Clearing an Isekai with the Zero-Believers Goddess – Vol.2-Chapter-7

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Chapter 7: Takatsuki Makoto Challenges the Boss

“Okay, let’s go.”

“…… Are we really going this early?”

 Lucy was rubbing her eyes sleepily.

 –It’s two o’clock in the morning.

 It was time to leave to defeat the Harpy Queen.

“I thought we’d be going in the morning.”

“You’re naive! Nina-dono. This world is a world of the weak and the strong. We have to be relentless in our pursuit of the enemy’s weaknesses. Harpies are bird monsters. They have poor eyesight at night.”

“We Lamia were also attacked in our sleep. I’ll get them back for that!”

 Sa-san looked excited.

“The Harpies should be sound asleep by now. Let’s just put them to eternal rest.”

“Makoto, you’re scaring me.”

 I said to Sa-san, but Lucy retorted me.

“Lucy and I will be outside the dungeon. Nina and Sa-san will be waiting at the underground lake. The time of the attack is two hours from now, at four o’clock. Fuji-yan, wait for good news and materials from the Harpy Queen.”

“Hmm. Be careful not to forget the necessary items. I pray for your victory!”

 We all gave a small nod and set off.

“The forest outside the Great Labyrinth is dark and eerie at night.”

Said Lucy, grabbing my arm as I activated my “stealth” skill, and we walked forward.

 The sounds of beasts and insects resonate through the forest at night. This is also the time when monsters are most active.

“I’ve been going back and forth for the past three days, so it’s like a walk in the park.”

“…… Wasn’t that hard?” Lucy seemed concerned.

“No, it’s been fun,” I said, to which she gave me a weirdo look.

“…… oh, so …… haah.”

“What’s with the sigh?”

 Careful preparation before the boss fight. This is where you can’t leave anything out, and this is where the fun begins.

 My excitement is rising!

” The fog is incredible. The low visibility is probably a good thing, but ……”

“I asked the spirits to make this fog. Pretty good idea, right?”

“EH? This whole area?”

“Well, yeah. …… Lucy, you’re being too loud.”

 I covered Lucy’s mouth with my hand.

 We proceeded quietly. But we have a long way to go. I’m bored.

 Speaking of which, I haven’t had a chance to ask Fuji-yan about his relationship with women, which Nina-san asked me to do.

 When this battle is over, maybe I’ll ask him out for a drink.

 I’m going to have a drink with Fuji-yan when this battle is over!

(Don’t raise any strange flags.)

 Excuse me, Goddess-sama. I’ll be careful.

“Hey, Makoto.”

 After a while, Lucy spoke to me.

“About the other day, when Aya and I went out…”

“Aah, did you guys get along?”

 I wondered what kind of conversation they had.

“So-so. The food of the Lamias was bad, so she was impressed with the menus of the cafeterias and cafes.”

“Yeah, apparently they eat a lot of raw fish and nuts.”

 When I heard about Sa-san’s eating habits, I really felt sorry for her.

“She said she wanted to eat something sweet, but there aren’t many in the city of the Laberintos.”

“About that, Fuji-yan said he would bring chocolates. What else did you talk about?”


 What? Did they only talk about food?

“Also, …… she told me about how you used to be in your previous world.”

“It should be just a story about a little guy who likes to play video games.”

 I hope you didn’t say anything weird, Sa-san.

“And for me, I told Aya about how Makoto was in Makkaren.”


“Why was the topic always about me….”

“Because Aya wanted to hear it. Well same for me too, I also wanted to hear about the old Makoto.”

“Oh, I see……”

 That’s a little embarrassing. But was it really a fun conversation?”

 Meanwhile, we arrived at the vicinity of our destination.

“It’s about time. Lucy, wait here.”

“Okay, and you are going to take down the guards, right?”


 As I said this, I drew my dagger and set my “Calm Mind” skill to 99%.

 The visibility is terrible due to the deep fog, but I know where the harpies are with my “Detection” skill.

 Of course, my “Stealth” skill is always active.

 The enemy has not noticed. I muffled my footsteps and struck the harpy in the neck and heart with two strikes from behind.

 Then I controlled the blood by using water magic.

 I killed three harpies, one on a large rock, one on a low tree branch, and one near a large hole leading to the Great Labyrinth.

 I already knew that there would be plenty of time before the shift of the guards.

“Lucy, I’m done.”

“It’s been less than five minutes, ……. I think you’d make a good assassin.”

“There is no such profession.”

 There are skills for assassination, but there is no such profession as “assassin”. On paper, it is.

 But it’s still enjoyable to act as an assassin!

 We approached a large hole that led to the Great Labyrinth and quietly peeked inside.

 On the ceiling of the labyrinth, we could see what looked like a huge bird’s nest made of woods and ivy.

 It was a harpy’s nest.

“Lucy, I leave it to you.”

“Okay. For Aya’s sake, I’ll give them an extra-large one.”

 With that, she begins to chant. Thanks to the Old Giant, Lucy’s staff can be used to cast a single Stone Bullet spell without reciting.

 However, this time it is a spell that calls up a large number of huge boulders. Massive boulders appear one after another.

“Embrace the flames. Fire Element Grant.”

 The huge boulders burn red.

 Like a sunset, they began to light up the area in red.

“Lucy! The harpies are starting to notice us!”

 A few of them are peeking at us from their nests.

(But it’s too late! Go, Lucy!)

“Meteor shower!”

 Lucy swung her staff and flaming boulders of all sizes blew the ceiling of the Great Labyrinth off the Harpy’s nest.

 ◇From the Harpy’s nest◇

(There’s something outside.)

(What are the lookouts doing?)

 Harpies are monsters, but they are highly intelligent and skilled in group behavior and defending themselves.

 The harpies, who were near the entrance of the nest, immediately noticed something strange and looked outside, got startled.

 The moment they realized that the light, which made them think that morning had come, was a magical light trying to attack our nest, the next thing they knew, everything was swallowed up.

 Our dwelling place crumbles into nothingness. Our friends were burned by the magic and crushed by the collapsing ceiling.

 However, some of us escaped and flew away.

 As long as we stay in the air, there is nothing in the dungeon that can attack us!

((((EH!? ))))

 A flock of us harpies flying through the air was suddenly swallowed by the water.

 Harpies are not good swimmers. They don’t usually swim in the water.

(((( What’s going on? ))))

 They continue to fall without being able to make a calm decision. And the harpies were slammed into the underground lake.

◇Sasaki Aya’s PoV◇


“Nina-san! Takatsuki-kun and Lucy-san have succeeded!”

 We had been hiding behind a waterfall in the underground lake, but the ceiling came crashing down with a roar, so we ran outside. A swarm of harpies descended on us, along with the remains of their hateful nest.

 They were drowning in the water.

“Lucy-sama’s ‘Meteor Shower’ and Takatsuki-sama’s ‘Superior Rank Magic: Water Dragon’. It’s a hell of a combo.”

“There are sea serpents and giant crocodiles in the underground lake. They will think the Harpy as food.”

“They’re already being attacked.”

 The harpies tried to escape, but the aquatic monsters seemed to have the upper hand.

“Take that!” “Hoi!”

 Nina-san and I slammed the occasional escaping harpy down into the water again.

 The harpies were pulled into the water, screaming.

 This is for my family! I won’t let even one of them escape!

“Hah …… hah ……, I wonder if there are any more.”

“Next is to find where the Queen is …….”

 I looked for her, but I couldn’t find her. Don’t tell me she escaped?

 Damn it! After coming so far.

“Hey, Sa-san, Nina-san.”

 After a while, Takatsuki-kun and Lucy-san came down from the ceiling. In their hands, they were holding an item that looked like a small umbrella. It seemed to be an item called a “Fall Umbrella”.

 It’s a magical tool that, when unfolded, allows you to fall from a high place slowly.

 Fujiwara-kun has a very useful tool.

“How is it? Was the Harpy Queen defeated?”

“No, not yet. I don’t know if she was among those that fell.”

“Makoto, what about your ‘Detection’ skill?”

“There’s too many of them for me to pinpoint.”

 Where is she? Where is the Harpy Queen? The dungeon, which had been noisy, gradually quieted down. There’s no sign of the Harpies. It seems that all of them have been defeated.

“That was quite anticlimactic. Let’s go home and celebrate.”

” Hey, Lucy. That’s a flag.”

“Lucy-sama, you must be on your guard.”

 Takatsuki-kun and Nina-san cautioned Lucy-san, who was already in victory mode.

 And I was also a little drunk with victory.

 The Harpies that I couldn’t get to on my own, I was able to take them all out!

 I did it! Great Mother-sama! My big sisters, little sisters!

Just then, I heard a low singing sound. It was a faint voice, almost inaudible.

 It sounded soothing.

 A singing sound that didn’t sound like it belonged in a dungeon.

“Huh? Don’t you hear something?”

“What is it, ……? Yes, I do hear something.”

“It’s too low to be heard …….”

 We looked around.

“….Now you’ve done it.”

 And then she appeared. We all turned around at once.

 A beautiful face and dazzling light brown wings. The Harpy Queen was there. She was singing while she talked. What a skillful one.

“No way! Siren Song?”

 Nina-san shouted, as if in a panic.

“Eh, isn’t she the Harpy Queen? She can use the Sirens’ skills?”

“She must have evolved and gained the abilities of the Sirens! Her voice charms men. Takatsuki-sama, don’t listen to her voice!”

 Takatsuki-kun looked at the harpy queen with a slightly puzzled expression.

 It doesn’t matter! I’ll kill her before she gets us!

 That’s what I thought, and tried to get closer.

“Do you think it would be for that mage man to die?”

 With a grin, the Harpy Queen laughed.

“Mage boy! Put the dagger to your own neck.”

 Takatsuki-kun did as he was instructed by the voice and brought the dagger to his neck.

“Shoot!” Nina-san shouted.

Lucy-san fumbled with her staff in her hands.

“Fufu, my voice works especially well with human men. It’s a shame you had a man for a companion.”

“The Siren’s voice is very attractive to men. The human that attacked your family must also be manipulated by her.”

 Nina-san said regretfully. So that’s how it was………

“I was wondering who it was, so it was Lamia’s child that I killed back then. …… I didn’t know you were still alive.”

 She glared at me hatefully. I also glared back at her with killing intent in my eyes.

“Your whole family is dead. Serves you right!”

“The Harpies will rise again and again as long as I, the Queen, am alive. Too bad for you.”

 She said in a mocking tone. Damn it! That’s true.

 We, the Lamias, are already done for because our Great Mother-sama was killed.

“Don’t move. Now Mage boy, come to me slowly. If any of your companions attack me, slit your own throat and kill yourself.”

 Takatsuki-kun nodded his head in obedience to the voice.

“N-No way…….” Lucy-san said in a sad voice.

“…..”” Nina-san seems to be looking for an opportunity, but she couldn’t move.

(What should I do ……?)

 With Takatsuki-kun as a hostage, we can’t move carelessly.

 I looked at the Harpy Queen and Takatsuki-kun alternately and realized.


He was supposed to be charmed by the Sirens’ singing voice.

 But he was looking intently at me.

 His eyes were clear, and he didn’t seem to be charmed at all.

(He is not being manipulated?)

 Takatsuki-kun was slowly approaching the harpy queen while staring at me.

 His eyes seem to be telling me something.


 I concentrate my strength on my right hand. The so-called “Action Game Player Charged Attack” skill, which I used to use unconsciously.

 Of course, even if I attack now, there’s a good chance I’ll be dodged. ……

“You girls stay here. You are lucky. If my children were here, I’d feed you to them. I will be taking this Mage boy.”

 I continued to gather my strength, believing in Takatsuki-kun. It’s okay, I’m sure.

“The human men are really stupid. When they hear my voice, they think I’m a goddess. Some of them even kneel down the moment they see me.”

 The triumphant look on her face pissed me off.

“Come on, would you like to lick my feet? They’re the feet of a goddess.”

 Perhaps in high spirits, the Harpy Queen thrusts her foot in front of Takatsuki-kun’s.

 She’s extremely annoying, but she’s so beautiful that it’s easy to see why she attracts men.

“M-Making Makoto lick your feet…… I’m jealo. …… What a terrible thing to do!”

“Uhm, Lucy-sama?”

 Nina-san retorted. I should ask Lucy-san about her comment later.

 Takatsuki-kun bent down slowly to put his face close to the harpy queen’s leg.

“There’s no way these damn dirty feet are the feet of a goddess.”

 Takatsuki-kun said quietly in his usual tone.


 The Harpy Queen’s dumb voice rose and her ankle was silently cut off.


She was screaming and her eyes were pierced by what looked like icicles.

 Did he use magic at the same time as he cut it with his dagger?

(Fast! I didn’t know when it was triggered at all!)

“Sa-san! Now!”

 Takatsuki-kun shouted.

(Yes, it’s now or never!)

 I used my “dash” skill to quickly close off the distance.

 Without killing the momentum, I slammed my right fist into the enemy’s torso with the power I had built up.


 A big hole appeared in the belly of the harpy queen. My fist pierced the enemy’s body.

“D-Damn it, ……, you bastard!”

 It is ridiculous, but it seems she is still breathing.

 The Harpy Queen’s claws close in on me, ready to tear me apart.


 Takatsuki-kun’s dagger cut off the Harpy Queen’s head.

“””Eh?””” Everyone’s voice rises, except for Takatsuki-kun’s.

 Her head rolled around with a thud.

 Isn’t the sharpness of that dagger strange?

“T-Thank you, Takatsuki-kun.”

“You avenged your family, Sa-san.”

 When I heard those words, the tension that had been building up in me lifted.

 Staggered, I fell toward Takatsuki-kun.

(Ah, ……, I’m stained with blood.)

 Without worrying about me trying to get away from him, Takatsuki-kun caught me and hugged me.

 His gentle hug almost brought tears to my eyes.

“Good work, Sa-san.”

“…… Yes.”

(I’ve avenged you, Great Mother-sama, elder sisters, and my younger sisters……)

 I put my head on Takatsuki-kun’s shoulder and closed my eyes.

 Feeling the warmth of the most secure person in the world.

 I felt as if all the thorns in my wispy heart had been removed.

 ◇Takatsuki Makoto’s PoV◇

“…… why ……did my charm …… my singing not work?”

 The Harpy Queen, with only her head left, was screaming in agony.

 Eh? She’s still talking? Is she still alive?

“What’s with this…… thing, being still alive? This is scary.”

 Lucy was freaked out. Yeah, me too.

 I’m afraid I’m going to dream about it, so can you please stop talking with a severed head?

“That Bitch…..where is Elder Sister-sama?”

 Sa-san is speaking to the severed head.

 It was quite a surreal sight, but it was a serious conversation, so let’s keep my mouth shut.

“….I don’t know. …… After opening the entrance to the Lamia’s Lair, she disappeared somewhere…….”

“……I see.”

 Sa-san’s voice sounded dejected. So, there is still someone left she need to take her revenge on.

 So, what do we do about this severed head?

“The life force of a monster that has lived for more than a hundred years is tremendous. However, the source of a monster’s power is its heart. With her head and body separated from each other, she’ll probably die soon.”

 Nina-san explained to me, who was freaking out. What a relief.

“By the way, why wasn’t Takatsuki-kun controlled by this thing?”

“I’m curious about that too!”

 Sa-san and Nina-san asked me with great interest.

 Lucy is poking Queen Harpy’s head with her staff. Stop that…

“It is apparently difficult for me to be affected by mind-disturbing skills like ‘charm’ magic. I have the ‘Calm mind’ skill.”

“Hmm, I did hear that mind-stabilizing skills can resist charm and illusion. I’ve heard that it doesn’t nullify them, it just makes them more bearable. ……”

 Nina-san tilted her head.

“It is weird that it doesn’t work at all,”.

“But thanks to Takatsuki’s acting, I was able to get my revenge.”

 Sa-san hugged me again. It’s too embarrassing.

 Can we separate already?

“Aya, it’s time for you to get away from Makoto.”

 Lucy came over to me, probably tired of poking the head.

“Ehh~, jeez!”

 Lucy tried to pull Sa-san off, and Sa-san didn’t like it.

 It was like a playful exchange between two sisters. However, I want you to do it without me in between.

“Speaking of which, you’ve seen a Goddess, Takatsuki-sama?”

“Yes, yes. Didn’t you tell Queen Harpy as if you had seen a goddess?”

 Nina-san and Lucy asked with interest.

“Yeah, she does appear in my dreams sometimes. I talked with her yesterday too.”

“Ooh! After seeing the actual goddess, it makes sense that the Sirens’ charm would have no effect!”

 Is that how it works?

“Takatsuki-kun, what is a Goddess?” I guess I haven’t explained it to Sa-san.

“Makoto believes in an evil goddess. He says she’s very beautiful.”

 Don’t spread the word that she’s an evil god!

“Well, she’s very pretty, but she’s …… always trying to seduce me, so I’m a little troubled.”

“G-Goddess trying to seduce you?”

“Yesterday, she was wearing a very revealing outfit and she was touching me a lot…..”

 That really makes my heart pound, so please don’t do that.

“Ehh, ……, could it be that this Goddess-sama is a bitch?”

 Lucy! What a thing to say!

 By the way, you’re not, right?

(Hey, I’m a Virgin Goddess!) 

“The Goddess is saying that she’ a virgin.”

 For the honor of the Goddess, I’ll announce it.

“It seems suspicious when she says it herself ……. The girl who says, “I have no experience,” sometimes has a lot of sex behind the scenes. ……”

 Sa-san, don’t say such a thing. That was quite dark.

“E-Everyone. You will be punished if you speak too much about God like that. Ah, it looks like the Harpy Queen has died.”

 Apparently, she died while we were having this silly conversation.

 Well, that’s not important.

“Is there some sort of rare material?”

“The feathers are probably a good material. But the heart is the most important part of a monster that has lived for more than a hundred years.”

“hoh, this?”

 Sa-san took out the heart of the Harpy Queen without hesitation. It’s gross …….

“There should be a magic stone inside the heart.”

“Hmm, is this it?”

 In her hand was an orange-colored magic stone.

“Ooh! What a splendid size of the magic stone. This will definitely be worth a good amount of money.”

“There’s another one.”


 Sa-san took out an equally large, glowing purple magic stone.

“For some reason, it calms me down when I hold this one…….”

 Sa-san was staring at the magic stone.

 Nina-san also observed it carefully.

“This magic stone probably belongs to the Lamia queen…….”

“Eh!? This is?”

 I see, so it is a memento of Sa-san’s mother.

“Should it be better if Aya were to keep it?”

“Yeah, it’s your, Sa-san.”

 I agreed with Lucy.

“Eh, but ……”

“I’m sure Master will agree.”

“Thank you …… everyone.”

 She hugged the magical stone in front of her chest with great care.

 I’m glad you were able to avenge your family. I’m really glad.

“So, let’s get back to it.”

“Are we going through that hole again?”

 Lucy seemed unhappy.

“It can’t be helped. There’s no other way.”

“We safely won after all so,……, everyone! Silent!”

“Someone’s here.”

 Nina-san’s eyes sharpened, and Lucy held up her staff.

 After that, my ‘Detection’ also reacted to my ‘Enemies’ skill.

“It looks like a party of humans and monsters are fighting.”

 Sa-san pointed in the direction of the group, and sure enough, a group of about 20 people was being surrounded by monsters.

“What should we do?”

“I’ll leave it to you, Makoto!”

 Hm, Sa-san and Nina-san were looking at me too. I’ll have to decide.

“For now, I still have a bit of leeway on spirit magic, so let’s help them.”

 It took 1 week, and yet, it didn’t get that much turn.

“Spirit-sans, Spirit-sans, please help me a bit. Water Magic: Water Whale.”

 A giant water whale appears. As the water whale swims through the air above the underground lake, it engulfs those 20 humans, and the whale’s tail flicks the monsters away.

 And the Water Whale came towards us.

“Wawa!” “Hey!”

 Lucy and Sa-san hugged me.

 A group of humans arrived at our location with a large amount of water.

“Takatsuki-sama, I am surprised you are able to manipulate water with such dexterity. ……”

 Nina-san commented in amazement.

“Hm? These guys are the Sun Knight Order.”

“That’s right.”

 They do indeed have the emblem of the Sun Goddess on their chest. So, is he here too?

“Everyone! You’re safe!”

 The one who appeared was the Light Hero, Sakurai-kun.

“Hello there, Sakurai-kun.”

“T-Takatsuki-kun? Was that magic yours? That magic was amazing!”

“Ah, yes. Well, I guess so. ……”

 I answered sluggishly. I am not sure if it is me or the magic of the spirits.

“Ryousuke! Are you okay? ah, it’s you guys?”

 The next person to show up was our former classmate, Yokoyama-san.


“Eh? Could it be that you, Aya-chan?”

“No way? You’re alive?” “It’s been a while, Saki-chan!” “Something different about you?” “Yeah, things have been crazy.” “- Yeah, tell me about it later!” “Sure!”

The two ex-high school girls were excited. Sa-san, you and Yokoyama-san were close, huh…?

“Thank you for helping us all out.”

 Sakurai-kun thanked me.

“You’re welcome. So, what happened?”

 The Sun Knight Order, as I recall, is an elite group, all of whom hold senior positions.

 It’s hard to believe that they would have trouble with a monster on the Middle Floor of the Great Labyrinth.

“Aah, actually, we encountered the Taboo Dragons at the floor below here and had a battle with them……”

 It seems that the two remaining abominable dragons were cooperating with each other and were very tough.

 When they tried to separate the two, they were attacked by the lower-level monsters, and they were outnumbered, then the Taboo Dragons attacked them, and they retreated.

 That must be why we met them when they managed to escape to the Middle Floor.

“Fortunately, there are no casualties, but this battle is a failure…….”

 Sakurai-kun’s expression was dark.

“If the observer, the White Great Sage, had been cooperative, the situation would have been much different…….”

 Yokoyama-san distorted her expression in frustration.

“She’s our insurance policy in case we fail. We can’t rely on her.”

 Sakurai-kun said calmly.

“Ehh! The Great White Sage-sama is here!”

 Lucy shouted in surprise.

“Hey, Lucy. The Great White Sage is the one who is said to be the most powerful person on the continent?”

“Yes, yes! She is said to be the goal of all mages!”

 I learned this in the temple. The Great White Sage of the Sun Nation is the apex of all mage.

 Next to Lucy and me, Sakurai-kun looked serious.

 Yeah, he was in a difficult position.

“It can’t be helped, Saki. We have been told to handle the matter with Taboo Dragons ourselves.”

“But if we report that we failed, the Princes’ faction will take advantage of it……”

“Yeah, we would be troubling Princess Noel.”

 I don’t know the details of the situation, but he seems to be in trouble.

(This …… if I were to follow Goddess-sama’s advice.)

[Do you want to help the Light Hero?”



 As the only follower of the Goddess, I should listen to her request.

“Sakurai-kun, should I help you out?”

 It was unusual, but I called out to Sakurai-kun.

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