Clearing an Isekai with the Zero-Believers Goddess – Vol.3-Chapter-5-Part-2

Chapter 5: Makoto Takatsuki chooses

Part II

◇Christina’s PoV◇

“Takatsuki-sama really is an incredible person. It is just as Master said!”

 Nina-san’s ears are twitching. It’s a gesture of happiness.

“Oh my, Nina. Are you not happy that Fujiwara-sama has become a nobleman?”

 I asked mischievously. This kind of light-hearted talk would have gotten the mood thorny if it had been in the past.

“Ahh! Sorry, Master!”

“No, no, I’m also proud of him. To think that my friend was chosen to be a hero. Makkaren will become a city where heroes live, and it will grow even more, Chris-dono.”

“Yes, that’s true.”

 The effect of the title of Hero is great. Especially now that there are rumors that the legendary Great Demon Lord is going to return, people are living in anxiety. There are whispers of an apocalypse that the “Dark Ages,” when people were enslaved by the demon race, will return.

 In the streets, there is a suspicious cult that does not worship the Goddess, and a drug called “Weed” that is popular to alleviate fear. Everyone is frightened. This is why everyone wants to live in a city where there is a Hero, and thus the land price rises. The royal capitals of many countries are a typical example.

 Other than that, the cities where a Hero is in are all big cities.

(Makkaren will be a city where a Hero lives. ……)

“It’s going to be busy, Chris-dono.”

“Yes, it will be.”

 Fujiwara-sama speaks to me as if he can read my mind.

 From now on, there will be a large number of people coming to Makkaren.

 This is the chance for Makkaren to become big!

“You look happy, Chris.”

“You’ll be busy, too. So be prepared.”

 Nina and I laughed together.

“Ah! Makoto’s back.”

“Takatsuki-kun, how was it?”

 I heard Lucy-san’s and Sasaki-san’s voices. Looks like the rumored Hero-sama has returned.

“Nothing much, just small talk.”

 Takatsuki-sama, who had just become a nation-designated Hero, came back, scratching his cheeks.

(He doesn’t look strong from his appearance. ……)

 However, he has already fought and won twice against that horrible Taboo Monster.

 The people from the other world are all amazing.

“What did you talk about?”

“Well, things like, I’m going to work hard as a Hero from now on? Also, she told me that I should stay in the Water Nation for a while. Also, Princess Sophia made me a cup of tea.”

“Hmm, sounds normal.”


(Eh?) Hearing this, I was astonished.

“Takatsuki-sama! Princess Sofia served tea to you herself?”

“Y-Yeah. She did, but is there a problem with that? Christina-san.”

“Wasn’t it rude of you to make the princess do it?”

“Even if you tell me that ……”

“No, Lucy-san. That’s not what I meant. ……”

 Even when I looked around, I was the only one who was surprised.

“Chris-dono, what’s on your mind?

“Chris, what’s wrong?”

 Fujiwara-sama and Nina asked me why I was asking.

“No-nothing. Nothing at all. I’m just a little surprised. ……”

 Yes, I may have just made a hasty assumption. It’s best not to say anything rash.

 –A woman in Rozes invites a man into her room and serves him something she has made herself.

 It means, “I want to get more intimate with you”.

 This is an old custom of noblewomen in Water Nation. It is now out of fashion, and few people do it these days.

 However, I was taught by my tutor, ” You mustn’t do anything that might cause misunderstanding, as there are men who might misunderstand.”

 Princess Sophia has received the highest quality of education in this nation.

 There was no way she didn’t know that. In other words, she dared to do so.

 To Takatsuki Makoto, the hero of Rozes. Cold sweat ran down my back.

(…… I definitely must not be rude to Takatsuki-sama.)

“What’s the matter with that scary look on your face? Chris.”

 Nina looked at me with concern.

“No, it’s no problem.”

 That’s right, no problem. On the contrary, it is.

(But this matter is too much for me to handle. ……)

 I’ll talk to Fujiwara-sama right after this. And Nina along with me. I deeply engraved it in my mind.

 The Nation-designated hero of Rozes, Takatsuki Makoto-sama, maybe …… Princess Sophia’s love interest.

 ◇Takatsuki Makoto’s PoV◇

“Takki-dono. I apologize, but I have to return to Makkaren for a while.”

“You’ll be back in a few days, right”

 Because of what happened at Royal Capital, Fuji-yan and the others who left a lot of work in Makkaren will return.

 I, Lucy, and Sa-san will be staying in the Royal City Horun during that time.

 Fortunately, the princess has prepared a place for us to stay!

 What bothered me a little was Chris-san’s attitude.

 Up until now, it felt like there was a bit of distance between us since she simply knew us as a friend of Fuji-yan, but

“Takatsuki-sama, when you return to Makkaren, I will prepare a top-quality room for you and have our chef arrange your meals. Please tell me if there is anything you need!”

“N-no. I am okay with the usual.”

 She is very considerate of me. The title of Hero is amazing.

 I must be careful not to get carried away too much. ……

 –The next morning. As my daily routine, I prayed to Noah-sama and went out for my morning training.

 The place was the garden with the biggest fountain in Rozes Castle.

(The spirits are …… few as usual~)

 Well, it can’t be helped in Rozes Castle. I canceled my “Calm Mind” skill.

“Spirits-san, spirits-san.”

I try to use spirit magic without using the “Calm Mind” skill.

 Magic Powers begins to gather around me.

“Water Magic: Water Bullet.”

 A lump of water that looks like it could hold up to a hundred pounds was shot from my right hand.

“Hmm, it doesn’t look much different …….”

 I’m not sure what the difference is. Are there too few spirits in the royal castle?

 Is it because of the influence of the Holy God? …… I’ve been thinking about it for a while.


 I was greeted by a voice. Looking back, I saw the former guardian knight standing there.

 Well, not former, but back to being the Guardian Knight, right?

“Ah, good morning.”

“Are you doing your training this early in the morning?”

“You as well, patrolling the grounds.”

“Well, you never know when a monster will appear. We work in shifts twenty-four hours a day to keep watch.”

 He’s very conscious. I wonder if I should help out too. I am still a hired Hero of the Water Nation.

“By the way, thanks to Hero-dono, I was able to return to the guardian knight! Thank you very much!”

“No, it was originally your job, old man.”

“My family has been holding the title of ‘Royal Shield of Roszs’ for generations. Thanks to you, I’ve regained my honor!”

 Wow ……, and I took a key position away from him like that? I feel guilty …….

 However, the old man doesn’t feel my awkwardness and laughs hahaha.

 As he laughed, he turned his gaze toward the garden.

“This garden is always wonderful to see.”

 It is said that the large gardens of Roses Castle are filled with flowers all year round.

“It’s a beautiful garden.”

 I hadn’t been interested in flowers or anything like that, I was only interested in whether or not there were spirits in the garden, but looking at it again, it was indeed wonderful.

“We have to do our best to protect this scenery.”

 Old Man speaks while caressing the flower as if admiring it.

 ……It doesn’t match with the big, burly man, but I shouldn’t make fun of him here.

 This old man is surprisingly a romanticist, huh.

“When the Great Demon Lord resurrects, Hero-dono, allow me to be your shield.”

“Yes, I’m counting on you.”

 I have a paper defense, you know. His skills are reassuring, as he is still in good shape after being hit by the giant’s blow.

 My work as a Hero is still unknown to me, but I feel uneasy about going it alone, so I try to work with the strongest people I can find. While thinking about this, I remembered one thing that bothered me.

“What is the ‘Northern Expedition Plan’ that Princess Sophia was talking about?”

 It seems that this will be my first task after being appointed as a Hero.

“Ohh! You mean that plan! Hero-dono, do you know about the northern continent apart from the western continent where we are?”

“I’ve heard that the northern continent is inhabited by demons and monsters.”

 I remembered what I had learned in the water temple.

“Yeah, the 9 Demon Generals that obeyed the Great Demon Lord. The northern continent is ruled by the 3 that survived and acting as Demon Lords.”

 I’ve heard that before. The Northern Continent is commonly referred to as the ‘Demon Continent’.

“Then the Northern Expedition Plan, could it be ……”

 I was able to guess what it was.

“Before the Great Demon Lord revives, defeat the Demon Lords in the Northern Continent in advance. That is the Northern Expedition Plan.”

“Ohh, ……”

 That makes sense. Certainly, the revival of the Great Demon Lord is for the convenience of the demons, and there is no reason for humans to bother waiting for it.

 Even so, defeating the Demon Lord. There is such an event! I’m getting excited.

As an “RPG player”, I’m deeply moved. But my current strength doesn’t seem to be up to the task. I’ll have to master spirit magic.

“Hero-dono, are you not afraid?”

 The Guardian Knight Oji-san had a strange expression on his face.

“Eh? I don’t know how strong these Demon Lords are, but looks like I gotta work on my magic.”

“You even look like you’re having fun, that’s encouraging.”

 I look like that, huh. …… A bit dangerous, aren’t I?

“I’m going back to my patrol, then.”

“Ah, thank you for teaching me a lot.”

 I thanked the old man and returned to my training.

 Or more like, I would prefer that you speak to me in a more familiar tone. Like before.

(Makoto, you’re doing well with the people of the Water Nation, huh)

“Noah-sama, you’re doing fine it seems.”

(I’ve spoken to the Water Goddess, Eir. And she said that she’s happy that Makoto is the Hero. Because there are no strong warriors in the Water Nation.)

“I see …… so now you can talk to the Holy Gods.”

 Weren’t they your sworn enemies?

(Just because you went to war with them a long time ago doesn’t mean you can’t talk to them afterward, right?)

“Well, sure, …….”

 If you can’t talk to a hostile country after a war, then people in a certain country won’t be able to talk to anyone.

 And The Divine Realm War seems to be a very long time ago.

(That’s right. But I can’t get the water goddess’s blessing. Don’t expect that.)

“I won’t be so extravagant. Noah-sama’s blessing is enough.”

(Good boy, good boy. Do your best~)

 I couldn’t hear Noah’s voice anymore.

“Hmmm. ……”

 I folded my arms and looked up at the sky.

(Northern Expedition Plan…… Demon Continent…… Defeating the Demon Lord……)

 As the apostle of the evil god Noah-sama – who aims to overthrow the world, is this the right direction?

 It feels like a detour, and it also feels like this is the right way to go.

(There’s no save and reset.)

 No starting over.

 Well, I guess I’ll just have to work hard at my training. …… A Hero. What’s gonna happen, I wonder.


(Hmm? )

 Was someone laughing? Am I hearing things now?


This Marks the end of volume 3 for WN Version. There’s 4 more chapters including Epilogue in LN which is basically the continuation of volume 4 of LN it’s same same but a bit different.

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