Clearing an Isekai with the Zero-Believers Goddess – Vol.2-Chapter-3-Part-1

3 parts chapter

Chapter 3: Takatsuki Makoto arrives at the Great Labyrinth

Part I

We had a luxurious dinner on the airship, and we ate and drank a lot.

 In the evening, Lucy and I were shown to our individual suites. The room had a soft bed and was surrounded by luxurious furniture. Normally, I sleep on the floor in the guild’s resting area.

 It was so different that I couldn’t relax!

“I can’t sleep.”

 I sobered up and couldn’t sleep, so I went outside to enjoy the night breeze. The deck of a ship at night was completely dark, with no lights. I was told that this was because monsters would attack us if we were to turn on the light.

 There were a number of people standing on the deck who seemed to be guards.

 They seemed to be bird beastkin, but I wondered if they could see at night?

( Night shift huh, must be tough…)

 I leaned on the railing of the boat and looked down, uncertain whether we were even flying in this pitch-black darkness. Without a city, there’s no light, I guess.

“It’s different from Japan, isn’t it?”

“Fuji-yan, huh.”

 The owner of the ship appeared from behind me. He was holding an expensive-looking bottle of wine in his hand.

“How about a little drink? Just before sleep.”

“Well, just a little then.”

 Fuji-yan has become quite a drinker, huh.

 We sat down directly on the deck of the ship and poured ourselves a glass of wine, relying on the moonlight.

 And we bumped our glasses lightly against each other.

“In this world, the moon and stars are beautiful at night.”

“In Tokyo, we couldn’t see the stars after all.”

 But I miss the starless night sky of Tokyo.

 But even in this world, we rarely had a chance to relax and look at the stars.

 When I think about it, this kind of time may be precious.

“However, the beautiful moon is said to be a symbol of bad luck in this world, which is strange.”

“Moon magic isn’t popular after all”

 Of the seven attributes, the “moon” attribute governs death and darkness. In the water temple, no one was taking classes in moon magic. Well for me it was that I didn’t have any moon magic skills.

“It’s not only that but the moon country of this continent, Raphloaig, has perished. As a cursed country.”

“As I recall, Raphloaig betrayed the human race a thousand years ago and sided with the demon race?”

 I was taught this in history class at the Water Temple.

“The moon priestess of that time, also known as the ‘Witch of Misfortune’, was pulling the strings behind the scenes.”

“Thanks to her, no one ever used moon magic.”

 Water magic is the weakest magic.

 Spirit magic is forgotten magic.

 Moon magic is detested magic.

 By the way, the strongest one is sun magic.

“I’m glad my skill wasn’t moon magic.”(TN: That’s where you’re wrong kiddo)

 The dark attribute is something I’ve always admired though.

“I heard that the Moon Oracle was hunted down by the Sun Knight Order recently.”

“Eh? They went that far?”

 I didn’t know that. However, no matter how evil the past Moon Oracle was, the current Oracle is not to blame. I feel sorry for the current one.

“There have been many disturbing rumors lately, such as the increasing number of monsters and the oracle of the Great Demon Lord’s resurrection. I guess they wanted to relieve people’s anxiety.”

“I don’t think the ones who are being used to achieve it are that happy about it.”

 As we were having this conversation, we drank more and more of the wine.

 This wine is so easy to drink. It was completely different from the cheap wine from the street stalls.

“I heard that the Great Labyrinth is getting more crowded with strong monsters appearing there. Please be careful, Takki-dono.”

“Well, the difficulty level is high after Mid Floor and below. I will be fine because I will be adventuring leisurely in the upper levels.”

“Takki-dono is the type who would act like he wants to be safe, but he’s reckless. And that’s what I’m worried about you.”


“Facing the giant god all by yourself isn’t something a sane person would do.”

“Well, it turned out all right in the end.”

“Please don’t be too reckless in the Laberintos.”

“Got it,” I replied as I gulped down the wine.

 Ah-, I’m a little drunk. I wonder if the wine has a higher alcohol content than the ale.

“By the way…”

 While pouring a second round, I asked him something that had been bothering me.

“How are things going with Nina-san and Chris-san?”


 Fuji-yan spurted out a glass of wine. Oh, he’s getting unusually upset.

“That aloof Nina-san became very heated when Chris-san was around, and Chris-san seemed to be obsessed with Fuji-yan, though I didn’t know much about her since I hadn’t met her before.”

 I grinned and asked my friend.

“Well….the two of them seem to hold quite good feelings toward me…..”

 Fuji-yan confessed while being a little embarrassed.

 Oh! How manly of him. He admits it easily.

“I can’t pretend to be aware of it, thanks to my ‘mind-reading’ skill.”

 Fuji-yan looked distant and downed the wine in one gulp.

“I see. A skill that is too strong is also a problem.”

 You can’t become a dense character if you can read minds.

“So, which one do you like better?”

“Y-You’re being unusually persuasive today, ……. They are both important friends you know. And Takki-dono, how are things going between you and Lucy?”


 Lucy is a very important friend. Although I get a little nervous sometimes. Her dress-up is a little too revealing.

“Fumu, because of my skills, I know how Tucki-dono feels, it’s a tad bit boring.”

“Quite troublesome.”

 The wine has gotten a little lukewarm.

(Water Magic: Cooling)

 I chilled the wine with magic. Yep, it tastes better this way.

“That’s convenient.”

“Want me to chill it?”

“No, I prefer it just the way it is.”

“I see.”

 We went silent and time passed like that.

 But the night in the other world is quiet. Occasionally, I would hear the cries of a beast in the forest.

 The rest of the night was filled with the sound of the warm wind tapping the sails of the airship. I gazed blankly at the moon reflected in my wine glass. After a while, Fuji-yan started to talk to me.

“Takki-dono, I thought your relationship with Sasaki Aya-dono was good.”


 I heard the nostalgic name of someone. Sasaki Aya. Sa-san.

One of the few friends I got along with within my class. A friend who is now not here anymore.

 Did she like……? But in middle school, she was the only one who would come to my house and play with me. I don’t think I was aware of her as the opposite sex.

“No, ……, it’s nothing. Sorry.”

“Hmm, it would have been fun to have a drink with her like this.”

 But my wish wouldn’t come true anymore.

I remember that Sa-san and I often talked about how we wanted to go somewhere far away while playing games.

 I never thought I’d be in another world.

“…… We have gone pretty far.”

“…… Yeah, we have.”

 In the end, we drank until the second bottle was empty.

“We are here~.”

 Nina-san came to wake me up. The morning sun was shining through the window.

 My head hurts. I stayed up too late last night. But it has been a while since I had fun.

 I staggered outside, feeling hungover.

(Ah~~, the sun is so bright ……)[PRAISE THE SUN]

 Lucy was standing outside, in her rough loungewear.

“Makoto~, look, look!” I turned my gaze in the direction Lucy was pointing.

“You pointing towards forests and mountains?”

 The landscape as seen from the airship was nothing but greenery.

“Look, over there.”

 I stared at the direction he was pointing with my “Clairvoyance” skill.

 Aah, I can definitely see something that looks like a small town. Lucy’s eyesight is as odd as ever.

“It’s a Labyrinth City. Is this the first time for the two of you?”

“Yeah, it’s my First time. Isn’t it a city where all the inhabitants are adventurers?”

“Well, Not exactly. It’s a city that’s related to adventurers. As more and more adventurers came to challenge the Laberintos, merchants that provided them with items and lodging came, temple staff that healed their injuries also gathered, and a branch of the Adventurer’s Guild was built to oversee the whole thing.”

“It is now the largest adventurer’s guild in the Water Nation.”

 The dungeon is the gateway to success for adventurers in this continent.

 An adventurer’s city naturally sprouted at the entrance of the dungeon.

“Let’s stop around here. If we suddenly stop the ship right above the city, it might be mistaken for a monster.”

“Okay, then. Let’s get off.”

 After getting off the airship, we could just see the entrance to the city.

 There is a simple gate at the entrance. Unlike Makkaren, there are no city walls.

 It seemed to be a city with a short history.

“Let’s show our faces at the guild.”

“Yeah, we should also get a lot of information.”

“I see. I also have some business with the Merchants Association, so we’ll have to split up.”

“Then I will escort Master.”

 Fuji-yan’s group went to finish their merchant’s business.

“Takki-dono, let’s meet at the Hero’s Tavern in the evening. It’s the biggest tavern in this city, so you’ll find it easily.”

“Sounds good. Okay, see you later.”

 We waved goodbye. Let’s go!

“Waah, those clothes are cute.”

 Lucy scanned the stalls and scanned the merchandise.

“Hey, let’s go find the guild first.”

“Eeh, let’s do a little sightseeing.”

 Lucy went full tourist mode.

 I don’t know what to do. I want to continue ahead, but I don’t want to make her feel bad by not accompanying her.

(Oh, good job.)

 The goddess praised me. Apparently, it was the right route.

(Hmm looks like you felt frustrated because Fujiyan-kun is popular with Nina and Chris.”

 I really don’t appreciate you reading people’s minds without permission, Goddess-sama.

(I’m a Goddess after all~.)

 Damn it. That’s right! Since I’m in a different world, I should at least have a girlfriend!

(I think Lucy-chan would be okay with a confession right now. ……)

 No, Goddess-sama. I think more likability is necessary.

(W-Well I guess so. ……)

 She was stunned. I mean, I’m the type of person who goes to a boss fight fully prepared.

 I accompanied Lucy shopping for a while and walked around the town. We found the Guild Headquarters right in the center of town.

 In this city with many simple buildings, the Adventurer’s Guild stood out.

 In a word, it looked like a fort.

 I walked through the large entrance and entered the Adventurer’s Guild.

“Whoa, what a crowd!” Lucy exclaimed.

“It’s a thriving business after all.”

 The Adventurer’s Guild was overflowing with people. The appraisal counter was busy than ever, filled with people evaluating the monsters they defeated.

Because the guild was located near a dungeon, there were probably a lot of monsters being brought in.

 And so we headed to the Adventurer’s Guild reception desk.

“Let’s see, you’re a party of two, Takatsuki Makoto-san and Lucy J. Walker-san. Both have Iron Ranks and …….”

 The receptionist was quickly filling out a form with information. She was beautiful but somewhat unfriendly. She also seemed to be a little tired. I guess she’s too busy. It may be because of too much work.

 After all, there are more adventurers here than in Makkaren.

“Okay, then, so you guys are registered in Labyrinth City Guild. There is no need to apply before going on an adventure in advance. You are free to explore Laberintos as you wish. The guild will purchase the monsters you have defeated. Do you have any questions?”

“It’s okay. How about you, Lucy?”

“No problem! Come on, let’s go, Makoto!”

 Lucy was very excited. Well to tell the truth, so am I. This town is filled with adventurers.

 The stores are filled with weapons, armor, and items that appeal to adventurers. The food shops are full of bold dishes that adventurers would love. Of course, there were also many alcoholic beverages that I had never seen before.

 Adventurers were eating, drinking, and talking with each other.

 The adventurer’s guild in Makkaren was also crowded, but it was a little different.

 It’s like a festival here. The air was filled with the atmosphere of a festival. Nevertheless.

“Let’s find a place to stay first.”

“Ehh, no, we can do that later. Let’s check out the dungeon first!”

“Oi, oi, don’t jump on impulse without plans…….”

 While we were having this chat, someone interrupted us.

“Hey, girl. Quite a stimulating outfit you got there.”

“If you want to go to the dungeon, follow us rather than that brat over there.”

“How much for one night? You’ll like every second of it.”

 A vulgar voice called out to us from behind. When we turned around, we saw several rough-looking adventurers grinning at us. Ah, I didn’t pay that much attention to her because she’s so close to me, but Lucy is beautiful and also wears revealing clothes, so she stands out.”

Looks like we got entangled with something troublesome.

“Hey, come on, answer me. Elf nee-chan.”

“You have quite the outfit there.”

“Hey, kid, we’ll take care of that girl for you. You can go home.”

 There are more than 10,000 adventurers in this Labyrinth City. Naturally, there are also some bad people.

 I remember Lucas-san warning me, “Young parties like you will definitely get into trouble.” Looking back, those from Makkaren Adventurers’ Guild were all good people. They even gave me a funny nickname.

 However, the best way to deal with this kind of situation is to not to appear weak.

 I’m an iron-ranked adventurer. Let’s act tough.

 I decided to say something back, so I set my “Calm Mind” skill to 99% and took a deep breath.

“Huh? What are you talking about! We’re adventurers who’ve defeated a Griffon in Makkaren! You’re the small fry, aren’t you? Go away, shoo!”

 Lucy beat me to it. As expected, Lucy has a lot of guts.

“H-Hey. Lucy.”

But isn’t that a little too provocative?


 As expected, the leader-like man in front of us looked evil and his face became stern. And then he drew his sword from his waist. Oi, you’ve got a temper too!

“Who are you calling a small fry? Ehhh?”

“Defeated a Griffon, you guys? At least try to lie a little better.”

“You’re a cheeky little brat, huh, looks like you need to be taught a lesson.”

 The goons surround us, smirking. The whole guild starts to buzz.

 I’m sure the guild staff will stop them after a while.

(Somehow, I feel like that might make me look bad in the future.)

 It seems that the other party is not so stupid as to come at us out of the blue.

Probably because the young adventurer was talking so cocky, they couldn’t back down.

 I took a step forward to protect Lucy. The unsheathed sword glinted in front of me.

(Suddenly unsheathing a sword)

 I was a little angry, too. I spoke to him as if I were making small talk.

“That’s quite a nice sword you got there.”

“Ha! Of course, it is. It’s from the best weapons store in the Sun Nation…….”

 The goonish adventurer was just about to explain his expertise.

 –I unsheathed my dagger and slashed him while going “orya”.

 The thug’s prized sword sliced off like butter.

 –The blade rolled across the floor, making a clanging sound.

 I knew this dagger was sharp from the experience of cutting off the finger of the old giant god the other day.

(It’s really crazy sharp. Quite dangerous, this, Goddess-sama’s dagger.)

“Ahhhh, my mithril magic sword!”

 The goon adventurer screamed.

(Geh, it was made of mithril.)

 I really shouldn’t have done that. Weapons made of mithril are insanely expensive.

 But the bad thing is that the other side got involved first. I should take a HIGH Ground here.

“That’s some poor quality sword you’re using. I’m amazed at the shoddy quality of the sword that can be cut by such a dagger.”

 I told him from the top as much as possible.

“Y-You ……”

“You’re the ones who got involved with us first, aren’t you? We’re disciples of Lucas Dalmore of Makkaren. Picking a fight with us means you’re picking a fight with Master Lucas.”

“Geh, The Dragon Slayer’s apprentice. ……”

“You’re one of Lucas’s guys. ……”

 It’s a lie that I’m Lucas-san’s apprentice. He’s a swordsman and I’m a mage.

 Lucas-san has made a good name for himself in Laberintos.

 He told me that I can use my name if I get into trouble with some bad adventurers.

“Hey, guys, let’s go.” “Fuck you.” “I will remember that.”

 The goons left. Oh, Lucas-san’s name is quite effective.

“Haaah, that made me nervous ……,” I sighed.

“Makoto, you were Lucas-san apprentice?”

 Oh, Lucy. How could you believe that?

“I’ll explain later. Let’s go.”

“Eh? Wait, don’t pull me.”

 I left the Adventurer’s Guild with Lucy.

—Part I end—

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