a strong skill, but I’m not very good at using it at all. How can you activate magic so quickly? I mean, that’s chantless magic, right?”

“Yeah, well, just in case.”

 As for my magic, it’s not very powerful, and I can’t use it many times. If I can”t do it chantless, it won’t be worth it.

“If your proficiency level is over 50, you can do chantless.”

“I know that, but how hard it is to get it up there…”

“I have been learning magic from scratch for a year and three months now, you know?”

“EH? Are you kidding me?”

“No, you know, I’m from a different world.”

“Otherworldly……… One of the heroes who came a year ago….”

“No, I’m not a hero… I mean, I’ve had classmates who are heroes, but…”

 My classmates, who hold powerful skills, have become celebrities over the past year.

 Many of them have held key positions in various countries. It seems to have slightly upset the balance of power in this world. It’s none of my business, though!

“It’s amazing what people from other worlds can do!”

 Lucy has a sparkle in her eye.

 Ah, I think she has some kind of misunderstanding about this. My stats are so low, right?

“Oh, um…”

 Lucy sets down the glass she was holding and takes my hand in hers. She leaned closer to my body and whispered to me.

“Would you like to form a party with me?”

 Lu, Lucy, our faces are close together. Right now I’m not using the ‘calm mind’ skill and the ‘RPG player’ skill. When I’m drunk, I can’t activate the skills well.

As a result, I had to stare at Lucy’s face at close range.

 I am thrown off guard when I get a peek at her well-formed face.

 Teh, be cool. Stay calm. I activate my ‘calm mind’ skill.

 But I can’ t use my usually reliable ‘Calm mind’ skill because I’ m too drunk to use it.

 Oh no, I’ve had too much drink. No! Please, Keep your face away from me!

“Hey, what’s that all about?”

 A loud voice from someone brought me back to myself.

 It’s a girl from Jean’s party, the priest girl. Jean is next to her.

“What , Emily?

“Don’t you dare ‘what’ me! It hasn’t been long but you are a member of our party! Just what are you trying to do.”

“So what? I have no use for you guys who abandoned me and ran away.”

 Woah, Lucy-san. I know you’re upset about the time they ran from the ogre.

 But Jean was telling you to run like hell, remember?

“Hey, Lucy. I’m sorry about earlier. It’s just that I just couldn’t help you both together.”

“That’s because you guys are a thing, I know. I don’t need a leader who isn’t dependable.”

 Lucy flatly refuses to accept Jean’s apology.

” Who the hell do you think you are?”

 Emily snapped on Lucy as she grabbed her.

“Shut up, bitch. I walked into the party and you got insecure, so you seduced Jean to hold you, right? You were both gone at night.”

“Don’t be ridiculous!”

 Ooh….. For a virgin, it’s too stimulating.

 The otherworldly fantasy party is so sexually promiscuous……..

 Jean looks at the two of them and dawdles, comparing them. Hey, stop this, you’re the leader.

“Oi, what is all the fuss about?”

“What are you talking about?”

 Lucas-san and Mary-san came in.

“A drunken brawl.”

” Okay, okay. Emily and Lucy away, separate from each other.”

 Marie steps between the two glaring at each other as if she’s used to it.

“Jean. You had something to say to Makoto, didn’t you?”

 Hmm? Really? When I look at Jean, he doesn’t look at me, and squirms.

 What is it? Is it a confession of love?

“I’m sorry, Makoto! Thanks for the help!”

 Jean bowed deeply to me.

“Well, no, it’s fine. You’re welcome.”

 Was he worried about what happened the other day? He’ s a very serious guy, as you might expect.

“What an open-minded guy you are…”

 I don’t want you to look at me like you’re that impressed.

“Makoto-san! Please forgive Jean for what he said.”

 Even Emily, the priest, apologizes to me. Ummm, even she asked to forgive him.

“Makoto! Cuss them out! These useless people.”

“Would you shut up, Lucy!”

 Right. Lucy, you’ve got a boomerang stuck in your head, don’t you?

“Makoto. Is that good, the matter about Jean?”

“Good or not, I didn’t care about it in the first place.”

“Newcomers, from now on get along with each other,” Lucas-san summarized.

“That’ll do it for Jean. By the way, Lucy?”

 Lucas-san turns to Lucy.

“Y, Yes?’

“You wanna to from a party with Makoto?”

“Yeah, that’s right!”

 She answers with her chest out. Huh? Did I say yes to this?

The “RPG Player” skill brings up a choice.

[Do you want Lucy to join you?]


 No. ←.

 Hmm. I wonder what to do.

 Lucy-san is a beautiful woman. But I think she’d be disappointed with my skills and status, wouldn’t you? And a negative thought crossed my mind.

 I guess this is a ‘no’ here.

“Hey, Makoto, are you planning to form a party?” Lucas-san asks.

“Hmmm, I thought I’d keep going solo,”

“ehh! No way!”

 Lucy screams.

“Haha! He rejected you.”

 Emily gives Lucy a nice smile.

 Hey, Emily-san? It’s going to be another fight.

“But, why?” Lucy stumbles back.

 Why, I guess I don’t know you in the first place.

 But Lucas-san gave me a reluctant look at my answer.

“Makoto. If you want to continue to be an adventurer in the future, I think it’s going to be tough for an apprentice mage to go solo.”

“I’ll take it easy. Maybe just bronze-ranked for a while.”

“No, that big ogre you defeated today is a monster that can’t be defeated by a bronze rank first…”

“Also, I have a low stats. Lucy-san will surely be disappointed,” I said and showed my Soul Book to Lucy.

“EEHH! What is this stats!”

“M-Makato… You’re an adventurer with this status…. You can’t even wield a sword properly…”

“Eh………. “Magic power: 3″…….. A commonner?”

 Shut up, you guys. I mean, Jean and Emily, I didn’t say you two could look at it. I never told you to look. I’m suing you.

“Hey, it’s really bad status, isn’t it? And yet he’s working hard on his own! Makoto-kun. Great, great.”

 Mary-san pats me on the head, all right. Is that a compliment?

“You don’t have muscle power, you don’t have strength, you don’t have magic power, you just have a ridiculously high level of magical proficiency,’ continued Lucas-san as he gulped down his beer.

“Eeeeh! Magic Proficiency: 90 What is this…?”

 Lucy looked at me with the eyes that looked at a freak. That’s rude.

“Since I don’t have much magic power to use, I’ll just have to find a way to use it.”

 I’ve been training in proficiency for the past year incessantly.

“That’s why you went out of your way to lure the big ogre out to the water’s edge to defeat him.”

 Jean says admiringly.

“So that’s why, Lucy. You’ll have to find someone else.”

“Hey, wait a minute! I don’t care about that!”

 Oops, it’ s surprising that I showed you the status and you aren’t backing down.

“On second thought, Makoto. I’m sure my ‘Fire Magic: Monarch Grade’ skills will be useful.”

 Lucy tries to convince me.

“The ‘Monarch Grade’ … that’s amazing.”

 I don’t think most of my classmates had it either. It’s quite a rare skill.


 I don’t know what’s going on.

 To be honest, I’ve given up on building a party since my days of training in the Water Temple.

 I’ve been ridiculed a lot and made fun of for my weak stats and skills. I was ready to go solo for a long time.

“Aren’t there plenty of other parties out there that would include Lucy-san?”

 A mage with a Monarch Grade skill. The image of a powerful person to pull.

 However, Lucy-san quickly averts her eyes.

“No, no, when you are as old as I am, you will decide for yourself which party you want to join.”

“What are you talking about, Lucy? You are infamous for being a pain in the ass who gets kicked out of every party in less than a month.”

 Emily throws in a remark from the side.

“Shut up, you are just saying that!”

It’s true though!”

 Lucy and Emily are going, kissssssss! And they are threatening each other like cats.

“Okay, let’s both have a drink over here!”

 Mary-san took Jean and Emily away. Thanks a lot, Mary-san.

“Lucy does have strong skills, but she hasn’t quite mastered them yet.”

 Lucas-san adds.

“I haven’t quite settled into one party, but I feel like I’d feel more comfortable with Makoto.”

 Ehh, is it though? A mage apprentice with the weakest stats and a mage who can’t use her skills. Isn’t that an imbalance? We only have two of us and we’re doubling up in our professions.

“I’m an apprentice mage, remember?”

“It’s okay! Together, we’ll train!”

 Lucy says emphatically.

 A training session between wizards, huh? That’s a bit of a temptation.

 The Water Temple was surrounded by elementary school-age children, so it didn’t feel like training with your friends.

[Will you accept Lucy into your party?]



 Huh? There was another choice. I chose ‘no’ earlier, didn’t I?

 Is this option just for creating atmosphere? It’s useless.

“Come on. Why don’t you try out for a party?”

“Oh yeah, Makoto, you need to interact with other adventurers more.”

 Mary-san comes back and recommends it too.

‘Makato, remember that companions are important,”

 Even the boss told me. It’s an atmosphere I can’t say no to. Oh, that’s something I’ve seen before in RPG games.

 – a forced join event.

 I look at Lucy again. She’s a feisty-looking female mage with big, crinkly eyes.

 Her face is one of the most beautiful women in this guild with a quick glance around.

 The holder of a powerful ‘Fire Magic: Monarch Grade’ skill.

 It’s a waste on me. Will I be punished for being extravagant?

The “RPG Player” skill is persistently urging me to do so.

[Do you want Lucy to join you?]



(Okay, okay, I get it.)

 I held out my right hand to Lucy.

“Best regards.”

“My pleasure!”

 Lucy squeezed back my hand forcefully with a big smile on her face.

 Thus, after coming to another world, I made my first companion.

◇The perspective of the Fujiwara Trading Company’s rabbit-eared clerk◇.

“Hmmm, I’m sure Takki-dono will invite me to his party soon.”

 The master is in a good mood these days. I guess it was after meeting his friend from another world the other day.

 I’m happy when the master is happy. But I’m also concerned about some things.

“Uh, Master. Is Takatsuki-sama’s adventurer activity that we met the other day okay? He’s an apprentice mage and yet he’ s adventuring on his own.”

 He didn’t seem to be very strong. According to Master’s story, his skills and status are weak.

“If, he don’t mind, I can help him out.”

 I’m a Silver-ranked adventurer, for one thing.

 That’s why I know. Adventuring is a tough profession.

 I don’t want to see my master’s friend get seriously injured or worse, lose his life after being challenged by a dangerous monster, and I don’t want to see him sad.

“No, I’m sure he’ll be fine. Tacky-dono’s style of playing is ‘careful’ itself, you know.”

 Master said with a smile.


 Apparently, Master trusts his friend very much.

“Should I invite Takki-dono to the ‘Cat’s Ear Pavilion’ next?”

 I heard a small murmur from my master.

“Master? Aren’t you getting too much into that store?”

 The Cat’s Ear Pavilion is a tavern where all the staff is made up of cat’s ear tribe. It is the master’s favorite restaurant. All the women with cat ears are beautiful. I wonder if he has a favorite girl.

“Oh, did you hear that? Takki-dono should be able to understand the beauty of cat ears in that restaurant.”

 Master looked love strucked.

 For some reason, I grab my rabbit ears. This is not so funny.

“Nina-dono! Of course, Nina-dono’s rabbit ears are amazing!”

 Did my feelings show on my face?

“Oh, Thank you for your kindness.”

 Master compliments me and my cheeks relax as my body temperature rises.

 It’s nice to be praised by the master for my rabbit ears. The other races of humans mock the beastmen as a dumb race. Master is a gentleman to the beastmen. That’s why he’s so popular with the beastmen of Makkaren. This has made me feel awkward.

“I only go to the Cat’s Ear Pavilion because the food is so good. I hope to get a controlling share in that restaurant someday.”

“It’s that simple…. an unplanned investment will fail.”

 When I was an adventurer and fighter, I never had to worry about this.

 I’ve changed too. I’ve completely changed into a merchant’s perspective.

“However, there is a nobleman who wants to buy the paintings we bought for a low price the other day for a high price. There is a huge surplus of gold.”

“……..Your Appraisal: Superior-grade skill. It’s still tremendous as always.”

 People who come from other worlds often have powerful skills. Although masters’ stats is the same as that of ordinary people, but the skills are powerful.

He possesses two extremely rare skills, ‘Appraisal: Superior Grade’ and ‘Storage: Superior Grade’.

 Either one of these skills is said to be a jackpot.

(But I have a feeling there’s more to it than that…)

 It’s just a hunch. Master’s ‘power’ is unfathomable.

 Well, I’m just going to follow my master.

(But I’m worried about the master’s friend…)

 I had a hazy feeling as I watched my master happily taking products from his storage.

 Then a while later.

 I heard a rumor about Takatsuki Makoto-sama, the adventurer in Makkaren’s Adventurer’s Guild, the adventurer who rose from Stone rank to Bronze rank in the fastest way possible and defeated the big ogre solo.

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