Clearing an Isekai with the Zero-Believers Goddess – Vol.2-Chapter-3-Part-2

Chapter 3: Takatsuki Makoto arrives at the Great Labyrinth

Part II

“I didn’t know Lucas-san was that famous.”

“Apparently, every adventurer who started a decade ago knows the name of Lucas the Dragon Slayer.”

“It’s true that Lucas-san had a lot of dragon subjugation requests. “

 It reminded me of the many heroic stories of his in Makkaren’s stalls.

“Well then, let’s take a quick dive into the dungeon. But just a little bit.”

“Yess! This is exciting!”

 We headed for the entrance of the gigantic dungeon deep inside the city.

 The entrance of the Laberintos had an adventurer’s guild employee counting the people entering.

 Apparently, guild employees check everyone in and out of the Great Labyrinth, where people go missing every day. It’s sort of like an amusement park.

 We told the receptionist our names and that we were on a one-day adventure.

 If we don’t return until tomorrow, we’ll be on the Adventurer’s Guild’s list of missing persons. Nope, it’s not an amusement park at all. We’re risking our lives after all.

“Hey, Makoto. Which way are we going?”

“Hmm, let’s see.”

 I looked at Laberintos map (upper level) that was sold at the guild and wondered.

 In all honesty, the upper levels have been fully explored, and there are hardly any unexplored areas.

[Which path will you take?]

 Left: Green Cave

 Middle: Water Cave

 Right: Fire Cave

“Oh, it’s been a while.” RPG Player skills.

“Did you say something?”

“No, it is nothing.  Then, let’s head to the water cave.

“I knew that Makato would decide on that.”

 The entrance to the huge dungeon’s cave) was divided into three sections. I chose the path that suited me best. The water cave, as the name implies, has channels and streams running along the sides of the path.

 The source of the water is the water seeping out from the walls of the cave. Hence, the Water Cave.

“The walls of the dungeon are eroded and made brittle by the constantly flowing water. This makes them vulnerable to strong impacts. So Lucy’s ‘meteorite drop’ won’t work.”

“Ehhh! Really?”

“Didn’t you hear Marie-san’s explanation……?

“Ugh,,,” Lucy turned her eyes away.

 I let out a sigh.

“The monsters on the Upper Floors are weak. I don’t think it will be a problem.”

“But there’s the Minotaur. That’ s a ‘ high danger’ level monster, isn’t it?”

“The Minotaur is guarding the stairs leading down to the middle Floors. They are there as if to gauge adventurers on their way to the Middle Floors.”

“Fuuh, since we don’t plan to venture too far in! It should be fine.”

 Lucy and I agreed, and we set off to explore the dungeon. There were puddles of various sizes at my feet. I proceeded through them, stepping on the puddles.

“Hey, are you coming now?”

“Hello there, going back?”

 On the way, we were approached by a party on their way back from exploring. We could see a few other adventurers in the distance. This is indeed the most prosperous dungeon on the continent. There were many adventurers.

 Rumor has it that there are even some wealthy merchants who set up stores inside the dungeon.

 Incidentally, the prices are said to be ten times higher than those outside the dungeon.

“The monsters have been getting more active lately. Be careful.”

“Is this a sign of the Great Demon Lord’s return?”

“Don’t say scary things. See you later.”

“Yes, thank you for the advice.”

 After thanking them, we parted ways.

 We explored the upper levels of the Great Labyrinth for a while.


 I crept up behind the Kobold, who was wandering around the dungeon. I created a fog to obscure its vision, and used my “stealth” skill to muffle its sound. Finally, I killed it with the Goddess’ dagger.

“It’s over, Lucy.”

“This is no different than hunting goblins.”

 Lucy puckered her lips in frustration.

 The only monsters we encountered in the dungeon were kobolds, goblins and other small fries.

“Well, if it’s something like this, Lucy doesn’t need to use her magic.”

“That’s true, but…”

 Well, it certainly was a bit of a letdown. Although the dungeon is large and there are many kinds of demons.

 I think the area around the ”demon forest” would have been more challenging.

 As we relaxed a little and walked along.

“Gyaaaaahhhh!” “Somebody help!”

 A scream echoed through the cave.


“Let’s go! Makoto!”

“No, hold on.”

We can’t be hasty here.

“We might as well wait.”

“What, you’re not going to help?”

“I confirmed it with my detection skill. Even if we don’t, it’s heading right for us. Keep chanting your magic. A small-scale Stone Bullet.”

“Got it!”

 My ‘Danger Detection’ skill rang loudly in my head.

(This sound is a High-Class monster.)

 The Upper Floor of the Great Labyrinth, Laberintos. It should be a place full of weaker monsters.

 However, there is one type of monster that is dangerous. A large shadow quickly appeared from the back.

“Here it comes!”

“Minotaur!” Lucy shouted nervously.

 The gatekeeper of the Upper Floor of Laberintos. I held a battle-axe in both hands. What a pain in the ass.

“Wasn’t it supposed to be found only in the depths of the dungeon?”

“It might be a stray. Or maybe it’s because the monsters have become more active.”

 I held up my Goddess dagger. The Minotaur was about five meters tall. I think it’s about the same size as of Big Orge we encountered before. The battle-axe in its hand was drenched with blood.

 I wonder if the person who screamed was able to escape …….

“Ma-Makoto. W-will it be okay?”

 Lucy was scared.

“Since we’re here, let’s try out the strengthened Spirit Magic.”

I held up my dagger and looked around.

 From the RPG player’s perspective, there were countless blue lights drifting around.

 –Yep, there are a lot of them.

I call out to them, “×××××××× (hello there, Spirit-sans).”

 Well, it hasn’t been long since I met the Spirits of the Great Labyrinth.

 If I want to make a good impression, I have to greet them cheerfully.

“×××××××× (Hey, do you want to play for a bit?)”

 I could feel a buzz of interest in me from the spirits. That’s a good response.

“H-Hey! The Minotaur is heading right for us! Stone Bullets!”

 Lucy unleashed her magic in an impatient voice.

 The rocks fired from the wand are closing in on the Minotaur.

 The rocks, which were extremely fast, hit the minotaur and crumbled.

 –It just doesn’t seem to have much effect.

“N-No way.”

 Lucy muttered, but the rocks were much smaller than the usual meteorite drops.

 She lowered the output way too much.


 The Minotaur roared in anger and jumped at her, swinging its axe.

 We might get our heads chopped off by the big axe in a few seconds.

“Hey! Makoto!”

 Lucy was in tears. I think it’s about time. I’ve got enough water spirits!

 –“Water magic: Grand Water Prison.”


 Water gushes up around my feet. In a flash, the entire corridor was filled with water, and the Minotaur, me, and Lucy were all swallowed by the water.

“Hnn~! Hnnn~~!

 Oh, shoot. Lucy can’t use the “Water Magic: Underwater Breathing Technique”.

 I hurriedly held her hand. The effect of magic should work together now.

“Guo! Gobo! Gobo!”

 The minotaur is struggling to escape from its water prison.

 Well, I guess it’s impossible.

(Water Magic: Water Current)

“Hoi, hoi.”

 I spun my fingers around. And created a whirlpool, like a washing machine, causing the Minotaur to spun.

 The Giant Bull Monster spun its eyes and went silent.

 I got rid of the water that I had summoned and thanked the spirits.

“Hah, hah, …….”

 Lucy was out of breath.

 Even with underwater breathing magic, the suddenness of the water must have startled her.

“My bad, my bad. Are you okay?:

“Y-Yeah…… I’m fine. Hey, that was awesome! That was a High-Grade Magic, right?”

“Yeah, it went well.”

“What’s going on though! You can use High-Grade magic now?”

“No, I had the help of Water Spirits. The spirits have infinite magic power, so I had them share some of it with me. The problem is that they can’t deal with fine control though.”

 Thanks to that, both Lucy and I got caught up in it earlier.

“What should we do with this thing now?”

 I looked down at the defeated Minotaur. It’s a big one that we managed to defeat after all.

“We can’t carry it, can we?”

” I wish I had storage magic for times like this.”

It is a shame that Fuji-yan who have ‘Storage’ skill is not here.

“Oi, you guys. You defeated the Minotaur?”

“Y-you saved us……”

“Thank you, thank you!”

 Adventurers who were in tatters came out. They seem to be the ones who screamed earlier.

 According to what I heard, on their way to escape from the minotaur, the minotaur saw Lucy and changed its target. Did it react to the red color?

“Lucy, you are really favored by monsters.”

“That doesn’t make me happy at all. ……”

“Hey, you two. Let us help you carry this thing.”

“Oh! That would be great!”

 On the way back, we also learned a lot about the Great Labyrinth.

“So you guys have been in the Great Labyrinth for six months now?”

“Yeah, we’re just starting out as Iron Ranks, so we’re taking our time to train in the Upper Floors.”

“But lately, the monsters have been getting more active.”

“Yeah, it’s getting a little weird.”

“Rumor has it that a dragon of abomination has appeared in the lower levels.

“Taboo Dragon?”

“It’s also called an Abominable Monster. It’s an evil demon that the Great Demon King had under his command a thousand years ago. It emits miasma from its body and spits curses from its mouth. Anyone who sees it will have their soul contaminated. ……

 Lucy explained to me. That sounds terrifying.

“It has nothing to do with intermediate adventurers like us, so we don’t know much about it.”

“But even so, you guys are amazing. Just the two of you could easily defeat the Minotaur.”

“Silver rank? Could it be Gold at such a young age?”

“No No, we’re just Iron Rank.”

“Hoh! You got a bright future ahead of you!”

 We headed back to the exit, chatting excitedly. We then told the guild staff at the entrance that we had returned and handed over the monsters. We were told that we could get the results of the assessment and the money for our kill the next day at the guild.

I wandered around the guild for a while.

“Isn’t it kind of noisy? Lucy.”

“I wonder if something happened.”

“Aah, I heard there’s an army from the Sun Nation here.”

 One of the guild staff told me.

“Oh, if it is from Sun Nation, that must means the Sun Knights Order?”

“Maybe they are here to subjugate “Taboo Dragon”.”

“But it seems strange to have an army in an adventurer’s town.”

“Moreover, this is the Water Nation. The Sun Knights Order would be a foreign force.”

 Looks like the adventurers in the guild are talking about it.

“Shall we go and see, Lucy?”

“Yeah, let’s go! Makoto.”

 We headed toward the entrance of the city.

“So this is the Sun Knights Order, huh……”

 The forest near the entrance to the city had been logged and turned into a military garrison. Numerous tents had been set up. Around it, warhorses and wyverns were tied up.

 It’s called the Knight Order, but there are knights, warriors, archers, mages, priests, and various other professions in what looks like a huge party.

 The most obvious difference at a glance was the equipment.

 All of them were wearing armor with red patterns on a white base. They were clearly different from the rest of the adventurers. And on their armor, the Sun Goddess was depicted.

(So this is the strongest army on the continent. …… They look strong.)

 The people in the adventurer’s town seemed to be curious, and the number of spectators was increasing.

“Kyaaa! Look, it’s the Light Hero-sama!”

“I’m honored to meet the reincarnation of the Savior …….”

“Aah, he looks so gallant…….”

 The female adventurers shouted.

“Amazing! That’s the Light Hero-sama! This is the first time I’ve seen him!”

 Lucy was as excited as them.

(Well, he’s like an Idol in our world.)

 The person there was Sakurai-kun, a former classmate of mine who I separated from about a year and a half ago.

 Next to him was Yokoyama-san, another former classmate.

 Huh? I thought there was another girl in the group.

 Compared to the people around them, Sakurai-kun and Yokoyama-san wore much more elegant and expensive-looking clothes.

 They are treated like VIPs, with their cheat status and skills.

(Fuu, I am not jealous, not at all!)

 Goddess-sama, don’t tell me this is the good encounter you were talking about?

—Part II end—

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