Clearing an Isekai with the Zero-Believers Goddess – Vol.3-Chapter-3-Part-1

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Chapter 3: Takatsuki Makoto takes a walk in the Royal Capital Horun

Part I

“You bastard, why are you here?”

 The former water guardian knight walked over here with large strides.

“I’ve heard that you were fired from your job.”

 Princess Sophia, were you lying?

“That’s right! Because of you, I’ve been relieved of the honorable position of Guardian Knight of the Oracle-sama, and now I’m the captain of the Royal Palace’s patrol knights!”

 Oh, a department transfer. It seems that he wasn’t fired.

 It is true that Princess Sofia said that she had him resign as a guardian knight.

 I guess it’s better to be a Royal Palace Patrolman than a chaperone for a Princess with a harsh personality.

“I heard that some adventurers from Makkaren had an audience with the king. So you’ve been given the honor of serving in the royal court.”

“No, I haven’t received a title. ……”

“Then from today on, you are my colleagues. Come here! I’ll teach you chivalry.”

 He’s not listening to me. Somehow, I was taken to a place that looked like a training ground before I knew it.

 Lucy and Sa-san looked at each other and came along with me.

“Now, take whatever weapon you want! There’s even a wizard’s staff!”

 There was a row of battered, used weapons (wooden). I wondered what to do.

 I look around from the perspective of an RPG player.

(There are no spirits at all. ……)

 The Water Nation is a nation of Political and Religious Unity.

 Rozes Castle is not only the royal castle but also the largest church facility in the nation.

 I’ve heard that the Royal Family has several years of experience as priests. As a result, Rozes Castle seems to be a very difficult environment for spirits to live in, as the authority of the Holy God pervades every corner of the castle.

( Well, I don’t have a rank, so I’m not their colleague or anything, and I can say no to them for any reason, but …… it’s kind of annoying.)

 While I was thinking about this, a voice came up from behind me.

“If you want to fight with Takatsuki-kun, you’ll have to take me on first!”

 Sa-san stood in front of me.

“Who the hell are you? One of Takatsuki Makoto’s comrades, huh.”

“My name is Sasaki Aya. Nice to meet you. Takatsuki-kun is the leader of our party, so I’ll be your first opponent!”

 Sa-san declared firmly. However, she is dressed in a cute, common fashion.

 The old man, the former guardian knight, was taken aback by Sa-san, who looked like a town girl in this world.

“It’s against my chivalry to take on women and children, but since you are an adventurer. Hey, you take care of her.”


 Chivalry is very cool. It was a female knight who stepped forward.

“I’ll use this weapon.”

 The female knight chose a wooden sword.

“I’ll use my bare hands.”

 Sa-san stepped forward without holding anything. The female knight’s face became grim.

“Don’t blame me if you get hurt. Have you not heard of the term three-step distance of kendo?

 No, why would you know that? It’s a word in our world. I thought, but maybe it’s a common understanding in every world. The one with a weapon is stronger than the one with bare hands.

(Normally, that is.)

“It seems you’re an adventurer, what’s your rank?”

 The female knight held up a wooden sword.

“Stone rank? Right, Takatsuki-kun.”

“That’s right.”

 Sa-san maintained her normal posture.

 Or rather, you should remember your adventurer’s rank, Sa-san.

 The knights who were at the training ground gathered in a huddle. They seemed to be observing.

 Some of them looked sympathetic when they heard the words Stone Rank.

 They were probably imagining Sa-san’s defeat.


 The former guardian knight shouted.

“Foolish …… for Stone Rank to challenge me. I’ll end this in an instant!”

 The female knight rushed towards Sa-san. With quite a speed too. Sa-san didn’t really move. And the female knight raised her sword and.

 Clack! There was a rather silly sound, and the female knight was blown away about five meters. Sa-san gave her a slap.

“Huh? Did I overdo it?”

 Sa-san was scratching her head while saying so.


 The eyes of the former guardian and the knights who were in the training ground turned dots.

“Aya, that’s amazing!”

 Lucy jumped in delight.

(It’s a natural result, isn’t it?)

 I watched her calmly.

“So, who’s next? That was a little too weak, wasn’t it?”

 Sa-san looked around the training area. Perhaps it was taken as a provocation, but the air became quite dangerous.

“You’re next. Go.”


 The next person to come out was a large man. Where’s did that chivalry go?

 Well, fifteen seconds later, he was blown up, too.


 The former guardian knight nominated his subordinate knights one after another.

 And Sa-san knocked them all down.

“W-What kind of strength is this?” “And a Stone rank on top  ……? “Are the adventurers of Makkaren all monsters? ……”

(No, they’re not. ……) Makkaren is a peaceful city with normal adventurers.

 Sa-san is a Lamia, born in the middle level of the Great Labyrinth.

 Although the Lamias are Middle-Class monsters, their physical abilities are higher than humans.

 And as a reincarnated person from another world, Sa-san’s status is ten times that of a normal Lamia.

 In addition, she even has a strong skill that triples her speed and attack power.

 –Aya-chan’s physical ability alone is in the hero class.

 Noah-sama’s words came back to me. Of course, you can’t win.

 Or rather, if she hadn’t noticed that I was her classmate in the Great Labyrinth, I would have been like this. …… scary.

 While I had such thoughts, all the knights in the training area were knocked down by Sa-san.

 The only one left is the former guardian knight.

“You’re the last one.”

 Sa-san was still not out of breath. ……..Seriously, her strength is outrageous.

“C-Cowardly! Having a girl fight for you and you spectate from the high ground! Takatsuki Makoto, you fight!”

 Oh? You’re going to turn the tables on me? That’s a good strategy. Sa-san sure is the strongest in our party when it comes to physical ability. The other two are Mages.

“…… Hey, what are you saying?”

 Sa-san’s voice became lower, with a hint of anger. The air has changed.

“A-Aya ……?”

 Lucy’s voice trembled a little.

“Sa-san? What did you do?”

 I was about to say, “Calm down,” but then I felt it too.

 The pressure is the same as it was when I encountered the earth dragon in the Great Labyrinth. This is…… the ‘Overpower’ skill.

 It is a skill that makes the opponent cower by emitting your own fighting spirit outwardly. A skill that only the strong can use.

 I’ve heard that beastmen are good at it, so maybe Nina-san taught it to her.

 The knights who were defeated turned pale and trembled. As for the first female knight who was blown up, her knees were shaking and she was slumped over.

 It seems that they have finally realized that they have fought against a ridiculous opponent.

“You said some terrible things to Takatsuki-kun in the past, didn’t you?”

“Sa-san, I was just exaggerating, that’s all.”

 I used to complain to Sa-san and Lucy at the bar, “Princess Sophia and the Guardian knight guy made fun of me at the water temple.”

 I guess that’s what she’s talking about. The pressure from Sa-san is getting worse and worse.

“I-I…that ……”

 Poor ex-guardian knight, he can’t even speak properly.


 Sa-san stepped through the stone floor. The stone floor shattered and huge cracks spread in a circle.

“…… Lie, right, the floor of the training ground has cracked.”

“That’s a magically enhanced cobblestone. ……”

“Oh no, if I get kicked by that, I’ll …… die.”

 The knights around us were making noise and whispering in fear.

 Whoa, it looks like a high-quality stone floor. They won’t make us pay for it or anything, will they?

“I’ll show you my full power.”

 Sa-san takes a stance for the first time.

It is the stance you take when you use the Dash and Charge skills of the ‘Action Game Player’. This was the ultimate skill that made a hole in the Harpy Queen’s body.

(…… No, you can’t do that. The old man will die.)

 It’s nice that you’re angry for me, but I don’t want anyone to die.

 I was about to approach Sa-san to stop him, a voice came.

“What are you doing?”

 A dignified voice sounded. Perhaps in a moment of surprise, Sa-san’s “Overpower” skills quieted down.

(Thank God. It stopped.)

“What’s this commotion?”

 Princess Sophia came in and glanced at us and the knights of the Water Nation who were being beaten up by Sa-san. And then she said sullenly.

“Heroes from another world. I appreciate that you are participating in training with us, but our knights of the Water Nationy are weak. Please do so in moderation.”

 We gave a small nod.

 It was impressive that the former guardian had a very pathetic face.

 The air was a little awkward. It would be better to leave as soon as possible.

“So then, it’s time for us to leave. ……”

“Ahh! Are you the adventurers who saved the Great Labyrinth?”

 A boy about ten years old spoke to me from behind Princess Sofia.

 Although he had a sword in his waist, the material he wore was different from the other knights.

 His shirt was embroidered with intricate embroidery and his pants were made with golden thread.

 This boy is probably a man of very high rank.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Makoto Takatsuki. These are my companions, Lucy J. Walker and Sasaki Aya.”

 Lucy and Sa-san bowed their heads.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Leonard Eir Rozes.”

He greeted us in the aristocratic way of raising his hand in front of his chest.

 Eir is the name of the Water Goddess.

 And the surname of the royal family of Rozes. In other words, he was…

“Prince Leonard!?”

 Lucy’s small cry of astonishment reached my ears.

 The boy was a prince of the Water Nation.

–Leonard Eie Rozes.

 This is the first time we met, but as a resident of the Water Nation, I naturally know his name.

 He is the first prince of the Water Nation. He has a handsome face, much like his sister, Princess Sophia.

 With different clothes, he could even pass as a girl.

“Originally, I was supposed to fight the Taboo Dragon in the Great Labyrinth as a Hero, but I didn’t get permission because of my inexperience ……. Thank you for saving the adventurer’s city from danger.”

 He bowed his head politely.

 The hero of the Ice and Snow – another title of Prince Leonard.

 But to become a hero who has to save the world at such a young age, I can’t help but remember the hardship.

“It’s okay, Leo. These people have been well rewarded. There is no need for you to be concerned.”


 Well, you know what? You don’t have to say it in front of me.

“You’re only nine years old. Just leave the matters of the Great Labyrinth to the adventurers.”

(Nine years old! Is that about the third year of elementary school ……?)

 I was surprised at how young she was. The rude remark of Princess Sophia didn’t even bother me.

 I can’t think about telling this child to fight that Taboo Dragon. But to him, it was different. Prince Leonard had a disgruntled expression on his face.

“Nee-sama! You always treat me like a child like that, but I can do this too.”

 He then began to chant a spell. That chant is …….

“Water Magic: Water Dragon!”

 Ohh! It’s Superior Water Magic, isn’t it? A huge water dragon appeared, albeit somewhat roughly. It seems that Prince Leonard is a master of water magic.

“How about that, nee-sama! I can fight too.”

“…… I understand. Next time the Taboo Dragon appears, Leo can consider joining in. Please stop the magic now.”


 Prince Leonard is controlling the Water Dragon, ……, but it looks dangerous.


 That Water Dragon passes near the former guardian’s threshold. He’s trying hard very hard to avoid it, but even if it hits you, it probably won’t hurt that much, right? Sa-san’s serious punches will hurt a hundredfold more.

“H-Hey. Is it okay?”

“Um, ……, I think it’s okay.”

 Lucy poked me in the back. Water Magic: Water Dragon looks fancy, but even if you get hit, you’ll only get blown away and soaked, so it’s probably not a problem.

“Kuh, I can’t get it under control. ……”

 Prince Leonard is having a hard time. Ehh ……. I think you should throw the water dragon into Chimay, but the magic control is not very good. Princess Sophia glanced at me. Does she want me to help?

(This is ……)

 Could it be what Fuji-yan calls an “increased likability” event? I don’t know, but I’m not a “Galge Player”. I’ll give it a try anyway.

“If you’ll excuse me for a moment…”

 I said, putting my hand on Prince Leonard’s shoulder.

(Sync ……)

“Huuh!” Prince Leonard’s body reacted with a jerk.

 But that’s all. I was a little scared because I hadn’t used synchronization since I got burned when I synchronized with Lucy, but it worked. I took control of Prince Leonard’s water magic. The Water Dragon, which had been wobbling around until just now, began to swim through the air with ease.

“A-amazing …….”

 I heard the prince’s voice. He was impressed. Hmm, I didn’t do anything too serious.

 Well, he’s a third-grader. I can’t blame him. I was wondering what to do with the large amount of water the prince had generated.

“Water Magic: Water-Bird.”

 I made the water dragons change their forms into hundreds of water birds and scattered them around. A large number of magical water birds flew away from the beautiful royal castle. Something like this.


 Prince Leonard opened his big mouth, sounding like Lucy. After that, he looked at me with glittering eyes.

“A-Amazing! What kind of magic did you do just now?”

“It’s not so much a magic trick as it is a random act. ……”

“Takatsuki Makoto. Thank you for helping Leo. …… How long are you going to keep your hand on his shoulder?”

 Princess Sophia pointed out quietly.

“Ah, yeah. Excuse me.”

 I quickly let go of my hand. Her eyes are still cold. Is the likability level rising? I don’t think so.

“Well, I guess we’re done here. ……”

 Let’s go to the city.

“Wait a minute. Can we talk some more? Makoto-san.”

 Prince Leonard grabbed my hand. When the prince looked at me like a puppy, I couldn’t ignore him. I glanced at the guardian.

“Leo, give them a tour of Rozes Castle. But don’t go outside the castle.”


 With the prince’s guidance, we were to explore the castle. Of course, an escort accompanied us. Apparently, Princess Sofia has a soft spot for her brother.

 Prince Leonard showed us around the Sky Garden of Rozes Castle, the Grand Church, and the Royal Dining Room. The decorations on the buildings and the rose garden in the garden were all magnificent, as they are said to be the most beautiful on the continent.

 And, Prince Leonard was called out during the tour. He was like an idol to the people working at the palace, and they all greeted him with big smiles on their faces. Well, Prince Leonard is cute, isn’t he? I know, I know.

 And what I didn’t understand was Princess Sophia’s reputation.

 Princess Sophia is very popular. Extremely popular.

 Her nickname in the Water Nation is “Ice Sculpture Princess”.

 Apparently, she is as cool as ice and as beautiful as a sculpture. It seems to be a well-known fact that she is not very sociable, but Princess Sophia is very serious.

 If there was a disaster in a village, she would rush to the scene. If a quarrel broke out in a town, she would intercede. She gives to the hungry. Give jobs to the needy. A princess who spares no time to sleep and works for the people of the Water Nation.

 That was her reputation among the workers at Rozes Castle. With the prince standing next to them, there was probably some flattery involved. However, people spoke of Princess Sophia with affection and respect.

 I could not sense any lies there.

“However, nee-sama also has a problem. You know, she makes decisions based on a single glance. It’s because she is very busy. She’s also too serious for her subordinates to follow her.”

 This often leads to the loss of talented people. Yeah, I was also evaluated as useless at first sight.

“Makoto-san’s friends, Okada-san and Kitayama-san, were kicked out by nee-sama for messing with the palace maids too much. ……”

 They’re ……. What are they doing? Okada-kun, didn’t you have a girlfriend? Well, Kitayama was ……. Kitayama was a womanizer, you know.

“They’re very flirtatious,” sighed Sa-san.

“Aya, do you know them?”

“They are our ex-classmates, but in high school, they were constantly changing girlfriends.”

“Ughh, ……, that’s filthy!” Lucy said.

 Lucy is very serious about her relationships with men, despite her appearance.

 Aside from the Okada-Kitayama duo, several other classmates must have been recruited by the Water Nation, but there are none left at all now.

“Because the military power of the Water Nation is the weakest on the continent. ……”

 Prince Leonard smiled sadly. There are a few military personnel in the Water Nation, and when they are troubled by monsters running amok, they have relied on adventurers, the Sun Knight Order, and the Red Knight Order of the Fire Nation. However, they are all in a hurry to strengthen their own military in preparation for the upcoming revival of the Great Demon Lord.

 So Princess Sophia has been trying to recruit talented people, but it doesn’t seem to be going well.

“If someone like Makoto-san, who is an excellent magician, could stay with us, we would be relieved.”

 He peeked at me with puppy-like eyes. Whoa, trying to recruit me like that.

“I’m just an apprentice mage. I can’t help that much.”

“Apprentice ……huh? I just saw you controlling a Superior Rank spell.”

“Anyone can do it, as long as they have high proficiency.”

“Is that so……”

 Prince Leonard nodded absently.

“Isn’t it impossible for anyone?”

 I heard Lucy’s whispered comment, but ignored it.

“Well then, thank you for the tour.”

“Yes, Makoto-san. Lucy-san, Aya-san. Please come back anytime.”

 Prince Leonard said with a smile. He really looks like a beautiful girl.

 We thanked Prince Leonard and left Rozes Castle.

—Part I end—

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