Clearing an Isekai with the Zero-Believers Goddess – Vol.3-Chapter-2-Part-3

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Chapter 2: Takatsuki Makoto has a Meeting with the Goddess

Part III

On the airship at night after dinner.

Under the moonlight, I practiced water magic again today.

 It would have been nice if I could have had moon-viewing sake with Fuji-yan like last time, but Fuji-yan was stuck with either Chris-san or Nina-san. Or maybe both.

“It’s tough being a popular guy.”

 While soaking in the night breeze, I made a small bird made of water and flapped its wings.

 Hmmm, the closer we get to the royal capital, the less energetic the water spirits are.

(Makoto, in the royal capital of the water country, the power of the Holy God family is strong, so the power of the spirits will weaken proportionally.)

(Eh? Noah-sama? Is that so?)

 What a mess. The spirits are the key to my attack. I’m just worried that I won’t be able to use it. I guess monsters won’t show up in Royal Capital. They won’t, will they?


 As I was practicing while gazing at the moon in a daze, Sa-san came over.

” Dinner just now. That was awkward. ……”

“Yeah, it was. ……”

 During the dinner, Chris-san urged Fuji-yan to reply to her marriage proposal.

 Nina-san lost her temper. The atmosphere became worse at once. They didn’t hide the fact that they hated each other, and the awkward conversation continued.

“Fujiwara-kun, he should’ve clearly said that Nina-san is his girlfriend!”

 It seems that Sa-san is on Nina’s side.

 Lately, she’s been learning martial arts from Nina-san. But…

“I heard that Chris-san broke up with his previous fiancée for Fuji-yan’s sake.”

“Really? ……, Fujiwara-kun is popular?”

 Sa-san sounded surprised. We weren’t popular at all in high school, you know.

“But that doesn’t matter, does it? Just because you broke up with your fiancé doesn’t mean you have to go out with him, right?”


 That’s true, but…

 In Fujian’s case, he has the cheat skill of ‘Mind Reading’, because of Galge Player.

 I don’t think it’s unreasonable for Chris-san to fall in love with Fuji-yan, who understands exactly what her problems are and gives her advice.

 She seems to be tired of fighting for the succession of a noble family.

I am seeing the scariness of  “Galge Player”.

 I’m glad that my skills are peaceful.

 All it does is change the perspective and give me a choice! But it would have been nice if it was a little stronger!

 When I made an indifferent face, Sa-san grinned.

“Hey, hey, Takatsuki-kun. Are you worried about the fact that you don’t have a girlfriend while Fujiwara-kun is popular?”

 Eh? Did I make a face like that?

“No, no, no,  I’m not worried at all.”

 Seriously, really. I’m a tough guy.


 Sa-san entwines her arms around me with a grin.

 Is that a habit of Lamia’s? She has been making more physical contact with me lately than ever before.

“If you want a girlfriend, you can have one soon, I think.”

“I-I don’t know…”

 Sa-san looks at me with her face close to mine.

“Aya, what are you doing?”

 Lucy appeared. Sa-san puts her body even closer to mine.

“Takatsuki-kun said he wants a girlfriend.”

“Eeh!” Lucy was surprised.

“Sa-san, I never said that.”

“H-Hmmm. You want a girlfriend, Makoto. Why didn’t you just say so?”

“I didn’t say that.”

 Lucy hugged me from the other side of Sa-san, not listening to my words.

 Uhmm, …… listen to me for a second.

“Um, …… both of you.”

“So, who do you want to be your girlfriend?”

” So which one do you prefer?”

“Makoto ……”

“Takatsuki-kun ……”

 Lucy and Sa-san look at me with passionate eyes. What is this situation?

“No, wait. Just hold on. ……”

 I am sandwiched between Sa-san’s cool temperature and Lucy’s hot temperature.

If not for the “Calm Mind” skill, I would have run away a long time ago.

 In the middle of the night. Sandwiched between two cute girls.

 Yes, this is a very good situation for a man. That’s right. I had something important to tell these two girls. Before we get to Royal Capital, it’s better to talk about it properly.

 It’s not that I want to divert the conversation.

(You’re a Wuss)

 …… I couldn’t fool Noah-sama.

“Lucy, Sa-san. I’ve got something important to tell you.”

 The two of them looked at each other suspiciously.


“About what?”

“It’s about the goddess I believe in. ……”

 Both of them listened to me seriously. I told Lucy and Sa-san about Noah-sama. To become an “enemy of the world” as an apostle of the evil god.

 They listened to me with serious faces.

“I’m not asking you to force me to cooperate. It’s just that it could be dangerous for us to continue to be together …….”

“Idiot, Makoto.”

 Lucy interrupted me, looking rather annoyed.

“We’re a party, right?”

 Fuuh, while exhaling through her nose, Lucy said as she put her hands on her hips.

“So that’s what’s been bothering you lately. Why didn’t you just tell me?”


 I wonder what it is. It feels different than when Fuji-yan said he would help me.

“You don’t need to confirm that. I’m always on your side, Takatsuki-kun.”

 Sa-san, who is shorter than me, patted me on the head.

“Sa-san ……”

 Sometimes I’m treated like a younger brother. It’s been a long time. I was comfortable with that now.

“Thank you …… for that.”

In this way, there are now 3 allies of the Evil Apostle.

(Oh, my. You’re such a playboy, Makoto.)

 Noah-sama, we got three allies!

“By the way, we were the first to know that you became an enemy of the world, right?”

“That’s right, isn’t it? Lu-chan.”

“No, I already told Fuji-yan.”


 That’s not something you should be surprised about.

“Don’t people usually start talking about things like this with their party mates first?”

“We have known each other since middle school, so why am I told later?”

 The two are dissatisfied. Well, Fuji-yan has the mind-reading skill, so I have to tell him first. It’s frustrating, to say the least.

“Emily said that Makoto likes men more than women, is it because of that?”

 Hey, what’s that? I’m going to sue you for defamation.

“…… Indeed, in high school, he was always talking to Fujiwara-kun during lunch break.”

 We were talking about the new game! I was a little scared before talking to them, but they’re both as usual. From now on, I’ll tell these two about important things right away without worrying. That’s what I thought.

 It was the third day of my air trip.

“That’s Horun, the royal capital of Rozes. And that’s Rozes Castle towering in the center.”

 The castle’s shape became clearer and clearer from the airship.

“Surrounded by more than a thousand fountains and a variety of flowers, it is said to be the most beautiful castle on the continent.”

 Chris-san added.

“But that rampart under construction looks awkward, though.”

 As Sa-san said, the high walls that were being built around the entire city were destroying the scenery. It’s a massive wall with no sense of style whatsoever.

“Horun, one of the most famous tourist attractions on the continent, had minimal defensive equipment and worked hard to maintain the scenery.”

“But after the oracle of the Great Demon Lord’s resurrection a few years ago, the walls are being reinforced in a hurry.”

 I see. According to the adventurer’s guild, monsters have recently become more active and violent. Strengthening the defense must be the first priority.

“Hey, hey, where are we going in the royal capital?”

 Lucy asked me with an excited look.

“First, we have to go to the castle and greet the king.”

“Isn’t there plenty of time before the due date?”

“It says to come within seven days, so I guess we can do it earlier.”

 I want to finish the troublesome things first. We can explore the city at our leisure later.

“So, let’s get off soon.”

 Everyone nodded at Fuji-yan’s voice.

 –The main street of Hundred Flowers.

 It’s the main street that stretches straight from the main gate of the royal capital, Horun, to Roses Castle.

 As the name suggests, the sides of the street are filled with a variety of flowers in full bloom. The brick buildings remind me of a European town. The street is crowded with people.

 The people walking along the street were of various races: humans, beasts, elves, and dwarves.

 Adults, children, and the elderly are all walking together.

 Makkaren has a similar feeling, but the people here are a little different. They are more sophisticated. The way they dress, the way they talk.

“I feel like I’ve come from the countryside to the city.”

“Haha, I thought the same thing when I first came to the capital.”

 Fuji-yan said with a laugh.

“Hey, hey.”

 Lucy pulled my sleeve. At the other end of the sight was.

“Oh, …… sorry, Christiana-sama.”

 Oops. The Lord of Makkaren’s daughter was there.

“It’s alright. Compared to Royal Capital, Makkaren could be considered a countryside.”

 She just smiled bitterly and forgave me. She had a big heart.

“Hey, what’s that?”

(Nice one, Sa-san!) She diverted the conversation. (Nice, Sa-san!) She pointed to a large tent in the square. I wonder what that is. In the previous world, tents like that were on …….

“That’s the “Monster Tamer’s Circus”. It’s a circus group that travels all over the continent.”

“I saw them once before, and they were quite impressive.”

 So it is a circus after all. A circus exists in this world, too. I thought it was the similar circus, but the circus in this world is not performed by humans, but by monsters that are trained and made into a spectacle. It’s a different world after all.

“Oh, there are giants and dragons!”

 In the direction Lucy was pointing, I could see a giant that looked like it was ten meters tall and a smaller dragon in a cage.

“You can train a dragon too!”

 The Monster Tamers are awesome.

“No, that’s a wyvern. A monster tamer who can control a pure dragon would probably be hired by the government, not by a circus.”

 Chris-san told us. I see, there aren’t many magicians who can control a dragon. Sa-san, who was standing next to me with a grim face, caught my attention.

“Sa-san? Is something wrong?”

“Those monsters …… look like they’re in pain.”

“Can you tell, Sa-san?”

“Hmmm, somehow…….”

 Maybe it’s sympathy between monsters.

“The monsters in the circus used to attack humans and were originally going to be killed, but the circus bought them back. However, their treatment is …… bad.”

 It seems that they are capturing monsters that would normally be killed and reusing them. If there was a monster protection group, there would be complaints, but there is no such thing.

“Even so, it’s a city with a lot of flowers. I kinda like it.”

 Lucy seemed to be more interested in flowers than the circus. Typical of Lucy, she is an Elf. She was looking at the flower beds and potted plants everywhere.

“It’s a beautiful city.”

 I really think so. This is the city of flowers.

“We are about to arrive. I’ll go talk to the guards at the gate.”

 This kind of arrangement is always left to Fuji-yan. I’m so proud of him. We passed through the intricately decorated gate and entered Rozes Castle.

“Raise your heads.”

 –As soon as we entered the castle, we had an audience with King of Rozes. There were many other people visiting the king, but as soon as we arrived, we were given first priority. I felt a little superior.

“Your cooperation in defeating the Taboo Dragon in the Great Labyrinth was greatly appreciated.”

“The Labyrinth City is a valuable source of revenue for Rozes. And we thank you, the heroes of another world.”

 The king and queen of Rozes expressed their gratitude in a simple manner.

 As for the reward, they asked me which I would prefer, a title or gold, and I hesitated for a moment and answered ‘gold’.

 As a nobleman, I’m not sure I want to serve in the royal court. Isn’t that fine? Noah-sama.

(Do as you please, Makoto.)

 There seemed to be no problem. After the King’s words, Princess Sophia spoke up.

“Takatsuki Makoto, Fujiwara Michio. This is the permit you requested for commerce in the Rozes. It is signed under my name.”

“Thank you very much.”

 Fuji-yan graciously accepted. The power of the nobility and the holy profession(church people) is strong in Water Nation.

 Princess Sofia is the Oracle of a church that believes in the Water Goddess. She is a person close to the top of the nobility and the clergy. Her signature means a lot.

(Well, with this, we probably won’t be meeting with her again.)[TN: Our boy raising flags here and there]

 I glanced up at her. My eyes met her icy gaze.

(Waah, ……, that’s a cold stare.)

 I am really hated. Princess Sofia turned to Fuji-yan and continued speaking.

“The merchant Fujiwara. If you wish, I can grant you a peerage.”


 Chris-san was the one who let out a small cry of surprise at Princess Sophia’s words.

“……Thank you for your kind words, Princess. But this permit is sufficient.”

 Fuji-yan refused the knighthood. That was how the audience ended. My shoulders were sore.

“Why did you refuse the title, Fuji-yan?”

 As I left the audience hall, I asked the question.

“If Princess Sophia gave me the title, I would have to live in the Royal City of Horun. Rather than me, it was more of a stepping stone for Tucky-dono.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m sure they found out that I and Takki-dono are partying and doing business in Makkaren. The goal is to bind us to the Water Nation.”

 The second half was a whisper. It seems that he read Princess Sophia’s mind. Was that her intention ……? I looked over at Chris-san and she had a difficult look on her face. I wonder what’s going on?

“Makoto, we’re going to explore the city!” Lucy was getting excited.

 Exploring the city, not bad. But you know what? But we have more important things to do than explore the city!

“No, let’s explore the castle first.”

 It’s a basic RPG game. It’s my first castle since I arrived in the other world. I’m going to explore every inch of it!

“Takki-dono, wait a sec.”

“Takatsuki-kun, wait.”

 Fuji-yan and Sa-san grabbed me by both sides.


“You can’t break vases and search chests in the real castle, okay?”

“That’s a crime, you know? Don’t look for hidden rooms or passages.”

“……Eh? You can’t?”

 T-that’s ridiculous. …… Oh, that’s right. Of course, you can’t. Yeah, I knew that.

 Lucy, Nina-san, and Chris-san were puzzled.

“….. Makoto?”

“No, I wouldn’t do that.”

 Oh, Gamer’s brain is scary. I was about to smash a nearby vase and check the inside of the closet.

(Haah~, this boy is really something.)

 I heard the goddess sigh. What’s wrong with you people? Treating me like a weirdo.

 Fuji-yan, probably relieved after stopping my eccentricities, said he was going to greet the Chamber of Commerce in Horun and went out. Nina-san accompanied Fuji-yan. Chris-san said she was going to greet the nobles in the royal capital. And she went out with her attendants.

 Then, when we were thinking of exploring the streets of the royal capital…

“Takatsuki Makoto! You Bastard! Why the hell are you here!”

 Suddenly, a loud voice called my name.

 When I turned around, I saw that it was a man who was a former guardian knight of the Oracle of Water Goddess.

 Huh? Didn’t you get fired?


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