Clearing an Isekai with the Zero-Believers Goddess – Vol.2-Chapter-2-Part-3

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Chapter 2: Sasaki Aya wakes up in a different world

Part III

“I think it’s about time…….”

 I became stronger. And now I was at the upper ranks of the large Lamia family.

 I was confident that I could defeat the monsters in the vicinity of the underground lake in a one-on-one match.

 My sisters, who are the same age as me, have all reached their full potential. They are also becoming more proficient at hunting.

 Great Mother-sama is planning to give birth to the next generation of children soon.

 When that happens, we’ll be the older sisters. Once we have sisters, we will feel affection for them and it will be difficult to leave them. Next time I go out alone, I will leave this place. I secretly made up my mind.

“This is bad! Our sisters are being attacked by the Ice Tigers!”

 The notice came suddenly.

 I was not on hunting duty that day. By the time I rushed to the scene, some of my sisters were dead. The Ice Tigers are blue-furred tigers with an attack called “Ice Breath”.

 Normally it lives far away from us, but this time it seemed that we had run into it by accident.

 Every time the ice tiger breathed out its white breath, I felt my body’s movements become slower and slower.

“What the hell!”

 In my anger and frustration, I violently punched the ice tiger away.

 Seeing its comrades being buried with a single blow, the rest of them ran away.

“Everyone …….”

 I staggered closer to the corpses of the sisters. It was horrible. Their internal organs were devoured and their arms were torn off.

 Even the sisters who were okay were all in tatters.

“Why …… why ……”

“The ice tiger is our natural enemy. The breath they exhale emits cold air that slows down us Lamias.”

 Elder Sister-sama muttered in frustration.

(What is that? …… I had no idea.)

 I snapped in anger and sadness that my sisters had died.

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

“You know the Laws of hunting. Until you actually see the enemy, it’s best not to imagine what you’re up against. You should get stronger with experience.”

“No that’s not what I meant! If you had told me about the ice tiger first, they wouldn’t have all died!”

“So you’re saying I’m wrong!”

“That’s right! You’re wrong, Elder Sister-sama!”

 For the first time, I disobeyed Elder Sister-sama. The law of the Lamia tribe. I broke the Lamia tribe’s rule: ” You must always listen to your elders.” I was not calm after the death of my sisters.

(If only I had been there to protect them!) That’s what I really thought.

“You don’t know anything!”

“You blockhead Elder Sister-sama! You killed them all!”

“And you think you can do better!”

“Better than you!”

 Normally, she would just let it go, but right now she looked really angry.


 She punched me.

“What are you doing?!”

 I punched her back.

 From that point on, it turned into a fierce fistfight.

“He-Hey!!” “Wait!” “Stop it! Both of you!”

 The older sisters and the surviving little sisters tried to stop them, but in the fight between No. 2 and No. 3, no one could stop them. Elder Sister-sama is strong.

 I don’t know how old she is, but she was born much earlier than us and has been leading the Lamia tribe for a long time.

 Compared to the flashy beauty of the Great Mother-sama, she seems a bit cold, but she is a slender beauty.

 That Elder Sister-sama had a big scowl on her beautiful face as she grabbed my hair and swung her fist in the air.

 Compared to her, I was not even two years old for a Lamia.

 Although my body will reach adulthood in about half a year, there’s no way I could win a fight with her.

 However, thanks to my natural high physical ability and my “skills”, my sister and I were evenly matched.

 We kept pulling each other’s hair, wrapping our bodies around each other, and punching each other.

 At the end, when I was about to lose consciousness, my fist hit the big sister and she fell limp.

“I w-won……..”

 After that, I also fainted.

“Haah, what are you doing?”



 After that, we were given a full lecture by the Great Mother-sama.

 I didn’t make eye contact with the Elder Sister-sama. And she also didn’t look at me either.

“Hey now, you girls are the center of this family. You have to get along.”

 Mother-sama, who doesn’t pay much attention to small matters, was disappointed at us not speaking a word to her, and ended the lecture. I only verbally apologized to her, and she also said that she “forgave” me.

 But since then, I haven’t talked to her since then.

 Since the fight with the Elder Sister-sama, factions have formed in our family.

 The first one was the Elder Sister-sama group.

 And the other group centered on me.

 The Elder Sister-sama group continued to hunt with the younger members taking the lead and the older members following up.

 My group, on the other hand, hunts with me in the lead.

 At first, I thought that my group was superior because we suffered less damage even if we were attacked by enemies.

 However, I was wrong. Individual development was better with the Elder Sister-sama hunting method.

 My group was solely dependent on me.

(I think I messed up…….)

 It’s nice that they depend on me, but this is no good.

 Now I can’t escape.

(Maybe the Elder Sister-sama was right. ……)



 I haven’t spoken to her in days, even though we occasionally pass each other. We used to be close sisters. …… I’ve been trying to find the right time to apologize to her when we are alone, but no good opportunity has come my way. She was always with someone these days,…….

 It seemed that Elder Sister-sama was also concerned about this.

( After all, if you’re going to apologize, it should be from the younger me, right?)

 I had no choice but to force myself to approach the big sister and whisper to her.

“Hey, I’d like to talk to you alone tonight. Come to the back of the waterfall.”

“!? W-Why? Shouldn’t it be fine now?”

 She said to me with a grim face.

(Eh, I don’t want to. It’s kind of embarrassing to bow down in front of everyone.)

“Come to the back of the waterfall tonight okay. Elder Sister-sama.”

“……Got it.

 With a disgusted face, she nodded. You don’t have to look like that, I’ll apologize to you.

 All right, all right, let’s end this sisters’ quarrel.

I went to bed and waited until the time I was supposed to meet Elder Sister-sama.

Just that, I was so tired from the consecutive days of hunting that I ended up falling asleep.

(Ah! Oh no. I didn’t oversleep, did I?)

 As I hurriedly tried to wake up. I noticed something strange.

(The air is cold?)

 Because there’s a Lava Cave nearby where the Lamias lives, the temperature should always be high. 

We’re sensitive to cold air. I had never experienced anything like this before.

“Everyone! Older Sisters! Mother-sama!”

 I looked around to tell them about the strange situation.

“…… Eh?”

 I almost stopped breathing.

 And a nightmarish scene was unfolding.

 My older sisters, my younger sisters, they were all limp with pale, discolored bodies.

 They look …… as if they are not breathing.

(…… What? Why? What’s going on?)

 The harpies were attacking the family members who were still breathing. And my sisters were not able to fight back.

“You ! From where the hell did you come from?”

 Our lair could not be opened unless a family member opened it from the inside.

 There was no way the enemy could get in!

“Kyahahahaha! “Yee-hee!”

 The harpies laughed in a deafening voice.

“Damn it!”

I tried to fight as usual, but I realized that my body was as heavy as lead.

 The cold air is making my body scream.

“Great Mother-sama!”

 I can’t do anything. Mother-sama, please save us!

 However, on the pedestal where she always sat was a strange woman.

 Her beauty was as impressive as my mother’s.

 And at her feet, Mother-sama collapsed!

“Great Mother-samaa!”

 I tried to run to her, but was seized by the surrounding harpies.

“Get off me!” I struggled.

“Hoh? Are you the young snake that’s been tormenting my family?”

“Who are you, ……?”

“I am the Queen of the Harpies. After 300 years of fighting with the Lamias, I will finally put an end to this hateful woman.”

“Uuuh ……”

 The woman who called herself the Queen of the Harpies kicked the Great Mother-sama, and she let out a small groan.


“It’s you, ……, run away”

“Ha-ha-ha! Now Watch. Behold the last moments of your Mother.”

 After saying that, she screwed her hand into my mother’s chest and ripped out her heart.


 Great Mother-sama raised scream.

 Stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it!

“What a beautiful color,” said the woman who called herself the Queen of the Harpies, swallowing the heart!

 The Great Mother-sama went limp and stopped moving.

‘YOU!!! I will kill you!”

”Now then, you’re all that’s left.”


 I look around.

 Older sisters were dead, younger sisters were dead, Great Mother-sam was dead, and I was the only Lamia who was moving.

Everyone else was dead.

“Li… …….that”

“But even so, your life force is staggering. You’re still a young demon. A special variant maybe.”

 The enemy boss was saying something. My heart was getting cold.

(Only I am alive. I’m the only one who can move.)

 What am I doing…? I have to avenge them.

“That’s right! Elder sister-sama! Elder Sister-sama, save us!”

 The reliable No. 2 of our family.

 What are you doing at a time like this?!

“The eldest daughter of your family. She’s the one who invited us here.”


 What did she just say?

“Even though Lamias are supposed to be a race that has a strong family bond.”

 She gave me a pitying look.

 It can’t be. There is no way she would do such a thing.

 The Elder Sister-sama, who has always watched over her sisters, would never betray them!

“She told us to please kill the cheeky youngest child. With sisters killing each other, Lamias are doomed.”

 My brain could not accept those words.

(It can’t be! It can’t be! It can’t be! It can’t be!)

 My emotions were all messed up, and I couldn’t control them, so I lashed out.

 I flung away the Harpies that were restraining me.

 And lunged towards the enemy boss. But the enemy wasn’t agitated at all.

“Hey, I need more cold…”

 At the place where she called out to someone was.

“A Human Mage?”

 A wizard with a wand was casting a spell at us.

“You see, we are not very good at magic. And that should be the same for you.”

 I could not move as I was hit by the Human Mage’s magic.

“Well then. The last Lamia-chan.”

 That was the last thing I managed to hear. The sharp claws of the harpy queen sliced through me.

 I died.

 –It was annoying that my second life also ended in the cold ice.


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