Clearing an Isekai with the Zero-Believers Goddess – Vol.2-Chapter-2-Part-2

Chapter 2: Sasaki Aya wakes up in a different world

Part II

“Waah,amazing,” “Outside is so bi~g” “A big Lake! Elder Sister-eama, can I go for a swim?”

 The sisters were having a great time. I was also stunned by the scenery outside.


 It seemed that our dwelling place was a cave behind a large waterfall. As we approached the exit, we heard a roaring sound of a lot of water being slammed down. The spray turned into a fog, and the area was white and hard to see.

 If you try to go out of the cave normally, you will be slammed into the waterfalls, so we went out through a side passage.

“Niagara Falls?”

 I’ve never seen the real thing, but the wall of water flowing all around reminded me of the ” Greatest Three Waterfalls in the World” of my previous world.

 The giant waterfall created a large lake. I can’t believe there’s a huge underground lake like this!

 It’s amazing! Another world sure is amazing!

“Hey! Don’t space out, come here quickly.”

 Hurried by the big sister, we were moved before we could enjoy the spectacular view.

“This place will be your hunting ground.”

 The place that the big sister told us to go to was near the underground lake, in an open area where the waterfall would not hit.

「「「「「 Yeessss! 」」」」」

 The sisters dispersed wilfully.

“Don’t go too far, okay! Because there are demons in the deep water!”

 We’re demons, too, aren’t we? I thought, but I should keep my mouth shut. It was a wild thought.

 I moved around by hopping across the rocks.

 I wondered if there were any fish in the water, but the surface was rippling with water from the waterfall, so I couldn’t see much into the water. When I looked up, I saw a vast underground lake with water falling from a huge waterfall all around. Further up, I could see the sun’s rays shining through.

 Apparently, the upper part of the lake was like an atrium.

 As I gazed blankly at the sunshine for the first time in a very long while, I saw a black shadow flying fluently through the air. Was it a big bird? The black shadow was flying in a circle.

“Oi! You girls! Hurry up and go back to the nest!”

 I heard the big sister’s impatient voice.

“It’s a harpy!”

 Eh? By the time I thought that, it was too late.


 It rammed into us, making a strange noise. It was a monster with a woman’s upper body and a bird’s lower body.

“Eh? Eeeeeeeeee!”

 The next thing I knew, I was being carried high above the ground by the harpy’s legs.

“Quick, everyone return back. That girl is already done for!”

 Ehh! Is she referring to me! Aren’t you giving up too soon? Onee-sama!”


 The woman-faced bird-body monster grabbing me is laughing with her beautiful face twisted in a nasty way.

 Damn it, you think I’m a child and underestimate me.


 I forcefully pry open the claws that are holding me.

 What the hell, this thing is not strong at all!


 By the time the harpy was surprised, I was wrapped around her body.

 At the same time, I tightened it up as tightly as I could.

“G-Get off me!”

 Yeah, like I would let go. As we entwined, we fell into the underground lake.

 We plunged straight into the water. It was a little rough, but I was able to escape safely.

(Okay, let’s get out of here!)

 I swam effortlessly through the water, aiming for my home behind the waterfall.


 I heard a scream from behind me, and when I turned around, I saw that the harpy had been eaten by a large crocodile-like creature. The poor harpy was pulled into the water, with scattered feathers and red blood drifting in its wake.

(Eeeeeeeeeeeeh? What was that? Scary! There was something like that?)

 In a panic, I rejoined my sisters. When I returned, I was praised by everyone for killing a harpy on my first hunt. No, I wasn’t happy at all! What the hell! What’s with this world~!


 It was the day after that incident. Death battle with that Harpy?. It seems that they thought that I would be a valuable fighting force, so I was taken to hunt with my big sisters. This was quite a nerve-wracking experience. There are so many dangerous monsters outside our dwelling place! Anyway, I killed the orcs and goblins with my sisters.

 Today’s hunt was also tiring. ……

「「「「 That’s impressive! 」」」」

 My sisters, who are the same age as me, look at me with respect. Well, I’m not happy about that at all. I’m not good at fighting or anything. But apparently, I’m stronger than the average Lamia.

 The Great Mother-sama told me, “Your status is much higher than the other children.”

(What status?)

 She seemed to be able to see something, but she didn’t tell me.

 And so, it’s been a long day for me, being trained to hunt by Big Sis.

 After finishing the hunt, I spend my free time looking at the great waterfall from the gap behind the waterfall.

 Here, a bit of sunlight comes in. It is more relaxing than a dimly lit lair.

 Above all, the magnificent view and the sound of the water blast away my foggy mood.

 I heard a loud bang and saw a huge snake poking its head out of the water. It was a Sea Serpent.

(Why is there a Sea Serpent in a lake!)

 I won’t make such a tactless comment. This is a fantasy world after all.

 Incidentally, the Sea Serpent and the Lamia tribe are brethren snakes, so they are not enemies.

 However, this is a rare case, and the dungeon is basically full of enemies.

 Arachne, harpies, lizardmen, orcs, ogres, this underground lake seems to be a resting place for monsters, and many of them are fighting for territory. Harpies are the one who doesn’t get along with the Lamia tribe. Since they are half-human and half-demon, I think they should get along.

 It seems that the “Queen of the Harpies” and the “Queen of the Lamia”, the mother of our family, are like in a dog-eat-dog rivalry and have been fighting since ancient times.

“It is the kind of world that Takatsuki-kun would love…….”

I remembered the game-loving classmate of mine. He was a big fan of RPG games.

 I’m sure he’ll be very happy to come to this world.

 –Sasan! Let’s go explore the depths of the dungeon!

(Oh ……, Takatsuki-kun would say ……)

 I almost laughed, remembering my friend from junior high school.

 I wonder how Takatsuki-kun is doing. May be he’s been reincarnated as some kind of monster? As I was immersed in such sentiments.


 I heard a loud scream.

(Oh, a goblin is being dragged in by a sea serpent.)

 It’s a fantasy world, but it’s so bloody.

 Haah, ……. Let’s go back to the lair.

“Human transformation magic?”

 A few months later, when I was getting used to hunting with my sisters of the same generation.

 I heard an interesting story from my big sisters. No, it’s good news.

“When we hunt humans, there’s times when we’re the ones who get knocked down if we attack them upfront. They have different strengths. Some are weak, others are incredibly strong.”


“And that’s why when you’re hunting, you should use ‘human transformation magic’ to catch them off guard. Just Like this.”

 Older Sister made a muffled, complicated pronunciation, and in the blink of an eye, a beautiful, pale skinned girl appeared.

 Oooooh! Amazing! She’s transformed into a human!

 She has proper legs, and I can’t find any elements of a snake in her. By the way, she is completely naked.

“When you transform into a human, you have to wrap something around you. If you don’t wear anything, people will be surprised.”

Of course they would! is what I thought, but my sisters were impressed and said, “””I see””” 

 So this is the difference between races. …… But isn’t this something I can use?

If I can master Human Transformation Magic,……. I immediately asked the big sister to teach me the transformation magic.

“You’re really good at it.”

 She said with admiration. While my sisters were having a hard time with the humanization magic, I easily succeeded.

“It’s hard to imagine a human being.”

“I’ve never seen one properly.”

“How are your legs?”

 I was put in charge of teaching the sisters.

 Well, I used to be human, you know. I’m grateful to my previous life for this.

(Actually, I would have preferred to be human in this life, too. ……)

“So, do you want to go hunting for humans soon?”

 I got flustered when Big Sis said that. H-Human Hunting?

“No, no, actually, I was once attacked by a human outside, so I’m scared. ……”

 It was a complete lie. I’ve been allowed to go out by myself lately, so I could tell this lie.

 In reality, I’ve never met a human.

 The only time I’ve seen them is when my sisters are out catching them.

(As expected, I don’t want to become a monster that attacks humans. ……)

 I didn’t have the determination or the guts. The concept of coexistence with humans, which I had once given up on, came into view.

If I use the “Human Transformation Magic”, I’m just a pale little girl.

 Then I could live in a human city!

Well this magic has a time limit and will be broken when the magic power runs out.

 But I’ve heard that I have a higher status than the other sisters.

 I’m sure I can last longer. Isn’t this my chance?

 I decided to secretly aim for an opportunity to escape. However, the next obstacle was the language.

 I couldn’t understand the human language of this world.

 When I was puzzling over what to do about it, my sisters solved it for me.

“Here’s a book to learn human language.”

 There’s even something like that? I thought to myself, But if I’m going to trick people, I should be able to use human language.

“Please help me, I’ll do anything to repay you. As long as you can say this, you can deceive most human men.”

“I-I see. ……”

 Men are easy to understand. Yeah, but that’s just how it is.

 My goal was to live in the city, so naturally I studied the human language really hard.

 My sisters were curious, “Why are you studying the human language so hard?” as they see me.

 Sorry guys, I’ll be leaving soon.

 My hunting skills have been improving steadily. When I run, I can run twice as fast as my sisters when I push myself hard.

‘Tou’, I jumped, and then I could jump again in the air.

“Orya!” I could clench my fist tightly, hold it for a moment, and then hit my opponent, sending the enemy harpy flying about a hundred meters away.

“What’s with that power of yours”

 My sisters were wondering the same thing. It seems that these are not the typical abilities of Lamia.

“Those must be ‘skills’, Mother-sama told us about.”

 Great Mother sama knows everything. As expected of someone who has lived for three hundred years!

 Yes, she’s 300 years old. She has a different dignity, doesn’t she? No matter how strong I am, I’m still a small fry compared to her. Oops, I went off topic.

“What are Skills?”

“Sometimes there are demons that are born with strange abilities. Humans have them too. It’s best not to get involved with people who have strong skills.”

 Ooh! There’s some important information. This ability is called a Skill.

 And humans have it, too. Or maybe I have it because I’m a former human?

 Well, whatever. Thanks to that, I’m able to fight off the demons in the neighborhood.

“Since you were born, there have been fewer attacks on my children. You’re a good kid.”

 I was praised. This world is a world of the weak and the strong. It’s not a metaphor, but weak monsters are hunted and eaten.

 We Lamia race are not weak monsters, but we are not the strongest as well.

 It seems that there are many demons in this dungeon that are stronger than Lamias.

 That’s why we, as a family, need to be united. Great Mother, as well as Elder Sister-sama and my other sisters said.

 We, the sisters, nodded.

(I’m sorry, but I will be leaving.)

 In my heart, I bowed my head to my family. At first, I was scared. An unfamiliar place. A monster I had never seen before.

 I resented God, wondering why it had to be a snake monster of all things.

 But after living there for a while. I learned that the Lamia are a family-oriented tribe.

 Life in the dungeon was sometimes difficult, but everyone helped each other to survive.

 I was glad that I was born again as a member of this tribe.

(I’ll return the favor as much as I can.)


 I killed the giant lizard that was attacking my sisters with a single punch.


 I scattered the herd of harpies that the sisters were struggling with.

“Crush it!”

 I threw a giant boulder to disperse the swarm of Arachne that had attacked us.

“You’re really strong.”

“I can’t wait to be strong.”

“You have a small appetite, though.”

 Not only my little sister, but also my big sisters came to rely on me.

 Before I knew it, I was the No. 3 person in my family.

 Maybe I was getting carried away. So I didn’t notice.

 –The fact that Elder Sister-sama was looking at me with jealousy.

—-Part II end—

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