Clearing an Isekai with the Zero-Believers Goddess – Vol.3-Chapter-2-Part-1

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Chapter 2: Takatsuki Makoto has a Meeting with the Goddess

Part I

“Makoto, let’s start today’s strategy meeting.”

 When I came to, Noah-sama was right in front of me.

 I had been training until about two o’clock, but before I knew it, I had fallen asleep.

 For some reason, Noah-sama was not wearing her usual dress.

 She was wearing a tight black skirt and a white shirt. Also, she was wearing glasses.

 –Is that the style of a female teacher?

“You’re in a good mood, Noah-sama. What’s with the outfit, though?”

“We’re going to overthrow the world together! Don’t I look like a smart woman?”

 She raised his glasses. When I saw her, I thought.

(You look like a cosplayer.)

“That’s rude, but okay. You remember what we’re doing, right?”

“Eliminate the threat of the Great Demon Lord. And in parallel, reduce the devotion of the Holy Gods.”

 Noah-sama writes on a whiteboard floating in the air.

 Bang! She then tapped the whiteboard.

“So! What do we need to do from here? Makoto.”

 Goddess-sama, you’re really into this.

“Find strong companions, right?”

 I don’t think I can handle the world system by myself. So we’ll need companions.

“That’s a good answer. So, who exactly do you want to as an ally?”

“Hmmm, I would like someone as strong as possible. Sakurai-kun …… is a Hero, so it’s not possible.”

 He’s got the blessings of the Holy Gods.

 He’s to the system side to the fullest. But, Noah-sama’s reaction was unexpectedly a little different.

“A Hero, not bad. But while the heroes are powerful in terms of strength, their impact on the world is limited.”

“But it’s impossible to convert them one by one to Noah-sama, isn’t it?”

“Yep! So, our target is these guys!”

 What Noah-sama wrote on the whiteboard was.

“…… Oracles, eh?”

“And Makoto is acquainted with two of them.”

 She then wrote Princess Noel and Princess Sophia.

“No, no, no, no. Absolutely not.”

 Princess Noel is Sakurai-kun’s fiancée, and Princess Sophia hates me.

 Well, I don’t like Princess Sophia either.

“It’s okay! The opposite of love is hate. You can convert ‘hate’ into ‘like’!”

“It’s not going to work just like in a gal game.”

 In Fuji-yan’s favorite gal games, the heroine who initially dislikes the hero suddenly falls in love with him. But that’s only in games. In my experience, once a girl hates you, you stay hated.

“Well, how about you steal away Noel-chan?”

“Please spare me from that.”

 Of all people, she’s Sakurai-kun’s fiancée. There is no way I can do that.

“And I doubt that Holy Gods would stay silent if I were to touch an Oracle in the first place.”

“Right. However, in the continent where Makoto lives, the influence of the Goddess Oracle is enormous. You need to think about your relationship with them. At the very least, you should not behave as you did before.”

“…… I understand.”

 I nodded grudgingly. It is certainly not good to be disliked by the princess of the country you live in.

“Can I say something?”

“Yes, of course. Go ahead and say it, Makoto.”

 You don’t have to push up your glasses every time you say something.

“I’m planning to tell Fuji-yan, Lucy, and Sa-san about Noah-sama’s objective.”

 I want them to be my allies.

“Hmm, but you can’t be sure they’ll cooperate, can you?”

“If they do, I’ll give up. I won’t force them.”

“Maybe they’ll go to the church and tell them?”

“They wouldn’t do that, you know.”

 I was a little pissed off and said something back.

“It was a joke. But be careful who you talk to.”

 Yeah, I don’t want them to find out about my belief in an evil god.

“I understand. Okay, I will carefully look for someone I can trust.”

“Well, let’s start with someone close to you. I think that’s a good idea.”

 Noah-sama gave me her approval. So let’s talk to the three of them.

“By the way, Noah-sama. When do you think it would be best to challenge the underwater temple?”

 Saving the Goddess trapped in the Underwater Temple. That’s one of my goals.

 But when I told her that, she scratched her cheek as if she was troubled and said.

“The temple is guarded by Leviathan, a sacred beast under the care of the sea god Neptune.”

“I’ve heard of it.”

 It’s a famous mythological legend. The beast Leviathan, the apex of all sea creatures, guards the entrance to the underwater temple.

“The Divine Beast Leviathan is stronger than the …… Great Demon Lord. Did you know that too?”


“It’s a monster that has ruled the seas for tens of thousands of years and a demon lord that ruled the earth a mere thousand years ago. There’s no comparison.”

 So it’s that……, huh? I didn’t know that. There is very little information about the Underwater Temple, perhaps because it is an unpopular final labyrinth. Isn’t it the secret boss that is stronger than the Great Demon Lord ……

“So I’ll have to deal with the Great Demon Lord first.”

“That’s a wise decision.”

 Yep, yep, Noah-sama crossed her arms and nodded.

“Well, that’s it for today.”

“I’ll see you later. You’re trying to help me, that’s really something☆”

Noah-sama winked as she waved her hands. Noah-sama, you seemed to be having fun.

 Well, now I have to do what I have to do.


“U-Ummm… ……”

 We are in the inner room of the “Cat’s Ear Pavilion”. The room was private, so there was no need to worry about being overheard.

 I told Fuji-yan ‘I had something important to tell you’, and came here to explain to my best friend about Noah-sama. Although, the whole thing has been exposed by ” Mind Reading”. If he refuses here, it’s over, anyway…….

“Haah. ……”

 Fuji-yan sighed loudly.

“You’ve chosen a troublesome route…….”


“Takki-dono you always choose ‘hard’ in games when you have to choose a difficulty level, right?”

“The harder the game, the more fun it is to play, right?”

“I don’t think it’s necessary to have the same policy in this world. ……”

 Yeah, I think so too. But I chose it.

“I will help you within a reasonable scope.”

 Ooh! Good.

“That’s great. Thank you!”

 I let out a deep breath and slumped down on my back.

 I was so nervous. Fuji-yan chuckled softly.

“We are partners, Takki-dono”

“No, even that has some limits.”

 I think I’ve asked him to do something crazy this time.

 But he listened to me. Thank you, my best friend.

 After that, we chatted for a while, and I suddenly remembered a ‘promise’ I had made.

“By the way, let me change the subject.”

 I remembered that Nina-san had asked me to do something for her.

“It’s about Nina-san. ……”

 Fuji-yan’s face turned sullen when he heard this. Huh? Did something go wrong?

“No. …… It’s not something I need to hide from Takki-dono, but ……”

 Fuji-yan looked uncomfortable as he spoke. What he said was…

 Chris-san has asked him to be her groom!

 Chris-san is the daughter of the lord of Makkaren and a nobleman. Going to her as her Husband would mean he would gain social status through the opposite route.

“So Fuji-yan will finally become a member of the nobility?”

 I was deeply impressed and said my thoughts. ……, but then Nina-san …….

“I haven’t told Nina-dono yet ……. And, of course, there’s the matter of whether or not I should accept the offer in the first place.”

“So that’s what you’re worried about.”

“Chris-sama and Nina-dono don’t get along well.”

“Well, they’re enemies in love.”

“That’s not all.”

 It seems that the nobles of this continent look down on beast-kins and elves as sub-humans.

 Sun Nation has the strongest tendency to do so. Not just in Rozes, but all the nobles seem to have that kind of value. And the nobleman who used to be Nina-san’s master was rough with the beast-kins, and ever since then, Nina has hated noblemen.

“If that’s the case, no wonder they can’t get along ……. But you like Nina-san, right, Fuji-yan?”

“Of course I do. She was the first girl I hired when I started my business in this world. She’s been working hard to help the store all this time.”

“And those bunny ears are so cute.”


 You don’t have to get embarrassed now.

“How do you feel about Chris-san?”

 I suddenly realized that this was the first time Fujian and I had talked like this.

 I couldn’t imagine it in my previous world. We hadn’t had many female interactions. It was kind of fun.

“When I first met Chris-sama ……, she was worried about her future and her fiancé. And I was consulting her.”

 Apparently, as a nobleman, she had doubts about marrying the man her parents had arranged for her.

 Fuji-yan used his “mind-reading” skills to win her trust.

 At the time, he wanted to get close to the nobility in order to succeed as a merchant.

 We otherworlders have no relatives, so we had no choice.

“So, by the time you realized it, she had fallen in love with you.”

“She even broke off her engagement for my sake. ……”

“O-Ohhh, ……, that’s a big responsibility. ……”

 Breaking off an engagement, ……, that doesn’t seem like a half-hearted thing.

“Well, this is my problem. I’ll take care of it.”

 Fuji-yan gulped down his ale.

 U-Ummm, so mature. The conversation seemed to have come to an end.

“May I ask one favor of you?”

“Y-yes. Of course.”

 Let the evil god’s apostle join you.

I will spare no effort to help him, but will I be able to help him at all, though?

“The other day, I was granted permission to do business in Rozes, right? So I was wondering if you had any good ideas for a new business venture.”

“Oh~, I see.”

 But I wonder if it’s okay to ask such an important question to a layman.

“These kinds of things are best done by asking a variety of people.”

“Hmmm, shouldn’t it be something like this Car Ears Pavilion that you like?”

“I’ve done all that. I’m the owner of this store now.”


 W-What!!! The owner of ‘Cat’s Ear Pavilion’ is Fuji-yan?

 …… Before I knew it, my friend had bought his favorite restaurant.

“So, what about starting a ramen store that you like?”

“I’ve already signed a contract with a pig farm for ramen. We are about to start producing the ideal flavor.”

“…… awesome.”

 No good, he had already started what I was thinking.

 But since he was asking me for advice, I wanted to at least give him some ideas.

 I should change my point of view and start with my specialty, water magic.

“Well, how about this?”

“…… Fumu, fumu, fumu, oh my! Is something like that even possible? That could be useful!”

 Apparently, it was an idea that could be used.

 –A few days later.

“Welcome, would you like to try this?”

“The first thirty customers get a discount.”

 Today, I participated in Fuji-yan’s new business.

Or so I say, but I’m just watching. I was going to call out for customers, but the people handing out the goods were female shopkeepers with cute cat ears and fox ears. Yeah, no need for men.

 Nina-san was in charge of the scene, and she was giving out instructions quickly.

“How are the sales going?”

“It is well received. What about you, Takki-dono, how are you doing with the ‘materials’?”

“No problem at all.”

“That’s encouraging!”

 I’m glad to hear it’s going well.

“Makoto, what are you doing?”

“Part-time job at Fujiwara-kun’s store?”

 Lucy and Sa-san walked by.

“Fufufu, it’s our new joint venture!”

“Fuji-yan and I have started a new business together.”

 In exchange for helping me, the Evil God’s Apostle.

“What’s this?”

 Sa-san peeked inside a box of goods on display.

“Oh, it’s cold! Is that ice?”

 Lucy touched the inside and freaked out.

“Takki-dono used spirit magic to make ice that won’t melt for a year. We then put it inside a preserving box, and sell it as a refrigerator!”

“Heeh, there are no refrigerators in this world?” Sa-san asked.

“What’s a refrigerator?” Lucy asked me.

“A refrigerator is a container for keeping food and drinks cold. In our previous world, it’s an item that everyone has.”

“Wow, that sounds really useful. But can you make ice that doesn’t melt?”

“If I combine water magic and spirit magic, I could make a magic that ”won’t melt for a while as long as you don’t bring it out of Makkaren.”

 In reality, it’s magic that I’m throwing to the spirits. I’ve asked the spirits of Makkaren to keep the state of ice at all times. Of course, it’s not usable in a different land.

“Wow, it’s going to sell well then! Are you making a profit?”

“Well, we just started selling it, so it’s not too bad.”

 Fuji-yan smilingly replied to Sa-san’s question.

“For my level of proficiency, the maximum I can keep is one year. If I train and improve my skill level, I can extend it to two or three years.”

When I heard that Takki-dono had a surplus of ice that he had created while training. We thought we could use it.”

 It was a pain in the ass to melt it all down.

“Aah, now that I think about it, Marie was wondering why the waterway behind the guild was freezing lately. It was Makoto’s work, wasn’t it?”

“Marie-san found out and got angry, so I’ve been thawing it out.”

 When I had left unmelted ice, the guild found me and scolded me.

“Takatsuki-kun, you really like training, don’t you? Just like leveling up.”

 Sa-san is laughing.

“What are you two doing?” Fujian asks.

“Lu-chan was guiding me around the city. And some shopping.”

“Why didn’t you invite me, then?”

 It’s a party of three, right? I was feeling a little lonely.

“Makoto, do you want to pick out Aya’s underwear with me?”

 Lucy asked me with a smirk on her face.

“Sure, let’s go together. I would like to hear Takatsuki-kun’s opinion. By the way, this is what I bought today.”

 She started to take out her underwear.

“D-Don’t worry! I am all right.”

 I hurriedly grabbed Sa-san’s hand and stopped her from taking out her underwear. This girl, she’ already!

“We’ll be sold out in a few minutes, so why don’t we all have a meal together?”

 Nina-san came in, probably having finished giving instructions to the staff.


“Let’s go, let’s go!”

 After some discussion, we all decided to go out for dinner.

—Part I end–

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