Clearing an Isekai with the Zero-Believers Goddess – Vol.1-Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Makoto Takatsuki meets up with Fuji-yan again

Fuji-yan is a friend I met in my first year of high school when we were in the same class.

 We happened to be seated near each other, and we got to talking about video games and became good friends.

 I like RPG games and Fuji-yan likes bishojo games.

 Although our favorite games were of different genres, we continued our friendship by lending and borrowing the games we liked.

 It has been nine months since Fuji-yan and I parted ways at the Water Temple. He now has his own store.

 It’s an amazingly fast promotion.

(………we’re in high school, right?)

 Some of my classmates are classmates of the Hero of Light, who has risen to be a candidate for a Knight Commander in the Land of the Sun, but that guy is different. You can’t compare them.

 No, maybe all of my other classmates are having great success as well.

 Maybe I’m the only one left behind, taking it easy….

 The thought of that made me feel darker. In the meantime, I arrived at my destination.

The Fujiwara Trading Company.

 There’s a big sign. This is it.

(I hope Fuji-yan’s character hasn’t changed.)

 I’ve been training as a magician and adventurer in the temple for the past year.

 As an otherworlder, I’m exempt from food, clothing, shelter and school fees in the Water Temple.

 In other words, a lukewarm life protected by the state. A state NEET.

 In comparison, although Fuji-yan has useful skills, he would be a minor in Japan.

 Then he was scouted by the Chamber of Commerce and within nine months he had his own shop.

 There must have been a lot of things going on.

 Will the conversation with me, who was shut up in the temple for a year, really fit in? I’m worried.

” Sorry for disturbing you….”

 I slowly walk into the store in a whisper.

“Welcome to the store.”

 A female clerk greets me. I turn to her.

(A rabbit-eared clerk!)

 She’s a brown, frizzy-haired, petite, rabbit-eared, beastman clerk.

 Her big, crackling eyes are adorable.

“Are you an adventurer, sir? I’ve got all kinds of good items and armor.”

 She smiles at you. The endings have a slight accent. Is she from another country coming to the Water Nation Roses?

 However, the shopkeeper with the rabbit’s beast ears, huh? Fuji-yan’s taste is in full swing.

“Well, is Fujiwara-san, the owner, here?”

“Ah, so you’re a merchant. Perhaps I can help you with the business discussion first.”

 Her tone changed.

“No, not really. I’m a friend of Fujiwara-san’s….”

 The clerk’s eyes became sharp as she looked at me.

“Are you a friend of your master? May I ask your name?”

“Well, this is Takatsuki Makoto.”

“!? Are you from another world?”

” Er, yes. That’ s right.”

“One moment, please! I’ll be right back!”

 She disappears into the back of the store with great speed, and returns with a small tool.

 About the size of a pack of cigarettes, it had a few buttons, which the clerk pressed.

 Then she held the tool to her mouth.

“Master! Takatsuki-sama is here!”

“What? ! Is he right there!?”

 I heard a familiar voice.

” Here you go, Takatsuki-sama.”

 The clerk hands me a tool that looks like a communication device.

“Hello, Fuji-yan?”

‘Whoa! That’ s what you call me! That voice is unmistakably Takki-dono!”

“It’s been a while. I’m in Makkaren, so I came to see you.”

” I have been waiting for you! I would like to come back immediately, but unfortunately I have a business meeting coming up, so would you mind meeting me at my shop in the evening?”

“Yeah, I get it. I’ll see you later.”

 I returned the tools to the clerk and told her I would be back later.

(Fuji-yan, you haven’t changed.)

 The way he sounds like that, the same old way of treating him seems to be fine. I’m a bit relieved.

 There’s still some time left before the appointment with Fuji-yan, so let’s explore the outside of the city.

 The shopkeeper told me that in the forest to the south of the city, weak demons such as large rats appear.

(I want to try out the dagger the goddess gave me!)

“This is great.”

 Stalling the big rat with the ‘Water Magic: Ice Arrow’ and then using the dagger to finish it off.

 It was almost unstoppable. It was like cutting a piece of cloth, the blade went through quickly.

「I’ve been given a good weapon.”

 Let’s thank the Goddess.

“Goddess-sama, thank you.”

 I clasped my hands together, Japanese style, and prayed.

(Right? You should be grateful.)

 I heard the Goddess’s voice, faintly.

 I can picture the Goddess-sama with a smug look on her face with her chest out.

 ……..Is this because I’ve become a believer? Oh well. She’ s cute. A sight for sore eyes indeed.

 I peeled the rat skin off and went to sell it at a tool shop.

 I heard that the Adventurer’s Guild would be willing to buy them, but it was a good time to look around!

“3000 G’s.”

 He bought three large rat skins for me. With the money, I bought the dagger sheath given to me by the Goddess.

 I left the tool shop and strolled around the city.

 The center of the city is bustling with activity, with grocery stores, clothing stores, weapons stores and tool stores.

 There was even a pet shop for ” familiars ” among them. It’s just like another world.

 Beyond the shopping street-like main street, it becomes an eating area lined with cafeterias and bars.

 The further back is lined with innkeepers. If you go to the very back, there is a brothel lined with questionable shops. I don’t have any money, though, so I don’t have anything to do with it.

 I looked around at some of the weapon shops that I was most interested in.

 I think I’ll be fine with the Goddess’s dagger for a while, but I’d like to become a magic swordsman eventually.

 I have the aptitude to be a ‘wizard’, but I don’t have the muscle power to be a swordsman.

 So I can’t even swing a sword properly.

 However, I hear that there are holy swords and magic swords in the world that can make people of any profession become masters.

 I want to find such magical swords eventually.

 While I was looking at the sword, I had the Goddess’ dagger appraised.

“Sir, where did you get this dagger?”

“Well, it was given to me by an acquaintance. I’ve heard it’s valuable.”

“It’s definitely a work of art with several magical effects. Without looking into it properly, though, it’s impossible to know the details. By the way, do you plan to sell it?”

 No way in hell I’m selling that!

 The owner of the weapon shop seemed to be aiming for it, so I hurriedly asked him to return it to me.

 I look around in the store to see if there are any magic swords.

 There are several adventurer-ish people. Everyone is well equipped.

“Jean. You don’t need such an expensive sword yet.”

“That said, you know what? We still need it to defeat a strong demon, right?”

 There was a warrior-like man and a monk-like girl having such a conversation. A couple, I guess.

“Oh, you should buy my equipment once in a while.”

“Well, let’s give up the weapons and buy some new clothes for Emily.”

“Yes! That’s great Jean!”

 The girl wrapped her arms around the guy’s arm. Damn normies, explode!

 After hanging around for a while, it was time for the appointment. I went to Fuji-yan’s at exactly the right time. I saw a familiar-looking, broad, good-looking man hanging around. I hadn’t seen him in nine months.

“Fuji-yan! I called out.”

” Takki-dono!”

 He comes running this way with a thud.

“It’s been a while! It’s good to see you looking so well!”

“Fuji-yan seems to be doing well.”

“Come on, I’ve reserved a place for us! Let’s go!”

 The place was a quiet hideaway-like restaurant located on a back street off a main street lined with restaurants.

 I guess he knows what a stylish place it is.

 It seemed to be Fuji-yan’s favorite restaurant, and we were shown into a private room in the back.


 Clink, We bump our glasses together.

 Fuji-yan is drinking an ale. I decided to have a fruit cocktail.

 It is the first time for me to drink in a restaurant.

 In this country, drinking is allowed from the age of 13, so it’s not illegal.

” What do you think?”

” It’ s like a juice.”

“Would you like some ale?”

“Mmmm, no ale. I used to drink it in the temple and it was bitter and tasteless.”

“You’re gonna feel that one after a while.”

“Yeah, do you think so?”

 While we were having these conversations, the food was brought in one by one.

Thick steaks, fried shrimp, freshwater fish sashimi, cheese-laden pasta, and a hearty soup. Oh, luxurious!

 Immediately, I picked up a piece of fried food.


“I hope you like it.”

“It’s really good. Most of the food in the temple was quite bland.”

“That wasn’t very nice.”

 For a while, I complained about the modest food in the Water Temple, while I tucked into the restaurant’s food.

“But I was worried about you. I haven’t heard from you for a year.”

“I was left until the last minute of the otherworldly protection period. I was the last one. I didn’t get invited to any parties.”

“Is that so…”

 Fuji-yan gives me a sorry look. So I grinned at him.

“But yesterday, I went solo and saved someone from being attacked by a group of goblins.”

“What? Normally, it’s said that it’s usually ‘Intermediate Wizard’ or ‘Intermediate Swordsman’ who can defeat a group of goblins by themselves. Wasn’t it dangerous?”

“I don’t know. It was rather easy, though. It wasn’t too bad, using the skills I had on hand.”

 I told him about the reception the goddess gave me yesterday.

 Hoho,” Fuji-yan said, listening as if impressed.

“I’ve successfully completed my registration at the Adventurer’s Guild. I’ll work hard slowly from Stone Rank.””

“You’re an adventurer? I can’t do it, but as a gamer, I admire it a bit.”

“Fuji-yan is a very successful merchant.”

“No, no, I’m not there yet. I had to borrow money when I opened the store.”

 Oh, really?

“She has bunny ears. Sounds like fun.”


 Fuji-yan blurted out his ale.

“Come to think of it, you’ve met our clerk.”

“She’ s pretty. That Clerk.”

“Well, it’s not like I picked her for her face, you know?”

 Oh, really?

“It’s Fuji-yan’s dream. You’re a winner if you can hire a girl with those cute bunny ears!”

“That’s the clerk I met in the Fire Nation Great Keith and hired as a bouncer. Even so, she’ s a Silver-ranked adventurer.”

” Wow. She doesn’t look that strong. So, not only is she pretty, but she’s a top-notch adventurer as well?” awesome.

” Hmmm, she’s expensive……..tho”


 Expensive? Fuji-yan, what are you talking about?

” Oh, please forget what I just said.”

“No, no, no, I can’! What do you mean expensive?”

 No way, no. But, expensive he say’s then..

“I mean, she was a slave. That clerk was a slave.”

“Ugh, wow…”

 Fuji-yan had bought a sex slave!

“She’s not a sex slave!”

 He retorts back to me as if he’s read my mind.

“She’s only a business associate, you know. I pay her a salary as well.”

” Oh, really? You mean she’s Fuji-yan’s employee?”


 But she was a cute little clerk.

“Did you touch it?”

“What do you mean by that! No beast ears should be defiled.”

 As usual, it’s an interesting hobby I don’t understand.

 But a silver-ranked adventurer as a subordinate, huh? That’s honestly amazing.

 He’s only been through rough waters as a working man. You can see that he’s gained a lot of experience.

 Speaking of experience, let me ask him a question.

 The drinks are coming around nicely, so I should be able to talk about something a little trivial, right?

“You’re still a virgin by the way, aren’t you, Fuji-yan?”

 Ghoho. Fuji-yan blew out the ale he had been drinking again.

“Nah, what are you asking all of a sudden?”

“If you’re a virgin until you’re thirty years old, you can be a wizard,” is an urban legend.

 In class, we’re the Virgin Alliance! Let’s be wizards! We used to say to each other.

 I remember Sasaki-san giving me a cold look and saying, “You’re an idiot.”

 It’s nostalgic. We’ve kept our promise, haven’t we?


 Fuji-yan looks away awkwardly. Ha, no way………

“Merchants have a lot of social contact… I’ve been entertained in those establishments.”

 Yep, that’s the one. It reminds me of the shady store I just explored the city in.

“I have lost my license as a wizard now.”

“Ugh, traitor!”

 I asked for the most alcoholic drink in the restaurant, and I spit it out as I tried to drink it down.

 My throat is burning! Oh, my God! It’s not poison I hope.

“Oh, calm down! Takki-dono.”.

“I’m calm. I’m always cool with my ‘calm mind’ skill.”

“It doesn’t look like that at all!”

“But if you think about it, I was a virgin and I became a wizard, and Fuji-yan, who lost his virginity, couldn’t become a wizard. So that means I win.”

“That’s not a good theory.”

 Yeah, I know. And this sense of defeat. Let’s stop talking about this topic.

 But while we haven’t seen each other for a while, my friend has gone up the stairs to adulthood….

“By the way, what have you been doing since you left the temple, Fuji-yan?”

 He seems to have been a successful merchant, no doubt, but I wanted to ask him for details.

“Oh, listen to me. I initially belonged to an organization called the Frantz Merchant Association….

 The Frantz Merchant’s Association is the largest merchant association on the continent.

 I heard a story about a scout from there during my time at the Water Temple.

“In the beginning, I was constantly being forced to use the ‘storage: superior grade’ to carry packages incessantly every day~”

 Fuji-yan talks about it nostalgically, but wouldn’t that be pretty hard?

“One time we bought weapons and shipped them to the Fire Nation. One time I stocked up on ore and metal and went to the Nation of Commerce to sell them. At other times, I bought a large amount of clothes from the Wood Country and delivered them to the Sun Country. There was hardly any time off, and I didn’t have much time to sleep at that time.”

“…I’m sorry you had to go through that.”

 So, Fuji-yan grinned.

“But I had the ‘Appraisal: Superior Grade’ skill, you know.”

 He went to various countries and found bargains at bazaars and other events in different countries and sold them to other countries to make money.

“After that, I found a trustworthy person in the association, and he helped me become independent. I still can’t thank him enough.”

 Great. What a power of action and communication. I’ll never be able to do that.

“I mean, how can you make someone you can trust in a short period of time?”

 For someone like me, who only had weak skills, no one was willing to take advantage of me.

 On the other hand, for someone with useful skills like Fuji-yan, there would likely be people approaching me who would be willing to use them.


 Fuji-yan lowers the volume of his voice.

“Takki-dono, do you remember my skills?”

“Well, the ‘storage’ skill, the ‘appraisal’ skill… and the ‘galge player’, right?”

“Yeah, that last one’s a bit of a mystery.”

 I remember it was a skill that allowed him to record conversations, I think.

“Once I became proficient in the skill, I was able to read their minds…


 Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

” Just like a goddess.”

“What? What did you just say?”

“I’ll tell you later. So you’re still reading my mind?”

“I can’t help but wonder what Takki-dono said…. Let me explain my skills to you.”

 Simply put, the skill in Galge-player is an unusual skill that allows the player to record what their conversation partner says, even in text.

 When talking to someone, a message window appears that is visible only to you, and the conversation flows in text. This is a system often seen in adventure games.

 It’s just like Fuji-yan, who loves playing galge games. Incidentally, the text is in Japanese.

 At first, he didn’t find it that useful, but he says it was convenient because he didn’t have to take notes when talking to people from different parts of the world as a merchant.

 Also, people around him were impressed with him as someone with a very good memory.

“Actually, I was just searching through the conversation log,”

 Fuji-yan said with a chuckle.

“It was about six months ago that I noticed the difference.”

 The skill used to be that the other person’s conversations were just texted, but now he was able to text his mind with a parenthesis.

“Hello, Fujiwara-san.You have been profiting again today.

(You otherworldly rich bastard, trying to be a good guy.)

 They say it’s like this.

“Huh, isn’t that the most powerful ability for a merchant?”

“Yes, well. It is true.”

 This skill has allowed him to find people who are saying bad things about him behind his back or who are holding a grudge against him.

 And it’s also very helpful in finding your own allies. That’s true, isn’t it?

“I just couldn’t get comfortable with it.”

 He had never told anyone that he had gained this ability.

“Are you sure you should have told me?”

“I didn’t have anyone else to talk to. Also, if I don’t tell you now, I won’t be able to tell you later.”

 He said with a bitter smile. Indeed, it would be too awkward if he said later that he could actually read my mind.

“Wouldn’t you like to pull back on my ability, Takki-dono…?”

 Fuji-yan asks timidly.

“You’re the second person I know who can read minds. Well, that’s fine.”

” That’ s the one, yeah! And What with a goddess, I wonder!”

 Fuji-yan gasps.

 Well, it’s nothing to hide. He’s reading my mind anyway.

“Actually, it was last night…”

 I told him in my dream that I had become a follower of the Goddess.

I show the ” Soul Book” to Fuji-yan.

”Hmm, it does indeed say ‘First Believer of the Goddess,’ but it’s odd that there is no name.”

“Yeah, I know. And this won’t help gain any followers.”

“Is that goddess okay?”

 Fuji-yan looks worried.

 I guess it’s like a friend you haven’t seen in a while has joined a dubious religion. Well, that’ s what I’m worried about.

“Speaking of which, the goddess I became a believer gave me a dagger. Fuji-yan, would you be willing to evaluate it?”

“Ho! Dagger from the Goddess! Sounds great. Please show me.”

(Oh, wait, shit.)

 I heard a voice in my head. What is it?

“Fujian, here’s the thing.”

“Whoa! Simple but beautiful decoration. It looks like mithril, but it’s a metal I’ve never seen before. Clearly a rare material with magical powers! This is some serious stuff!”

“Looks like some kind of appraisal inhibition spell has been cast.”

“No, no, no! My appraisal skills have been trained and honed!”

 That sounds fun!

 Fuji-yan looked at the dagger excitedly.

 For a while, he was looking at the dagger with a snort, but after a while, he froze.

 He suddenly stopped talking and stared at the dagger.

 Fuji-yan’s eyes, which are always smiling, are wide open. It’s a bit scary.

“Fuji-yan? What’s going on?”

“Mm-hmm. Takki-dono. You said this dagger was given to you by a goddess?”

“Yeah, that’ s true.”

 What is it? What was the result of that appraisal?

“Fuji-yan? I’d like to know the results.”

 With a very uncomfortable look on his face, Fuji-yan opened his mouth.

“Tacky-dono’s dagger. ”It’s been appraised as the ‘Dagger of the Evil God Noah’…”


 Apparently, I’ve become a believer in the evil god.


–Part I–

My head froze for a moment.

“Ta, Takki-dono?”

“… that’s a problem.”

 The excitement of seeing my Friend again dropped all at once.

 It was true that that goddess was a bit suspicious. But I didn’t expect her to be an evil god. I was screwed.

“What is an evil god to begin with?”

“Well, as a matter of fact, they’re said to be the old gods who were defeated in the War of the Gods.”

 –The ruler of the divine world at the top of the world.

 According to mythology, the ruler of this world has changed three times in the past.

 The first ruler was the Creator God, who created the world.

 The Creator God left this world at some point.

 The next rulers were the sons and daughters of the Creator God.

 They are called the ‘Old Gods’, ”Old Ruler” and ”Titan Gods”. Their rule lasted for a long time.

 Eventually, the Old Gods became arrogant and looked down on everyone else as lowly creatures and treated them carelessly. The current rulers, the Holy Gods, rebelled against them.

 After that, a war broke out between the Old Gods and the Holy Gods.

 The War of the Divine World “Titanomaquia”.

After a fierce battle, the ‘Holy Gods’ side won.

 They are the current rulers of the divine world.

 And the ‘Old Gods’ are now called the Evil Gods.

 I learned about such a myth in the Water Temple.

“It seems that the goddess I became a believer in was one of the ‘Old Gods’. The ‘Old Gods’ are still imprisoned somewhere and they are trying to retake the divine world, right?”

“It seems that the goddess that Takki-dono signed up for is one of them.”

“Oh, crap.”

 She was such a dangerous goddess?

“Takki-dono. Will you continue to be a follower of this goddess?”

 Fuji-yan says with a worried look.


 Honestly, I’m still confused.

 I couldn’t say anything, and as I kept quiet, Fuji-yan changed the subject.

“By the way, this dagger is amazing! In addition to the name of the weapon, I’ve also appraised the weapon’s abilities!”

 Oh right. It certainly cut like hell.

 I was curious because I couldn’t get it properly appraised at the weapon shop.

“What abilities, by the way?”

“Made of adamantite, the metal of legend. The durability is god-grade. A lot of abilities are granted by the power of the gods, such as ‘divine attack’, ‘unbreakable’, ‘slashing’, ‘mana resonance’, ‘spirit resonance’…….. Besides that……….”


 Fuji-yan explained the dagger’s abilities in detail.

 Huh? Is this a cheat weapon?

“Is this dagger as awesome as it sounds?”

“” Awesome” is not a very strong enough word to describe it. It’s by far the most powerful weapon I’ve ever seen. It’s a weapon that deserves to be treated as a national treasure!”

” Oh…”

 Hmmm, apparently it’s true what he said about a divine weapon.

 I got my first cheat when I came to this world. A contract with an evil god was the exchange for it, though.

“Goddess. Thank you for this good item.”

 I put my hands together and pray.

“Is it okay that she was an evil god?”

“That’s a question I need to ask.”

“But it’s hard to meet her, isn’t it?”

“I don’t know, maybe she’s seen this conversation, too.”

“My God! Is it true?”

 Looking around, Fuji-yan looks around. She always told me she was watching me.

 Are you watching me? Goddess.


 No answer. Oh well.

“I’ll take my time in deciding whether or not to remain a believer.”

“I see. Is there anything I can do to help you…….if they are God, there may not be much I can do, but please consult me.”

“Thank you.”

 Fuji-yan drank the ale. By the way, this is his third one.

 He asked the waitress to serve hot sake on the rocks.

“Fuji-yan, you are a strong drinker,”

 I’m still about halfway through my first drink.

” The merchants are always getting drunk.”

 Fuji-yan’s face as he smiles bitterly is that of an experienced man.

“I don’t think I’d be a merchant.”

 I can’t drink that much.

“I’ll take it easy and play adventurer.”

 I took a small drink from my glass of liquor.

 At this point, Fuji-yan suddenly remembered and said to me.

“By the way, have you heard this story. They say that the Great Demon Lord will be back within ten years.”


“I didn’t know. Really?”

“That’s the rumor that’s been going around. That a priestess of the six great goddesses, excluding the moon, received an oracle.”

“I’ve never heard of it before. That makes it tough for those chosen to be the heroes.”

 Like Sakurai-kun the Hero of Light.  But still, the Great Demon King, huh?

 If I were stronger, I’d challenge him.

“I wonder if the reason we were called to the other world is to fight against the resurrected Great Demon Lord? Or so the rumor goes.”

 Fuji-yan whispers to me.

“Common practice, but then I would have preferred a stronger skill set.”

“No, no, I am not much of a fighter either. Being a merchant is more suitable for me.”

“I see. I’m glad that Fuji-yan seems to have the right skills for the job.”

 I want skills that make me a little stronger in battle.

“Right now, I hear that the nations are gathering their forces for the battle against the Great Demon King.”

“Ah, so that’s why the Water Temple had scouts from so many different countries.”

 Fuji-yan is a well-informed man. He knows a lot of stuff, thank God.

“By the way, what will you do from now on, Tacky-dono?”

“I’ll be an adventurer for a while and level up.”

“Would you like to have a party with me?”

“With Fuji-yan?

 Can a merchant fight? Didn’t he say he wasn’t good at fighting earlier?

 After listening carefully, I heard that merchants can’t fight, but they hire adventurers to explore dungeons and such. And the clerk I met at noon is a silver-ranked adventurer.

 We can explore safely with the forces hired with Fuji-yan’s money. It’s tempting.

 But you know what? That’s too lukewarm, and that’ s relying too much on Fuji-yan.

“I’m grateful to you, but I’ll try to do it solo first. I’ve trained in the temple for that.”

“I see. Let me know if you need any help.”

 I am grateful for that. One thing you should have is a good classmate friend.

 Afterwards, we talked about memories of the previous world and the fun we had in this world. The memories of my former world are, after all, about the game.

 It’s been a year now, so I’m sure I’ve missed out on a lot of titles.

 In this world, Fuji-yan seems to have tried food from all over the continent, and he praised the surprisingly beautiful and tasty food.

 However, he’s not happy about the lack of ramen in this world.

 So he is enthusiastic about opening a ramen chain in the future.

 I’d rather have a hamburger. I used to be able to live with a video game, a cheeseburger, fries, and a coke. I miss it.

“You’re way too unhealthy, Takki-dono. Three nights in a row with burgers and fries must have been unhealthy.”

“I don’t want to be told by Fuji-yan, who eats ramen and curry for breakfast.”

“It’s hard to do that these days.”

“Things are a lot healthier in this world. They have light vegetable soup and porridge in the temple.”

“I don’t want to remember the Temple’s light cooking. Next time you’re in the land of commerce, go to Cameron, where the food is delicious. It’s a rich country and the food is delicious.”

“Yeah, I see. But it seems expensive.”

 We talked until late at night and it was around midnight when we broke up.

 He asked me again if I would like to stay at Fuji-yan’s house, but I refused because I didn’t want to be too picky.

 I got the money from the shop all paid for. Next time I’ll treat him back.

 I returned to the Adventurer’s Guild and spent my first night as an adventurer, wrapped in a blanket in the corner of the Adventurer’s Common Room (the big room).

 It was noisy with the other adventurers snoring and talking in their sleep, but I was tired, so I was soon able to sleep.

 That night, I dreamed again. An empty space. It was the first time in a day.

“What are you doing? Goddess-sama?”

 The goddess was prostrating.

 Her back is straightened and her hands are in a figure of eight. The casually visible nape of her neck is sexy.

 No way, it’s not.

” Noah-sama.”

 I called out softly. The Goddess’s shoulders quivered.

“It’s your name, isn’t it, Goddess-sama?”


 A thin voice replied.

“Were you an evil god?”


 No response.

“For now, let me see your face. I’m not comfortable with you being down on your knees all the time”.

“Will you not quit being my believer?” Goddess didn’t raise her head.


“Please, don’t be silent!”

 With a snap, the Goddess raised her head, stood up and grabbed me by the shoulders.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to deceive you. I just didn’t tell you.””

 Isn’t that called a scam?

“It’s not a scam! Also, there’s no mistake about it, I’m a goddess!”

“But you’ re an ’Old God’, right?

“Calling me ‘old is a bit of an unpleasant term. I don’t like that word. I’m the youngest member of the Titan tribe.”

 She makes a sulking, kicking gesture in the air. She’s cute and cuddly as ever.

 Oh, I finally chuckled. She could read my mind.

” Cute Goddess-sama. Please look for another believer. Until then.”

 Goddess’s face tightened.

“Impossible, impossible, impossible! I’ve waited a thousand years to get one believer! And without believers, God’s power remains weak. I’m treated as an evil god, so I hardly ever get any followers in this world. I can only recruit people from other worlds!”

 Most of those otherworldly people have been taken away by the six great goddesses.

“Hey, hey, wasn’t that dagger good?”

“This one?”

 I look at the dagger at my waist. According to Fuji-yan, it was indeed a tremendous weapon.

 Surely it was not something that could be obtained by adventuring in this world properly.

“‘But it was a bit careless of you to be found out as an evil god in the appraisal.”

“No! It wasn’t supposed to be detected by an ordinary appraisal!”

 Does that mean that Fuji-yan’s skills were extraordinary?

 As expected of “Appraisal: Super Grade”. I mean, she’ s trying to trick me.

“No, but. Well, you see …”

 The goddess was frowning.

 She can”t seem to come up with a good excuse.

 But, well, although she hid the fact that she’s an evil god, the weapon she gave me was real.

 I was not given a weapon in the water temple, and this dagger makes a big difference with or without it.

 Then I should say.

” Noah-sama. Thank you for this dagger. I will take good care of it.”

“I’m glad to hear you like it.”

 She smiles. By looking at her this way, she doesn’t look like an evil god at all.

“The term “evil god” is just a term used by the followers of the “holy gods” to justify their own beliefs. I’m a goddess too.”

 She said that with a pouted lip. I see. Surely, being a Goddess wasn’t a lie.

 When I think about it, I wonder if our first meeting conversation wasn’t a scam, too.

“Okay. I’ll continue to be a believer.”

” R-Really?”


 To be honest, I was happy.

 The only person who came into this world and told me “I have high hopes for you” was the Goddess.

 The others just made fun of me, or pitied me, or worried about me.

 Ah, but she’s reading my mind, you know. I guess it’s a pity, after all, isn’t it?

 As I was thinking about this, the goddess suddenly approached me.

” Makoto,”

 The Goddess gives me a hug.

“You are my precious believer. I’m counting on you, so take your time to be strong.”

“That’ s too deliberate and stinks too much.”

” Aw, damn it! I even tried so hard!”

 I got smacked on the head. I’m sorry.

I have excellent “Calm mind” and “RPG player” skills.

 It’s embarrassing to see myself being hugged by a goddess from the side.

 Whatever the case, the deal is a continuation. Let’s do my best as a believer in Goddess Noah-sama.

“By the way, again, don’t you have instructions for me, Goddess-sama?”

“Why do you want the oracle so badly?”

“I don’t want to meet a goddess and only get a dagger for the event.”

 I think it’s usually something they tell you to do, like defeat the Demon King, or something like that, with the promise of an RPG.

“You’re such a weird believer!”

 The goddess says with a troubled look on her face.

“Well, how about this? I’m currently locked up for the crime of going against the ‘Holy Gods’ guys, so the idea of you coming to my rescue.”

 Oh! It’s a classic event. Saving the captive goddess.

 That’s a good situation. So yeah, it’s good like that.

“Is Noah-sama in the place where the ‘old Gods’ are held captive?”

” Well, that’s a different place. The Old Gods are imprisoned in Tartarus. Humans can never go there, but I’m still a young god, so it’s a different place. It’s a place where even a human can find it, barely.”

 I see. I guess there’s a lot I don’t know just from myths.

“I’m in an underwater temple in the deep sea.”

“What? What did you say?”

The Underwater Temple.

 –This is a dungeon located in the deepest depths of the ocean.

 It is said to be the deepest place on earth. This is the undersea temple at the end of the labyrinth.

Goddess Noah-sama told me that it was one of the top three most difficult dungeons in this world.

 It’s a dungeon that hasn’t been reached by mankind.

“Haha, do you want to quit after all?”

 The Goddess asks me with a smile.

 You think I’m going to stop with the fiery temperament when you say it’s too hard?

“I’m going. I’m going to get there. I’ll get you out of there, I promise, in return for the dagger.”

 I spoke passionately, but Goddess-sama smiled with a slightly annoyed look on her face.

“The dagger is my thanks for being a believer, though, so don’t worry about it. If you pray for me every day, you might eventually get some blessings or additional skills, so it’s more profitable to continue being a believer!”

 You’re a goddess who talks like a newspaper solicitor.

“Oh, excuse me. Well, I think it’s time for you to wake up.”

 I’m starting to feel fuzzy.

“When you feel up to it, come and rescue me. I’ll wait patiently.”

 Noah-sama, who is still smiling, is waving his hand.

 I have nine more years to live, though.

 For now, let’s just level up and buy some life expectancy.

“If you let me go, I’ll do whatever you say!”

 I’m on a roll. Are you speaking out of turn again? Goddess-sama.

 I wake up in the morning and look at the Soul Book. There, it is updated to show ‘the first believer in the goddess Noah’.  I’m glad it doesn’t say ‘Evil God’.

(I’ll do my best. Noah-sama.)

 Grasping the dagger with both hands, I offer a prayer.

“Okay, let’s do it.”

 Today is the start of my adventurer’s life in Makkaren.

 I walked out of the Adventurer’s Guild break room and headed to the reception desk. It’s early in the morning, so there’s no one around.

 At the reception desk, I apply for an adventure. The lady at the reception desk is a beautiful woman with blonde hair and large breasts.

She said, “Well, according to your level and adventurer rank, this is where you should go.”

 The guild’s receptionist led me to the request

Hunt for three horned rabbits in a large forest

Carrying the luggage of the wagon to the Fire Nation (two meals and lodging included)

Luggage handling for wagons to the country of the sun (three meals and lodging included)

 Hmm, they’re all very simple quests.

“Isn’t there anything like defeating monsters?”

“You’re going solo,right? Lately it’s been all about party defeat quests…”

“Okay, so, I guess I”ll just have to hunt the horned rabbit.”

“Yes, that’s accepted. By the way, if you see goblins or orcs, please exterminate them or report them to me. It’s a permanent quest, so there will be rewards.”

“Oh.” I didn’t know.

“At your level, I’d imagine it would be very difficult to kill. If you see one, you might as well run away.”


 Oh, I see. Well, I’ve never seen an orc. I will decide whether to fight or not when I encounter them.

“Do you have any other questions?”

“No, I’m fine.”

“Okay, well, good luck with that. Okay, next one.”

 I left the Adventurer’s Guild and headed to the West Gate. The guard let me through easily when I showed him my guild license card.

 He tells me to keep up the good work.

 I bowed briefly and headed towards the forest. I was headed for the forest.

 –The Great Forest.

 Roses, the Nation of Water, and Spring Rogue, the Nation of Wood, which is adjacent to it. It is a huge forest that occupies the majority of it.

 There are many dangerous places in the Great Forest, including the natural dungeon “Forest of Wanderings” and the “Forest of Demons” inhabited by many strong demons.

 By the way, the area behind the Water Temple where I trained for a year is called the Forest of Spirits.

 It’s a safe place where demons rarely appear.

 This quest is to find the Horned Rabbit, a beast that lives widely in the large forest.

 It is a cute looking rabbit with horns, but it is a monster.

 By the way, the danger level of the monsters is divided into classes.

Class 0 (harmless)…….even ordinary people can defeat them.

Class 1 (Danger Level, Low)………………………..recommended for Stone rank adventurers.

Class 2 (Danger Level, Medium) – Recommended for adventurers of Bronze rank.

Class 4 (danger level and disaster designation: village)……..recommended for adventurers of Gold or Silver rank

Class 6 (Danger/Disaster designation: country)……..recommended for adventurers of Mithril rank.

Class 7 (Danger/Disaster designation: continent)……..recommended for adventurers of the brave and orichalcon rank.

Class 8 (danger rating, disaster designation: world)……it’s impossible unless you’re a saviour..

And so on. The Horned Rabbit is a class 0, meaning I can beat it myself.

 They don’t attack people, but are vermin that destroy crops. That’s why they are the target of a takedown quest.

 Apparently, their meat is very popular for food.

“There it is.”

 The brown rabbit has little horns on its forehead. As it grows, the horns are said to be larger.

(Water Magic: Ice Arrows)

 I use my Stealth skill to get close to it, and before it notices me, I fire an ice arrow.

 My magic is weak, so I can’t finish it off. I stab it with my dagger to finish it off.

 The hunt for the three targets is soon complete.

 I was about to leave, but my “Danger Detection” skill responded.

 This feeling, is it a goblin? Probably, there’s a goblin settlement nearby.

 I’m not familiar with the geography of the Great Forest, but from my memory of prep work, this area should be close to the Demon Forest. The stronger demons are behind the Demon Forest.

 The weaker demons seem to be in front of the Devil’s Forest. I’ll use the “Searching” skill.

(There must be about 40 of them.)

 Four times as many as last time I fought. Normally, there was no choice but to flee.

 However, the area near the Devil’s Forest is covered in a deep fog and visibility is almost zero.

 I can use my Searching skill to figure out where the enemies are, so there’s no problem.

(There are a few of them, the ones acting alone.)

If I use my ‘Stealth’ skill to kill each of them, I might be able to reduce their numbers somewhat.


“Do you want to fight a goblin?

 Yes. ←


The “RPG Player” skill shows me the options in the air.

 I’ll report back to the guild, but I can beat them anyway, right?

(Don’t raise weird flags!)

 I thought I heard such a voice. Goddess-sama, she’ s looking at me.

 I used my ‘Stealth’ skill to erase the sound of my footsteps and carefully crept up to the goblins that were walking alone, all at once.

◇A certain guild’s receptionist’s point of view ◇.

 Today, an unusual new adventurer arrived. His name is Takatsuki Makoto. Not long ago, he was one of the people from another world who caused a stir. What surprised me was his status.

(W-, weak….)

 Not just an ordinary adventurer, but a status that could be defeated by a woman/child if he”s not good enough.

 Isn’t it impossible for this boy to be an adventurer……. No, I’m an employee of the guild.

 I shouldn’t say such things. Then I looked at the Soul Book and realized it.

 He has nine years of life left. He has to have adventures and do good deeds……..

(Such Hardships……… Do your best.)

 I gave a hearty shout out.

 And the next day.

( He’s here…)

 He took the horned rabbit hunting quest and went off.

(Just in case he encountered goblins and orcs, I warned him to run away…)

 It is common for new adventurers to be overconfident in their own strength and go on adventures. Generally speaking, even goblins, which are said to be dangerous and lowly, become powerful enemies when their numbers are large. However.

“Eh! You defeated a goblin?”

Yes,” says Makoto-kun, a little proudly, holding out the Adventurer Card.

 I’m sure the adventurer’s card shows that he or she has defeated a goblin.

 And five goblins?

“It’s confirmed but you mustn’t take it too far. You’re a Stone Rank and today is your first day of adventure.”

“I’m not pushing myself, but…”

 Takatsuki Makoto-kun is rubbing his cheeks.

(Mmmm, trying to act cool.)

 He’ s a new adventurer, and every once in a while there is one. A young adventurer who, in desperation, defeats a monster and tells the guild’s receptionist that it was easy.

“Anyway! You’re a newcomer, so the theory is that if you see a monster that is not the target of your quest, you should run away. Do you understand?”


 The dark-haired, dark-eyed, somewhat unreliable boy nodded with an indescribable face. Hmph, if I said this much, he would have understood. Furthermore, the next day.

“I killed ten goblins!”

 Why are there more of them!

“Why is it so weird? Oh, maybe you took them down with the other adventurers?”

“No? I’m the only one.”

 It can’t be! Ten goblins, even a bronze-ranked adventuring party can’t take them down unscathed!

 But the adventurer card does indeed say that the ten goblins have been defeated.

 The record on the adventurer’s card is absolute. There’s no fooling around.

“‘Well then, I’ve finished my report.”

 Makoto-kun is about to leave.

 Not good….. I’ve seen a lot of new adventurers, but he’s in a hurry to live.

 I’m sure he’s going to be irreparably injured in the near future…


 I went to talk to a veteran adventurer.

 Lucas-san is a gold-ranked adventurer.He’s an accomplished adventurer who is also known as “Lucas the Dragon Hunter”.  In his youth, he traveled around the dungeons of the continent, and he was a legend in the great labyrinth Lavulinthos.

 Currently, he’s retired from the front lines and is training new adventurers while adventuring leisurely in Makkaren. Lucas-san should be able to stop Makoto-kun from being reckless.

 Phew, I guess that’s a relief? And the next day.

 Makoto came back after his adventure with Lucas.

“Hey, Marie. He’ s a funny guy, this Makoto.”

 Marie is my name.

“Lucas, have you instructed Makoto-kun?”

 When they returned, I asked them what they had done today.

“That guy Makoto, he killed fifteen goblins by himself.”

Ehhhhh! Lucas-san! Makoto-kun is a newcomer! Why did you let him fight?!”

 Fifteen! A little goblin platoon!

“Where’s the goblin’s nest?”

 If that goblin nest is so close to the city, we’re in trouble.

 If we don’t shut that nest down now, we’re in big trouble!

“Yeah, he’ll be fine. This guy always hunts goblins near the Demon Forest.”

 Lucas-san says, as if it’s nothing.

“The Devil’s Forest? Makoto-kun, always go to that place!?”

 The Demon Forest is one of the most dangerous dungeons near Makkaren.

 It is inhabited by a large number of monsters that feed on the magical trees that have magical powers. It is also home to powerful flesh-eating monsters that feed on it. The recommended adventurer rank is Silver or higher.

“No, you can’t! Makoto-kun. Don’t go to that place.”

“No, it’s not. I didn’t go into the Devil’s Forest. Just like Marie-san suggested.”

 A troubled look came over his face.

“Oh, this guy only hunts goblins out of the Demon Forest. Stray goblins.”

“Oh, is that so?”

 Stray Goblins. A goblin that strays from the herd and tries to build a new nest.

 Most stray goblins are hunted by adventurers, but some become strong and form huge packs. In that sense, Makoto-kun’s activities are correct.

“Yosh, let’s go for a drink! Makoto. You’re an adventurer, you have to be able to drink on your own.”

“Welll~ I don’t like to drink.”

“Don’t worry, I’m buying you a drink.”

“Well, Lucas-san… I haven’t finished my sentence…”

“There’ a special kebab stall. I hear in other worlds they call them yakitori.”

“What? ……..Yakitori? I’m going.”

“Hey, the owner is an old friend of mine. There’s nothing like an ale with a skewer.”

 Lucas-san is inviting the new guy out for another drink.

  Ugh, I want to have a drink too…….. Maybe I’ll join them later.

 Since then, Makoto-kun has been hunting goblins every day. The increase in the number of goblins he killed stopped at twenty. It seems that twenty Goblins a day is just fine.

” There is no such thing as “too much” or “too little”. Marie-san.”

“What’s that?”

“It’s a saying in my world. All things in moderation are best.”

 He says with a sober face. A solo wizard apprentice gave up on saying that it’s not moderate to take down twenty goblins.

 He doesn’t even have a party and hunts the goblins without a care in the world.

 Before he knew it, he had been promoted to the Bronze rank, the record for the fastest adventurer’s guild in Makkaren.

 Lately, more and more adventurers have been wondering about him. I was getting more and more curious about him, as well.

 Really, strange boy………

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