Clearing an Isekai with the Zero-Believers Goddess – Vol.3-Chapter-4-Part-1

This one’s a long chapter

Chapter 4: Takatsuki Makoto fights against enemies attacking the Royal Capital

Part I

“Well, I guess it’s time to head to the Sun Nation’s capital.”

 I suggested it to the others. There was no reason to stay here long.

“Because there were no goblins?”

 Lucy said teasingly. Yeah, that’s bad.

“There aren’t many spirits here, so it’s hard to train.”

 I gave her an excuse that sounded as spirit-user-like as possible. But the main reason is the absence of monsters due to the barrier that has been put up in the royal capital. This means that my adventuring services are out of business.

“I am fine with that~”

 Sa-san agreed with me while fiddling with her hair.

 It’s a little awkward because she beat up all the knights. I often see the knights on patrol when I walk around town. However, it is the other side that averts its gaze.

“I think it would be best to report to the castle before leaving.”

 Fuji-yan advised me. Is that how it is?

“Then I’ll go to the castle to greet them.”

 Seems like Chris-san will be going there.

“Chris-sama, shall I join you?”

“I told you, Nina, no ‘sama’. Now, let’s go together.”

“Yes, Chris. I’ll get ready first.”

 Umm, Nina-san and Chris-san are really getting along well. I wondered why the atmosphere was so bleak the other day. We waited for them to return while we prepared to leave.

” …… When I informed them that we were leaving for Highland, they told us that they wanted to hold a party before we left and that we should come to Rozes Castle this evening.”

 Chris-san came back with a troubled expression.

“Are they trying to stop us……” Fuji-yan muttered.

“Do we have to go to …… there”

 I glanced over at my companions.

“No good, Makoto. What are you talking about?”

 Lucy folded her arms and sighed.

“Isn’t it better to greet the higher-ups properly? Takatsuki-kun.”

 Sa-san too!? I got admonished by my two companions.

 Yes, it’s about time I learned. It’s a compulsory event.

“Is there going to be a lot of good food?”

 Sa-san, perhaps you’re just looking for food …….

“It is rumored that the court cuisine of the Rozes is of high quality.”

 Nina-san replied politely. But is that so? The food of the Water Nation is delicious, huh. Let’s expect it then. And so we headed back to Rozes Castle.

“Wow, this is really good, Takatsuki-kun!”

“What is this, it’s delicious! Sa-san, try some over here.”

“Hey, you two. You two are getting too excited.”

 And this is how Sa-san and I reacted. It’s no wonder Lucy is so dumbfounded.

 I was underestimating the level of the Rozes royal family’s cuisine. All of the food is outrageously excellent.

 There was a steak that you could cut with chopsticks, a whole sashimi platter of what looked like a huge bonito fish (there was even some kind of soy sauce!). Crab, shrimp, and wild vegetable tempura, and a variety of fresh salads.

 Is it a coincidence that many of the dishes looked rather Japanese?

 …… No, they probably catered to our taste buds.

“Hey, Takatsuki-kun! The sweets corner over there is amazing!”

“Okay! Let’s go!”

 The party’s food is buffet style, so Sa-san, who can eat a lot, is excited. So am I. I’m glad I came.

“Makoto-san, what do you think? Did you like Rozes’ food?”

 Prince Leonard came. So, not wanting to be rude, I straightened my posture. I was concerned that Sa-san was chugging wine behind me. I hope she doesn’t get drunk and make a mess.

“This is the first time I’ve had such a delicious meal.”

 This isn’t flattery, I honestly thought so.

“This evening’s banquet was something I asked nee-sama to organize. I wanted to talk to you again, Makoto-san.”

 He looked into my eyes with sparkling eyes. Prince Leonard is as beautiful as a pretty girl. It’s a pity that he is only a boy.

“Makoto-san. Can you please show me your magic again?”

“Um, ……, alright then. This way, please.”

 I shouldn’t show any shabby magic at the prince’s request. So I looked around and noticed a fountain in the castle garden.

“Spirit-san, spirit-san ……,” I whispered. I borrowed magic power from a few spirits.

“Water Magic: Water Dance!”

 I used the water from the fountain to form mermaids, birds, horses, and other appropriate animals and made them dance.

 It’s like a water show. The people who were playing in the party hall played music along with it.

 There weren’t many spirits, but the water from the fountain in the Royal Castle was good and contained magic power. It reminded me of a water temple. Come to think of it, this is the headquarters of the Water Temple.

“A-amazing! How much practice does it take to become this proficient in water magic!”

“It’s not much of a feat. I can only use water magic, after all.”

 It seems that Prince Leonard was satisfied with the results. I was relieved.

“Hey Hey, Makoto, what is your water magic skill proficiency now?”

 Lucy, holding champagne in one hand, pecked me on the cheek. Her red dress, which bared her shoulders, suited her well. Even in such a place, it’s a good thing she mixes well.

“Over 150, I think.”

 I answered in a whisper. It’s illegal to modify a soul book, so I can’t say it out loud. The official figure is 99 for proficiency in water magic. Huh! Lucy grunted softly.

“I-I’m still at 30……,” she said, her shoulders slumping.

“Don’t worry, you didn’t even have 10 when we first met.”

 You’re growing. I think that the weaker the magic skill, the more likely it is to increase. The reason is that in order to gain proficiency, you need to use magic more often.

 But for a Monarch-Rank Wizard like Lucy, it’s hard to use magic just once.

 They have to control a huge amount of magic power each time.

 In that respect, if you’re an Apprentice Wizard like me, you’ll be able to easily use your beginner’s magic.

 Prince Leonard tugged on my clothes while I was thinking about this.

“Makoto-san! Please teach me magic! I want you to be my wizard teacher.”

 Prince Leonard asked me with bright, clear eyes. Oops, I didn’t expect this.

[ Do you accept Prince Leonard’s request?]



It’s been a while since I was given a choice. What should I do ……?

If I choose “Yes”, then, I will stay in Horn for a while.

If I choose “No,” …… can I refuse the prince’s request in the first place?

 I don’t dislike Prince Leonard. I can see that he is friendly and really admires me.

 But his sister scares me. I was puzzled.

“Leo. What are you doing?”

 A cold voice reached my ears.

 ◇Princess Sophia’s PoV◇

 At Leo’s request, I set up dinner for this evening.

 However, I don’t know if Takatsuki Makoto has that much appeal to merit it.

 At best, he is a wizard who can use water magic a little better than others.

 If that’s the case, there are plenty of them in this Nation.

“You don’t get it, nee-sama! Makoto-san’s magic is very delicate, you know!? It moves as if it were alive!”

 Leo said enthusiastically, but oh dear. I wonder if such a thing will be useful in defeating the Great Demon Lord. It’s just a child’s play.

 However, the Hero candidates from other worlds that I had my eye on have all left this country. As for that, it’s my fault. People from other worlds do not have much faith in God. I made the mistake of forcing them to follow the rules of this country without realizing that.

 In comparison, Princess Noel of Sun Nation is doing well. She has money, status, and even a lover. I should have done the same thing, but it was too late.

“Sophia, use your beauty to bring the Light Hero back to Rozes!”

 My mother is trying to get the attention of the Light Hero by even starting a strange rumor, but that won’t make any sense. …… In the first place, the other party is Princess Noel, the oracle of the Sun Goddess, known as the Amaterasu Princess. There’s no way I can win.

 Ara? Leonard is talking to Takatsuki Makoto. I hope he hasn’t told him something crazy.

“Nee-sama! I’m asking Makoto-san if he can teach me magic!”

“G-Good evening, Princess Sofia.”

 Leo was all smiles, while Makoto Takatsuki was smiling awkwardly.

“Leo, he is an adventurer. Don’t say something unreasonable.”

 A prince asking an adventurer to teach him magic is shameful …….

 Above all, that man is just an Apprentice Wizard. What are you thinking about …..

“Prince Leonard, if you want to learn magic, I’m sure there are many wizards more qualified than me.”

 This is a good answer considering your position, Takatsuki Makoto.

“Leo, I’ll arrange for a High-Rank Water Wizard Teacher from the royal court later.”

 The sad thing about our country is that we don’t even have enough Superior Rank Wizards.

“That’s not it, nee-sama! Makoto-san’s water magic is an art. It’s not like the others.”

“No, you’re just overselling it.”

 Takatsuki Makoto chuckled.

“Leo ……you can’t defeat monsters and demons with art.”

It’s a weird situation. Takatsuki Makoto and I are working together to persuade Leo about this.

 Well, I was wondering how to get him to back down. At that time.

“Reporting! A group of monsters has appeared in the city!”

 A loud voice echoed in the hall, interrupting the party.

 ◇Takatsuki Makoto’s PoV◇

“What do you mean? The barrier surrounding the Royal Capital was broken?”

 The calm voice of Princess Sophia echoed in the buzzing hall.

“I-I don’t know. A group of monsters suddenly appeared in the city! The cause is unknown. Our priority right now is to evacuate the residents.”

“Request the help of the Adventurer’s Guild immediately. Tell them that they will be rewarded not only for defeating the monster but also for rescuing the residents. If they seem to be hesitant, I’ll double the usual reward.”

“””Yes! Will do so Immediately!”””

 Princess Sophia instructed swiftly.

(Oh! She acts quickly.)

 Princess Sophia calmly took charge of the situation.

“Knights of the royal palace, all of you should work together to defeat the monsters and protect the residents.”

“Nee-sama! I will also go!”

“…… I understand. You’ll be working with me.”

 Princess Sophia responded to Prince Leonard’s words after some hesitation. Perhaps she doesn’t want to put her brother in too much danger. But as a Hero, he can’t hide from the crisis in his own country.

“Sa-san, Lucy. Let’s go, too.”

 Even if I don’t belong to the adventurer’s guild in the Royal Capital, I’m an adventurer from Rozes. I’ll see what I can do to help.

“Okay. Makoto.” “Yeah, let’s go, Takatsuki-kun.”

 Lucy and Sa-san nodded vigorously.


“Fuji-yan, please evacuate with Nina-san and Chris-san. Nina-san, take care of the two of them for me!”

 Nina-san is a gold-ranked adventurer, so I don’t have to worry.

“Leave it to me! Master, Chris! Let’s go!”

 We started to act towards our respective destinations.

 –The Royal City of Horun is burning.

 No, to be precise, there was only smoke rising from some places, but it wasn’t a big fire.

 I could see sparse figures of rampaging monsters. There weren’t many of them, but those who weren’t used to seeing wild monsters must have been terrified. Screams could be heard from everywhere.


 Sa-san’s fist blew away the Kobold-like monster.

“Earth Magic: Rock Bullets!”

 Lucy’s earth magic hit the orc in the head and killed it.

“Please run this way.”

 I pulled the old man by the hand and led him to the temple, which was a shelter.

 If there is no water source and there are no spirits, then there is not much I can do. …… No, this is also an important job, though. It was then that the alarm of the “Danger Sense” skill sounded in my head.

“Makoto, look out!”

“Takatsuki-kun! It’s a Griffon!”

 I turned around at the sound of Lucy and Sa-san’s voices. There was a Griffon, a monster with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle, heading this way. Griffon in the middle of the city like this!?

“There’s a troublesome monster here!”

 I held up my dagger.

“Stay back!”

 The former Guardian Knight jumped out from who knows where. He’s confronting the Griffon that’s coming towards him head-on. Will he be alright?

 Bam! He crashed into the Griffon with a loud noise.


 With a red face, the old man stopped the Griffon! You’re good, old man!

“Water Magic: Ice Blade!”

 I released a small amount of magic power I had without hesitation.

 Geeeee! The Griffon, whose eyes were pierced by the ice blade, writhed in agony.

“Earth Magic: Rock Bullets!”

 Lucy’s high-speed rock bullets close in on the monster.


 Sa-san’s ‘charged attack’ pierced the Griffon.

 That Griffon then hit a house and stopped moving. That’s great, both of you.

 Although it was small, they easily defeated the Griffon that had taken so much effort before.

“Captain!” “Are you alright!” “Thank you, adventurers!”

 The knights under the old man’s command also arrived.

“Hey, Takatsuki-kun.”

 Sa-san’s eyes looked at the Griffon’s corpse and seemed like she wanted to say something.

 I also noticed it when I looked at the monster’s corpse.

“This griffon is the one we saw at the circus, huh”

“It looks like the other monsters are the same,” Lucy said.

Sure, although it’s tattered, I can see scraps of circus costumes. Have they escaped from the circus? But how can they all be so violent at once?

“Takatsuki Makoto. Do you recognize this monster?”

 The old former guardian knight came over to us.

“It’s probably the circus monster from the city center.”

“What! They messed up! What are the monster tamers doing?”

“Let’s go check it out.”

 If there are people who failed to escape, the area around the circus tent is the most dangerous.

 We headed for the central square of the royal capital.

“This is horrible …….”

 I heard Sa-san muttering. I agree with her.

 The square in the middle of the city. The area around it was the most destroyed. Households were destroyed and streetlights were bent. The corpses of monsters and …… the bodies of people who had been eaten away lay around them.

“It’s that guy’s work,……,” Lucy murmured.


 A cry that shook the air echoed. It’s a giant. A cannibalistic giant nearly ten meters long is on the rampage.

“Let’s go!”

“”””””” Yes! “””””””

 The voice of the old former guardian knight is followed by his subordinate knights.

“Lucy, aim for the giant’s head. Sa-san, I’ll destroy the footing of the giant, please finish it.”

“I understand” “Leave it to me”

 I confirmed that there was a large fountain in the plaza.

(Okay, I can use that.)

 When I looked ahead, I saw that the knights led by the old man were having a hard time attacking the Giant.

 The Giant movement was slow, so the knights haven’t gotten hit yet, but they haven’t been able to inflict any fatal wounds on their giant opponent. Just as we were about to help, another figure appeared.

“Hey, are you guys adventurers as well?” “This one’s the biggest of the bunch!” “Let’s help!” “We’ll split the reward!”

 The adventurers began to gather. All right! We won this one!

(Makoto, don’t let your guard down.)

 Yes, Goddess-sama. As always, cherishing my life is the priority.

“Fire Magic: Fireball!” “Wind Magic: Wind Blade!” “Meteorite Drop!”

 The adventurer wizards and Lucy’s magic explode on the giants.

 Lucy’s magic is getting better and better. I was a little deeply moved, as I approached the giant. The giant that was hit by the magic was wobbly, but still moving. It’s a tough giant.

“Water Magic: Water Flow.”

 I slammed the giant with water from the fountain. The water rained down on the giant and the knights nearby.

“Oi!” The old knight seemed to want to say something, but explanations can wait.

“Water Magic: Ice Floor” froze only the giant’s feet.


 The giant lost its balance and fell on its buttocks.

“Now!” “Take it down!”

 The knights swarmed the giant to attack it.


 A small shadow fell around the giant’s head. Sa-san!

 Sa-san jumped a few meters, then kicked in the air and hit the giant’s head with a heel drop.

 Boom! A heavy sound resounded. The “Mid-Air Jump” skill …… comes in handy.

 Thud! The giant’s head slammed into the ground, and this time the giant stopped moving.

“Got it!” “Did you defeat it?”

 Doh! Everyone on the scene was excited with victory.

 The wizards and archers attacked the giant just to be sure, but there was no counterattack. It seems that they were able to defeat it.

“The kicking technique you just used was amazing. Are you Gold Rank?”

“Hey, what kind of magic was your meteor strike?”

“Thanks for the help. Which party do you guys belong to?”

 Sa-san and Lucy are surrounded by adventurers and knights who are praising them.

 Both of them look embarrassed but happy. While looking at them from a distance, I checked my surroundings a bit with my “Enemy Detection” skill. There were no powerful enemies left. It’s okay now. The Giant seems to still be breathing slightly, but it is slowly weakening. Some of the adventurers have been keeping their guard up, but it looks like their fears are unfounded. It should be dead soon.

“You’re a lifesaver.”

 I noticed that the old man, the former guardian knight, was standing next to me.

“They are my prided party members, after all.”

 They really are too good for me.

“No, the magic that made the giant fall. You used it, didn’t you? If it wasn’t for your quick thinking, we wouldn’t have been able to defeat it.”

“Is that so?”

 I think Lucy and Sa-san would have beaten it even if it was just the two of them.

“What’s going on over here?”

 It was Princess Sophia and Prince Leonard who came to the scene. Even though they are surrounded by escorts, is it okay for them not to run away?”

“Lady Sofia! We’ve already defeated the monsters in the plaza!”

 The old former guardian knight reported.

“I see. You’ve all done well.”

 The people present nodded in satisfaction at the voice of Princess Sophia. The adventurers and knights in the field seemed happy to hear the princess express her gratitude in person.

 Looking at her like this, she’s an excellent princess. She’s not afraid to show up at dangerous places.

“Lady Sofia! All of the circus performers have been murdered!”

 The knight who seemed to be examining the tent came to us in a panic. It’s a very unsettling report. Is it possible that they were attacked by monsters?

“It can not be the work of monsters, because all the monster tamers were cut with blades.”

“Find out the survivors of the circus. See if you can get any details.”


 It seems to be some kind of incident. By the way, I wonder if that clown is safe.

 …… No, wait. Last night, the fellow clown said, “I’m looking forward to seeing the surprised faces tomorrow.”

 Isn’t that conversation a bit suspicious now that I think about it?

 When I was thinking that I should report it to the old knight just in case.


 –I was struck with a throbbing shock as if I had been hit in the head with a hammer.

 This is a …… “danger detection” skill. This headache …… is about the same level of pain as when we encountered the Earth Dragon in the Great Labyrinth. In other words, it is a reaction to the presence of a Disaster designated monsters. It’s ridiculous.

“Makoto? What’s wrong?”

“Are you feeling sick? Takatsuki-kun.”

 Lucy and Sa-san came over to me, concerned that I was frowning and holding my head.

“What’s wrong? Takatsuki Makoto.”

 The old man was also worried about me.

” ……A disaster-designated monster is coming near …….”

“Eh?” “Where!?” “What!?”

 Sa-san, Lucy, and the old man look around.

“I don’t see any monster that looks like that anywhere, but ……?”

 Yeah, I can’t find it. Where the hell is it coming from? This isn’t a dungeon, you know.

 It was then that I heard the faint sound of someone’s voice.


 It’s a groaning voice mixed with resentment. Could this be the voice of the giant from earlier?

 —- Yeah, you hate them. I know, I understand.

 The other voice was a strange one. A gentle little voice, like a child’s, like a girl’s.

 …… Want………… po……………… wer……

 A pained voice leaked out from the dying giant. I have a bad feeling about this.

“Someone! Put an end to that Giant!”

 I shouted to the adventurers near the giant.

 —- Yes, I’ll give you my strength. What do you have to offer in exchange?

 The mysterious voice can still be heard.

“Lucy, Sa-san. Can you hear this child-like voice?”


“A child’s voice?”

 Can’t they hear it?


 The dying Giant suddenly stood up.

 However, its body began to crumble into tatters.

 No, it wasn’t. The skin peeled off, and something red and slimy began to pour out from underneath.

 The sludge fell to the ground, and with a sizzling sound, the ground melted into blackness.

 Was that …… lava? The giant’s body turned into something covered in lava.

 In the lava, there was a large amount of white …… thing. Is that bone? A large number of human bones are floating in the lava.

 Why aren’t the bones melting? And whose bones are they? The Giant transformed into a blasphemous and horrible creature, so much so that such questions do not come to mind.

 —- Come on, let’s resist the fate of destruction! Let’s take as many of them as we can!

(What the hell are you talking about?)

 The childlike voice was no longer heard there.

 —– Kiaaaaaaaaaaaa!

 The giant’s voice changed from a low one to a grating one that sounded like scratched glass.

 I’ve heard this strange voice …… somewhere before.

“Taboo…… Monster…… Taboo Giant……”

—-Part I end—

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