Clearing an Isekai with the Zero-Believers Goddess – Vol.2-Chapter-6-Part-2

Chapter 6: Takatsuki Makoto Prepares

Part II

◇Sasaki Aya’s PoV◇

 I took a stroll through Labyrinth City with Lucy.

 It was the first time for me to experience human culture in this world, and it was refreshing.

 But I can’t stay in a sightseeing mood forever. I’ve been invited to a party by Takatsuki-kun, so I need to catch up so I can be useful!

 Oh, but!

(Waaah, it’s delicious~!)

 The food in the human town I tasted so good! So different from the food of the Lamias!

 Pasta with tomato sauce, apple pie, and milk tea with lots of sugar.

(……Yes, I’m thankful to be alive!)

 In fact, I’ve been reincarnated. But I was able to meet Takatsuki-kun and eat a lot of delicious food! There were a lot of hard times, but I’m really glad I didn’t give up and survived!

 As I was savoring the happiness of my life.

“Aya, you really enjoy eating.”

“I-Is that so?”

 When I saw Lucy looking at me and smiling, I couldn’t help but feel my heart skip a beat.

 Deep wine-red eyes and long, glossy, red hair.

 Though it seems to be a bit stiff, the long, pointy ears that stick out from the well-rounded face are a sign of the elven race. Yeah, Lucy is an elf.

(…… She’s a beautiful girl.)

 She is so beautiful that even I, a woman, can’t help but admire her.

 And she’s also Takatsuki-Kun’s companion. Yes, his companion …… is not his girlfriend.

(But then again, fellow adventurers do travel and stay overnight, don’t they?)

 Isn’t there something wrong with that? Or maybe that’s my previous world’s way of thinking, and it’s different here? But Takatsuki-kun is also a man, and if he were to travel with such a cute girl, he would probably fall in love with her, right?

“The Makoto that you describe is a little different from the Makoto we know today.”

 Lucy-san said that the Takatsuki-kun that I knew from middle school and high school is a little different from the Takatsuki-kun that I know now.

“What is the current Takatsuki-kun like?”

 I asked her casually.

“I’ll never forget the first time I met Makoto. He appeared at the moment I was being attacked by a Big Orge and he easily defeated a monster that was said to be impossible to defeat with a bronze rank!”

“And that time with the Griffon, he sacrificed himself to use Magic with me!”

“When we fought the chimera in the dungeon, ……”

 From there, Lucy-san praised Takatsuki-kun like a machine gun.

 She blushed and talked excitedly about Takatsuki-kun.

(W-Waaa, …… Lucy-san, you’re totally in love!)

 She had no intention of hiding her intense fondness for Takatsuki-kun.

 I wonder if the two of them are really dating?

 Isn’t it possible that he just hasn’t told me?

“Hey, Makoto. Have you told Aya about us yet?”

“She’s still getting used to the world, so let’s talk about us when she gets settled.”

“Don’t cheat on her, okay?”

“You idiot. I only like Lucy.” (Neat Face)

“…… Makoto. I love …….” (Hugs tightly.)

“Lucy, I love you too.” (Hugs back.)

(Waaaah! I had a weird imagination!)

 I can’t stand it when people talk like that behind my back!

 Uu……, it’s okay, right? Takatsuki-kun said that he and Lucy are adventure buddies. I went shopping with her with a hazy feeling in my heart.

◇Same time: Takatsuki Makoto’s PoV◇

“I’m sorry, Nina-san. You’ve to come with me.”

“No, no. Master told me to help as much as I can.”

 Right now, we are not inside the Great Labyrinth, but outside. We are aiming to reach the ceiling of the underground lake from outside the dungeon. Nina and I are the only two members.

 The reason was that we were the only two people who could use the “Stealth” skill. Sa-san is currently training the skill. We spent three days searching all over the Great Labyrinth using our mapping skills, but we couldn’t find the way to the Harpy’s nest.

 Since the Harpies are flying monsters, there is a high possibility that there is no way to reach them from the ground.

 So we decided to search the vaulted ceiling of the underground lake from outside the dungeon.

“These weeds are so annoying.”

 In the forest outside the dungeon, the weeds and trees had grown to their fullest extent, obstructing our view.

“Takatsuki-sama, please be careful. There is a possibility that monsters may be present, even though we are not in a dungeon.”

“Yes, let’s proceed with caution, using my ‘Detection’ skill and Nina-san’s ‘Eavesdrop’ skill.”

 Nina-san, who is of the rabbit-eared species, has a particularly good sense of hearing among the beast-kins.

She can hear sounds from several kilometers away with her “Eavesdropping” skill.

“There are monsters here.:

“Yes, let’s go around them.”

 In order to avoid unnecessary battles, we take the long way around if we detect any signs of monsters.

 That’s why it took us so long to get there.



 As we parted the trees and plants, we continued on our way. All the while, silence reigned.

 Hmm, it was tough to not be able to say even one thoughtful thing.

 If it were Fuji-yan, I wouldn’t have any trouble talking to him. Just as I was thinking that, Nina-san asked me a question.

“Takatsuki-sama, you’ve been friends with Master since your time in the other world, right?”

“Yes, that’s right. Although we’ve only known each other for about a year in the previous world.”

 For that reason, Fuji-yan has been a great help to me in many ways. I can’t thank him enough.

“There is something I would like to ask you, Takatsuki-sama.”

“What is it?”

 Something about Fuji-yan?

“What kind of woman does Master like?

 This kind of topic, huh. Even if you ask a person like me whose age equals his history of not having a girlfriend.

 However, I’m indebted to Nina-san. Let’s take it seriously.

“Fujiya likes women with animal ears.”

This is the truth. No doubt about it. After all, when we have a drink together at the Cat’s Ears Pavilion, he lectures me a hundred times about the beauty of beast ears.

“I know that though……”

 Nina-san’s long ears drooped dejectedly.

“Then, what are you worried about?”

“No matter how many times I make moves on him, he won’t follow through.”


“The last time I went to his bedroom in a very revealing outfit, he didn’t touch me. ……”

 This is more adult advice than I expected! I can’t do this……. This conversation is too much for me.

 Fuji-yan, what’s wrong with you! Nina-san, she’s so cute!

“Maybe he’s not aware of my feelings,……?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

 He’s 100% aware. He can read minds after all! This Fuji-yan.

“If nothing works, I will just have to pounce on him at night…….”


 Oh, ……. Nina-san, even though you’re a rabbit, you’re quite a carnivore!

“It looks like daughter of Feudal Lord of Makkaren also has a thing for master…….”

“Aah, Christiana-san, is iright?”

“She’s a nasty one! She’s been making a lot of demands in order to help Master secure the route for the airship.”

 Well, that’s how it is with powerful people, isn’t it?

“Next time, I’ll casually ask Fuji-yan what kind of woman he likes.”

“By all means!”

 I agreed easily, but I wondered if it was a good idea.

 While we were having this conversation, we were getting closer to our destination.

“According to the Mapping Skill, we should be at the top of the underground lake.”

“Your mapping skills is quite accurate, Takatsuki-sama. It can even cover such a large area.”

“Is that so?” I hadn’t really thought about it.

“Let’s stop here. There are Harpies there.”

“Yes, they look like guards. 3 of them.”

 My “Detection” skill had only noticed two of them.

 I was glad that Nina was there.

 After observing for a while, a Harpy that seemed to be on guard switched places with a Harpy that came out of the hole. Looks like there’s no doubt that there’s a nest near there.

“We’ve pretty much pinpointed the location of the nest.”

“The lookouts will be a problem though.”

“Let’s go back.”

 We stealthily returned to the City so that the Harpies would not notice us.

“And so, it looks like the harpies’ nest is definitely right above the underground lake.”

“That’s where she is …….”

 Sa-san’s eyes sharpened.

“There’s one piece of good news,” Fuji-yan said.

It seems that Sakurai-dono, the Sun Knight Order, has defeated the Taboo Dragon.

“Ah! It’s true that the Adventurer’s Guild was very noisy today. Must have been because of that.”

 Lucy, who has recently been gathering information and training at the guild, clapped her hands.

“Hoh, as expected of Sakurai-kun. It has been less than a week since he arrived in the Great Labyrinth, and he has already defeated it?”

“But it seems that they are not done with the task.”

“What do you mean by that? Master.”

“They say there are 3 Taboo Dragons.”

“Eh? That many!”

 That’s rather bad news, isn’t it?

“So the monsters in the Great Labyrinth are still acting strangely. ……”

 Lucy looked dejected. We haven’t been able to dive into the dungeon lately.

“So, when are we going to defeat the Harpy Queen?”

 Sa-san’s voice was firm.

“I think it’s safer to wait until after all the Taboo Dragons have been dealt with……”

“And when will that be?”

“I don’t know…….”

 Just because the first one was defeated quickly this time, doesn’t mean the next one will go well.

 The Great Labyrinth is huge, and above all, the Sun Knights Order isn’t guaranteed to win everytime.

 But considering Sa-san’s feelings, it would be impossible to wait leisurely.

“We’ll go for the subjugation of Harpies in three days. First of all, I’ll strengthen my spirit magic enough. Then, we’ll wait for Lucy to finish her magic.”

“Lucy-san, can you do it in three days?”

“Your eyes are scary Aya…… I got it! I’ll do it.”

It’s settled then.

 Nina-san looked around at everyone. I took over the conversation.

“Well then, three days from. We will go subjugate the Harpy Queen.”

 The night before the battle with the Harpy.

 I had a dream. The usual empty space – no the Goddess’s Space.

(…… Somewhat, it feels like it’s been a while.)

 I got down on one knee and put my hands together.

 Goddess-sama appeared, ice cream in her mouth, fanning herself.

 Also, she was wearing a T-shirt and spats.

 A little erotic. But it was immodest.

(Ummm… …… she don’t look so sacred)

“Oh? You’re here?”

 She turned to me, fanning her chest with a fan.

 At least when you meet with your followers, you should dress properly. It is a waste of your beauty.

“I can hear what you’re thinking”

“You’re dressed too sloppily, Goddess-sama.”

“Hey, you’re being cheeky. You just said it out loud. I find your lack of faith disturbing.”

“You know that I pray to you every day.”

“I know that” muu, Goddess-sama grumbled.

 That’s enough of this light talk.

“Thank you very much. It is thanks to you that I was able to meet, Sa-san.”

“Hmm, be grateful.”

 She replied with an ice cream in her mouth.

“By the way, Makoto. Why don’t you get along with the Light Hero?”


“Sakurai-kun is a follower of the Holy Goddess, whom the Goddess-sama hates. Are you sure you want me to get along with him?”

“Don’t worry about that. Just get to know him and you can use him later, right?”

“Eehh~……” I couldn’t help but shout. She sure says dark stuff as usual.

“I really don’t like the idea of using a classmate.”

 I am ethically opposed to the idea.

“Sakurai-kun will be a key player on this continent in the future. Don’t say anything, just get along with him. You got to see your friend again after you did what I told you to do, right?”

“I am grateful for that, but ……”

“Sasaki Aya-chan is a good girl. Her status alone makes her Hero Class. Lucy’s magic is getting stronger and stronger, and Makoto’s party is starting to look better and better.”

“The supposed leader is weak, though.”

 Even if everyone around me is getting stronger.

“Stats are just a decoration. As long as you have a big move that can turn the tables, you’re good! Continue to master spirit magic.”

 Her instructions are more specific these days.

“For now, don’t let the harpies get you.”

 She ruffled my hair. I felt as if I was surging with power.

 Maybe she met me to encourage  me?

“Please leave it to me, Goddess-sama.”

 By the time I bowed and raised my head, she was already gone.


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