Clearing an Isekai with the Zero-Believers Goddess – Vol.2-Chapter-8-Part-1

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Chapter 8: Takatsuki Makoto fights alongside the Light Hero

Part I

 ◇Yokoyama Saki PoV◇

“Sakurai-kun, want me to help?”

 It was only a little while later that I realized that the feeble-looking mage who was with Aya-chan was my classmate, Takatsuki-kun.

 I—–Yokoyama Saki- have the skill ‘Holy Knight’.

 I use a holy sword, and my body is covered with the light fighting spirit, so weak monsters cannot even hurt me.

 With this power, I have been active as the second-in-command of Ryosuke, the Light Hero.

 Another skill I have is the ” Mana Vision”.

 I am able to see mana, the source of power in this world.

 Thanks to this, I have survived many crises so far.

 There are monsters who pretend to be weak, assassins who pretend to be ordinary people.

 They can all fool you with their appearance, but they can’t hide their magical power. As far as I’m concerned, Takatsuki-kun is weak.

 I don’t think he’s gotten any stronger since I saw him in the temple a long time ago.

 His magic power is no better than that of an ordinary person. He must have been slacking off on his training.

 Even in high school, he was always playing games instead of studying.

 Ryosuke is having a hard time because of his great power in the other world.

 What can I do to help you if you’ve been playing around without making any effort?

 I said to him with some annoyance.

“Takatsuki-kun, I don’t really think there’s anything you can help u….”

“What do you have in mind?”

 Ryosuke interrupted me and asked Takatsuki-kun a question.

(Eh? Are you going to rely on him?)

“A bit. I won’t know until I try it.”

“We don’t have any more options. Please do help us out.”

(Ehh, ……, well I’m sure it’s useless.)

 Ah, but I wonder if he’ll ask the red-haired Mage girl who’s with Takatsuki-kun.

 Her magic power is tremendous. She has Magic Power that you don’t see even in the Royal Mages of the kingdom.

“Then, wait here, Lucy and Nina-san. Sa-san, can you guide us?”

“Got it.”

 Looks like only Aya-chan will be coming with us. My prediction was wrong.

“Will you be okay? Takatsuki-sama.”

“Be careful, Makoto.”

 His two companions looked worried. Of course, they would. He’s weak.

“I won’t be so reckless.”

 Takatsuki-kun said comfortably. He doesn’t understand the horror of the enemy.

 When you see the Taboo Dragon, you’ll definitely fall down on your butt.

 Then the 4 of us, Ryosuke, myself, Aya-chan, and Takatsuki-kun, headed out.

 In the first place, can Takatsuki-kun and Aya-chan use flight magic?

 As expected, Takatsuki-kun could not use flight magic. Instead, he was using some strange magic to move on the surface of the water. Flight magic can be used by any intermediate Mage.

“Wow, it’s faster than the giant sea serpent!”

 Aya-chan was excited. She seemed to be enjoying herself.

 For a while, we went deeper into the dungeon, guided by Aya-chan.

“Are you sure this is the right place? Sa-san.”

“Yes, this is the Lower Floor. I was told never to go this far into the dungeon.”

 Aya-chan and Takatsuki-kun were talking.

 Even so, Aya-chan seems to know a lot about dungeons.

 I wonder if she’s an adventurer?

 We were standing on a small island at the edge of the underground lake. A little beyond the island, at the bottom of the lake, we can see a huge, submerged cave. The middle level has a fantastic atmosphere with glowing stones illuminating the walls, but the cave itself is only pitch black.

“At the end of this submerged cave are the Taboo Dragons. But the members of the Order are not skilled in underwater combat……”

 Ryosuke explained with regret. But everyone did their best.

 For our group, which is full of new knights.

 The ones at the fault are the Prince faction that is hindering the support and the Great Sage that are not helping at all.

 Thanks to that, we ended up relying on an apprentice mage like Takatsuki-kun,…….

“So, do you think you can do something about it?”

 Ryosuke asked Takatsuki-kun. Ryousuke, I think it’s impossible to get your hopes up. ……

 As expected, Takatsuki-kun folded his arms and made a difficult face.

(You see, …… there’s nothing you can do to help anyway…….)

” For instance, would it be easier to fight those Taboo Dragons if they were outside instead of underwater in the dungeon?”

”Can you do that? If it’s outside of the dungeon, I can use my “Light Hero” skill to the fullest. If there is sunlight, I can definitely win.”

“Okay, then let’s pull the enemy out of the water.”

(There’s no way you can do that. ……)

 Takatsuki-kun says with ease.

“Wait a minute. I’ll speak to the spirits. There seems to be a lot of them around here.”

“Is that so?” Aya-chan was wandering around.

“You can see spirits, Takatsuki-kun? …… That’s amazing.”

 Can see the spirits? Even I, who have the Mana Vision Skill cannot see them?

 Saying whatever he sees fit!

 The gullible Ryousuke seems to believe him though.

 I’ve never seen a Spirit User before, even in the Sun Nation.

“Hey, Spirit-sans! How are you?”

 What was that?

 Do you think spirits would help you just because of that?

“Yeah, the enemy is a bit difficult to deal with. …… Yeah, we’re in trouble.”

(We’re the ones troubled.)

“Thank you, you’re a big help.”

(Haah, how long can this meaningless will conversation go ……)

“Well, thanks for the help.”

 Immediately after Takatsuki-kun said that.

 —— I felt like I was being crushed by a giant force.

 Such an illusion struck me. The entire Great Labyrinth was trembling. There is no way that is possible.

 I couldn’t breathe because of the oppressive feeling.

 W-What is it? What’s going on?

“Saki-chan, what’s wrong?”

 Aya called out to me, but I was panicking.

 My eyes went blank and I couldn’t see anything.

 When I realized that it was all magic, a chill went down my spine.

(What is this? It’s all mana? Oh no, it’s not under control at all! It’s out of control!)

“…… How overwhelming. This is the power of spirits?”

 Ryosuke must be feeling this crazy magic power too!

 We have to stop it now!

“Yeah, this is the first time I’ve had so many spirits visit me, but…”

 Takatsuki-kun still has that feeble mana.

 He was at the center of the typhoon-like magic power that was blowing around.

 He may be a bad mage, but he still should be overwhelmed by this magic power.


(The mana around Takatsuki-kun is calming down?)

 It’s like the eye of a tornado. As if to say that he is the center of this world.

“Now, I’ll use magic. It’s hard to control, so move back.”

(W-What are you talking about?)

 No human can control this much magic!

“Saki. Let’s leave it to Takatsuki-kun.”

 Ryosuke’s eyes were full of expectation and trust.

 Why?! He had never shown such eyes to anyone before.

“What about me? Takatsuki-kun.”

“Hmm, you should stay close to Sakurai-kun.”

“Ehhh, I want to see your magic up close.”

 What are you talking about? Aya, get away from that guy! You’ll get caught!

 The three of us moved back from Takatsuki-kun and watched him.

(C-Can he really control that ridiculous amount of magic power ……?)

 The three of us watched him from a distance, his expression excited as if he were about to play a prank.

“Then, spirit-sans, I am counting on you. Water Magic: Yamata no Orochi.”

 –At that instant, a monster was born.

—Part I end—


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