Clearing an Isekai with the Zero-Believers Goddess – Vol.2-Chapter-5-Part-2

Chapter 5: Takatsuki Makoto gets Reunited

Part II

◇Fuji-yan’s PoV◇

 Takki-dono and Lucy-dono have not returned from the Great Labyrinth even after one night.

“Master, if you’re that worried, I’ll go down into the Great Labyrinth myself.”

 Nina-dono suggested.

“Hmmmm, ……, but there was an announcement that a dragon had appeared in the Upper Floor. And even you can’t take on a dragon by yourself, Nina-dono.”

“I can somehow manage to escape.”

 How vexing. Yesterday, the adventurer’s guild announced that a Dragon had appeared on the Upper Floor, and the city was in an uproar.

 Normally, the number of missing people is listed as a few. Yesterday, however, dozens of people were listed in one day.

 I was shocked when I found the names of my friends Takki-dono and Lucy-dono on the missing person list.

 This was no time to hold business meetings. I canceled all my plans for the day.

 However, my friends did not return at all.

“Is the appearance of Dragon in the Upper Floor is due to the influence of the Taboo Dragon?”

“Well, that’s the rumor ……”

 In the Great Labyrinth, a creature known as the Taboo Dragon was born.

 An evil monster that even other monsters in the Great Labyrinth flee from.

 This evil creature is said to have been used by the Great Demon Lord a thousand years ago.

 Adventurers say that the monsters in Laberintos are behaving strangely because of it.

“I hope Takki-dono hasn’t encountered that dragon.”

“I’ve heard that the dragon had appeared around the Great Waterfall. And Takatsuki-sama said he was heading for the Great Waterfall last night.”

“I certainly do remember hearing that …….” Aah, I’m worried.

“But Takatsuki-sama is someone who deals with powerful monsters calmly. I’m sure he will be fine!”

“That’s right. But it’s hard to relax when all we do is wait.”

“Then let’s go to the guild once mor- ……, Master! I can hear Takatsuki-sama’s voice!”


 ◇Takatsuki Makoto’s PoV◇


 Fuji-yan runs towards us.

“Lucy-sama! I’m glad you’re okay! Oh, who is that person?”

 Nina-san’s bright face turned into a sharp gaze.

 Maybe she sensed the presence of a monster from Sa-san.

“She’s from another world like me and Fuji-yan. It’s complicated, so can we talk inside?”

“W-What a surprise! Isn’t it you, Sasaki-dono!”

 Fuji-yan shouted in astonishment. Wow, you noticed her immediately.

 Well, her human mode is still pretty much what she used to look like.

“Even Fujiwara-kun noticed right away. And you, Takatsuki-kun, didn’t notice.”

“Please don’t say that.”

 We were tired from fighting monsters all night.

 So we went into the room Fuji-yan was renting and talked about what had happened so far.

“Oh my …… something like this happened”

“Sasaki-sama, ……. I’m so sorry you had to go through that.”

 Fuji-yan and Nina-san were in tears as they listened to Sa-san’s story. They really are good people.

They had been waiting for us since yesterday.

 By the way, Sa-san had changed her clothes.

 The only women’s clothes she could find were Nina-san’s, so she was wearing a tank top and shorts. Her pale skin appeared a little bluish in the light.

 Her hair was black with a slight purple tinge. However, her face was still the same as Sa-san’s. It feels nostalgic.

“Makoto. Why are you staring at Aya?”

 Lucy interrupted me. As if following her, Sa-san turned around to look at me.

 The puzzled look on her face is the same as before.

“So, Sa-san. What are you going to do now?”

 Well, I don’t think I need to ask.

“I’m going to avenge my family.”

 I can hear the determination in her voice. Once she makes up her mind, she’s stubborn. She’s always been the same.

“But doing that all by yourself is just…”

 Nina-san looked at Fuji-yan as if she wanted to say something. Lucy looks at me.

“Do you want to assist Sasaki Aya avenging?”

 Yes ← 


 No need to think about it, Sa-san is an important friend.

 I choose “Yes” for my “RPG Player” skill.

 The Queen of the Harpies in the Great Labyrinth. I don’t know what kind of enemy it is, but it’s definitely a boss character.

 It’s worth the effort!

(Makoto, don’t be reckless.)

 Perhaps sensing my high spirits, Goddess-ama gave me some advice.

(Don’t worry, I’ll act carefully.)

 I have to take every precaution for Sa-san’s sake.

 Oh, by the way, there was something I had to tell you.

(Thank you very much, Goddess-sama. Thanks to your guidance, I was able to reunite with an important friend.)

(Ara, is that so. Fufufu, I’m glad.)

 When I thanked the goddess, she responded calmly. Then, I turned to Fuji-yan.

“Fuji-yan, let’s plan how to deal with the Harpy Queen.”

“Fumu, we’ll have to gather information first.”

 We grinned at each other. As expected of my friend, he knows what I am talking.

“Oh my, you’re so excited. Makoto,” Lucy said surprisingly.

“It’s natural. Gotta help a classmate in trouble.”

“Thank you, Takatsuki-kun and Fujiwara-kun. ……

 Sa-san is on the verge of tears.

“But the Harpy Queen. Quite a powerful enemy, it seems.”

 Nina-san shows us the adventurer’s guild handbook.

[ Great Labyrinth-Laberintos: Middle Floor. Queen of the Harpies and her children – Reward: 3 million G (Disaster Designation Candidate).]

“Does this mean it is strong?”

“Well, it’s stronger than the Griffon if you’re dealing with a whole herd.”

“It’s stronger than that. ……”

 Lucy made a disgusted face.

“It doesn’t matter. If it’s just a harpy, I can deal with it in one blow.”

 She clenched her fists, which was reassuring. She’s become quite the brawler.

“By the way, Fuji-yan. Is Sa-san really just a normal Lamia?”

“Eh? What do you mean?”

 Sa-san turned around.

“I think you’re much stronger than a normal Lamia.”

“That’s what I’m wondering too. According to Sasaki-dono’s story, she thought she died once, but she came back to life. So let’s use this.”

 What Fuji-yan was holding in his hand was the Soul Book.

“Aren’t you supposed to get this only at church?”

 Or more like, you can’t buy it without going to a church.

“Well, there are various routes. Please, Sasaki-dono. Please hold this book.”

“Okay, what’s this?”

“Sa-san, with this book, we can find out your status and skills.”

 While I was saying that, the soul book glowed. It seems that the status and skills have been identified.

“Hmm, how do I see them?”

“Let me take a look.” I borrowed the soul book from Sa-san and we all looked into it.

Sasaki Aya: Lamia Tribe

Level: 34

Unique Skills: “Transformation”, “Evolution”, “Action Game Player” ………………

Normal skill: None

Physical Strength: XX

Stamina: XX

Mental Strength: XX

Agility: XX




“Your Level is over 30?”

“Whoa! What is this? Your status is ridiculously high.”

“I lost to this ……”

 Nina-san was shocked. She has a higher status than Nina-san, who has a gold rank.

“Sa-san, does it mean that you also have isekai benefits?”

“Is this impressive?” Sa-san tilted her head.

“Her stats is crazy, but her skills are interesting too.”

“Well, her Unique skills are the ‘Transformation’ skill,  ‘Evolution’ skill, and the …… oh.”

 The last skill, this one.

“Hm? This is..”

 Lucy seemed to have noticed it too.

 –Her last skill, “Action Game Player” was written there. 

“Action Game Player?”

“It sounds similar to Makato’s skill,” Lucy said.

“Also like Master’s skill too”, Nina-san said.

“Let’s see, let’s have a closer look.”

 Fuji-yan looked at Sa-san’s soul book.

“You can use ‘Dash’, ‘Charge Attack’, and ‘Mid-Air-Jump’ as your basic actions at ……. Sasaki-dono, can you use them?”

“Uhm, there was a time when my running speed suddenly became faster. So it was my skill, huh”

“Dash triples normal speed!?”

“With the stats of Sasaki-sama, 3 times more is quite a powerful skill.”

 How nice. Unlike mine, it looks simple and easy to use.

“You’ve hit the jackpot, Sa-san.”

“Hmm, is that so..”

 She is making a face as if she doesn’t understand it.

“No, the craziest part of this skill is here.”

 I looked where Fuji-yan was pointing.

“Remaining Life: 4/5” skill (Activates when the level is 30 or higher).

“This is …….”

 The Remaining Life skill is the same as the Remaining Life skill in action games, right? If you fail, you can start over. Seriously? So this is what brought her back from the dead! That’s a cheat skill!

“Now I know why Sasaki-dono was able to survive that Harpy Queen.”

 Fuji-yan said with a sigh.

“Eh? What kind of skill is this?”

“Master, please explain it to me.”

“Hey, Takatsuki-kun. What does it mean?”

“No, Sa-san, at least you should know!”

 If you’re a gamer, you know what I’m talking about.

“Remaining Life is a word used in our previous world. It means, “You can redo the number of times” written there.


 Lucy still didn’t get it.

“By Remaining Life: 5, it means that if you die up to five times, you can revive back.”

“Ah, so that’s why it’s down to four.”

 Sa-san seemed to have understood.

 Lucy and Nina-san, however, were puzzled.


“In other words, it’s the same effect as the Saint Grade Light Magic ‘Resurrection’?”

“Well, …… most likely.”


 Looks like Lucy and Nina-san have finally figured it out.

” It would cost millions of G’s to get a church to revive you. ……”

“Being able to resurrect yourself is already in a sacred class treasure…….”

The skill of our classmates are really cheats after all.

“Now that we understand Sa-san’s extraordinary strength and skills, let’s rest. I’m really sleepy.”

“Yeah, I’m woozy.”

“Right. First, let’s get some rest, and then we can plan our strategy.”

 Lucy and I fell asleep as if we were in the mud.

“Well, then, let’s have a strategy meeting to take down the Harpy Queen.”


 Sa-san is very enthusiastic. The rest of us clap our hands.

“First, let’s share information. I have informed the Adventurer’s Guild that you two have returned while Takki-dono and Lucy-dono were sleeping.”

“Ah, I forgot to report.”

 As expected of Fuji-yan. His attentiveness is superb.

“I’ve also gathered information on the misbehaving adventurers who tangled with the two of you in the Great Labyrinth,” Nina-san said.

“Apparently, they haven’t come back yet.”

“That means ……”

 They weren’t able to escape from the dragons?

“They’re bad guys, so that’s obvious!”

“It’s kind of heartbreaking, but I’ll take comfort in the fact that we won’t have to worry about them attacking us anymore.”

 I thanked Fuji-yan and Nina for their help.

“Next is Sasaki-dono.”


 I heard that she was fine after returning from the Great Labyrinth and had gone shopping for clothes with Nina. Now she is wearing a dress.

“Here is your adventurer card.”

“Eh? Don’t you need to be a member of the Adventurer’s Guild to get one.”

 No way that’s possible. The Adventurer’s Card can only be issued by the Adventurer’s Guild, and it is illegal to obtain it from anyone other than the Adventurer’s Guild.

( But then again, it’s Fuji-yan.)

 There must be a backdoor route. Fuji-yan’s wry smile confirmed this.

“Well, the name is Sasaki Aya ……. and the race is demi-human?”

“If we went through normal means to the guild, they would know that she’s a monster.”

“Yeah, that’s true.”

 Lucy nodded.

“Is it bad if they know she’s a monster?”


 Nina-san gave me a dumbfounded look.

“Monsters and demons cannot obtain an adventurer card. In this world where the human race lives, they are subject to extermination.”

“I see.”

 Hm? Then, what about Lucy? When I glanced at her, her eyes met mine.

 And then she looked away.

(If I remember correctly, Lucy said she was half-elf, half-demon.)

 Lucy’s adventurer card showed that she was just an elf. She must have used the back door as well. She said she was a young lady from an elven village.

“So then, I should just have to hide the fact that I’m a snake woman then.”

“Yes, since Sasaki-sama’s skin is pale, so if you’re asked about your race you should just say you’re a fishkin. There are rarely any unless you are in the south, so you won’t have to worry about meeting them.”

 As expected of Fujiya-san and Nina-san. They have thought of everything and made the first move.

“Now, let’s get down to business.”

 Fuji-yan spread out the Harpy Queen request poster and some other papers.

 We all looked at it together. Apparently, it describes many things about our target monster.

“The Harpy’s weakness is fire magic?”

“Well, their feathers burn a lot. We will be counting on, Lucy.”

“Yes, just leave it to me!”

 Lucy rolled up her sleeves. Fire Magic is really useful against monsters.

“How many harpies do you think there are?”

“The family of the Lamia was about a hundred in number, so I think it’s about the same.”

 Nina-san’s question was answered by Sa-san.

“It would be better to avoid taking on that many.”

“Can’t we just take them by surprise and wipe them out?”

“With Lucy-sama’s fire magic, we can hope ……”

“Don’t expect too much from Lucy’s no-contact magic.”

“Hey! Makoto, that was rude!”

 Lucy smacked me on the back.

“What about Takatsuki-kun’s water magic? That was great, too.”

 Sa-san, who is on the other side, clapped me on the shoulder.

 By the way, Lucy and Sa-san are on my sides with me sandwiched between them on the seat.

“Water Magic is not suitable for attacking. The ‘Water Dragon’ magic that I used when we were surrounded by monsters only blew them away, but it didn’t kill them. Well, there maybe some of them that drowned.”

“Water Magic: Water Dragon! That’s a Superior Rank Magic!”

 Nina-san shouted in surprise.

“I am able to use it by borrowing magic power from spirits, but it doesn’t mean I’m a Superior Class Mage.”

“Even so, it’s quite impressive.”

“Yes, Takatsuki-kun, you were amazing.”

 Sa-san stuck to me while saying.

“I’ll take care of the attack. The question is, where is the Harpy Queen?”

 Even Lucy grabbed my arm and attached herself to me. Lucy had a high body temperature, so she felt hot.

“Maybe, like Lamias, they have a lair somewhere.”

 Sa-san was clinging even closer to me. Perhaps it is a characteristic of Lamia, but her skin is cool.

 It’s the opposite of Lucy.

 Well, it more like being stuck by these two…… It’s tight.

“I’ve been asking around at the adventurer’s guild, but I haven’t found any information about harpy nests.”

“We’ll have to look for it ourselves. ……”

“Well, let’s divide into two groups today. I and Sa-san will explore the Great Labyrinth. Fuji-yan, I’m sorry, but can you take Lucy with you? Lucy, you go with Nina and the others to the adventurer’s town and do some investigation.”

“Ehh! Why? I will also go to Laberintos”, Lucy protested.

“Lucy-sam, we could encounter dragons anywhere in the Great Labyrinth now. It’s not safe to explore.”

“Ugh, you’re right, ……. But then, Makoto would be too!”

“For me, I can escape as long as there is water around me. Also, I have to meet the water spirit every day to use the spirit magic.”

“Is that so. That sounds quite troubling.”

“Well because of that, I can use Superior Rank Magic.”

“I just have to guide Takatsuki-kun around the dungeon, right?” Sa-san said.

“Yes, and while we’re at it, let’s train your skills. I think you should learn the ‘Stealth’ skill.”

“I understand. Takatsuki-kun, you look like you’re having fun.”0

“Eh?” I guess so.

 But it’s true that this is the first time for me to prepare for a boss like this, and it’s exciting in its own way.

“Sorry, Sa-san. I should be more serious.”

“No, I’ve been getting depressed when I’m alone. It’s good to work together.”

 The expression on Sa-san’s face was softer than yesterday.

“Hey, Makoto. Just because it’s just the two of you, don’t do anything weird.”

“What do you mean, something weird…..”

 Lucy pinched my cheek and I lightly brushed it away with my hand.

“You’re training with me at night.”

“Of course. Your fire magic is the heart of our plan’s success after all.”

“Yes!” Now then, it has mostly been decided.

“Alright then. Everyone, let’s get moving.”

 Everyone nodded in agreement.


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