Clearing an Isekai with the Zero-Believers Goddess – Vol.2-Chapter-8-Part-4

Chapter 8: Takatsuki Makoto fights alongside the Light Hero

Part IV

“What kind of person is the Great White Sage, hmm? Lucy.”

“Well only that, she is someone who is unreachable existence for me.”


 In Temple classes, we were taught that she was an influential mage in the Sun Nation.

 And also that a mediocre mage like me will never have the opportunity to meet her.

“The first Great Sage-sama is a hero who fought the Great Demon King with Savior Abel a thousand years ago. The person we are about to meet is the fifteenth generation.”

 Sakurai-kun explained.

“Hmm, but even if the first generation is great, does it have anything to do with the descendants?”

 Sa-san made a comment. That’s quite a perceptive opinion. But please don’t say that in front of the person herself, okay? I had the same thought though.

“That’s not it, Aya. The Great Sage-sama has a unique ability called the ‘inheritance’ skill.”

“She inherited the power from the first generation a thousand years ago. That’s why she is called the most powerful person on the continent.”

“Oooh~, I see.”

 So she has inherited the abilities of a legendary wizard.

 That sounds very powerful. In the meantime, we arrived in front of a huge tent. At that time.

 –I heard a ringing in my ears, like a noise.

(Ma……ko……to. Makoto! Stop …… don’t go there! …… Damn it! The …… barrier is……)

 Goddess-sama? What’s wrong?

(Meeting ……her.)

What’s going on? This is the first time the communication has been so choppy.

 What should I do? Should I not meet the …… Great Sage?

“Great Sage-sama. I’m the captain of the 7th division of the Sun Knight Order, Sakurai. I’ve brought the spirit user, Takatsuki-kun.”

 Sakurai-kun called out into the tent.

(What should I do? ……?)

 If I follow the goddess’s advice, should I not enter? But to come this far?

“Great Sage-sama? Are you there?”

 There was no reply to Sakurai-kun’s call.

” Is she away?”

 Great! Then let’s go back.

“Eh? Great Sage-sama. You only want them to enter? …… Y-yes, I understand.”

“…… Sakurai-kun, what’s wrong all of a sudden?”

 I looked at Sakurai-kun, who suddenly started talking to himself.

“The Great Sage-sama sent me a telepathy message. Only Takatsuki-kun and his companions are allowed to enter.”

“Ehh, …….”

 Sakurai-kun, you’re not coming? I was getting more and more worried. While I was in a daze, Sakurai pushed me inside.

“Excuse the intrusion……”

 The inside of the tent was dimly lit, with a few magic lanterns floating in the air.

 The inside of the tent was overflowing with stuff, and there was a passage leading to the back of the tent, sewn between the large pieces of furniture. We walked along the corridor. At the end of the passageway, I noticed a small mage in white robes sitting on a huge sofa. Should I go that way?

“Come closer. It will be harder to talk to you from there.”

 It was a young woman’s voice, not what I had imagined. I was expecting an old woman.

 When I approached a few meters away as I was told, I could see her pure white hair hidden behind a white hood. It was indeed a white Great Sage.

“I’m Makoto Takatsuki, an apprentice mage. This is my companion, Lucy J. Walker, and Sasaki Aya.”

“Nice to meet you.”



 The Great Sage-sama walked towards us and stared at us. Her crimson eyes were piercingly sharp and her gaze was strong.

 At first glance, she looked like a beautiful young woman, but she had a terrifying intensity.

 I wonder how old she is? It seems that she is not as she looks.

“You’re half-elf and half-demon, huh.”

 The Great Sage-sama said while looking at Lucy.


 I was startled. I looked at Lucy and she froze.

 Then, she turned her gaze to Sa-san.

“And you, you’re a Lamia. In addition, a level that is classified as a disaster designation. Interesting.”

 The Great Sage-sama smirked.

(Oh no! She’s got the “Appraisal” skill!”

 When I looked at Sa-san, she was puzzled, as if she didn’t understand the situation.

(Ugh, not good!)

 Demons and monsters are to be hunted! If only I’d listened to the Goddess-sama’s advice!

“Don’t be so defensive. You helped that Light Hero kid, didn’t you? Spirit users are rare nowadays. I just wanted to meet him. But your companions are all so unique.”

 She grinned.

 …… Does that mean she doesn’t care about them being a demon or monster?

“Looks like I scared you. Come sit over here. I’ll serve you some tea.”

 There was a large round table surrounded by chairs that were also old.

 I wondered if it was an antique. It looks expensive.

“You sit here.”

 For some reason, I was assigned a seat next to the Great Sage. I-I’m nervous.

 I thought there would be servants, but then a teapot flew in and a teacup was placed in front of me.

 As the tea was poured into the cup, it smelled softly of citrus.

 Does she use magic for daily life? People with a surplus of mana have it good.

“And for tea confectionaries ……, well, there you go.”

 A large plate with a variety of western sweets suddenly appeared in front of me.

 Now, how did she serve this pastry ……? I’m not sure.

“Is it teleportation?”

“Hoo, you do understand.”

 C-Chantless ”Spatial Transfer’ magic. It’s great magic, one step ahead of the legendary, only a few people in the continent can use it. This person is out of the norm ……. We must not fight her.

 More like, I don’t think we can even escape. ……

“And so, what business do you have with us?”

Sa-san was already munching on pastries next to her.

(Sa-san, you’ve got guts. ……) Well, she was born and raised in the Great Labyrinth.

“I’ve already told you. I was just curious. Since I heard that there was a user who pulled out that abominable dragon with spirit magic. From my calculations, I estimated that it would take Light Hero Boy about a month.”

“I heard that if you helped, it would have been over soon.”

 I remembered what Yokoyama-san had said.

“Then it won’t serve as training. The Great Demon Lord will be reviving, and having Light Hero be bothered by two Taboo Dragons is not good.”

 I see. So she purposely did not help him.

“By the way, ……, that red-haired mage over there.”


 Lucy seems to be nervous, so she is not speaking much.

“You, have you noticed that your body is being burned by your own magic?”


 Lucy looked surprised, and I was too.

“Did you think it’s your constitution? Your high body temperature is a result of your magic running wild.”

“W-What should I do ……?”

“I will give you this. Put it on.”

 The Great Sage handed Lucy a bracelet that was lying around.

“An item that calms down the flow of magic power. Its price is enough to buy a house. Take good care of it.”

“I-Is that okay?”

 Being a wary person, I asked in fear. Isn’t she too kind? This person.

 She won’t be sending me a huge bill later, will she?

“The Great Demon King will be back soon. I’m looking for strong talents right now. We can’t afford to let a capable mage sleep. Hey, that lamia over there who only eats.”

 This time, she turned to Sa-san.


 Sa-san! At least swallow before you answer!

“The ‘Transformation’ skill you have is outstanding. You can turn into a perfect human being, not just a pale-skinned half-wit like that. It’s a skill that can transform you into anything. Even dragons and demons.”(TN: Should I use ‘Transformation’ or ‘Shapeshifting’)

“Huh? It was taught to me as ‘Human Transformation Magic’ by my sisters.”

“It is a skill possessed by the Lamias. Your skill is above that.”

“Hih, I see. ……. Thank you very much.”

 That’s incredible. This person gives useful items and advice.

 She’s a support character.

“So, the problem is you. Spirit User-kun.”

“……, I’m just a normal human.”


 The Great Sage-sama’s eyes smiled happily and she placed her hand on my head.

 Her finger was cold, just like Sa-san’s.

“Let’s check your Status. It’s easier to appraise when my hand is in contact. …… The status is very unbalanced. Even though they are all low, your water proficiency is outstanding.”

 It’s kinda ticklish.

“Muuh….this isn’t good.”

 She suddenly grabbed my head.

“You’re an apostle of an evil god?”

 Time froze.


 Lucy and I were silent. The only sound was the sound of Sa-san munching on sweets.

“No, that’s not it.”

 For now, I tried to cover it up with a smile.

 –Belief in evil gods is a felony, no questions asked. Worst case scenario, the death penalty.

 The words of Fuji-yan, Nina-san, and Lucy come back to me.

“The apostle of Noah, the evil god,  ……. You’re the second person I’ve met.”

 The Great Sage looks at me with a complicated expression. My head was still held in her small hands.”

“No, it’s ……, there must be some mistake. ……”

“The apostle of Noah the Evil God, I believe it was a thousand years ago ……. One of the nine demon generals serving the Great Demon Lord, the ‘Crazy Hero’?(TN: It’s a bit different from WN, in WN it says Forbidden Black Knight, in LN well you can see Crazy Hero’狂った英雄’ (kurutta eiyu))

“EH? The legendary Hero Killer?”

 Lucy interrupted. What’s that?

“Lucy, who’s a ‘crazy hero’?”

“The sworn enemy of mankind from the Savior-sama’s stories. It is said that he is the right hand of the Great Demon lord, a legendary warrior who killed all the heroes except the Light Hero a thousand years ago. In the end, he was destroyed by the Savior Abel, ….. …… So that’s the evil god Noah’s apostle ……?”

 Lucy who was saying that began to feel anxious.

 Eh, what are you’re doing, Noah-sama? I’ve never heard of such a thing before.

“But …… the Apostle of the Evil God I knew was even crazier. At the very least, he couldn’t hold a proper conversation.”

 I wonder what he was like, my Apostle Senpai.

“You speak as if you’ve seen him personally.”

“Yeah, ……, I have memories from a thousand years ago.”

 From the so-called “inheritance” skill, huh.

“Will you continue to be an Apostle of the Evil God?”

 Great Sage-sama turned her sharp gaze towards me and asked me a question.

(H-How should I answer this?)

“No, as I said…… I’m not a follower of an evil god.”

 It was painful, but I continued with the same excuse.

“You still won’t admit it, ……. Hmm, well, let’s put it that way.”

 She let go of her hand. And finally, she ruffled my hair.

When you come to the Sun Nation, come visit me. I will train you.”

 Is that it? The end?

“Oh, um, ……. Is that okay?”

 We are talking about a demon, a monster, and an apostle of the evil god. It’s a party with triple roles and I feel like it’s a felony.

 Is she going to overlook it?

“I said before earlier, but I want to secure as many strong individuals as possible before the revival of the Great Demon Lord. If you turn out to be enemies, I’ll take responsibility for dealing with you.”

 She grinned at me. Scary.

“We have no intention of fighting the Great Demon Lord, you know?”

“Eh? Really. Takatsuki-kun.”

 Sa-san, don’t look so surprised. I’m not a hero, and I’m not strong.

“If the Great Demon Lord returns, there will be a war between the demon tribe and the people of this word. If we lose the war, we will all become cattle of the demon tribe.”


 Does that mean we can’t escape?

“Spirit User. I recommend you to quit the Evil God’s Apostle before our next meeting. Following that evil god will only bring you misfortune.”

 After saying that, the Great Sage-sama lay down on the sofa.

 Soon, I could hear her sleeping sounds. Has she fallen asleep?

 At the end, she was a good person who gave me advice and items.

 If it weren’t for the conversation at the end, it would have been great. ……

When I returned to my seat with a vague feeling, it was almost the end of the party.

(I’ve sobered up. ……)

 I walked unsteadily. My appetite was gone.

 I was in a daze with a flustered state…

“Takatsuki-sama. There’s a visitor here,” Nina-san poked me on the shoulder.

 The one who showed up was Sophia Eil Roses, the princess of the Rozes, as well as the priestess of the Water Goddess.

 Even though I am feeling down after listening to the Great Sage-sama’s story.

(And of all people, it had to be you, huh……)

“Takatsuki Makoto. Do you have time?”

 A clear voice that sounded dignified. It gave a refreshing feeling, like cold spring water. And as always, the expression is unfriendly. For some reason, Princess Sophia had come to our table.

 There was a knight escorting her, but he wasn’t the pompous knight from earlier.

“…… What can I do for you?”

 You’re not telling me to get the hell out of here, are you?

I conversed with her in a calm manner, using my “Calm Mind” skill.

“I’ve asked him to resign as my guardian knight.”


 At first, I didn’t understand what she was saying.

 After a short pause, I understood that she was referring to the guardian knight with the big voice.

(What? That guy, he was fired?)

“It’s a crime to offend the hero who saved the Great Labyrinth. Can you forgive me for this?”

“Forgiveness has nothing to do  …… I’m not a hero in the first place, but ……”

“You are one of the heroes who came from another world. I want you to please continue staying in Rozes.”

(Heh, ……)

 This was surprising. Would she go this far? I’m just an apprentice mage.

“Hey, hey.”

 Lucy tugged on my sleeve. I know, I know. I’m not trying to be a prude.

“…… I like the city of Makkaren, so I’ll continue to be an adventurer in the Water Nation.”

 Princess Sophia looked relieved when she heard this.

 But she instantly returned to her original expression.

“Is there anything you want? If there’s anything I can do, I’ll be happy to help.”

 Oh, that’s very generous of you. But I don’t really have any wishes. ……

 That’s right, I should hand this over to my friend who’s always been there for me.

“Actually, this here is my best friend, Fujiwara-kun.”


 Fuji-yan was surprised to be suddenly dragged along, but my thoughts must have gotten through to him.

You’re using “mind-reading” right?

“I would like to ask you to back up his business for furthering my work. He is also one of the heroes from another world. My achievements are thanks to his support.”

“…… I see. What exactly do I have to do?”

 I’m sorry for the recklessness, Fuji-yan.

 Fujiyan looked at me as if I was going too far.

 But it was true. He started talking as if he had come up with something.

“Please grant me the freedom to do business in Rozes. It would be especially helpful if you could give me permission to do business in the noble districts”

“Very well. I will give you a permit in my name. Please come to the capital to pick it up later.”

“Thank you very much.”

 Fuji-yan and I bowed our heads. I guess that’s it.

“Then we shall meet again.”

 Princess Sophia walked away.

“Takki-dono, I didn’t expect to be spoken to so suddenly!”

 He slapped my back multiple times.

“Sorry about that. But was that good enough?”

“It’s great! The name of the first Princess of Rozes will allow us to do business freely! With this, I will be the sole winner of the business in the Water Nation……”

 Oh, Fuji-yan is making a bad face.

“T-Takatsuki-sama. You do terrifying things……”

 Nina-san smiled with a stiff expression.

“Did I say something weird?”

“Makoto ……, normally, when royalty asks you what you want, you usually refrain at first.”

“Master is also very fearless.”

 I see, there are such etiquettes.

“Like I would know. I am from another world.”

“Anyway, the princess just now. She was persistent in wanting Takatsuki-kun to stay in the country.”

 Sa-san said in a whisper.

“Aah, that’s right. Even though I was so rude to her, I’m amazed that she listened to everything I said.”

“Princess Sofia must have been very angry inside her heart.”


 I’m sure if Fuji-yan says so it, it’s true.

 It seems that Princess Sofia was angry in her heart. Well, whatever.

“The warriors and mages that Princess Sofia scouted for Rozes either have fled to other countries or are too injured to be of any use,” Nina-san explained.

 Hoh, I see.

“And so, that includes our classmates?”

“Yes, it does. Apparently, they didn’t like the strict discipline of the Water Nation. The Water Nation is a religious nation. There are many doctrines and rituals.”

 Yeah, that’s true. Water Nation is a religious nation with many religious etiquettes.

“Thanks to that, it is rumored that Princess Sophia does not have a good eye for people. On the other hand, Princess Noel has an abundance of talented people.”

 Hmm, that’s a rather scandalous rumor.

“That’s why she’s trying so hard to keep the apprentice mage she once gave up on.”

“As a result, you’re lucky you didn’t get kicked out of Makkaren!”

 That’s right. It’s as Lucy said.

“Well, let’s return back. To Makkaren.”


 I want to go back, eat the skewers from Boss’s store, and have a silly chat with Lucas-san and Marie-san. Also, I’ll tell Jean and Emily about my experiences in the Great Labyrinth.

 I should show Sa-san around Makkaren.

 That’s what I was thinking about.

 And so our adventure to the Great Labyrinth was over.

 However, there is a big thorn in my heart.

 This is what the Great Sage said to me.

 About Noah-sama’s Apostle, a thousand years ago.

 It seems I have to have a conversation with the Goddess.


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