Clearing an Isekai with the Zero-Believers Goddess – Vol.1-Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Makoto Takatsuki Meets the Goddess

Today marks a year since I came to the Water Temple. That means it’s the day of my departure.

( Forced to do so…)

“You need to take care of yourself, Makoto-kun.”

 The only person to send me off is Granny Teacher, the homeroom teacher for the Elementary Wizard class.

“You can’t defeat a single little monster with your magic, you know.”

 The teacher looked worried. As a result of training for a year, my occupation remains ”apprentice wizard”. In the end, I couldn’t become a full-fledged wizard, haha….

“It’s okay. If it comes down to it, I’ll take care of it with my thief skill ‘escape’.”

“Yes, you mustn’t fight.”

 An apprentice wizard traveling alone is a rarity. Or rather, it’s rare.

 Traveling alone as a rearguard, you’d be killed by monsters immediately. Normally, you would form a party with a vanguard position, such as a warrior or fighter.

 I’ve been told a lot that I should join some party, but I stubbornly refused.

 I mean. Talking to strangers is exhausting, and an apprentice wizard would probably make you look like an idiot at a party, right? Well, I’ll just go solo then.

“Actually, I could at least recommend a job in this temple.”

 I have heard that story many times, sensei.

“That would mean my life expectancy will be nine years later. I have to work hard and accumulate ‘contribution’ points to God to extend my life span.”

“It’s tough being from another world…”

“Well, I’m off.”

 I finish saying goodbye. Sensei smiled sadly. She’ s a good person.

 Although I was a bad student, she never gave up on me and took care of me until the end. I look back at the temple a little after we left. She was still looking at me.

 I gave her a big hand wave and didn’t look back after that. From now on, I’m alone, let’s do our best.

 It was a peaceful journey for a while. The occasional chirping of birds in the woods was pleasant.

 The stream flowing beside the road gushes from a spring in the Forest of Spirits, which spreads behind the Temple of Water.

 The water is endowed with the blessing of the spirits.

 Thanks to this, the river seems to have an effect of making it difficult for monsters to get close to it.

 For this reason, the riverside is relatively safe, and streets and towns have been formed nearby.

 The closest city to the Water Temple is called ‘Makkaren’, which is located on the shores of the lake. It is commonly known as the City of Water.

 That’s my first destination. My friend Fuji-yan should be in that city.

(I wonder how he is doing?)

 I walked leisurely, feeling nostalgic. I am constantly using my ‘Detection’ and the ”Stealth” skills while walking. This is to avoid encountering monsters and to avoid being noticed by them. The radius in which it can search for enemies is about 100 meters.

 Incidentally, my classmate Kawamoto-san, who has the “Sage” skill,  can detect in an radius of about 5 kilometers.  It was fifty times more.

(It’s not fair…)

 But even so, even with my ‘Detection’ Skill, I can still find at least a monster lurking in the forest along the road. I proceeded carefully on my journey while using my skills.

 At first, I was quite nervous to a point……..

 Even though I proceeded, all that came out was a peaceful street scene. I’m bored.

 I’m tired of looking at the endless forests and city streets and streams. The city has a long way to go.

(Maybe I’ll do some training…)

 Practicing the water magic technique to increase my proficiency, which I did every day in the temple.

 It’s a great way to calm your mind and increase your magical power.

I mutter to myself, “Water Magic, Gather around me the seven water balls.”

 I make water bullets using water from the creek. They’re about the size of a volleyball. With my low amount of magical energy, I couldn’t make seven water bullets from zero at once. In the blink of an eye, I’ll run out of magical energy.

 However, if you’re just manipulating the water nearby, you don’t need much magic mana.

 All you need is a high level of proficiency in dealing with magic.

 It seems that in the atmosphere of this other world, there is magical mana in the air, which can be used to manipulate the magic.

 The more you use magic, the higher your proficiency level is. By the way, skills also become stronger depending on the proficiency level.

 The more proficient you are, the faster you can create and control your magic. There is no harm in raising the proficiency level as much as possible.

 That’s why I’ve been practicing for the past year without fail. My sensei has already drummed up her proficiency in water magic alone to be at least an advanced level.

 –It’s just that its power is at the beginner’s level.

(Well, that’s fatal though… hmm?)

There was a response to the ‘search’ skill. In the forest, a little off the street.

 Are people being attacked by monsters? I maintain my ‘covert’ skills and approach quietly.

 The carriage was surrounded by a group of goblins and a merchant-like man fighting back with a sword.

 There are about ten goblins. Clearly, the merchant is outnumbered.

(Hmm, should I help him? Or should I hide like this? What do I do?)

 If it was a game, I wouldn’t hesitate to help. Slaying goblins is a guaranteed win-win event.

(If only I were the hero of a game…)

 Unfortunately, this is a survivalist alternate universe. If one dies, one does not come back to life.

 That’s right, in this world, there’s no game-like mechanism to bring you back to life when you die.

 You don’t come back to life with half the money you have. When you die, it’s the end. –Your life is over.

 And I’m an Apprentice Wizard with the weakest attribute of water magic.

“It’s tough…….. Sensei has told me to run away if I meet a monster, and…”

 But. A man is being attacked by a monster right in front of me.

 Abandoning him would feel awful. But there’s nothing to be gained if I die.

(………ehhhh, what should I do…?)

 It’s troubling…….. In the meantime, the goblins were inching closer to the merchant.

 Suddenly, a choice like a game screen appeared in front of me.

[Do you want to help the merchant?]

 YES. ←



 What is it? Here. I’ve never seen this before. Could it be the result of the RPG Player skill?

 Oh, come on. What’s with the skills. You want me to make a choice? I scratched my cheeks with my fingers.

 –It’s a pretty nifty performance.

 I would not be an RPG gamer if I didn’t help out here.

Okay, it’s my first combat event.

Selecting ‘Yes’, I quietly approached the group of goblins and enhanced my magic power.

 I aimed so as not to hit the merchant.

I released the “Water Magic, Ice Arrow” elementary level magic.

 The water bullets that I was using for training earlier were converted into ice arrows and fired at the goblins.

 All of them hit! but

(I knew I couldn’t beat them with just that.)

 The goblins were bleeding, but not incapable of fighting.

 Perhaps because of the distance, the power was low. However, their attention was directed towards me.

“Oi, are you okay?”

 I called out to the merchant-like person who had been attacked.

“An adventurer? He-, help us!”

“Copy that.”

 I responded shortly.

 I set my ‘Calm mind’ skill, which I usually keep to about 50%, to the maximum of 99%.

 All my distractions disappear. With this skill, tension and fear are virtually eliminated.

 Concentrate solely on defeating the enemy. The nearest large goblin is approaching.

 It’s a hobgoblin, a high level goblin species. Is this one the leader?

 It’s about 2 meters long. It’s pretty big. The rest of the goblins are still surrounding the merchant and his carriage. The hobgoblin carries a dagger in one hand that has turned black due to rust.

 If it were to cut me, I’d get tetanus…….. Hmm, I don’t want to engage in serious close combat.

 I build up my magic power at the point where it reaches or just barely reaches the hobgoblin’s weapon’s range.

”Water Magic, Ice Needle!

“!? Gah!”

 The ice magic I unleash pierces the hobgoblin’s eyes.

 It”s my original magic, a toothpick-sized needle of ice that shoots into the enemy’s eye socket.

 It’s a poor spell, but it should be effective for any creature that relies on its eyes.

 The best thing about it is that it saves magic power.

 I was very careful to make sure the enemy didn’t swing the weapon around like a brute, but it released the dagger it was holding and held its eyes.

(Good!)…It hesitates and shudders a bit.

 Seizing the opportunity, I retrieve the dagger that the hobgoblin dropped.

 This is my first time using a blade, and I’ve never stabbed a creature before.

 Of course, defeating a monster is a new experience for me. But.

(This is another world. So let’s get over it. All right. Let’s do it!)

 –Preparation complete.

 I made up my mind and stabbed that dagger into the goblin’s chest.

“Water Magic: Cooling.”

It’s an elementary water magic technique that chills and freezes a liquid. Through the dagger, it is applied to the opponent’s blood. With a jolt, the goblin’s body sprang up and fell to the ground.

 It’s a special move that I, who has little magic power, worked very hard to pull off.

 Whenever I’m in the middle of a battle, I use my RPG Player skill’s 360-degree field of view to look around me.

 The other goblins seem to be trying to get a look at us.

 So far, it’s as expected. However, the current amount of remaining magic power is almost nonexistent.

 There is no hope of generating water anymore. I really don’t have much magic power left….

 So, what do these goblins do when they lose their leader? I hope they get away if they can….

 Well, they’re all coming at us at once. It’s no use. Let’s just lead them to the riverside.

 I can’t fight without water.

 —- I use the thief’s ”Escape” skill.

 Without making the distance too wide, I lured the goblins to the riverside. Okay, now, I can use the water as much as I want here. The goblins are close by.

(Water Magic: Surface Walking)

 Softly, I stand on the river’s edge. This spell has the effect of allowing me to stand on the surface of the water.

 However, the depth of the river is no more than an adult’s waist.

 The Goblin group also entered the river and tried to attack me.

( I have trapped them! )

“Water magic: Water current.”

 Once the goblins have entered the river, they are trapped by water magic.  The water surrounds the goblins’ bodies and drowns them. Gulping, clattering, the goblins struggle to get out of the water.

 These goblins cannot breathe because they are underwater.

 After about five minutes, all of the goblins died. Was that all of them?

“Ha, that’s something.”

 Catching my breath, I turned back to the merchant.

◇ A certain merchant’s daughter’s point of view◇

(Oh my God what do I do, what do I do, what do I do?)

 I was – I was in despair.

 My first time on the city road. But I believed the word that the road between McCarren and the Water Temple was safe, and I was heading to the city with my father, a merchant.

 Suddenly, a group of hungry and belligerent Stray Goblins attacked us.

 My father can use a sword. He can get rid of at least one goblin.

 But more than ten! That’ s not possible!

“You stay in the carriage! “Dad shouted.

 The goblins surrounding us are making sure we don’t escape.

 They are waiting for Dad to run out of energy? The horse was frightened and rendered useless.


 They cut my father down!

 A nearby goblin caught his attention and when he took his gaze away, he was slashed by a hobgoblin that was behind him! My father is holding his shoulder. I can’t swing my sword like that.

“Ugh………” my teeth are trembling.

 If this continues, my father will….. No, that’s not all. I will be too…..

 Goblins kill men and rape women. They impregnate them.

“Wah, I must fight together…” as I tried to leave, but my legs were shaking and I couldn’t move forward.

“Gah” “Gah” “Gah” “Gah

 The Goblins surrounding us were laughing merrily.

 Scary, scary, scary, scary, scary, scary, scary, scary, scary, scary, scary, scary, scary, scary, scary, scary, scary, scary, scary, scary, scary, scary, scary, scary, scary, scary, scary, scary, scary, scary, scary, scary, scary, scary, scary, scary, scary, scary.

 The goblins are waiting patiently for Dad to get weak.

 If I don’t, Dad will be killed! And yet, and yet! My feet do not move.

 I am parched from fear, and my palms are soaking wet.

 Oh, Goddess……..please help us poor, pitiful father and daughter…….

Gah! Gah! “Rah-rah!

 As I was praying to the Goddess, an icy arrow pierced the goblin crowd.


 What? What happened?

“Hey, you okay?”

 Who? Is he an adventurer?

” Help us!”

 My father is desperate for help. What appeared was a slender, frail boy.

 He was lightly armed and had no weapons of any kind.

 Eh……..yeah, is he okay? To be honest, he looks a lot weaker than my dad… I wonder if he can even defeat one goblin…

 But he didn’t abandon us when we were being attacked by monsters and came to our rescue. I must believe in him, no matter how weak he looks.

 This time, he’ s going to go out there to fight with them.

 Ah, the Hobgoblin is approaching the Adventurer!


 Suddenly, the goblin, the leader of the group, held its eyes and began to agonise.


 What’s going on? Magic? But he’s not chanting any spells. Nor does he appear to have used his magic tools.

 With a flowing motion, the boy approaches the goblin and thrusts his dagger through it.

(But you can’t defeat a demon with that light attack…)

 But it was different. The goblin jolted away from his body and fell with a thud.

 The boy was expressionless and calm. He doesn’t look around, but he seems to know everything.

(…Eh, ehhhhhhhhh! Hey, what just happened?)

 The goblins that surrounded my father attacked the boy adventurer as if they saw the new human as a threat.

 The boy ran off towards the river as if to attract the goblin.

 Oh no! You can’t take on that many by yourself!

“Dad!” I jumped out of the carriage.

“You! I told you to stay hidden!” He yells at me.

“But we have to help him.” “Yes we do but he’s over there….”

 Zabuzaaaa, Zabu! and the sound of rampaging water and the screams of goblins can be heard.

 Is he okay! I’m worried, but it’s useless if I go.

 A few moments later, the boy came back. There’s not a scratch on him.

( EEEEEEE!  Did he take out that group of goblins all by himself?)

 He should had pretty great skills

“Are you okay? Oh, there was one more, I see.”

“Yes, yes, thank you. This is my daughter.”

“Oh, thank you very much.”

 Yes, I was saved. Released from the extreme tension, I slumped down heaving.

 I looked up at the dark-haired, dark-eyed boy adventurer.

 I could not help but notice the gap between his mature-looking face and the fact that he had easily defeated a group of demons earlier.

 My heart raced a little.

◇Takatsuki Makoto’s point of view ◇

“Thank you so much! You have saved our lives!”

” If it weren’t for you, I don’t know what would have happened…”

 The merchant and his daughter were very grateful to me for rescuing them. A good-natured merchant father and a girl about the sixth grade. I didn’t know there were little girls like this working too. It’s a tough world.

 I’ve heard that when goblins capture a woman, there’s a terrible end to the story.

 When I heard that, I was glad I did my best to save her.

“It’s not much, but thank you very much.”

“Let’s see, 100,000 gals? Isn’t that a lot?”

 Not that I’m familiar with the market, but it’ s a fair amount of money there.

“I’d like you to accompany us to town, if you can.”

“I see, I suppose I’m escorting you now.”

 In that case, I agree. Normally, it’s more unusual for a monster to appear on the road. It should be no problem.

 Along the way, I was told a lot of stories about the difficulties of merchants.

 Come to think of it, Fuji-yan is also a merchant, right? I wonder if he is having a hard time.

” Let’s get ready for camping soon I suppose.”

 Before the sun went down, the merchant suggested that we should make camp. There are camping spaces in places on the road we’re walking on now. I heard that the lord manages them so that merchants and adventurers can rest.

“I’m afraid it’s just a simple meal.”

 But what the merchant served me was a stew that was magically frozen. In short, frozen food.

 We put it on the fire, simmered it, and ate it outdoors with a piece of hard bread. It was delicious.

“Well, I’ll just have a look around.”

 After dinner I put my borrowed sleeping bag on the ground and told them.

” Sorry about that. I’d look around with you if my legs weren’t acting up.”

” I’m your bodyguard. You can just leave it to me.”

 With that, I leave the carriage. The merchant and his daughter seem to sleep in the carriage.

 I’m going to leave the camp space for a bit. I used my ” Searching ” skill to make sure that there are no monsters around.

 And I turned off the always-on ‘calm mind’ skill.


 I sighed heavily. The back of my hands were drenched with sweat and my heartbeat quickened.

“I didn’t expect to encounter a monster before reaching the first town…”

When I looked at the Soul Book, I saw that my “contribution” points had increased.

Maybe slightly longer life expectancy? About three days, I think.

“I was really rushed… but I made it somehow.”

 My knees trembled.

“The first monster I was going to take down was supposed to be more of a small fry.”

 Like horned rabbits and big rats. I didn’t expect a group of goblins to be my first battle!

“Well, I won anyway.”

 With a grin, I looked up at the stars in the night sky and clenched my fists.


 I make a small gut pose.

The staff at the Water Temple were disappointed with my outlier skills, my classmates pitied me, a younger boy soothed me, and even my helpful teacher worried me to no end.

 You’ll never survive in this world,” they said.

” Okay, okay, it’ s okay.”

 I can do it. “Calm mind,” “RPG Player,’ and “Water Magic: Elementary.”

 With these three skills, I’ll survive this world. I won’t die in the remaining nine years.

 Suddenly, I remembered the weapon on my hip. I wonder what I should do with the weapon that the goblins had. I looked at the tattered, rusty dagger.

 Hmmm, it doesn’t look like it’s worth selling. I’m not sure I can even use it as a weapon.

I’m going to keep it as a souvenir of my first victory. If I can remove the rust, it might become useful.

 I decided to wrap it up in a suitable cloth rag and keep it with me for once. It’s time to go back to bed.

 The first day out of the Water Temple was over. I was too excited to sleep for a while.

 I found myself standing in a large, empty space. A dream … right?

 Sheesh. I wasn’t supposed to be in a deep enough sleep to have a dream.

 What is this place? I’ve seen a scene like this before in some game….

 As I was thinking about this, a chill ran down my back.

 –I can feel an unworldly presence.

 I turned around and saw the figure.

“Nice to meet you, Makoto. I’ve been wanting to meet you.”

 There was a girl there who was the most beautiful girl I had ever met, and even the word “immense” was lukewarm. For a moment, I almost stopped breathing.

“Ah, you are … who are you?”

 My voice quivered as I asked the question. The beauty of the girl in front of me was inhuman.

(No … she wasn’t human.)

 The girl smiles and chuckles.

“I am a goddess.”

 The girl uttered that.


 The girl in front of me has a crazy good looks.

 Blueish, sparkling silver hair and sapphire eyes. The translucent white skin.

 The body like a girl who has left a little childishness in her body. But also exudes a bewitching sex appeal.

 She is too well-formed like a doll and … a little scary. It’s scary and beautiful.

”Well, what can I do for you?”

 This other world is clearly ruled by a god.

 If the girl in front of me is really a goddess, I should never go against her.

Thanks to the ‘Calm mind’ skill, I was able to stay calm and save myself from having to face the divine Goddess in front of me.

“I’ve been watching you the whole time. Your willingness to risk everything to save the merchant from the goblins was a noble act. I would like to welcome you as my own.”

 The Goddess smiles benevolently.

” The Goddess’s familia….”

 – Those words brought back memories from a year ago.

 Shortly after arriving in the other world, a person calling herself a “Miko” appeared in the Water Temple.

 A priestess is a special kind of person among the clergy of this country.

 They say that the miko of the Goddess religion can hear the voice of the Goddess.

 The words of the priestesses are considered synonymous with the word of God.

 They usually work in the church, but they came all the way to meet the otherworldly people.

 The purpose is scouting. Apparently, a miko has the power to grant goddess blessings to those who become believers.

 The powerful status and rare skills of the Otherworlder must be appealing.

 The one who appeared in front of us was ‘Sophia Ail Roses’. She’s a priestess of the Water Goddess.

 She’s also the princess of the Water Country Roses.  She is an important person among the important people. She is the most important person in this country. The status and skills of my classmates in Class A of the first year must have been outstanding enough for such a person to visit them in person.

“You’re a High-Grade Wizard, huh. That’s wonderful. Let’s give you the blessing of the Water Goddess. For that, you will have to become a follower of our beloved goddess, is that okay?”

“Oh, you have the skill of the ‘Golden Knight’. Let me give you the blessing of the Water Goddess. For that, you must be a follower of the Goddess…”

 Like this, she was recruiting more and more of my classmates.

 Mainly people with rare skills.

 And when they saw my ‘Book of Souls’, they said, “You’re a water magic… … Elementary grade huh. Do your best.

 With a cold look on her face, she walked past.


“Is that all you have to say?”

“Hey, the miko-sama is busy!”

 When I tried to close in on her, I was blocked by a knight-like man.

 I later found out that he was the Guardian Knight of the Miko.

“I’m going to be a follower of the Water Goddess! So, could you please give me some blessings!”

 At the time, I was desperate to do something about it, because I only got weak skills.

 When one receives the Goddess’s blessing, one can receive various benefits. I wanted the blessing of the water goddess at all costs. I pleaded desperately. But the priestess’s attitude was cold.

“It seems you need a little more training. Perhaps next time.”

 The Water Miko Sophia said that without looking back and left.

 After that, no matter how much I practiced, I never received any blessings.

 My classmates and the people in the temple looked at me with pity, and I wiped my pillow with tears. From then on, I hated the water priestess, the church, and the goddess she worshipped.

 It’s a bittersweet memory. I still get annoyed when I think back to those days.

 Calm down……..I no longer care about it, I don’t care about it.

“That matter with Water miko was terrible. You don’t have to believe in the goddesses those people believe in.”

 She spoke to me as if she had read my mind. Did she read my mind?

 Or rather, she knew what happened with the water priestess. It seems to be true that he saw it.

“I don’t want to remember that story, so let’s not. By the way, could you tell your name, Goddess-sama?”

 The gods of this world have names.

It seems that Sakurai-kun, the Light Hero, was given a blessing called ‘Sun Goddess Athena’s Favor’.

 It’s a cheat blessing that doubles one’ s combat-related status.

 Seriously, isn’t he just cheating?

 I asked her name with the ulterior motive that even though it wasn’t that good, if she was a famous goddess, I could expect blessings, too.

” Fufu, I’m a minor goddess, so I don’t think you’d know me.”

“That said, I’d like to know the name of the goddess I”m going to believe in.”

” Well, I’ll tell you about it eventually.”

 I was misled. Why? I have no choice but to change the subject.

“Will I be able to be an adventurer in this other world?”

“You’re concerned about your low stats,”

“Well, yes…”

 My magic can’t kill a single goblin. My magic attack power is too low. Moreover, my magic power will be exhausted in the blink of an eye. Can I be an adventurer at all?

“Makoto has some very useful skills, don’t you?”

“‘Is it the ‘calm mind’ skill and the ‘RPG player’ skill? Sure, they’re useful, but they’re no match against those with powerful wizards and warrior skills.”

 My tone was sultry to the Goddess-sama.  But I was being honest.

“Do you know your classmates Suzuki-kun, Yamashita-kun and Endo-san?

 Suddenly the topic changed. Of course, I knew it. We were classmates who moved to another world together.

 We were never close. I only had two friends in my class.

 As I recall, they had the superior skills of wizards and warriors.

“Those three are now missing or deceased.”

“What?” How………..

” It seems that they overestimated their powerful skills. Apparently, they fought stronger demons than they were capable of, or tried and failed in challenging dungeons of high difficulty.”

” Oh, I see…”

 Seriously. I didn’t know anything about it because I was holed up in the temple for a year.

“The country you were in, Japan, was a peaceful country. No matter how strong a skill you gain, your spirit will not change. The ‘Calm mind’ skill is a skill that stabilizes the mind. Not only that, it’s a good skill to prevent overconfidence and carelessness. Then there’s the ‘RPG Player’ skill, which is a unique skill that is unique to otherworlders. I think that’s another interesting skill.”

“Isn’t it just a skill that changes your perspective…?”

“By seeing yourself from the outside, you can prevent surprises, look around 360 degrees and get a distant view. Then, the places you go are automatically turned into ‘map-mapping’. It’s quite a useful skill.”

 Hmmm, it doesn’t seem so bad when I hear that. I see. The point is, it’s how to use it.

 I felt a little better. So, I asked another question.

“You say you’ve been watching over me for a long time, but why haven’t you spoken to me before?”

“‘The Water Temple is under the jurisdiction of the Water Goddess Eir. I was holding off.”

“Though there have been scouts from other gods’ followers within the Water Temple as well.”

 ”And Sakurai-kun, the Hero of Light, had become a follower of the Sun Goddess.”

“Well, that is good, isn’t it?”

 She responded vaguely.

“Makoto, would you like to become a follower of mine?”

 The goddess was really pushing things along. Hmmm, I ponder.

 At first, I was taken aback by how beautiful she was.

 But now that I’ve cooled down, the goddess in front of me is honestly a bit suspicious.

 Why would she want to make a guy with only a weak status and weird skills like me a believer?

 In the RPG games I’ve played, these seemingly good options in the early stages of the game often have something behind them later if you choose ‘yes’ easily.

 The gamer’s intuition tells me so. And unlike a game, you can’t reset it.

“Let me think about it to consider it.”


 The goddess suddenly became flustered from her previous graceful gesture.

“Wait, wait a minute. It’s the Goddess’s familia! And it’s a hell of an honor to have a goddess speak to you personally and all!”

 That’s right. It is not normal for a goddess to appear directly to you.

 Even the priestess who was mentioned earlier could only hear her voice.

 I’ve never heard of an ordinary person seeing and talking to a goddess in person, even in a dream.

(If it’s real, that is.)

My brain, which was cooled by the “Calm mind” skill, whispered to me.

(Is the goddess really real?)

” I am the real thing!”

” Huh?”

“Oh, shoot.”

 It seems that she”s reading my mind, after all.

“Well, Goddess-sama can do that much, right?”

“You’re so calm…”

 That’s the only thing I’m good at.

“Hey. God coming to the human world is hard. Would you be willing to make a contract with me today?”

 She grabs my hand as if to charm me and gave me an upward glance.

 Chi, so close. Her sculptured face is right in front of me. It’s like the cabaret attendants I used to see on TV. The goddess’s eyes gleam with a pale golden color.

 My head became fuzzy and a little lightheaded.

(………isn’t this The Charming Magic?)

 I learned about the existence of charm magic from the study at the temple. It seems to be a skill often used by women working in brothels.

 I’ve heard that there are many different types of charmed magic in the world, but the basics are to look the other person in the eye, talk to them in a sweet voice, and touch their body.

 A novice adventurer falls under the spell of a charmed spell, spends a lot of money on a prostitute, and ends up being in debt.

 It’s a common story, they say. Isn’t that exactly what’s happening right now?

 However, as I am constantly activating the third party perspective of the “RPG Player” skill, I am able to see myself and the person I’m talking to in front of me from a few meters away.

 As a general rule, I don’t have to make eye contact with the person I’m talking to.

 In addition, because of the skill, voice and physical contact is felt as if it were a matter of life and death.

 And thanks to the ‘Calm mind’ skill, my mind is at peace.

I’m sure it’s very difficult for Makoto-kun to be charmed by the charm magic,” the teacher in the temple told me.

 At that time, it won’t help you in battle at all! I recall thinking.

(Surprisingly, you never know what’s going to help.)

“Goddess-sama, please move away for now. You’ re too close.”

 I calmly distanced myself from the goddess.”

” Ah, what? Why, it’s not working!”

 Goddess, isn’t that a misstep? I wonder why she uses charm magic to make me a believer. It’s a dubious religious invitation itself.

“Because it’s not dubious!”

” You can read my mind.”

 No point in mumbling and muttering in my mind.

“Then you understand my distrust, don’t you? I hope you’ll give up for today.”

“No! It’s my first chance to gain a believer in a thousand years! I”m going to make you a believer for sure!”

 She finally rolled over and started flapping her legs.

 Her initial dignity was gone. Her short, dress-like skirt almost reveals her underwear, but……’s not visible. Is this the absolute realm of the goddess?

 As I was thinking about this stupid thing, the Goddess asked me.

“Will you be a believer if I show you my skirt?”

What are you even suggesting?”

 The Goddess sits on the ground and looks at me with tears in her eyes.

 Cute and adorable. But. It’s not like I’m going to be a believer, you know.

“Please, please, please! Please be my believer. I beg of you!”

 She grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me. So, it’ s close.

(What should I do…?)

 Honestly, I don’t know what the other person’s intentions are. But I can understand the seriousness of it.

 In any case, I had no interest in believing in the six major goddesses on this continent.

 It’s because of my bad impression of the Water Priestess, though.

 This is all I can say. Let’s hope I won’t be treated badly.

The ‘RPG Player’ skill displayed the options.

‘Do you want to become a follower of the Goddess?’

 Yes. ←


“I understand. I will become your believer.”

“Oh, really? Yeah, yay!”

 Goddess was going hurray and bouncing around.

”Then can I borrow your ‘soul book’?”

 I wonder if I would have it in my dreams. I looked for it and found it in the inside pocket of my clothes.

“Here it is.”

Okay, let’s see.

 The Goddess ran her finger over the Soul Book.  Suddenly, I felt the paper shine for a moment.

 Looking at the contract written, it says ‘Goddess’ first believer’.

“…….. there’s no other believer besides me?”

“There used to be others, though. You’re the first one I’ve seen in a long time! Be honored!”

“I’m just worried. She’ s too minor. How unpopular is this goddess?

 Speaking of other things I’m worried about.

“What do I get from the Goddess’s blessing?”

 That was a sloppy, but very important, moment for me as I became a believer.

 However, the Goddess looks troubled.

“Actually, I’m a minor god, so I can’t give blessings to my followers right away. If you offer up prayers every day, maybe you can get some blessings sooner or later.”

 Eh, no way.

“Don’t worry! Here’s a little something for you instead! This is the ‘divine artifact’ of the testimony of the contract. It’s amazing!”

 She handed me a dagger.

“A weapon?”

“You can use this as a weapon! It’s a dagger forged by a goddess, so it won’t break under any circumstances! And then, when you pray to me, hold this with you.”

 It’s like a Cross then.

“Well, I’d better get going. If you need help, you can count on me!”

“Well, hey, can you give me some guidance?”

 When I rushed to check, the goddess looked puzzled.

“You don’t want me to say this and that, do you? You love free scenarios, don’t you?”

“That’s true, though.”

 Really, she knows everything.

“In these situations, there’s usually an errand event from the Goddess.”

“You’re a clever believer in asking me yourself. Hmmm, well, just one thing. Be strong.”

“Is that an order?”

“That’s not an order. This is just a request. You are my only follower and I will not allow you to die so easily! Because I have high hopes for you.”

 With a wink and a “good luck” and a thumbs up, the goddess disappeared.

 When I woke up in the morning, I found an unsheathed dagger lying on my pillow.

 Hey, that’ s dangerous!

“Huh? Isn’t this the dagger you took from the goblins yesterday?”

 The dagger, which was rusty and battered, has been reborn into something beautiful.

 I tried to hold it in my hand with hesitation. It’s not too light, not too heavy, just the right weight.

 I felt as if magic power was filling my body as I got used to it.

 Is it a magic weapon? The thin bluish blade is emitting a strange light.

“Thank you, Goddess-sama.”

 I held the dagger in both hands and prayed.

When I looked at the Soul Book, it said that I was the first believer in the Goddess. It wasn’t a dream, was it?

“Huh? Takatsuki-san, what’s up with the dagger?”

 Oops, watch out. The merchant’s daughter is awake and I didn’t notice.

” Oh, hey. Praying to the Goddess.”

“I’ll pray too. Goddess Ila, the Goddess of Fortune. Thank you for the opportunity to meet Takatsuki-san.”

 I thought it was over the top, but I saved their lives, so maybe it wasn’t an exaggeration.

“Come on, let’s get going. We’ll be in town by noon, I think.”

 –Maccaren, the city of water.

 It is said to be the 20th largest city on this continent.

 The river that flows out of the forest of spirits and the great forest forms a canal that eventually leads to Lake Shimei. This is a beautiful city on the shores of the lake. Many waterways run through the city and people use ferry boats to get around.

 The city is also famous for its brewing industry, and the wine made in McAllen is popular all over the continent.

 The merchant’s daughter told me this story.

” We have arrived safely here. Thank you so much, Takatsuki-san for your help.”

 She holds my hand tightly. I’ s a little embarrassed.

 Please don’t stare at me like that, sir.

“Thank you for teaching me things, too.”

 By the time I reached the city, I was able to hear information about the city’s authorities, the location of the Adventurer’s Guild, weapons, shops where I could buy items cheaply, beautiful and delicious food shops, and an affordable inn.

 In addition, I asked to see the dagger that the Goddess gave me, but I was told that their “Appraisal : Elementary” skill wasn’t good enough for them to understand it.

 The merchant said he was going back to his trade association and parted ways.

 I’m going to head to the Adventurer’s Guild in the downtown area of the city.

 By the way, I heard that there is a church in the center of the city.

 In the Water Country of Roses, the power of the church is strong. That’s why the city is built around the church.

 However, the Water Country Roses believes in the ‘Water Goddess’ and the one at the center of the organization is that water priestess Sophia. I’ll stay away from her. I made a firm vow in my heart.

 I soon spotted the Adventurer’s Guild.

 It was larger than I had imagined, a solid stone building.

 I entered and found a wide open area lined with food stalls and street vendors selling weapons.

 Is this the entrance to the building?

“Oi, have a drink! I’ve got a cold ale that’s kinked!”

“This is a product I just procured this morning from the Earth Country. Ten percent off just for now!”

“This is a shield made of dragon scales! The sooner the better!”

 It is lively. There are simple tables in places, and some people are having a party.

Looking at the information board, it seems that there is a resting place (you can also stay overnight. Separate for men and women), a training center, and a storage room for defeated monsters.

 The Adventurers Guild is where you issue adventurers’ licenses.

Somehow I imagined it to be a place like a driving school, but it’s more of a gym with an entertainment facility attached to it.

 Fortunately, there were not many people lined up at the issuing office, and I was immediately called to the counter.

“Hello. What can I do for you today?”

 The lady at the reception desk is a beauty. Even if you look at the receptionists around you, they are all high level.

“Can you please register me as an adventurer?”

Is this your first time using this service? Well, please fill out this form. And please have your soul book with you.

I gave the ” Soul Book” to the lady at the reception desk. I wrote my name, career, skills, and occupation on a piece of paper.

“I’ve written it down.”

“Yes, thank you. I’ll check it out.”

 The receptionist seemed a little surprised by the name and background ‘otherworldly’, but she didn’t say anything. She’ s a PRO.

“No problem. Is it alright to keep your occupation as ‘apprentice wizard’?”

“Okay, please keep it that way.”

“It may take a few moments for your license to be issued, so please hold your number plate.”

 I scurried around to see if a newcomer to the Adventurer’s Guild would get tangled up with some thuggish adventurer, but that didn’t happen.

 Without incident, the adventurer’s license card is issued.

“Yes, please take it…” the card was handed to me.

Takatsuki Makoto: Apprentice Mage.

Level: 2

Adventurer Rank: Stone

Unique Skills: “Calm mind,” “Water Magic: Elementary” and “RPG Player”

Regular Skill: “Danger Detection”, ” Concealment”, “Searching”, “Mapping”, “Evasion”, “Escape”, “Clairvoyance”, “Ears”, ” Throwing”, “Dismantling”, “Cooking”, “First Aid”, “Ignition”.

Strength: XX

Samina: XX

Mental power: XX

Agility: XX




 It was level 2 thanks to the defeat of the goblins. The rest of the status is mediocre, which I’ve seen a lot of in the temple. I’m so weak, you know. I knew it, though.

“Oh well.”

Thanks to the “Calm mind” skill, I can switch my mind quickly.

 I put away my Adventurer’s License Card and left the Adventurer’s Guild. Okay, the next place.

 The place I am headed to is the Fujiwara Trading Company, which the merchant told me about.

 – yes, my classmate and friend Fuji-yan already had his own shop.

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