Clearing an Isekai with the Zero-Believers Goddess – Vol.2-Chapter-8-Part-2

Chapter 8: Takatsuki Makoto fights alongside the Light Hero

Part II

 ◇Takatsuki Makoto’s PoV◇

 I spent seven days befriending the spirits, and I put all of that into this magic.

 –Water Monarch Magic: Yamata no Orochi.

 A gigantic eight-headed water serpent appeared, so large that it could be mistaken for a mountain.

 When I looked back, I saw Sakurai-kun with an excited look on his face, Sa-san with shining eyes, and Yokoyama-san who had fallen on her butt.

“Hey, hey! Takatsuki-kun, this is a snake, right?”

 Looks like Lamia Sa-san got a sense of familiarity.

(……, She’s really changed after all…)

“Spirit-sans there are two ‘detestable guys’ down there. Can you please help me throw them out of the dungeon?”

 Hissssssssss! The Water Orochi raised a cry and dove into the dark underwater cave. A giant splash of water followed by a wave.

 This is the first time I’ve used it, but I’m impressed with the power of Monarch Rank Magic.

 I’ve heard that magic above the Superior Rank becomes more lifelike, but Orochi seemed to be really alive. More like, scary. I wonder if Lucy, who has the “Monarch Rank Magic” skill, will be able to use Monarch Rank Fire Magic soon? If the magic gets out of control, the whole party will be wiped out.

 When I was thinking about this, Sakurai-kun came over and tapped me on the shoulder.

“Takatsuki-kun! That’s great!”

 Sakurai’s excitement was high.

“I hope it works on those Taboo Dragons.”

“Was that Monarch Rank Magic?”

“That’s right. I’m glad it worked out so well for my first time.”

“Ehh …… so …… that….M-Monarch?”

“Saki-chan, can you stand?”

 Sa-san was supporting Yokoyama-san, who had fallen on her butt.

“Sa-san. Can you and Yokoyama-san join Lucy and the others?”

“Okay, but what about you, Takatsuki-kun?”

“I need to control the magic until we can get the Taboo Dragons out of the dungeon.”

“What should I do?”

 Sakurai-kun asks. Oi oi, what are you talking about? Hero-sama.

“I’ll throw the enemies out of the dungeon, so cut them down.”


 Water Magic looks flashy, but its attack power is low, so even if it’s Monarch Rank magic, it probably won’t defeat the enemy.


 I was suddenly called by Yokoyama-san.

“What’s wrong?”

“B-Behind you!”

 Splash! There was a huge splash of water, and the Yamata no Orochi reappeared.

 –Kaaaaaaaaa! An ear-piercing cry resonated through the dungeon.

“Is that the …… Taboo Dragon?”

 Sa-san muttered.

 There was a huge, white, worm-like creature that looked too weird to be called a dragon.

 The dragon’s body was covered with countless mouths, and a horrible voice was emitting from its mouth.

 Right now, it is struggling, entangled by Orochi. The other dragon had eyes all over its body, and its eyes were constantly moving. It was different from what I had imagined.

 The Taboo Dragons are also known as the Evil Dragons. I had imagined it to be more stern and ominous. But it was more like…

“What the hell! It’s disgusting!”

“Yeah I agree.”

 I agree with Sa-san. The Taboo Dragon is gross. It’s a gross dragon.

 –Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ……

 The Taboo Dragon was taken away by the Orochi with a deafening scream that made the mind uncomfortable, as if it had scratched the glass.

“Well, Sakurai-kun. Let’s go”

“Y-yeah, …….”

 The Taboo Dragon was rampaging, trying to somehow escape the entanglement of the Orochi.

 I controlled the Water Magic to prevent it from escaping, and carried it away.

“Takatsuki-kun, how are you planning to get these things out?”

“There’s a hole in the ceiling of the underground lake. I’ ll take them up there and throw them out.”

 –Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!

 The Taboo Dragon continued to screech in agony, giving me goosebumps.

 That one had a lot of mouths, huh.

“Takatsuki-kun, the Taboo Dragon’s voice has an anxiety-inducing effect on the mind, are you okay? Our mages couldn’t use magic because of that voice.”


 Indeed, it is a slightly unpleasant voice. But it is not to the point where I can’t use magic.

Probably the effect of the “Calm Mind” skill.

“It seems like I’m okay.”

“………Our high rank mages were wiped out by that though.”

 Sakuraii-kun chuckled as if he was amazed.

“Then, does that thing with the eyes have any bad effects?”

“Yeah, it seems that if your eyes meet, you will be affected by the ‘fear’ mental disorder magic, are you okay?

 It appears to be suppressed by the “Calm Mind” skill as well.

“Yep, it’s no problem at all. But Sakurai-kun, what about you?”

“With the divine protection of the sun goddess, I am immune to all abnormal status conditions.”


 This damn cheat. Sakurai-kun does not notice my bland gaze.

( Haah, this guy really hasn’t changed since the old days, has he?)


 The Taboo Dragon was on a rampage.

 Sakurai-kun excitedly watches the fierce tangle between the two dragons and the Orochi created with Monarch Rank Magic unfold in front of him.(Anguirus vs King Ghidorah)

“Even in Sun Nation, there are very few users of Monarch Rank. And especially water magic, which I’ve never seen before.”

“It took me seven days to prepare for this one magic. Moreover, it requires the cooperation of the spirits to be able to use it. It’s not the most fuel efficient magic.”

“It’s not only about activating the spell, there are not many mages who can control it so perfectly.”

 He’s praising me a lot. Complementing me won’t get you anything, you know?

“It’s coming into view.”

 The sun’s rays were shining through a hole in the ceiling of the subterranean lake. Is it dawn yet?

“It’s great that Lucy made a big hole with the meteor shower.”

“Did you say anything, Takatsuki-kun?”

“No, I’m just muttering to myself.”

 Let’s finish up!

“Sakurai-kun. I will get the Taboo Dragons out. My spell disappears once I’m out of the dungeon, so there’s no starting over.”

“I heard nothing about that!” Sakurai-kun raised a scream.

 Ah, should I have told him earlier?

“I’m sure Sakurai-kun will be fine,” I said, smiling.

“O-Okay.  Leave it to me!”

 Sakurai-kun made a face of determination.

“Spirit-sans, over there.”

 I climbed onto the head of the Orochi.

 And my eyes met with the Taboo Dragon whose skin was covered with eyes.

(Wow, it’s even weirder when you get closer…….)

 Let’s get this over with.

“Water Magic: Heavenly Dragon”

 The water serpent transformed into a giant dragon and flew out of a huge hole in the ceiling of the dungeon, engulfing the two Taboo Dragons and me.

(Thank you, …… Spirit-sans.)

 The moment I stepped out of the dungeon, my spirit magic lost its power and disappeared.

 The dragons and I were thrown high into the air.

(Sakurai-kun, did you arrive?)

 When I looked up, I saw Sakurai-kun clan in a golden aura.

(Is he absorbing the sun’s light?)

 The radiance of Sakurai-kun’s aura was increasing.

 So this is the “Light Hero” skill. Let’s take a good look at it.

(I leave the rest to you, Sakurai-kun.)

 ◇Ryosuke Sakurai’s PoV◇

 Incredible! He really pulled out the Taboo Dragons.

 These troublesome monsters were hiding deep in the dungeon and we were at a loss as to how to defeat them. With Takatsuki-kun’s magic, he was able to throw him and the dragons high into the sky. Suddenly, I remembered.

(Oh no, Takatsuki-kun couldn’t use flight magic!)

 I hurriedly looked at Takatsuki-kun, and saw that he was holding a small umbrella-like item, and was falling slowly.

 Thank goodness, he was apparently holding a magic item.

 He raised his right hand and made a gesture like, “Take care of the rest.”

(Alright! It’s my job from here!)

 I held up my holy sword and concentrated the Holy Aura.

 –The “Light Hero” skill. The Golden Holy Aura.

 I bring it to ‘Arondite’, the holy sword I received from the Sun Nation.

 The enemies are two Taboo Dragons.

 Takatsuki-kun’s water dragon magic has disappeared, and they are now free to expose their abominable appearance.

(I’m going all out, no holding back!)

 I held my sword in both hands and swung it out.

“Goddess of the Sun. Please bless me with victory.”

 –Light Sword: Shining Saber

 The light emitted from the holy sword cut through the enemy in a cross-shaped pattern. One of the Taboo Dragon burst into flames.


 Seeing this, perhaps realizing that it was no match, the other one began to run away.

 As if I would let you! But the enemy was moving fast. Moreover, it’s destination is…

(Is that the direction of the labyrinth city?)

 Oh no.. I rushed after it, but I couldn’t catch up.

 The city is in turmoil over the sudden appearance of an eerie dragon that they’ve never seen before.

 The Taboo Dragon is about to spit out its breath!

 That’s not good! The Taboo Dragon’s breath is not just a means of attack, it has the effect of spreading a curse. The labyrinth town will turn into a cursed town where no one can live!

 But if I attack with all my might from here, it will engulf the town.

(What should I do? ……)

 I glanced at Takatsuki-kun and he gave me a look that said, “Oi oi, what are you doing?”.

 He raised his hands in the air and struck a pose as if to say, “I got nothing.”

 Right ……, he cooperated to the fullest. I can’t rely on him any more.

 I was about to shoot the Light Sword with the resolve of hitting the city as well.

 –Shining —-

 The Taboo Dragon slammed into the transparent wall, and there was a sound as if something crashed. It seemed to be confused.

(…… Is that a barrier? And there’s several of them?)

 The only one who can do that is that person.

 At the outskirts of the city, where the Sun Knight Order had stationed their camp. At the far end, I saw a mage in a white robe floating above a huge tent.

(Great Sage-sama!)

 She place the barrier!

(This is it!)

 I held up my holy sword and swung it down.

 –Light Sword: Shining Saber

 Before the second Taboo Dragon could scream, it was sliced through.

—Part II end—–


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