Clearing an Isekai with the Zero-Believers Goddess – Vol.2-Chapter-1-Part-2

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Chapter 1: Takatsuki Makoto leaves for the Great Labyrinth

Part II

I was standing in the empty place. No, it’s rude to say that it’s empty.

 Let’s call this the Goddess’s Space.

“Hello there, Goddess-sama. It’s been a while.”

 No surprise at this point, so I placed both my hands together and bowed in a familiar motion.

 But, it’s really been a while. The last time I heard her voice was during the incident with the old giant god.


“Hmmm? Goddess-sama?”

 I raised my head, thinking there was no answer, and she was standing insanely close to me.

 Woah. She’s so close that our bangs are almost touching. Also, her eyes are cold. Did I do something to piss her off?

 Lately, though, I’ve only been on safe adventures, I’m sure.


“Hey, Makoto.”


“You’re my believer, aren’t you?”

“Of course, I have never missed a day of prayer.”

“I know about that. I do watch you.”

 That’s right. But the Goddess-sama’s expression is still cold.

“Do you know what a goddess job is?”

“…… job of a Goddess you say?”

 She suddenly asked me something strange. I heard that in Goddess Church, the people who have a lot of donations will get saved.

“Gathering donations?”

“Damn it! Why do I need to collect money like those guys in heaven! I don’t need it, I really don’t need it!”

“So it wasn’t that?”

 So what is it, I don’t know.

“Ahem! Goddesses are supposed to guide the lost lambs! You’ve been worrying a lot! So you should talk to us! Rely on me!”

 My head was raffled. It doesn’t hurt though. But, it’s just that in that position, it’s …… in my face.

“Ahh-umm. Your chest is hitting me.”

“That’s on purpose.”

 She said it outright! This Seducing Goddess!”

“Uh, excuse me Goddess.”

 Attack of the goddess? I take some distance from her.

 This Goddess comes seducing me all the time.

“You pray to me every day, but, why don’t you talk to me about your problem?”

“Well, it’s just that it’s the last resort.”

 I’m afraid of owing Goddess too much.

“Don’t worry and just count on me. Also, don’t worry about the debt. You are the only one who is my believer”.

 The interest rate seems high, right, Noah-sama?

 Well, but it’s also true that I left the Goddess out as my consultation partner.

“So are you going to use your Goddess power to make me stronger?”

“Hmm? I’ve already given you my blessing, right? I can’t help you any more on that.”


 So, back to square one, then? I was thinking as such.

“But you know, a Goddesses can do this.”

 She grinned. And then she took it out quickly and held it in her hand.

“Really, My soul book again?”

 This Goddess sure got some sticky fingers.”

“A little bit here, and a little bit there,”

 What did she write?

“Come here, look, look.”

 She grabbed my head and showed me the Soul Book. Too close, She’s really too close!

“Don’t worry about it, come here.”

“Let’s see, ehh!?”

 –Water Magic Proficiency: 103

“G-Goddess-sama? This is…”

“You’re the type of person who gets to level 99 in RPG games, right? And since you’ve capped your proficiency lately, you’ve been a bit burnt out.”

 I was seen through. But it’s no wonder. The other person is a Goddess, after all.

“Fufufu, let me give you some more details. If you’re able to rach Water Magic Proficiency to 105 105 or so, you will be able to see the water spirits.”


 I mean, it’s that simple?

 I’ve been having a lot of trouble, practicing in the rain, getting hit by a waterfall, and spending a day in the water!

“Well~, I’ve been watching you, but that training was really pointless”

“Then, you should’ve told me about it!”

“Haha,” she laughed.

 She really got some bad traits! Well, not exactly.

“Thank you very much, Goddess-sama.”

 I put both of my hands together and bow deeply.

 With this, I can  continue training my water magic proficiency!

“Oh, so honest. Mm-mm, keep up the good work.”

“I was at my wit’s end this time, and you really helped me out.”

“Well, I’m glad you like it. Oh, but you should be careful.”

“What do you mean?”

 So, am I getting an unreasonable task from the get go?”

“That’s not it. The status of the Soul Book issued by the Church of Goddesses has a maximum value of 99. It’s because those guys in heaven decided to do so.”

“Oh, is that so”

“In fact, the harder you work, the more proficient you become, so there’s no limit. It’s just that it don’t quantify it. What I did earlier was to modify your Soul Book a bit so that it can be quantified to over 100.”

 Well, that’s a good thing to hear.

 The more you work, the more you get better at it. I feel really motivated.

“It’s just that altering your soul book is illegal for the Holy Goddess Church. If the church finds out, you’ll be subjected to the Inquisition or something.”

“Huh? Hey!”

“By the way, I heard that in the Sun Nation and the Water Nation, if you are found to be worshipping an evil god, you will be put to death. So barbaric!”

“Executed? And you’re only telling me now!”

“You didn’t know?

 I did not know! I’ve been avoiding church for a long time.

 …… I’ll be more careful in the future.

“Well, it’s about time.”

 The figure of the Goddess is beginning to disappear.

“It’s always so short, isn’t it?”

“Oh my, you want to talk to me more?”

“Well, I do think I would like to talk more often.”

“Fufufu. You’re getting better and better, don’t you? Keep it up, you can fall in love with me.”

 Please don’t give me that sidelong glance. It makes my heart skip a beat.

“Ah, yes! I have one last thing to tell you!”

“What is it?”

 Is it the usual ‘vague instructions’?

“Head to the Great Labyrinth Laberintos. You are about to have a good meeting.”

 Saying that, the Goddess disappeared.

(Ehh ……. I got some very specific instructions.)

 Did your character change? Goddess-sama.

“Hey, Makoto. You’ll catch a cold if you sleep here.”

 When I opened my eyelids, there was Lucy’s face in front of me. It was already dark.

“Ahh, sorry. Hmm? Looks like I’ve been asleep for quite a while.”

“What are you doing? It was already time for the dinner, but you didn’t come at all ……. I was worried about you.”

 Lucy had a kind of angry and sad expression on her face.

“You see, I was just meeting with the Goddess.”

“EH!? Oh, yeah. What did she say?”

 What should I say? I am not sure.

 I should tell her about the modification of the Book of Souls later on in secret.

“She wants me to the Great Labyrinth.”

 I simply told her what it was.

“The Great Labyrinth Laberintos? Great! My arms are itching.”

“Lucy, you’re coming too?”

“Eh? I-I can’t ?”

 I don’t want you to look like you’re about to cry.

“You’re not a believer of the Goddess, you don’t really need to follow what she, do you?

“It is okay! The monsters around here haven’t been enough for me lately!”

 Well, Lucy’s magic blew it all away. It was so pathetic for the monsters.

“Well, let’s go report the expedition to the guild.”

“Yeah! You’re quite spirited about it, aren’t you?”

“Huh? Do you think so?”

“You’ve been down lately after all.”

 I also worried her, huh. I scratched my cheeks. Guess our positions are reversed.”

 We went back to the Adventurer’s Guild together.

“Ehhhh! Why the Great Labyrinth all of a sudden!”

 Marie-san’s loud voice echoed through the guild.

“There are other dungeons aside from that. The Salamander Valley of the Fire Nation, the Forest of Lost in the Wood Nation, or even the Ice Tiger’s Cave in the Water Nation, right?”

“Well, normally it’s appropriate for an intermediate dungeon in that area.”

“Yes! You should do that then!”

“But I’ve already made up my mind. We’re going to the Great Labyrinth Laberintos.”

 Marie-san makes a reluctant face.

“Hey, Lucy. Say something to Makoto-kun.”

“The leader of our party is Makoto. I’ll follow his lead.”

 Oh, I was the leader. I didn’t know that.

 At any rate, Lucy seems to agree with me.

“Marie-san, you’ll arrange the paperwork, right?”

“Wuuu ……, Makoto and Lucy are iron-ranked, so it’s not a problem for the rules, but …… haaaah.”

 She was mumbling, but she went through the process.

 I wonder why she doesn’t want to recommend the Great Labyrinth?

“Ooh, Makoto. I heard you’re going to the Great Labyrinth?”

“It’ll be lonely here.”

 I was approached by Lucas-san and Jean, who were drinking at the guild stalls.

 Information sure goes around fast.

“Jean, I don’t see Emily with you?”

I can’t see the priestess who is always with him.

“She told me that she’s going to eat outside with Lucy.”

“Now that you mention it,I can’t find Lucy either.”

The former terribleness has disappeared, and they are completely close to each other.

“So when are you leaving?” Lucas-san asked.

“We haven’t decided at all yet. Old man, one ale.”

 I sat down next to them. Let’s have a meal together while we’re at it.

 The restaurant has a lot of popular Chinese dishes such as fried chicken, teppanyaki, and thickly flavored grilled noodles. A chilled ale goes well with the hot food.

“You’ve been to the Great Labyrinth, haven’t you, Lucas-san?”

“Of course. There isn’t a gold-ranked adventurer who hasn’t tried the Great Maze. It’s a dungeon that every adventurer in the Water Nation must aim for at least once.”

 Lucas-san replied, biting into a large piece of fried meat on the bone.

“How far did you go?” Jean asked. I’m curious too.

“Hmm, Laberintos is no ordinary dungeon. There is no such thing as 10th or 20th floor. There are only five Levels: Upper, Middle, Lower, Deep, and Deepest. I’ve been to the Deep Level, but …… don’t go yet, okay, Makoto?”

“I know, the lower-level and below are “Dragon’ Nest”, right?”

 This is a famous story, I was told in the water temple.

“Yeah, it’s crawling with earth dragons, water dragons and fire dragons.”

“…… sounds dangerous.”

“But most of the monsters in the upper levels are relatively weak. The only one to watch out for is the Minotaur.”

“Is the Minotaur the Keeper of the Labyrintos’s Upper Levels?”

“Well, the current Makoto and Lucy can’t lose to the Minotaur together.”

 Lucas-san drank his glass full of ale. I drink too.

“What kind of demons do you get in the Middle Levels?”

“The Middle Levels got many different types. Goblins, Orcs, Man-Eating Giants, Zombies, Skeletons, Vampires and other undeads, lamia, arachnids, harpies …… everything goes.”

“But there isn’t an overly strong  monster,” said Jean.

 ’If that’s the case, even I could do it’, Jean seems to think. Do you want to come with me?

“Don’t be naive. All Middle Floors monsters comes in ‘Herds’.”


“There’s a boss in the herd, and it’ll give the order to attack and retreat at once. The average adventurer will be surrounded and devoured in an instant.”


 It’s Scary, after all. It is indeed the biggest dungeon in the continent. The difficulty level is high.

 I’ve never encountered a  monster that works in conjunction with a group like that before.

 We need to gather more information beforehand.

“That’s not the only thing you need to be careful about.”

“There’s more?”

“This is important. In Laberintos, there’s newbie hunting.”

“Umm, you mean like a cocky rookie being beaten by a scary senior adventurer.”

 If it is that much, it sounds like every other city.

“Not at all. Laberintos is the aspiration of adventures. There’s adventurers that do their best in the dungeons in their area, gain confidence, and then buy some nice equipment to challenge the dungeons, right? These are the ones who gets hunted.”

 I see, the Dark SIde of Human society. The only thing scarier than a Monster is a Human being, isn’t it?


“If a mid-level adventurer with a little money and expensive armor, that person is the target. They pretend to be nice at first, lure you out into the middle of nowhere, strip you down, and then feed you to the monsters in the dungeon.”

 That’s just a crime! Well, apparently crime in dungeons is a lot of …….

“Makoto! Don’t go to Laberintos!”

 Jean gets completely freaked out and stops me.

 No, to be honest, I’m also very nervous, but I can’t.

“Ha-ha, if you’re scared from that, just give up. Because I tell all adventurers who are aiming for Laberintos the same thing.”

 That being said, it bothers me. Even though we are mid-level adventures, Lucy and I are only a hair’s breadth away from being rookies.

(…… but hey.)

 The goddess gave me unusual and specific instructions.

 This event is not to be missed. And there’s that meeting she told me about! We’ll have to go.

“Well, that won’t stop me from going.”

“Then I’ll support you, but be prepared. I’ll give you as much information as I can about the precautions.”

 Lucas-san, with serious eyes, said.


 I really owe this Old Man a lot. Like everyone in the Makkaren Adventurer’s Guild, he is the tutor of everyone.

 After that, we were told many stories about Lucas-san’s adventures and horror stories about the Great Labyrinth.

 Lucas-san and Jean went for the second round. I was on my way out to do some training, when Marie-san caught me.

“Come with me, for a bit. Makoto-kun.”

—–Part II end—

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