Clearing an Isekai with the Zero-Believers Goddess – Vol.2-Chapter-1-Part-3

Part III

 Marie-san brought me to a bar called “ASAKUSA” in the basement of the city.

 This name ……, well, it’s okay. I’m sure the owner is someone from another world who loved Edo-period a lot.


 It was a quiet establishment. The store has a mature atmosphere, different from the guild’s stall or the Cat’s Ear Garden. The customers around here are also enjoying their drinks in an elegant manner.

(I don’t know the etiquette of such a restaurant, but ……)

 For now, I ordered a beautiful blue cocktail recommended by the bartender. The alcohol is a bit harsh. I feel like I’m going to get drunk.

“Hey, you were just asking Lucas-san about the Laberintos, right?”

“Yes, I’ve learned a lot. It sounds like a dangerous place.”

“And, are you sure you want to go?”

“Marie-san, you’re against it?”

 Marie-san didn’t answer that question.

 She drank her alcoholic cocktail and said.

“You know, I had a brother.”

“H-Huh, ……?”

 That’s the first time I’ve heard of it.

“Is that so. Was he by any chance, an Adventurer?”

“Yeah. He went to the Great Maze three years ago.”


 Could t-this be …… a dark story?

“As soon as I got to the iron ranks. He was eager to make a name for himself as soon as possible.”

“What is he doing now? Your brother.”

 Though, I had some assumptions, I still asked her.

“I don’t know. I haven’t been able to contact him.”


 Marie-san asked for a second cocktail. And soon enough she drinks half of it.

 Haven’t heard from her adventurer brother for a long time…….

“He promised that he would come back to Makkaren once a year to see me. My brother was one of the promising rookies at the time.”

“So …..I see……”

“With a party of four Iron Ranks, they defeated a Griffon. It was quite an accomplishment at the time. Isn’t it amazing?”


“Fufu, there’s a party of four bronze-ranks who recently defeated a Griffon recently though. My brother’s record has been surpassed…..”

 Ugh, what should I say? I can’t come up with a clever line.

 For someone with communication problems, it is tough. This atmosphere.

“Makoto-kun, are you going no matter what?”

 She asked the same question. No, this isn’t a question. I’m being held back.

 I can deceive her, but I wanted to answer seriously to Marie-san.

“I’m going to the Great Maze. But I’m not going to do anything rash.”

“But you want the fame, don’t you?”

“It’s not like that.”

 I’m not particularly interested in fame or anything like that. I’d like to have strong equipment or something, though.

“You’re lying! Talking about going to Laberintos and not needing fame. You’ll be reckless and won’t be returning anyway! All adventurers do!”


“I hate it! Waiting for someone to come back! Don’t go anywhere!”

 Marie-san’s loud voice causes the customers in the store to look at us quizzically.

“What is this, a lovers’ quarrel?” “The girl is pretty, but she’s with a little kid.” “Could you keep it down?”

 I can hear the complaints from the customers around us.

‘M-Master! Bill please!”

 For now, we paid and left the store.


 Marie-san is crying.

 She’s muttering someone’s name, I wondered if it was her brother’s name.

 To calm her down, we both sat down on a bench by the canal.

 We were silent for a while, and then I spoke to him fearfully.

“Marie-san. I’m a coward, so I’ll just do a quick adventure in the upper levels of the Laberintos and be right back.”

“…… Why do you want to go to the Great Maze so badly?”

“The reason I go to the Great Maze is because I actually have an acquaintance, you see.”

 I am going to get acquainted with the person, to be precise. According to the Goddess.

“Acquaintance ……………….A woman?”

“Eh? No, no, it’s not.”

 Isn’t it? What is it? Goddess-sama.


 Ignored. Hmmm, is it really a woman, I am going to meet?

“Hmm, then you should have said so in the first place.”

 Marie-san’s expression returns. She seems to have regained her good mood.

“Aah, sorry about that. I didn’t mean to make such a big deal out of it.”

“No, I heard your brother’s story, so I can’t blame you for worrying, I would be the same in Marie-san’s shoes.”

“Hmm, we left the place. What shall we do now?”

“It’s late, let’s go home.”

“Eh, it’s just the two of us.”

 She hugs my arm. It’s the same old Marie-san. That’s great.

“Hey! Well, let’s go back to my house for a drink to make up for leaving the store in a huff! I’ll cook for you. I’m a good cook, you know.”

“Eh, ehhhhhh!?”

 A woman’s room at this late of an hour?

 Or more like, I mean, this is the first time in my life that I’ve ever been in a woman’s room!

“Uh, umm…….”

 W-what to do? T-This is fine, right?

“It’s decided! Come on! Let’s go.”

 So forceful. Marie-san, you’re so pushy!

 She’s drunk, and because of what I just heard, I could not strongly refuse.

 If I refused to go, Marie-san would drink alone, thinking of her brother who never returned.

 That’s a bit lonely. I should accompany her for a bit. But I can’t tag until morning, though.

“Okay, we’re here!”

 From the bar I mentioned earlier, a short walk away was Marie’s house.

 A brick housing complex. A little old-fashioned, but a stylish building.

“Now. now, come in, come in.”

“You don’t have to push me, I can walk……..”

 I was just going to enter with the flow but

“Wait, wait, Hold  it right there!”

 Someone stopped me. I turned around and saw a red-haired elf standing there.


 What is she doing here?


“Hey! Where are you trying to take Makoto!”

“Now, Now, Lucy. Marie-san misses her brother who won’t return. Don’t be too hard on her.”

“Marie’s brother? You mean Kyle, who made a name for himself in the Labyrith and is now playing fancy in Royal Capital?”

 Hmm? That’s not what I was told?

“Marie-san, your brother passed away, didn’t he?”

“What are you talking about, Makoto? You know, Marie’s brother Kyle is a member of the famous Golden Claw party and is known as the Night King at Capital!”

 Huh? What does that mean? I turn to Marie, thinking.

“Ugh …… my cute little brother is nowhere to be found.”

 Yo, yo, yo, Marie-san cries again.

“Hey! That means, your brother is fine!”

 I was pretty worried! I got  tricked!

“You should be more suspicious of people, Makoto.”

“I didn’t lie! I just used a few vague words!”

 You sound like a goddess. It’s true, she didn’t say he was dead, though!

“Or more like, what’s Lucy doing here? In a place like this.”

 I asked my partner elf.

“T-The inn I’m staying at an inn near here! Then I heard Makoto and Marie’s voice……”

“Lucy-chan, stalker ……?”

“Damn it! Don’t say weird stuff!”

“Umm, Well, I’m already sleepy, so I’m going.”

“”Stop There.””


 Two grabbed my arms from both sides. I want to go back now.

 In the end, Lucy and I spent the night at Marie-san’s house, drinking until morning.

 To be precise, I got drunk after an hour or so.

 …………………… ugh my head hurts.

–the square just outside the east gate of Makkaren.

 I was waiting with Lucy for others.

“Is this the right place?”

“Yeah, that’s what Fuji-yan told me.”

 When I told Fuji-yan that I was going to Laberintos, he said, “Then leave the transportation to me!” He sure was emphatic.

 I was told to meet them at noon, so I waited with Lucy, but no one showed up at all.

“Did he mistake the time of departure,” said Lucy. No, it can’t be …….

“There’s still about five minutes left until our appointment.

But you know, if he’s going to prepare a carriage or something, it would be weird for him to not be here already, right?”

“I know.”

 I can’t see anything like that in the meadow with a clear view.

“Well, Fuji-yan is also busy. Maybe he had something urgent to ……do?”


 Suddenly, the surroundings became dark. Something big suddenly appeared above our head.

“Eeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhh!” Lucy shouts out.

“…… wow.”

 It was a huge flying ship.

 Its large sails were blowing in the wind and bulging full. The white hull is divine in the sunshine. It was floating in the air.

“A Flying Ship!”

“Hey, Lucy. I didn’t know boats could fly in this world.”

“They don’t. Only royalty or the military have airships…….”

 Lucy looks up in a daze.

 Fuji-yan, you got something like that in your possession? Not bad, Not bad at all.


 Someone jumped down from the boat?

 I was worried that the person would  break their leg, but that person landed nimbly.

 So Coool. It was a rabbit-eared beastperson woman who landed on the ground.


“Takatsuki-sama, Lucy-sama. We’re here to pick you up!”

“Where is Fuji-yan?”

“He is on-board, sir! Wait, it’s dangerous!”

 Even Fuji-yan jumped off?

 However, unlike Nina-san, it was not a natural fall,  but came down soflty, looks like he is using some magic item. And then, with a thud, he landed.

“Fuji-yan! It’s spectacular, this ship.”

“Fufufufu, I know, right? I was just trying to surprise you, so I kept it a secret. Takki-dono and Lucy-dono are the first passengers!”

“Awesome! So this will take us to Laberintos.”

“I kinda feel bad. Having you do this for me.”

“What are you talking about! This ship is powered by a huge magical stone given to us by a giant god who you’re acquainted with, Takki-dono! This airship would not be complete without it!”

 It’s a magic stone, or more like the finger of a giant god. ……

“I see, you’re using that one.”

 I thought you’ve been busy these days, looks like you’ve been building airships.

 While we were chatting away like that, people started coming from the city.

(Well, that’s pretty remarkable.)

 In the midst of the crowd, a luxurious carriage could be seen. The one who got down from the carriage was a noble-looking woman.

 She approached Fuji-yan and greeted him with a smile.

“Fujiwara-sama, congratulations on the completion of your airship.”

“This is  thanks to you, Christiana-sama. This was not possible without your help. I promise to further develop Makkaren with this ship in the future.”

“How reliable. And please call me Chris.”

“No, no I can’t, for a mere merchant like me it’s too much of an honor.”

“What are you talking about? We’re not strangers”

 They are chatting about something. I wonder if she someone 

 acquainted with  Fuji-yan?

“Hey, Lucy. Who’s that person who’s talking to, Fuji-yan?”

“Eh? You don’t know, Makoto?”

 Lucy was surprised. Maybe she’s a celebrity?

 I can tell that she’s a person of high status, though.

“She the second daughter of Makkaren’s Feudal Lord. Christiana Mcakkaren. She’s aiming for Master, a devious woman.”

 Nina says grimly.

 Oh, so she’s the daughter of the lord. She’s a nobleman. As expected of Fuji-yan, he is acquainted with a big shot.

 And Nina-san is clearly jealous. You’re very popular.

“Fujiyan-san, you sure have a wide network of people!”

 Lucy is impressed without a single notice.

“Master, isn’t it time to leave?”

 Nina-san rushes to Fuji-yan.

“Oh, that’s right. So, Chris-sama, we’ll continue the story when we come back.”

“Yes, I hope you have a wonderful story to tell.”

 The lord’s daughter’s person smiled as she held Fuji-yan’s hand.

“Master~, let’s go.”

 Nina-san, disgusted at seeing that, pulls Fuji-yan’s arm.

“Nina-san, take care of Fujiwara-sama along the way.”

 At that moment, Chris-san speaks to Nina-san with a smile on her face.

“Yes, of course. I won’t let anyone touch him.”

 Nina smiles back at Chris, smiling back at him.


 At a glance, it looks like they are laughing together. But it’s not as you see it.

(Oh, scary, scary.)

 I can’t see Fuji-yan’s face from here. I wonder what he looks like, that popular guy.

 He got an isekai harem!

“Well, Lucy, let’s go.”

“Yeah, I am looking forward to it!”

 We boarded the flying ship.

“Woaah, SO high. It’s fast.”

 Lucy was at the tip of the ship, arms outstretched, catching the wind all around her.

 Titanic? Isn’t that dangerous?

“Lucy-sama! It’s dangerous to stand too close to the edge.”

 Nina-san paid attention, after all.

 I leaned against the railing and enjoyed the flight. The wind felt nice.

“How is the ride? Takki-dono”

“It’s quiet. It’s hardly shaking.”

“The power is magic, you know. With protective magic, you won’t have to worry about being stirred by the wind.”

 Fuji-yan says, proudly.

 Surely this is something to be proud of. Really, it’s a big deal.

“By the way, who’s driving this ship?”

“These are the beastmen I’ve hired to pilot this airship. Those winged beastmen over there, you see?”

 It is true that there are winged beastmen on the back of the ship, scattered throughout the ship. By the way, they are all girls.

(Fuji-yan’s taste is showing.)

“No, that’s a coincidence.”

Read my mind with that ‘Mind Reading” skills of yours, eh/

“Fuji-yan, you shouldn’t lie.”

“…… Well, I’m the one who employed the girls.”

 He simply confessed. Fufufu, I’m not surprised!

“You really like girls huh, Fuji-yan. Even though you were popular with Chris-san earlier.”

 In high school, we used to mourn each other’s lack of connection to girls. It’s changed.

 Then Fuji-yan gave me a difficult look.

“There’s a lot of complications with Christiana-dono’s case.”

 What Fuji-yan talks about was the family situation of the Makkaren family. Currently, the Makkaren lord has three daughters, and it seems that no heir has been chosen.

“Usually, wouldn’t the eldest daughter take over?”

“I heard it varies from house to house. The Makkaren Lord said that the one who contributed the most to the development of the city is the successor.”

“I see, so Chris-san wants to be friends with Fuji-yan because she saw his achievements.”

“She’s after the master’s fortune! It is rumored that Master is now richer than the lord!”

 Nina-san interrupts the conversation.

 Maybe she was listening with her long ears.

 When you think about it, both Lucy and Nina-san have good ears, so you can’t say anything that carelessly.

 Damn those ears, girls!

“For this airship, we not only had to build it, but we also had to secure the routes, so we had to talk to the people who had the rights to it, and we couldn’t do business with them.”

 Fuji-yan explains to me, scratching his head

“But, thanks to hard work and perseverance, the continent’s first airborne passenger ship became a reality!”

 Nina-san speaks excitedly.

“However, we now owe that woman a huge debt of gratitude……”

“Nina-dono, don’t speak ill of our sponsor.”

 Fuji-yan is praising Nina-san.

“You have it rough.”

 Both commerce and women’s relations.

“Hey! What’s the name of this ship?”

 Lucy cuts through the conversation and asks.

“Fufufu, I’m glad you asked!”

 Fuji-yan may have wanted to change the subject, and he was in a good mood.

“The name of this airship is the Saint Kanon! The White Wings that traverse the skies of the continent!”

“Wow, that’s a nice name!”

“That’s my master!”

 Lucy and Nina-san praise him.

(Saint Kanon .. huh……)

 Maybe he took it from Saint Kanon, the heroine of a Galge game that Fuji-yan liked.

 As I was thinking about this, my eyes met with Fuj-iyan’s. He looked away.

“That’s a nice name,”

“Well, it’s okay right?”

 I think it’s a good name, really.

“This ship, won’t it be attacked by a monster?” Lucy asked.

“Good question. This airship’s huge body is a countermeasure against monsters. Since we plan to use it as a passenger ship, we had to make room for it, but we have made it so that it’s large enough that even wyverns or a griffon can’t attack it.”

 I see. So that’s the reason as well as the number of people on board.

“But what about the dragons?”

 I’ve heard that the dragon, the pinnacle of demons, fearlessly destroys everything.

“We have calculated our routes to avoid the dragon’s territory only. We have cast a protective spell over the entire ship, and the winged members of the ship’s crew are also combatants. If a monster were to attack us, we can fight back.”

“Oh, you really thought this through.”

 I can rest easy then.

“How long do you think it will take to get to the Great Labyrinth?”

“That’s about a day away. We should be there in the morning.”

“Wow. A carriage would have taken a week from Makkaren.”

“You can go straight ahead without having to go around anything. So it’s obvious.”

 ”That’s great!”

“Then let me show you around the ship! We’ll have a fancy dinner for you in the evening, too.”


 Lucy was getting excited like a child.

 Honestly, I’d like to be just as excited.

 We enjoyed a brief sky trip.


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