Clearing an Isekai with the Zero-Believers Goddess – Vol.3-Prologue

Prologue: Takatsuki Makoto’s Dream

 –Hero. I’ll give you a wooden stick and 50G. You must defeat the Demon King and bring peace to the world.

 The king solemnly told the hero.

 No, that’s absurd. If you want to fight the Demon King, you should give him 100 million Gs, I thought.

 But the Hero defeated the monsters, got stronger, got the legendary armor, saved the princess, and defeated the Demon King. The Hero saved the world. He never faltered in any difficulty, endured any unreasonable situation, and overcame any barrier. He is my ideal person.

 That’s why in the future —— “I want to be a Hero.”

Takatsuki Makoto, 2nd year, 3rd class  

“Takatsuki-kun, what’s this?”

“Ahh! Sa-san, what are you reading without permission?”

 It was the summer of my 3rd year of middle school.

 I was studying for the entrance exam with Sa-san, and I noticed that she was rummaging through my room, saying, “I’m tired of studying.” But I didn’t pay attention to it, because it was the usual thing. I left her alone, thinking she was probably looking for a manga or something, but what did she find!

“Hey, hey, did you write this, Takatsuki-kun? When did you write it?”

“Sa-san, hand that paper to me right now!”

 What she was reading out loud was an essay I had written in elementary school entitled “Dreams for the Future”. I’m sure I had it lying deep in the closet, but where did she find it? It’s definitely my black history.

“Eehh, give it back!”

“Geez, Takatsuki-kun’s naughty. Where are you touching~?”

“I’m not touching anywhere!”

 I managed to subdue Sa-san, who was squealing and running away and got my black history back. That was so nerve-racking that I broke into a sweat. I couldn’t study much that day.

And also ……, Sa-san’s bosom was soft.


“What’s the matter, Takatsuki-kun? You’re staring at my face.”

 Sa-san leaned her head back and stared at me.

 On the way back from the Great Labyrinth. While we were having dinner in Fujian’s airship, I was looking at Sa-san’s face and it reminded me of the past.

 Come to think of it, I’ve come to the fantasy world of swords and magic that I used to long for. I’m sorry, to me from elementary school. I couldn’t be a Hero.

 I was thinking about this, and looked at Sa-san, who was smiling, for a while.

“Listen, Makoto. We’ll train together after dinner.”

 Lucy hugged me from behind. As usual Lucy’s body temperature is high, and when her body is in close contact with mine, my body can feel the heat as well.

 Lucy has been making a lot of physical contact lately. It’s as if she’s showing off to Sa-san.

“Ahh, the usual five-hour endurance training for controlling magic power.”

“Yeah~, I don’t think I can concentrate that well. ……”

“It’s okay to take a break in between.”


 Lucy was on my back as I said this. It’s hard to eat like this.

“Lu-chan, leave it at that. Takatsuki-kun, we’re still eating.”

“Damn, I can’t beat Aya with brute force!”

 Sa-san pulled Lucy away from me.

“Hey, Takatsuki-kun. I’ll come to your room this evening.”

 This time, Sa-san hugged me. The situation had not improved.

“You came yesterday too, didn’t you?”

“I come here every day! I’ll sleep in your bed again today!”

“Well, okay.”

 I’m training all night anyway. Sa-san falls asleep while we’re chatting. In my bed that is.

“Aya, tell me about it in detail.”

“Wow, your power suddenly got stronger! You’re using magic, Lu-chan!”

 Lucy strangled Sa-san, and Sa-san resisted, laughing and giggling. It’s just two cute girls playing with each other. The three of us stayed at a love hotel (?) during a bazaar on our way back from the Great Labyrinth. And they’ve become good friends ever since.

“Takatsuki-kun, I’ll accompany you in your training today.”

“Makoto, I’ll be in your room tonight.”

“? Okay.”

 Unusually, Sa-san said she would accompany me to the training and Lucy said she would stay after the training.

“Aya, you can’t use magic, so you can’t train. Wouldn’t you be bored if you came?”

“Can I practice my skills? And Lu-chan, what are you planning to do in his room?”

“Of course I’m going to train. What the hell are you imagining, Aya?”

“When Lu-chan goes to Takatsuki-kun’s room, she’s more enthusiastic than when she goes out, so I can’t help but guess.”


 Lucy and Sa-san are smiling and grabbing each other’s shoulders tightly. It seems that they have decided to get together and get along. It’s another peaceful day.

 Back to my elementary school days.

 I couldn’t become a hero, but I could form a party with cute girls.



 Fujiyan and Nina-san are giving me a very complicated look.

“What’s wrong? Fuji-yan, Nina-san.”

“No, …….”

“It’s nothing. ……”


 I thought I heard a voice say, “Try not to get stabbed,” or maybe not.

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  1. This volume should be good. Makoto realized his harem’s feelings earlier and he will challenge the Deep Sea Temple (see illustrations) and will fail. Eir also appears earlier.

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