Clearing an Isekai with the Zero-Believers Goddess – Vol.3-Chapter-4-Part-3

Chapter 4: Takatsuki Makoto fights against enemies attacking the Royal Capital

Part III

◇Takatsuki Makoto’s PoV◇

 I went back to the inn with Lucy and Sa-san. It seems that all the monsters in the city have been defeated and we didn’t encounter any of them on our way back. Once back at the inn, I let Sa-san and Lucy rest in their room.

 Then I headed to the Adventurer’s Guild and reported the story of the clown and the strange voice.

“The circus performers are being searched for by order of the princess. Thank you for the information. . …… That mysterious voice is a bit, well, hard to say. ……”

 The guild staff said that they were already investigating the circus people who were the cause of this incident.

 However, they were not sure how to deal with the mysterious voice.

Well, there’s always the possibility that I was hearing things …….

 After that, I took a look around the town, but when I saw the knights guiding the residents, I decided that there was no work for adventurers, so I went back to the inn.

 I went back to the inn. As for Fuji-yan, I received a message from Nina-san that he had some important business to attend to.

 That he would be busy for a few days, so he asked me to wait for him at the inn.

I gave my okay and decided to take the day off.

(Today was a tough day ……)

 After confirming that Lucy and Sa-san were sound asleep in the next room, I lay down on the bed as if to fall asleep. I fell asleep in an instant.


 The next thing I knew, I was standing in Goddess-sama’s space.


 As I was scurrying around, Noah-sama appeared with a gleeful smile.

“Hello, Makoto. Good work today.”

“Noah-sama. You saved me in the battle with the Giant.”

 I kneeled down and thanked her. That hint was a big help. Synchronizing with Princess Sophia.

 If not for that, I wouldn’t have been able to defeat the Taboo Giant.

“I think that Makoto would have figured it out on his own, though. But if we had taken it easy, perhaps Aya-chan would have died at least once.”

 Noah-sama says matter-of-factly.


 Shivers ran down my spine. In retrospect, today’s battle was a tightrope walk. It’s a good thing that Princess Sophia, who happens to have a powerful ice magic skill, was there to save the day.

“Not really. Water Nation has a lot of water-related magic skills. Leonard-kun has Supreme Water Magic Skill. It would have been better if you had synchronized with him.”

“I see, there was that option too.”

 But the Prince was fighting the Giant.

 It would have been impossible to use synchronization with Prince Leonard in that situation. So the best way to deal with it would have been to synchronize with Princess Sophia.

“Yes, I agree with you. It’s just that you can’t be that forceful with the princess of a country.”

“Forceful …… you mean?”

 Was it possible to synchronize gently?

“Well, the end result wasn’t bad, so that’s good.”

 Noah-sama is smirking teasingly. What’s with that …… I’m curious. However, speaking of being curious, there is something else I am more concerned about.

“That child-like voice before the Taboo Giant appeared. What the hell is that?

 After that voice was heard, the Giant that was on its last breath turned into a terrifying monster.

 If it continues like that, no matter how many lives I have, I won’t be able to hold on.

 I wonder if Noah-sama knows something about it.

 To my question, she said without hesitation, “Aah, that”.

“That voice is the voice of the one you call the Great Demon Lord.”

“……………………… …eh?”

 A shocking revelation came to light. The owner of that voice is the Great Demon Lord?

“The Great Demon Lord is resurrected!?”

“No, he’s not. That voice is just a residual voice. It’s a recording from the past.”


 I don’t understand. It was like a conversation.

“Don’t worry about it. Anyway, the Great Demon Lord’s resurrection is just around the corner. Maybe a bit more than six months from now.”

“. ……, Don’t nonchalantly announce important information.”

 My mind can’t keep up.

“You don’t have to worry about it, Makoto. I’ll give you the information you need when you need it.”

“I feel like everything is on the palm of your hand, Noah-sama.”

 Is this okay? Well, I’m Noah-sama’s apostle, so I guess it’s okay.

“The palm of my hand, that doesn’t sound good.”

 Noah-sama gave me a melancholy look.

“We gods can’t interfere directly with the people on the mortal world. That’s why we use apostles and priestesses to guide the people of the earth. Can’t let a lost lamb go astray☆”

 Noah-sama said cutely.

 What she is saying is not very cute though.

“The point is that the apostles are God’s pawns, aren’t they?”

 In Noah-sama’s case, it would be like having a single piece of ” infantry ” in shogi.

 It’s a pretty impossible game.

“Wouldn’t Makoto be at least a ‘Knight’ then?”

“You don’t deny the idea of being a piece.”

 Well, I am tamed to the point that I am happy to hear that it is not infantry but a Knight.

 But, Noah-sama glared at me with a scowl this time.

“Makoto, you call yourself a pawn, but you don’t listen to me at all, do you?”

“Is that so?”

 But Noah-sama is quick to tell me to abandon my friends and run away, but how can I do that?

“…… Normally. Apostles of God are more likely to listen to orders, you know? The reason why I say to run away is that Makoto’s life is important to me.”

“Then instruct me such that both, my friends and I can be saved.”

“Why are you telling your God to tell you what you should do ……”

 Noah-sama had a dumbfounded look on her face. I wonder if I am saying something strange. I did, huh.

“Well, whatever the case may be. You did a really good job today!”

“Is that so? It was a battle that I had a lot to reflect on.”

 It was a situation where I couldn’t use spirit magic and my friends Lucy and Sa-san couldn’t fight. In addition, there is no way to escape. Many assumptions were not made. I’m going to have to rethink my strategy.

“Not that.”


“It’s about getting along with an Oracle.”

“…… we don’t get along though?”

 I am getting along with Prince Leonard the Hero, I think. But about his sister?

 After defeating the Taboo Giant together with her, she immediately went away. She must be in command as a Princess.


 Noah-sama made a gesture like, “Oh dear”.

“What’s wrong?”

“That’s why dense guys are.”

 What? I’m dense?

“Did you say something?”

“That’s why I don’t like dense guys.”


 She said it twice. It must have been something important.

 I’m not a dense …… type, am I?

 I am consulting with Fuji-yan about the matter of Lucy and Sa-san.

“From now on, I will try my best to make friends with Princess Sophia.”

“…… Hmm, I guess that’s enough …… Well, good luck with that.”

“Yes. And I’m going to train harder and get stronger.”

 So that I can deal with cases like this one.

“Oh my, how diligent you are. Then this super gentle goddess will give you a hint that you will appreciate.”

 She smiled and patted me on the head. She seemed to be in a good mood.

“Makoto, when you use spirit magic, you are using the ‘Calm Mind’ skill, right?”

“Yeah, I am. Not only when using magic, but all the time.”

Skills that stabilize the mind, such as the “Calm Mind” skill, go well with Mages. It takes a lot of concentration to use magic, and mental stability skills are perfect for that.

“When using spirit magic, try to refrain from using the ‘Calm Mind’ skill.”


 It’s the opposite of what I was taught in the Water Temple. I feel the effectiveness of the mental stability skill in actual combat.

 So why bother stopping it?

“Spirits, you know. They are more pleased when you show your emotions.”

“…… Is that so?”

 I didn’t see that in the book on spirit magic.

“In order to use strong Spirit Magic, you have to get along with the Spirit, right? And it’s always more fun to talk to an amiable person than an unfriendly one, right?”

“……………… Well, that’s true.”

 For someone like me with communication problems, it’s painful. I was shocked to find out that the spirit thought I was an unfriendly person.

“Just think of it as a trick, and try it out next time. You can still grow as a spirit user.”

“Okay, I’ll give it a try.”

“Yup yup, do your best.”

 She pets my head. I have gotten used to it nowadays.

 Noah-sama then pouted at me. Oops, she read my mind.

“Well, I guess I’d better be on my way.”

 I thanked her and left.

“Hey, Makoto.”

“Yes, what is it?”

 Noah-sama approached me quickly.


 Before I had time to think about it, she kissed me on the cheek.

 I froze.

“Today’s reward.”

 Noah-sama then waved her hand smilingly and disappeared.


 Oi Oi Oi, I was afraid I’d stop breathing.

Even with the “Calm Mind” skill, my heart is still racing.

 This is the most dangerous thing that Noah-sama has ever done to my heart.

 Well, that’s okay. I’ll take it as a reward for my hard work.


 –The day after the monster disaster that struck the Royal City of Horun.

“Oii, Fujiwara Trading Company sent us some food.”

“Not only that, they also gave us some clothes.”

“It’s a great help for my young children, …… really.”

“The clerks at the store are all cute beastkins, it’s really relaxing.”

“Maybe I should apply for a job at …….”

“I’ve heard that hiring conditions for men are very strict.”

 Currently, Horun is in the process of recovering from the damage caused by monsters. The area where the Giant was rampaging was the most destroyed. Many people had their homes destroyed by the larger monsters and lost their places to live.

 The country and the church are providing temporary housing for the refugees, but supplies are lacking. Especially food and clothing. Fujiwara Trading Company, the company that Fuji-yan runs, was the first to understand this and provide support.

 …… No, seriously, isn’t he too competent? Really, is he the same age as me?

 It seems that on the same day that a monster rampage occurred in the royal capital, he returned to Makkaren by airship and came back with all the supplies and human resources he could find.

 When the other nobles and merchant associations had finally sent in their relief personnel and supplies, all the refugees in the royal capital had been supplied with Fujiwara’s goods.

“Fujiwara-san is amazing!”

 Lucy said as she watched the refugees’ children playing happily.

“Yes, take your turn. Don’t interrupt.”

 Sa-san was handing out sweets to the children. Didn’t she have four younger brothers? She seemed to be used to dealing with the children.

 For the past few days, Lucy and I have been working with the adventurers, helping them clean up the rubble and repair their homes. The world with magic is good, though.

 Even large pieces of rubble can be easily moved away with “levitation magic”. Of course, Lucy and I couldn’t use that kind of magic, so we had to clean up as we went along. The adventurer’s guild rewards us.

 Since Sa-san is a good cook, she volunteers with Nina-san and the others to serve food and help with the children.

 Sa-san volunteered to do the same here.

 Lucy and I had just finished our work for the day and came to pick her up before dinner.

“Okay, that’s the last of it, then. Ah! Takatsuki-kun, Lu-chan.”

“Good work, Sa-san.”

“Must be tough, Aya.”

“Nah, it’s fun to play with kids.”

 It must be tough to play with them all day long, but she doesn’t seem tired and has a smile on her face. She’s great.

“It’s time to go back to the inn. I think Fuji-yan will be back today.”

“He has been moving around all the time apparently.”

“Should we call Nina-san?”

“Hmm, Nina-san has to look after store employees.”

“She has it hard. …… even though she’s getting married soon.”


 Lucy and Sa-san had a pitying look towards Nina-san. Well. Nina-san is indeed Fuji-yan’s fiancee. The same goes for Chris-san.

 And yet, it was unfortunate that she was involved in such an incident.

“Shall we go back by ourselves then?”

“Yeah” “Okay~.”

 After finishing the day’s work, we returned to the inn.

 –At dinner.

” Oh man, we finally have the chance to see each other.”

 Hahah, Fuji-yan said with a light-hearted laugh.

 And next to him, Chris-san was slumped over.

“Are you okay? Chris.” “Ah, ……, Nina. It’s been a while.”

 Nina-san was concerned about Chris-san.

“Thanks to you, Fujiwara-kun, the children seem to be doing well even without a home.”

 Sa-san smiled.

“Looks like Sasaki-dono helped Nina-dono.”

“She was a big help! Sasaki-sama is very good with children.”

“I’ve been taking care of my little brother a lot.”

 She’s scratching her head embarrassed, but I think she’s brilliant. Really.

 The children in the royal capital all adored Sa-san.

“By the way, Takki-dono. I heard about it! That you have defeated another Taboo monster!”

 Fuji-yan asked me about the other day.

“Oi Oi. You can’t talk about it like that, Fujiyan. Prince Leonard, the Glacial Hero, and the adventurers who were there worked together to defeat it.”

 I answered in a slightly mischievous manner.

 –The Taboo Monster was defeated by Prince Leonard, the Glacial Hero.

 That’s the story that’s being told to the people of the capital now.

“The brave hero chosen by the goddess of water was almost defeated by a monster.”

 If such a rumor were to spread, the people of the capital would be frightened and would not be able to sleep at night.

 The royal family and the adventurer’s guild took this into consideration.

 In the royal capital, the head of the guild asked the adventurers who were present at the battle against the giants for a low-key favor. Of course, the fee for keeping quiet was high, as it was a royal request.

“You’re giving away the credit again, Makoto.”

 Lucy said with a wry smile.

“But that kind of thing is cool! Like a hero protecting everyone from the shadows.”

“Right?” That’s a good point, Sa-san.

“It was thanks to Princess Sophia that the giant was defeated in the first place. It’s not like I gave up the credit. It’s just that the Royal Family of Rozes defeated it.

“…… You synchronized with Princess Sophia, didn’t you? How fearless, Takatsuki-sama.”

 Nina-san had a flustered look on her face.

 Well, it was an emergency, so I can’t blame her.

“Synchronization is that thing, isn’t it?”

 Lucy seemed to be remembering her past experience and made a difficult face.

“Did something happen?” Chris-san asked.

“When I synchronized with Lucy a long time ago, I got burned all over.”

” Haa……  I see. That must have been rough.”

 Chris-san seemed surprised but did not seem to understand.

“Hey, Lucy. Give me your hand.”

“Eh? What?” She said but extended her right hand to me.

 I grabbed Lucy’s hand and did the same.


 Lucy jolted.


 I felt as if I had been bathed in boiling water, and hurriedly pulled my hand away.

“W-What are you doing?”

“Sorry, sorry. I was hoping that with my increased magic proficiency, I might be able to synchronize with Lucy, but ……. I can’t do it at all.”

 Isn’t Lucy’s magic more violent than before?

 Lucy has Great Sage skill that allows her to use the magic of the four attributes of ‘Fire, Water, Wood, and Earth’, so it should be possible to synchronize with her, but I wonder if it is an incompatibility of the body.

 While thinking about it, Princess Sophia and I were a good match.

“……………… pervert.”

 Lucy, blushing, muttered with a scowl.

“It was my bad.”

 No, suddenly synchronizing with her must not have been delicate.

“Hey, hey. I’ll try it too.”

 Sa-san grabbed my hand.

“You’d better not, Aya, you’ll get creeped out.”

“Now Now, it will be fine.”

 She looked into my eyes with excitement.

 I wonder what will happen when it’s with her since she doesn’t have any Mage Skills.


 –but nothing happened.

“…… nothing?”

“Hmm, I guess you need magic skills.”

“Whaat, it’s boring.”

 Sa-san’s is a close-quarters power type after all. She can’t use magic.

“Takatsuki-sama, Takatsuki-sama. I have intermediate earth magic and beginner water magic.”

 Even Nina-san was interested and extended her hand to me.

 You had water magic, huh. I have never seen her use it before.

When I was about to grab Nina’s hand that she held out to me.

[ Do you really want to Synchronize with Nina-san?]


 No ←

 …… What is this? This option. I didn’t get this option when I was with Lucy and Sa-san.

 In front of me, there’s an excited-looking Nina, her rabbit ears twitching.

 She’s going to be Fujiy-an’s wife, isn’t she?

 I don’t know why, but I think it would be best to not say yes.

 I somehow have a bad feeling about this.

“Lucy has the Great Sage skill, but it failed earlier to synchronize, so let’s not do it. And it looks like something went wrong.”

“I see-“

 Nina-san looked disappointed.

(This was your chance at NTR.)

 Eh, what are you saying? Goddess-sama.

 …… Was there a risk involved with synchronization that I didn’t know about? Let’s be careful.

 We finished dinner and lingered over a cup of tea afterward. Peaceful. It felt like peace had finally returned to the capital.

“By the way, the commotion this time. It seems that the ones behind it were the Devilkins.”

 Fuji-yan said such.

“Devilkins, you say?”  That was a new word for me.

“What’s that?” Sa-san didn’t seem to know either.

“The devilkins are a race of people who are a mixture of demon and human blood. Many of them were born a thousand years ago in the dark ages when the demon race ruled the earth and the human race was kept alive as slaves. So they are its survivors.”

 Chris-san explained.

“The devilkins are a race without a nation. Or more like a wandering race that has never had a nation. For a thousand years, they’ve been moving from one continent to another, from the west to the north. Now, it is said that many of them live in the ruins of the Moon Nation. ……”

“The Devilkins are a race that does not belong to either the human race or the demon race.”

 Lucy and Nina-san added.

“Haa ……, so it’s a racial problem in another world.”

 It’s no different in any other world. It doesn’t feel so good.

“Were they the ones who caused this incident?”

“That’s right, Sasaki-dono. Actually, I have been investigating their background and managed to track down their hideout.”


 Fuji-yan’s words caught me, Lucy, and Sa-san by surprise.

 What is this person doing here, rescuing refugees from the royal capital and even doing that? This guy is too good!

“That’s right! Master suddenly found out the culprit among the refugees.”

“I was scared. Just thinking about it, if the enemy was stronger than Nina, ……”

 Nina-san looked excited, while Chris-san was a little frightened.

“And then what?”

 Sa-san wanted to know the rest of the story. I was curious, too.

“All that’s left is to hand over the devilkin that caused the commotion to the knights. It’s not that big of a deal.”

 Fuji-yan answered with a laugh.

“When you handed over the demon men to the Knights, didn’t you tell them the exact location of their hideout? I remember well the expression on the devilkin’s face at that time. When in the world did you find out all that information ……”

 Chris-san interrupted in a dumbfounded manner.

 Fuji-yan’s cheat skill ‘Mind Reading’. It’s been working very well.

“If we let them go unchecked, there’s a risk of them bringing monsters back to the capital. We have to do at least that.”

(That’s quintessential …….) I was honestly impressed.

 The peace of the city is probably supported more by the people behind the scenes, like Fuji-yan, than by the adventurers. We celebrated each other’s safety and had a small party.

 –The next day. I received a call from Rozes Castle.

 The person in charge of the event was the beautiful, calm, and collected Princess Sophia.

 According to Fuji-yan, Princess Sophia must be working very hard. It must be tough.

“Merchant Fujiwara. Your contribution to the capital has been a great honor. The donation of a large number of goods to the people. You even helped us arrest the demon tribe that was working behind the scenes. Thanks to you, many people’s lives have been saved.”

“As a resident of the Water Nation, this is only natural.”

 Fuji-yan bowed his head reverently. He looks elegant. How impressive.

“Do you have any wishes?”

“Actually, I’m going to be married to Lady Christiana, the daughter of Makkaren.”

“I see.”

 Princess Sofia was not surprised and continued.

 Eh? Can you say such an important thing here? I was surprised.

 I heard later that Chris-san had reported her engagement with Fuji-yan to her parents when she was back in Makkaren a few days ago.

 They questioned her about it a lot, but she hastily persuaded them because of the emergency in the royal capital.

 No wonder she’s exhausted.

“If you’re offering me a title and territory, I’d like it to be near Makkaren.”

“Very well. I’ll make the necessary arrangements. You’ll receive further details in due course.”

“Thank you very much.”

 It seems that the matter has been settled. Fuji-yan is now a member of the nobility. And he has two wives.

 …… I feel like Fuji-yan is so far away from me.

 What is this feeling? It’s like an old friend you met after a long time at a year-end party has become the president of a venture company. Or maybe not.

“Next, Takatsuki Makoto.”


 Princess Sophia called me. I answered and stepped forward.

” It was a great achievement, defeating the Taboo Monster.”

“………… Yes.”

 For a moment, I was at a loss for an answer.

 The Taboo Giant was supposed to have been officially defeated by Prince Leonard. Was it right to reply here? There was no response from the others. Prince Leonard, who is near Princess Sophia, is looking at me with sparkling eyes.

 Well, it’s all their relatives, so I guess they’re keeping a tight lid on it.

 –At this point, Princess Sophia took a deep breath.

 She stared at me quite intently, as if she has something to say.

 What is it? I thought, but when I noticed that her eyes were moist, I realized that she wasn’t staring at me.

( Maybe …… not staring, but tense? )

 I quietly waited for Princess Sophia’s next words.

 A few moments of silence.

 A few seconds of silence fell in the hall of Roses Castle.

 Then Princess Sophia opened her mouth and said,

“Takatsuki Makoto. I hereby bestow upon you the title of Hero of the Water Nation.”


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