Clearing an Isekai with the Zero-Believers Goddess – Vol.2-Prologue

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Prologue: A Story of Two Game Lovers

“Takatsuki-kun is always playing games, isn’t he?”


 The classroom of Class A of the first year at Higashi-Shinagawa Junior High School.

 Suddenly, during lunchtime, a small girl with her hair in two buns spoke to me.

 We were not friends. We are classmates, so I know her name, but I’ve never spoken to her. …… I’m sure she’s a classmate.

 It was six months into middle school. I was just as alone as I was in elementary school.

“S-Sorry. I shouldn’t have talked to you so suddenly. Am I interrupting you?”

“N-no. Not really. ……”

 I can’t say, “You’re in the way,” even if they are in the way. It’s a communal hazard!

 By the way, I’m thrilled to be talking to a girl for the first time ever.

“What game is that you’re playing?” And she looks into the screen. She’s a girl who’s very close to people.

“It’s a recently released game……. Do you like games, Sasaki-san?”

 This girl’s name was “Sasaki Aya”, I believe.

 She moves around like a little animal and talks a lot.

 She wasn’t a great beauty, but she was cheerful, easy to talk to, had a cute smile, and was popular with both girls and boys.

 Naturally, she has no connection with a gloomy gamer like me.

 Why would she talk to me again? Is it a punishment?

“Aya! Let’s go!” called Sasaki-san, by her friends.

“Coming” said Sasaki-san, raising her hand in response.

“Hey, let’s hear about the game next time! Takatsuki-kun!”

 She tapped me on the shoulder and ran over there with a tap.

 I felt a little hot in the area where I was touched.

 Maybe I’m a little smug now.

(What was that?)

 It’s been a long time since a girl has spoken to me.

 I was nervous …, but Sasaki-san seemed like the type of person who would be easy to talk to.

 Well, I guess it’s a social call to say “let me talk to you next time”, right?

(I thought ……)

“You’re coming to my house all of a sudden. ……”

“Oh, what’s up?”

“No, it’s nothing,”

 Suddenly, she asked, “Are you free today?” which I replied, “I’m free every day.”

“Then, can I come over to Takatsuki-kun’s house?” There was no way I could say no.

 Currently, Sasaki-san was looking at my room and scurrying around, saying, “There’s not much stuff in there.”

 She sat down on my bed.

( Eh …… are you going to sit there?)

 Sitting on the boys’ bed without hesitation.

“Hey! What games to play?”

 She looks at me, swinging her legs lazily.

“Let’s see, ……, the games I’ve bought recently are lined up around here…..”

 Sasaki-san turns her attention to me.

“Ehhh~~, there are only single player games. Isn’t there a game that can be played by two people?”

 I always play alone! I don’t have people over.

“Okay, I’ll bring some games over next time to play from my brothers’ collection.”

(Huh? You’re coming again?) I couldn’t say that.

 After all, we played my RPG game together that day.

 –the next day.

(Here she comes again.)

 With a couple of video game software that she said she stole from her brother.

 For what it’s worth, Sasaki-san likes to play games, but recently her brother wouldn’t play with her, so she was looking for a mate.

“Why don’t you play games with your girlfriends?”

“I don’t have any friends who like to play games.”

“Hmmm, so why don’t you go find a friend who likes to play games?”

“Hmmm, isn’t that why I’m here?”

 Are you kidding me? She said to me with that look.

“I see, Speaking of which,”

“…… And since female friends have their own cliques, making new ones is a lot of trouble.”

“H-heh, …… it really is ……”

 Oh, the darkness of women’s society. I thought it was a superstition I heard on the Internet.

“Takatsuki-kun, does it bother you if I come?”

“No, not at all. I’m not bothered.”

 At first, I was nervous. You are welcome to talk about the game. Or rather, it’s fun.

 Since then, it became a tradition that Sasaki-san would play games in my room a few times a week.

 Before I knew it, I changed the way I call her from “Sasaki-san” to “Sa-san”.

 This relationship continued even after I graduated from junior high school and entered high school.

“Hey, what are your plans for this Christmas?”

“You know it’s not happening, right? Sa-san.”

 These days, we’re totally at ease with each other.

“So, you keep it open for me.”

“This is why I don’t have any plans.”

 Well, if I was told to leave it open, I probably would have left it open.

 After all, I lost forever the chance to find out what I was going to do with that empty schedule at the time.

“I’m looking forward to next week’s ski camp!”

“Whh~, I don’t like the cold. I want to skip it and go home to play games. “

“You don’t move your body too much, Takatsuki-kun. You need to exercise more.”

“Sa-san, Do you like to exercise?”

“Umm, do you prefer to play games at home, Takatsuki-kun?”

 She whispered in my ear, and a warm breath hit my ear.

(It’s pounding!)

 Hehe, I felt my face flush as she laughed at me.

 It’s a memory of my first winter in high school.

 –I’ve been trying to forget her smile for a while now. The last time I saw her was more than a year ago.

 It was during a conversation on a bus that was lost just before coming to another world.


 Now, what I saw was the ceiling of the Makkaren Adventurer’s Guild resting place.

 I was dreaming of the old days.

(…… It’s been a long time, Sa-san.)

 A classmate who could not be reunited in another world. My only friend from junior high school.

 The girl I was secretly, slightly curious about in middle school.

(I’ll never see her again. ……)[TN: That’s where you’re wrong kiddo]

 I ended up spending the day in a sad mood.

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