Clearing an Isekai with the Zero-Believers Goddess – Vol.3-Chapter-4-Part-2

Chapter 4: Takatsuki Makoto fights against enemies attacking the Royal Capital

Part II

 The muttering of one of the stunned adventurers reached my ears.

 That’s right, this strange voice and creepy appearance resembled the Taboo Dragon I had seen in the Great Labyrinth.

 The form was completely different, but the way it was and the weirdness of it gave me the same impression.

 Well, that doesn’t even matter now. What is clear is that if we don’t defeat this thing, more people will die and the city will be ruined.

“Lucy! Sa-san! …… Eh?”

 I turned to my friends and was stunned.


 Once again, the giant’s unpleasantly strange voice rang out. The knights, the adventurers, and Lucy were all sitting there with pale faces.


 I rushed over to Lucy, who was shaking and cowering.

“Makoto, it’s …… okay, …… just …….”

“There’s no way you’re okay!”

 I hugged her shaking shoulders. What? What did it do?

“The voice of the Taboo Monster has a curse that instills fear …….”

 I turned around and saw a pale Princess Sophia standing there. She is not sitting down like others, perhaps because she is resistant to abnormal status effects. Even so, she seemed to be in pain.

“Are you okay, Sa-san?”

“Yeah, I feel fine. It’s a little weird, but ……”

 It may be less effective on Sa-san, who is a monster and a Lamia.

“Is Makoto-san okay?”

 Prince Leonard also seems to be okay. Well, Sakurai-kun was also fine with the blessings of the goddess. Heroes are cheats, so I don’t have to worry about them.

“I have ‘Calm Mind’ skill, so I am fine.”

“……And even then, how can you be that unaffected ……?”

 Princess Sofia asked in surprise.

 This is my second encounter with a Taboo Monster, you know. I’m used to it.

“I will defeat the Taboo Giant!”

 Prince Leonard held up his shining blue sword. I wonder if it’s a magic sword. Magic power overflows from the blade. I’m sure it’s a legendary weapon passed down through the royal family.

“Leo ……, be careful.”

 The usual calm Princess Sofia had a worried look on her face.

“Yes, ane-sama! Blizzard Sword: Slash!”

 Prince Leonard swung his sword and a huge magical blade struck the giant.

 Ohh, great! It was a magic blade more than ten times larger than Jean’s magic sword. A big wound was dealt to the giant. But …….

“The wound is …… regenerating.”

 As Sa-san said, the Giant’s wounds are healing right after the cut. You can’t tell from the outside if any damage has been done or not.

 When the Giants waved their arms, the prince hurriedly distanced himself. It was a bit dangerous.


 Princess Sophia screamed.


 Prince Leonard swings his sword at the giant again, but the result is the same.

 He doesn’t have any great skills like Sakurai-kun’s ‘Light Sword’, huh.

 I glanced at Princess Sophia, who was praying with her hands folded with a flabbergasted expression.

 Hmmm, I don’t feel like she’s hiding any trump cards …….


 To be honest, I had a lot of time on my hands just now. This is because I had watched Sakurai-kun defeat the Taboo Dragon with a single blow. Heroes are overwhelmingly powerful in this world, and I assumed that Prince Leonard with his magic sword would be too.

(Makoto. Light Hero is special, you know? However, Leonard-kun falls on the weaker side among the heroes. ……)

 Noah-sama gave me a comment. So……, that’s how it is.

 While hugging Lucy, I look around again.

 The knights and adventurers are too frightened to move at the sound of the abominable giant’s voice.

 Sa-san can move, but she can’t attack with her bare hands against that lava giant. Her arm would be turned into charcoal.

 Our trump card, Prince Leonard, ‘Glacial Hero’, attacks don’t seem to have much effect.

(…… Isn’t this actually quite a pinch?)

 Cold swear ran down my cheeks.

 Bokun, the giant’s fist closed in on the prince. It’s bad, he can’t avoid that!


 The former guardian knight old man pushed Prince Leonard away and took his place.

 He caught the giant’s fist head-on and, as if hit by a truck, spun around and crashed into a wall, disappearing through the wall.


 There was no reply. He was dead, ……. There’s no way I can save him. Damn it!

 I grit my teeth, but for now, I’ll let it out of my head. Calm down. Set “Calm Mind” skill at 99%. Don’t lose your cool.


 Prince Leonard’s movements became choppy, perhaps because he lost his composure after his ally was killed.

“Hey, Takatsuki-kun. …… I can apparently die up to four times and still be okay. Should I attempt a do or die approach?”

 I shook my head at Sa-san’s suggestion.

“It’s not going to work. I don’t think a bare-knuckle attack will work on a lava-covered giant”.

 More importantly, I definitely don’t approve of suicide attacks on the premise of death.

 The Taboo Giant is gradually becoming accustomed to Prince Leonard’s attacks, and is starting to fight back.

Every time the giant moved, the lava from its body would roll up and turn the area into a ground of flames.

 Gradually, Prince Leonard’s escape route became less and less. He’s going to get caught at some point.

“Sa-san, help Prince Leonard! Throw rocks and debris at him to distract him! But don’t get too close. Don’t let it catch you!”

“O-okay. I’ll try.”

 Sorry! I asked you to do something dangerous. When I suddenly felt a gaze and turned around, Princess Sophia was looking at me.

“Takatsuki Makoto …… Can you do something about it?”

“Princess Sophia ……”

 Princesse Sofia, with a sad face, asked for help.

[Will you grant Princess Sofia’s wish?]

 Yes ← 


 I personally want to say yes, of course. …… But how?

 Think about it. There must be a way to ……. Any hints? An item that can overturn this situation? Isn’t there a character who can help us? If this was Makkaren or the Great Labyrinth, I could use spirit magic.

 I tried my best to think, but I couldn’t find any clues.

 What on earth should I do ……?

(Makoto ……, use Princess Sophia.)

(Eh? Noah-sama?)

 Use Princess Sophia? What are you suggesting?

 Use her? ……………… Maybe.

“Princess Sophia! Do you have any magic skills?”

“I’ve never trained as a wizard, but ……. I do have Monarch Rank Ice Magic. But I can only use it as defensive magic to protect myself. ……”

 This is it! I grabbed Princess Sophia’s hand without hesitation. It’s rude, I know. I’ll apologize later.

“What are you doing!?”

 Naturally, Princess Sophia was surprised and rebuked me.

“Excuse me, I have to borrow some magic. I’m going to help Prince Leonard.”

“…… I-I understand.”

 With the words of helping Prince Leonard, Princess Sophia became quiet.

 I grabbed Princess Sofia’s hand and increased my concentration.

 —— Synchronization.

 At that moment, I had the illusion that I was in the middle of a huge waterfall. A large amount of chilly, refreshing magic power flowed into my body.


 I heard Princess Sophia gasp softly.

“Sa-san! Prince Leonard! Get away from there!”


 Prince Leonard didn’t hear our voice, but Sa-san pulled him to get away from the giant.

“Water Magic: Water Dragon!”

 The Ice Dragon was released from my hand and headed towards the abominable giant.

(Huh? The Water Dragon has turned into an Ice Dragon.)

 Is it the influence of Princess Sophia’s ‘Ice Magic: Monarch Grade’?


 The Taboo Giant’s skin froze in places. The giant’s movements slowed down a bit. Ooh, is this going to work?


 The Ice Dragon was torn apart by the angry Taboo Giant. No, it’s not, huh.

“Ta-Takatsuki Makoto, ……, what was that?”

“I synchronized with Princess Sophia and used magic. …… Was it painful?”

“W-Well. …… Just need to rest.”

“Then, I’ll go for another one.”


 After obtaining the princess’s permission, I increased the synchronization rate. And even more Magic Power is flowing in than before.


 Princess Sofia quivered and she arched back.

 Did I take too much mana at once?

“Water Magic: Twin Ice Dragons.”

 This time, two ice dragons are created and attack the giant.

 It seems to be doing some damage, but …… it is still crushed by the giant in the end.

“Umm, Superior Rank Magic is not very decisive.”

“…… haa …… haa …… haa.”

 Princess Sofia is out of breath. I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to keep her in sync for too long.

“U-Umm , …… my body feels hot …….”

 Princess Sofia complained.

“Is it painful? Are you hurt anywhere?”

“N-no. …… it doesn’t hurt, but ……”

“Then, I’ll finish this with the next one. Let’s give it everything we’ve got.”

“Eh? That was …… not full power.”

 –Perfect Synchronization.

 With the sensation of becoming one with her opponent, …… enters deeper and deeper into Princess Sophia.

“U! Aaah!”

 She makes a painful sound every time. …… Isn’t it really painful?

 However, thanks to this, powerful mana flowed into me. Moreover, it is easy to handle, unlike the self-indulgent magic of the spirits. This could work.

“Water Magic: Yamata no ……”

 I was about to use the royal magic I used in the Great Labyrinth but stopped myself.

 If I use Yamata no Orochi in a city like this, it will bring adventurers and knights around me into trouble. Okay, let’s arrange it!

“Water Magic: Ice Phoenix.”

 Originally, the phoenix was fire magic of the Monarch Grade. I replace it with water magic.

(Hee, doing crazy stuff huh, Makoto.)

 I heard Noah-sama’s voice. Thank you for the compliment, Noah-sama.

 And thank you for the hint earlier.

(You’re welcome~)

 The Monarch Grade Magic is completed. A giant ice phoenix appeared in front of me.

 Ooh! That’s so cool!

“Go! Defeat the Taboo Giant.”

 The Ice Phoenix let out a high-pitched squeal and attacked the Taboo Giant.

“T-That …… is that Monarch Grade Magic?

“It’s thanks to Princess Sophia.”

 I smirked. No wonder, it’s as expected. She’s got Monarch Magic skill.

“Y-Yes, ……, is that so?”

“Looks like we’re almost done. See?”

 At the direction of my finger, the body of the Taboo Giant is being frozen in place.

 All right, it’s time to finish this. There is still a little bit of magic power left that I borrowed from Princess Sophia earlier.

“Water Magic: Great Ice Prison!”

 I unleashed my monster-capturing magic on the Taboo Giant.


 The Taboo Giant’s sorrowful demise gradually diminished.

 Then a huge ice sculpture was created. The giant is frozen in a slightly dumb pose.

 The ice phoenix landed on top of it. It’s quite a picture.

” …… did you defeat it?”

 Princess Sofia asked in a small voice.

“I think it will stay frozen for about seven days. Please take care of it in the meantime.”

 If there were a lot of spirits, like in Makkaren, it could stay frozen for a year, but it’s not possible in Horun.

“…… I understand.”

 Princess Sofia nodded her head.

“Haa, what a relief.

 Ah, that was a tough one.

“Ah, um, …….”

“Princess Sofia, thank you for your magic power.”

“Y-yes, …………. Um, our hands.”


 Shii! We’ve been holding hands.

“I’m sorry!”

 I quickly let go of her hand. Princess Sophia made an indescribable expression for a moment, then quickly returned to her serious expression.

“Everyone, listen up! The Taboo Giant has been defeated. Those of you who can move, search again for any remaining monsters. Continue to evacuate the city and its inhabitants. Adventurers, please help us if you can. The rewards will be ample.”


 The first one to reply was the former guardian knight old man.

 ……, e-eh?

“Old man, you’re alive!?”

 After getting a blow from the giant? I thought he didn’t even have his original form.

“Hahahaha. Against my ‘ Impregnable Fortress’ skill, that level of attack is like a mosquito bite,……. guh!”

 He may have been straining, as he slumped down.

“No no, you’re overworking yourself. You need to rest.”

 I ran over to him and tried to put my shoulder on his shoulder, but he refused.

“No problem. More importantly, the knights who can move are going to rescue the residents. Some of you, send Sophia-sama and Leonard-sama to the royal castle!”

“””””””” Yes! “”””””””

 The knights under his command also seem to have revived. They’re also amazing. Even though he looked like he was going to die a while ago, he’s already back on the field.

 . …… might be a bit of a black workplace.

“Takatsuki Makoto.”

 Princess Sofia turned her back on me and called out to me. Next to her is Prince Leonard, who is carried by a knight. Looking at it this way, he is just a young child. But he is a Hero.

 I can’t help but feel a little sympathy for his heavy responsibility.

“Thank you for what you did earlier. I will reward you later.”

“No. It’s nothing serious. ……”

 The magic power I used was borrowed from the princess.

“Let’s go.”

 The princess and the knights walked in the direction of the castle.

 Haa, I’m glad I could handle it. I looked towards my companions.

 Lucy’s complexion is much better. Sa-san is …… Eh?

“Uuuh ……………….”

 Sa-san is shivering with a pale face!

 Could it be the curse of the Taboo Giant? Damn it! What the hell!

“It’s cold~ …… It’s cold~ …… Takatsuki-kun……”


 Shit! Because Sa-san is a Lamia, she is weak against the cold. A huge ice sculpture and a huge ice phoenix. Moreover, it’s even snowing, probably due to the influence of Monarch Magic. Her body temperature was probably less than 3 degrees Celsius.

“Sa-san! Put this on.”

“Uuu~, thank you ……Takatsuki-kun.”

 I draped my jacket over Sa-san’s shoulders, but she was still shivering.

“Aya, are you okay?”

 Lucy wobbled her way here.

(That’s right! I’ve got an idea.)

“Come here, Sa-san. Lucy, too.”

 I brought them closer together and let Sa-san hug Lucy.


“Waa, Lu-chan, you’re warm.”

 Lucy squealed and Sa-san made a relieved face.


“Sorry about that, Lucy, Sa-san doesn’t do well when she’s cold. Please keep it that way for a while.”

“Waa, it’s Lu-chan body warmer!”

 Sa-san’s pale complexion returned to normal. I’m glad.

 Thanks to Lucy’s high body temperature, she was saved.

“UUu, cold, but …… okay. …… Aya, are you alright?”

“Mmm, it’s warm.”

“Hey, where are you touching?”

 Sa-san is rubbing Lucy’s body.

“I need a warmer place.”

 Her hands become seductive. Uh-huh, it’s beautiful to see cute girls getting intimate with each other.

“Then let’s go back to the inn to see if there are any people who didn’t manage to escape.”

“”Okaaay,”” Lucy and Sa-san replied lazily.

 We walked cautiously through the city back to the inn. …… I’m tired this time, Goddess-sama.

 ◇Fuji-yan’s PoV◇

A crying child. Soothing mothers. The elderly are frightened with anxiety.

 The Water Nation Knights are encouraging the people and leading them to the evacuation area.

“Quite a disaster, isn’t it?”

 Chris-dono’s face was pale.

“Are Takatsuki-sama and the others okay? If possible, I would like to participate in the battle. ……”

“This is the Royal Capital of the Water Nation. There must be many excellent knights and mages here……. Let’s trust them.”

 My skills are powerless in situations like this. It’s a shame that I have no fighting skills.

“Nina. You are going to be a member of the Makkaren household. So you must not go into dangerous places with the adventurers.”

“But! Putting Takatsuki-sama, Sasaki-sama, and Lucy-sama in danger and staying where it’s safe for me alone is …….”

 Chris-dono doesn’t want to put Nina-dono in danger, and Nina-dono is worried about Takki-dono. I could understand both of their feelings, and it was painful. The evacuation area was filled with anxiety and sadness. …… Hmm?

 I noticed that my ‘Mind Reading’ skill was getting some strange sounds in it.

“Nina-dono, Chris-dono, there’s something I need to tell you.”

 I interrupted the conversation between the two who were having a disagreement. Among the people who were anxious and frightened by the group of monsters that had suddenly appeared, there was one who was laughing with —— joy.

…… That man, what if.

“Nina-dono, can you please capture the man over there wearing the hat deeply?”


“Master? What are you talking about?”

 The two of them naturally looked at me in surprise.

“I’ll take full responsibility. We can’t let him get away.”

“…… There must be a reason. I understand.”

“…… Fujiwara-sama, you’ll have to explain later.”

 Sorry about that. I should tell them about my ‘Mind Reading’ Skill.

“Let me lure him out to an unpopular place. Nina-dono, please take care of him after that.”

“Yes, leave it to me.”

“Fujiwara-sama, Nina, be careful.”

 Takki-dono is risking his life in a more dangerous place. I’ll do what I can to help.

 ◇Princess Sophia’s PoV◇

 I returned to the royal castle and left Leo in the hands of the medical team. The knights were ordered to rescue the residents.

“Well, Princess. You should get some rest at …….”

“No need. I’m going to go around the temple that has been turned into a shelter and check on the people. Father and mother are safe, aren’t they?”

“Yes! His Majesty the King and Queen have been evacuated to a safer location.”

“Good. I’ll go and change.”

“I’ll help you.”

“No need. Wait there.”

 I ordered my guards and closed the door to my room.

“…………………… Fuu.”

 I took a breath and deactivated my “Cold Heart” skill. It is a unique skill that I possess, and it keeps my mind composed at all times.

 It’s a skill that has helped me in many situations.

 The downside is that it makes my facial expression look cold.


 My emotions, which had been calm until then, boiled up at once. I pressed my cheeks with both hands. My face was hot. I walked to the mirror and looked at my face.

“How can this be…….”

 I saw a face as red as if it had been boiled. Is this the face of the so-called Ice Sculpture Princess?

“Takatsuki Makoto……”

 Just calling his name made my body tremble.

 I hugged my body with both hands. It’s not that I’m cold, it’s just that I’m burning up to my core.

“That …… synchronization or something magic …….”

 Against me, the princess, he unreservedly grabbed my hand and entered inside.

 My body as well as my mind.


 I remember now. It was as if my back was pierced – pleasant sensation.

 It was as if that man was embracing me. …… Then I realized.

“H-How vulgar!”

 I’m the Oracle serving the Water Goddess Eir-sama!

 This body is dedicated to the gods and should not be defiled in any way!

 But I can’t get the image of Takatsuki Makoto smiling at me out of my mind.

 Leo was cornered, the knights under his command and the adventurers he relied on were frightened.

 I thought it was over. The royal city of Horun would be overrun by a mere giant.

 Yes, I was in despair.

 –I’ll finish this with the next one.

 In that situation, his tone was calm, as if he was making small talk.

 –It is thanks to Princess Sophia.

 That face that had smiled at me so refreshingly was …….

“Now is not the time for that! Sofia!”

 I activated my “Cold Heart” skill again and restored my original expression.

 I quickly changed my clothes and left the room. And over to my anxious subordinates.

“We’re going to the city. Anyone who can move should come with me. But don’t push the injured too hard.”


 Let’s forget about it for now. Just for now. I am a symbol of peace in the Water Nation. I must not lose my composure.

—Part II end–

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