Clearing an Isekai with the Zero-Believers Goddess – Vol.3-Interlude

Interlude: Lucy and Aya’s talk

“I’m heading out to hunt goblins.”

 At breakfast the next day, I told my friends.

 With so few water spirits to train and no way to practice my “transformation” skill, there was not much I could do but earn a few coins.

 Of course, there is an adventurer’s guild in the Royal Capital, Horun.

 And, there’s no need to apply to the adventurer’s guild in advance for goblin and orc extermination because it’s a regular request. You can get a small reward if you report back to the guild after killing them.

“What about Lucy and Sa-san?”

 You’ll be going to, right? I looked at them while having such expectations, but they didn’t seem to be interested.

“Umm, I think I’ll pass.”

 Lucy was combing her long red hair.

“I’m going to do some shopping in town today.”

 Sa-san seemed to like the fruit set that came with the breakfast at the inn and was munching on it. That plate is my …… well, it’s okay because I’m full.

 What the heck! You guys don’t socialize well!

 …… Well, I guess I’ll go solo then. I’m a solo guy by nature!

 While making myself feel a little strong, I left the inn. I don’t have any particular plans.

 Well, there was a place that looked like a forest around the royal capital, so there would be something there.

 I was feeling optimistic as I walked out of the capital.

 ◇Lucy’s PoV◇

“All right! Both of you. I’m going to go on a solo adventure!”

 Makoto dashes off with a sultry tone. Did I do something wrong?

“Hey, Lu-chan. Where are we going?”

 Aya asked me. I had promised to go out with Aya today.

“Anywhere is fine. Is there somewhere you want to go?”

“Then, let’s have some cake.”

“Sure, Aya likes sweets. I am also the same.”

 We laughed together. But our smiles were awkward. I have promised Aya to talk to her alone today. And that can’t happen if Makato is around.

 Aya and I went to a clothing store and a general store together. After that, we had lunch at a pasta restaurant. There was a small park, so we bought some drinks and took a break there.

 I glanced at the side of Aya’s face as she drank fruit juice from a large cup.

 Her face looked so cute as she drank it like a small animal.

“What’s wrong?”

“Hmm, I just thought Aya was cute.”

“Ehehe, really? But Lu-chan is much prettier.”

“I don’t think so.”

“Yes, you are, with your long, red hair. You’re really beautiful.”

 Aya stroked my hair at the nape of my neck. It tickles a little.

“Aya is a brawler after all. You got a nice waistline.”

 As if to retaliate, I held Aya’s waist with both hands. Wow, she’s so thin! I’m jealous ……. I’m a wizard, I can’t get such a toned body due to lack of exercise.

“Hey, Lu-chan. You’re touching me in a weird way.”

 Aya blushed a little.

“Likewise, Lu-chan cheats in this area, you know~”


 A strange voice came out. Aya rubbed my chest.

“It’s not fair, you must be using these breasts to seduce Takatsuki-kun…”

“I’m not!”

 I panicked and grabbed Aya’s hand and pulled it away from my chest.

“Aya, aren’t your skirts getting shorter lately?”


 I put my hand on Aya’s thigh. Waa, her skin is so smooth. I wonder if it’s a characteristic of the Lamia’s that it’s so cool.

“Moooooo, Lu-chan!”

 Aya reached out her hand to me.

“What, Aya?”

 I fought back. We fought for a while, but then I remembered that we were in a park and I calmed down. Fortunately, there was no one there.

“Haa, geez. You’re being too aggressive, Lu-chan.”

“Isn’t Aya the same way?”

 We looked at each other’s reddened faces and laughed bitterly. As long as we are talking like this, we are good friends. There’s no doubt about it…….

“…… Speaking of which…”

 Aya casually said, as if it was nothing.

“I was surprised to hear about Fujiwara-kun’s marriage.”

 Yeah, this topic.

“Well, I was surprised to hear that he will be having two brides.”

 In fact, it’s not unusual for a nobleman of a human family to have more than one wife.

 So this was a conversation starter. It was just small talk.

“I wonder what Takatsuki-kun thinks about it.”

“He said he was relieved. Since Nina-san and Chris-san became friends.

“Ahaha, that’s true for me too.”

 On the way to the airship, I felt awkward and uncomfortable the whole way. Recently, we’ve been able to spend our time in peace. That’s a good thing, I think.

“…… It’s hard when someone close to you falls in love with the same person at the same time, isn’t it?”

“…… Yeah.”

 Let’s get to the point.

“I mean, about us.”

“Let me get this straight.”

 I looked into Aya’s eyes and she looked straight into mine.

 Aya and I both had smiles on our faces. From an outsider’s point of view, we are good friends.

 But in our hearts, things are not so calm. Because we are love rivals.

 It’s the same as Nina-san and Chris-san’s relationship. But it’s a little different.

 Originally, Chris-san and Nina-san hated each other. A nobleman and a beastkin. There was no way they could get along. That’s why they were fighting. They reconciled in the end, though.

 So what about us?

 There’s almost no difference in our positions. After all, we are all members of the same party. Although I have known Makoto for less time than Aya, I have spent the last year with him.

 If we talk about Makoto these days, I know him better than anyone. …… Although sometimes it’s hard to read what he’s thinking.

 As a result, we chose to be ‘patient’. In other words, we decided to ‘get along’ in the same party, even though we were competing for the same guy. We also felt that it would be a problem for Makoto if there was a fight within the party. I’m sure it’s the same for Aya.

 It should be the same …….

“Lu-chan, you were alone with Takatsuki-kun all day yesterday, practicing magic. And it’s been for a while~”

 Aya said to me.

 However, even if it’s just the two of us, I’m not very skilled at magic training, and Makoto told me ‘practice magic control for five hours every day!’. There is nothing romantic about it.

 And then I lost my concentration and fainted. By the way, it seems that Makoto has been practicing magic for about ten hours. I really don’t know how he can concentrate like that.

“But Aya always goes to Makoto’s room in the morning to play, right? And sometimes…… even sleeps with him.”

 Yes, Aya always prepares breakfast for us, but when she does, she always tries to play with Makoto. It’s not uncommon for her to sneak into the bed where Makoto is sleeping and fall asleep.

 They say that they didn’t do anything, but …….

“Well, Takatsuki-kun and I haven’t done anything. For now.”

“I haven’t done anything either. For now.”

“…….” “…….”

 We stared at each other for a long time. Like exploring each other’s real intentions.

◇Sasaki Aya’s PoV◇

 I was staring at the beautiful red-haired elf in front of me, Lu-chan.

 I had spent the whole day with her today. This is the first time the two of us have been alone for such a long time since we went shopping together in the Laberintos.

 At that time, we had only just met, so we were both reserved. Now we’ve spent a good amount of time together and understand each other’s personalities. That’s why we’ve been working …….

(I thought it would be crazier.)

 We fell in love with the same boy in our party of three.

 Neither Lu-chan nor I have made any attempt to hide our fondness for Takatsuki-kun.

 We’ve been competing with each other in our approach, and it’s getting more and more extreme.

 Sometimes Lu-chan gives me a sharp look, and sometimes I look at her the same way. So far, it hasn’t turned into a fight, but it’s not good.

 So we decided to go out to the city today to talk about it alone. And we had a lot of fun playing together. …… It was just plain fun.

(I really like Lu-chan a lot. ……)

 As dainty as she looks, Lu-chan’s personality is straightforward and simple at worst. She doesn’t hide things or sneaks around behind the scenes. So I can be friends with her comfortably.

(The question is, what do I want to do  …… in the first place?)

 I’ve been reincarnated as a monster in a different world, and I only have Takatsuki-kun to rely on.

 Though I can rely on Fujiwara-kun, Saki-chan, and Sakurai-kun in the Sun Nation, there is no need to think about who I want to be with if I am asked who I want to be with.

 The only person I can think of is Takatsuki-kun, who I’ve been attracted to since junior high school. But…

(That’s why it’s different to ask me to give up on him for you ……)

 It seems that Lu-chan was in a similar situation in the first place.

 She couldn’t use magic very well, and she couldn’t find anyone to join her at the adventurer’s guild in Makkaren. When she finally found a party, she was attacked by a dangerous monster and was about to be abandoned when Takatsuki-kun saved her.

 After that, he didn’t get angry no matter how many mistakes she made and even stayed up all night with her to train her magic, and when a griffon was trying to kill her, he risked his life to defeat her with fire magic, which he couldn’t use. At that time, Takatsuki-kun was hovering between life and death.

(That’s why she fell in love with him……)

 I stared at the beautiful red-haired elf in front of me.

(Mmm, such a beautiful girl. ……)

 I was somewhat angry and grabbed her soft-looking cheeks. Woah, they are soft.

“……Hey, Aya?”

 Looking at her suspicious glance, I ignored her and played with her cheeks – and then she pinched my cheeks.


 She ignored my voice, and we stared at each other with half-lidded eyes, grabbing each other’s cheeks for a while.

“…… So, what ended up happening?”

“……No, nothing.”

 We both refrained from talking to each other, and the conversation did not progress.

 Umu, someone approached us while we were making difficult faces at each other.

“Oh my, Lucy-sama, Sasaki-sama. Are you two going out together?”

 The person who appeared was Nina-san.

 Yeah, Nina and Chris had fallen in love with the same guy and were doing well.

 Wouldn’t it be a good idea to ask their opinions as seniors here? Lu-chan and I looked at each other and nodded as if she thought the same thing as I did.

“Nina-san. Are you and Chris-san still quarreling?”

 Unlike before, the two of them are as close as best friends now.

“Umm, Fortunately. Chris and I are getting along well.”

 Nina-san answered smiling.

“By the way, how are you doing at night? Do you ever get into fights about the order?”

(Asking that out of the blue!?)

 Shouldn’t there be a little more cushioning to the words? I’m certainly curious about that!

 When she was asked, Nina’s cheeks blushed.

“……Actually at night …….the three of us together”


 A bombshell came out of Nina’s mouth.

 At that time, a beeping …… sound came from Nina-san’s pocket.

“Hi, Master! Okay, I’ll be right there!”

 It seemed that Fujiwara-kun had contacted her with a magical tool (almost a cell phone).

“Excuse me! It seems that an urgent business meeting has come up, and I’m going back to the Master’s place. See you later!”

 As soon as she said that, Nina-san jumped over the wall and flew over the roof of the house.

 As expected of the rabbit-eared tribe…….


 The two of us who were left behind looked at each other.

“The three of us …….”

 Lu-chan said while blushing a little.

“Is that really okay……”

 The Japanese feeling inside me is that …… it is just too strange.

(No! It’s okay. There’s no point in fighting over it!)

(Alright! Lu-chan, we should do the same!)

“Eh, no way. Aya, are you serious?” Lu-chan rolled her eyes.

“I’m serious! So from now on, all approaches to Takatsuki-kun will be done by the two of us!”

“All ……all?”

“Yes! All of it!”

“For the first time, at least, only two people will be ……”

 Lu-chan is fidgeting.

“No good!”

“T-Tyrant Aya! …… But there’s no point in fighting about it.”

 I and Lu-chan linked hands and walked back to the inn.

“There were no goblins. ……”

 Just before dinner, Takatsuki-kun returned back totteringly and was a little cute.

 ◇Takatsuki Makoto’s PoV◇

 I was at a loss after venturing out early in the morning.

“…there are no monsters here?”

 Let alone goblins, there are not even big rats or horned rabbits.

 This is a small forest on the shores of Lake Shimei, just outside the main gate of the Royal Capital of Horun. It’s similar to the forest near Makkaren. So I thought there would be some prey here. Yeah, …… but really?

“Lucy and Sa-san were right. ……”

 It was a good thing they didn’t come with me. I was about to waste their time.

 And I am currently wasting my time. I had no choice but to practice Water Magic with the waters of Lake Simei.

 Geographically, the Horun is on the opposite side of the lake from Makkaren. So there are plenty of water spirits to be found in the lake. I’ve been practicing for a while now.

“…… Takatsuki Makoto?”

 Someone called out to me from behind, and when I turned around, there was a man standing there, the former Guardian Knight who had been beaten to a pulp by Sa-san the other day. More like, his subordinates were the ones who were beaten up.

“You’re doing an unusual kind of training.”

“It’s just Water Magic training.”

 I was standing on the surface of the water, playing with the water, turning it into a flock of birds. It takes a lot of concentration, so I’m doing it to increase my proficiency.

“I was actually hoping to do some goblin hunting.”

 The former guardian knight looked surprised and then laughed out loud as I blurted it out.

“Hahahaha, our royal capital is covered with barriers to ward off monsters. There is no way that goblins and other low-level demons can get close to it.”

“What …… is ……?”

 I shuddered in astonishment. What a mess. You can’t hunt goblins in Royal Capital!

“Then why do you need Knights on patrol?”

 What’s the need for a patrol when there are no monsters?

“Idiot! It’s the carelessness that is fatal. And there are bandits and scoundrels in the area. Our daily patrols will serve as a deterrent to keep you safe.”

“Heh, …….”

 Your ambitions are admirable. It’s a bit of a personality thing, though.

“I’ve been informed that there was a strange mage in Lake Shimei, and I came here. …… Was it your magic? Don’t scare the people of Royal Capital too much.”


 Looks like someone reported me. I shouldn’t have used magic in the same way as in Makkaren. I’ll have to be careful with magic that stands out.

 The former guardian knight turned around and spoke to me with his back to me.

“We rely heavily on adventurers to defeat monsters in Water Nation. So I appreciate you coming to the capital and going out to kill the goblins.”

“Huh. ……” Suddenly, what?

“I am sorry for everything,” he apologized in a whisper.

(Eh, did he hit his head or something?)

 I went back to the inn after seeing the rare (and not very pleasant) tsundere side of an old man.

 Lucy and Sa-san had spent the day shopping together.

” They always get along so well together,” Nina said, smiling.

 I should have joined them, I guess.

Damn, girls are quite aggressive in LN compared to WN. And Damn that Fuji-yan.

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