Clearing an Isekai with the Zero-Believers Goddess – Vol.2-Chapter-4-Part-1

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Chapter 4: Takatsuki Makoto Explores the Great Labyrinth

Part I

“We’re being followed.”

 I told Lucy in a whisper.

“Eh? Lucy looked back. 

“Makoto, you didn’t know?”

“EH?” Huh?

“You know, they’ve been following us since before we entered the dungeon?”


“Tell me sooner!”

“I thought you noticed a long time ago…… Sorry.

 Lucy looked depressed.

“Ah, no. It was my job to look for these stuffs. But I’m surprised you noticed.”

“They were kind of staring at us. And they were saying that they had a grudge against us due to that sword incident. Also these guys must be the ones who we got involved in the adventurer’s guild. To think that they would chase us all the way down here is just too much.”


 O-Oi, Oi! Isn’t this a pretty bad situation? They must be tailing us using their “stealth” skills all the way to the dungeon.

 It seems that they resented me a lot, and I am sure they are thinking of something bad.

I used my “Detection” skill to check, and there were about ten of them following us.

 I don’t know how strong they are, but I’d like to believe  they’re below Iron rank.

 If there’s a Gold or Silver rank, we’re screwed. It means they would same as Nina-san’s Rank. We won’t stand a chance.

“They’re overreacting just because you broke their Mithril sword.”


 Actually, I asked Fuji-yan yesterday how much a mithril sword costs.

“It would be no less than 5 million G,” he replied.

 5 million G is about the average annual income of an Iron rank adventurer.

 Yeha, if someone broke my belongings worth my whole year income, I would also swear revenge.

“…… Let’s run for now. Water Magic: Fog.”

 Fog appears in the entire cave. Then I activated my “stealth” skill. And I hold Lucy hands.

The rest is just a matter of getting through. The Great Labyrinth has many different paths.

 If we take out their vision and use our covert skills, we should be able to lose them.

“Damn it, they know we’re here.”

“Find them! They couldn’t have gone far.”

“But don’t separate too much . There are monsters here.”

 The footsteps grew further and further away.

“They’re gone.”

 Lucy’s confirmed with her ears, so it must be correct. Also there was no response to my ‘Detection’ skill either.

“haah, …….sorry. Lucy.”

“Why are you apologizing, Makoto?”

“It was an error in judgment on my part.”

 I shouldn’t have cut his sword in the guild.

 I didn’t want to be underestimated, but in the end I put our party in danger.

“It’s not Makoto’s fault, you know. It’s their fault for holding a grudge against you.”

 She assured me with a dazzling smile. I’m glad Lucy is my comrade.

 I don’t think she’s resentful.

“So, what should we do now?” Lucy asked me.

“For now, let’s head for our original goal, the Great Waterfall. We’ll figure out the problem with the thug adventurer later…….It hurts my head to be honest.”

“Why don’t we just ignore them?”

“There’s no way that will solve it.”

 I don’t like the idea of being targeted all the time. I should consult Fuji-yan when we return. We continued to explore the dungeon, keeping a vigilant eye on our surroundings.

 –The Great Labyrinth Laberintos.

 It is the largest dungeon on the continent, and there are many things to see. The most famous of these is the “Great Waterfall” that cuts through the Upper and Middle Floors.

“Waah, ……, what a view!”

“It is the Niagara……..”

 I couldn’t help but mutter something about the most famous waterfall in the world. Lucy was standing next to me, admiring it.

 A cliff suddenly appeared at the deep end of the Upper Floor of the dungeon, revealing a large underground lake.

Around the underground lake, a huge waterfall continued endlessly.

 The lake was so huge that we couldn’t see the entire surface, and the sun was shining through the atrium above, creating a fantastic view.

 Large birds were flying around in the sunlight.

“Hey, what’s Niagara, by the way?”

 Lucy asked.

“It was a tourist attraction in the last world. A famous waterfall.”

“Hmm, anyways, below this cliff is the Middle Floor, right?”

“Yeah, we don’t want to fall in. So we better be careful.”

 According to the map, the height of this cliff is more than 200 meters if calculated according to my old world.

 The underground lake that stretches beneath the cliff is located in the Middle Floor.

 In other words, it’s a beautiful landscape, but inside it is a den of strong monsters.

 –It was then.


 Lucy suddenly turned her head back. My ‘Detections’ skill also reacted at the same time.

“Oi, oi, they were really here.”

“I told you. The rookies will definitely be here.”

“Yo, Makkaren adventurers. You did quite a number on us the other day.”

 The adventurers who we had gotten involved yesterday showed up. With them, there was a group of other adventurers who looked like they might be their friends. A total of ten people.

( I didn’t notice this large number of people. …… ) I clicked my tongue a little.

“Stealth skill, huh.”

“I’m sorry, Makoto. I failed to notice them.”

“No, I’m just as guilty as you.”

 I thought we have lost them, but I underestimated their persistence. My mistake.

“Hey, don’t hurt the elf. She’ll fetch a good price. Red hair’s a rarity.”

“How much?”

“We have to assess it first. Every inch of her.”

 They were having a disgusting conversation with grins on their faces. So they’re slave-traders, huh?

“Hey, you. I’m sorry I broke your weapon. We apologize. Can you forgive us?”

I tried to negotiate with them, thinking that it was probably useless.

“Huh? You will be dying here. You don’t look like you have any good equipment, but that dagger is going to be worth a good price. We’ll put it to good use.”

 I knew he wouldn’t listen.

“Rookie hunting, huh?”

 That’s what Lucas-san had warned me about.

“Ooh, you know your stuff.” The man smirked.

“You guys! Surround them!”

 At the signal of the man who had the mithril sword previously, we were surrounded against the cliff.

 Behind us was a cliff. There was no way to escape.

Lucy held on to my clothes.

 I hold Lucy’ shoulder to reassure her.

“Well, ……,” I murmured quietly.

What should we do? I was wondering which of the various measures I should take.

–I was hit by a terrible headache.

 The headache subsided quickly, but the noisy ringing in my ears continued.

(”Danger Sense” skill: ……?)

The “Danger Sense” skill detects the approach of lower, middle, and higher class demons. It is a skill that causes a warning sound to echo in your head when a demon is approaching. However, this time it was even above the higher class.

Marie-san, the guild receptionist, once explained to me that when you first encounter a demon that is a ” calamity-designated ” monster, “some people will get a severe headache, so be careful.”

She said, “You can’t win against a monster designated as a calamity by yourself. A ” Calamity Designated ” monster means ” no individual can defeat it, because it is a disaster itself. They are categorized into villages, towns, countries, and continents.

If a demon with a “Calamity Designation: Village” appears, it means that village will be destroyed.

 In other words, the strength of the monster is not comparable to that of a monster with a higher danger level.

 I hugged Lucy tightly.

“Makoto ……?”

“Oh, a knight protecting a woman? Quite a brave man.”

 The thugs were saying something, but it didn’t reach my ears.

Where? Where is it? From where is it coming  from?

 I keep my eyes open and look around. And then, “that thing” appeared.


 The cry of the huge creature that shook the air echoed as a roar. The ground heaved with dust, revealing a huge creature. The creature’s position was right between us and the ruffian adventurers.

“D-ra….. gon?” Lucy murmured.

 The adventurers were not able to react.

 –Dragons are all classified as calamities, you know. At the very least, if you see one, run away as fast as you can.

 I remembered what Lucas-san had explained to me at the guild stalls.

 Lucy and those ruffian adventurers. All of them were looking at it in dismay.

 Lumpy, rock-like scales.

 Its whole surface was dark brown, but in places it had a greenish tinge, like an emerald.

(Is this a …… earth dragon?)

 It had an enormous mouth and fangs that seemed to swallow everything. This is the pinnacle of all monsters.

 When I saw it, what I felt was —- excitement.

“Holy …… shit.”

 A dragon is here. That dragon!

 The shock that ran through my body surpassed the shock I felt when I first arrived in the other world.

 The King of Monsters that had captured the princess in the first RPG game I ever played. I wanted to meet it just once. Now, he was right in front of me, almost touching me.

(Ah, I knew it, isekais are awesome ……)

 But it was only for a few seconds that I was admiring it.

“Makoto! We have to run!”

(Get a hold of yourself! Makoto!)

 Lucy’s scream and the Goddess’ reprimand coincided. I came back to my senses.

 The adventurers who came to their senses also screamed and ran away.

[Do you wish to challenge the dragon?]


 No ←

—part 1 end—

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