Clearing an Isekai with the Zero-Believers Goddess – Vol.2-After Episode

After Episode: A Detour on the Way Back from the Great Labyrinth

“Wow! This is an airship?”

 Sa-san was standing at the front of the ship, arms outstretched to catch the wind. (Titanic pose, you may call it)

(She’s doing the same thing as Lucy.)

“Sasaki-sama! That’s dangerous!”

 Nina-san was angry at her, too.

(Sa-san seems to be enjoying it.)

 While vaguely watching the scene, I looked at the city of the Great Labyrinth, which was becoming more and more distant. Next to it, I could see the figure of the Sun Knight Order preparing 

to leave.

“See you later, Sakurai-kun.”

 I couldn’t say goodbye, so I called out from the airship.

 It must be hard to be the Light Hero and the reincarnation of the Savior, but good luck.

 I’ll come to visit you in the Sun Nation next time. If I feel like it, that is.

 The weather was clear and sunny. It’s a good day to start our journey.

“Takatsuki-kun, what is that?”

 A few hours had passed since we had traveled in the sky in the airship.

 Sa-san had found something, and when I looked in the direction she was pointing, I saw a lot of tents.

“That’s a bazaar! It’s rare to see a bazaar being held here!”

 Fuji-yan told me.

 Hoh. I have never seen one before. Is it some kind of market?

“Do you know about it, Lucy?”

“They say it’s held for a certain time for traveling vendors to gather and trade together. It’s a human culture you don’t see in Spring Rogue(Wood Nation).”

“Yes, that’s true. Master, are we going to stop by?”

“Hmmm, I suppose so. How about it, Takki-dono?”

 Fuji-yan asked me if I was interested.

“Let’s go!”

Our first event, we gotta make an appearance! We parked the airship nearby and headed for the bazaar. The bazaar was crowded with people.

 They were selling everything from clothing, weapons, and magical tools to food and living things.

 The clothes were of a design I had never seen before. Could it be from another country? Many of the weapons and foods are also rare and unusual.

“Hey there, buddy! I’ve got some great products! Why don’t you take a look?”

“Hey, hey, mister. Come take a look!”

 And the bargaining is intense. Also, I’m being approached strangely. Do they think I am an easy target?

“Takki-dono. In this kind of bazaar, don’t buy at an asking price. The price is usually set at three times the regular price. Make sure you bargain.”

“T-Three times?”

 I was surprised, but Nina-san and Lucy looked at me as if it was obvious.

(Bargaining, huh? ……)

 That’s a high hurdle for someone with stranger anxiety.

“Hey, Uncle. Can you sell this for this price?”

“Oi, Oi, Miss. That would end up me being in the red.”

“Well, then, I don’t want it.”

“Haah, hold on! I’ll sell it to you at this price.”

” Another one then!” “Yep, then, this one.”

“Wow!” – “Take it, you little thief!”

 Sa-san is trying to bargain. …… As usual, she’s very communicative.

“Takki-dono. I’m going to look around the stalls with Nina-dono, would you like to join us?”

 Fuji-yan invited me. Nina-san next to me was smiling as usual, and I couldn’t read her emotions.

 But I remembered the conversation I had with Nina-san when we were exploring the Great Labyrinth.

(Let’s be considerate here.)

“I’ll just go around slowly, independently.”

“I see…….”

 Fuji-yan looked a little disappointed and then left with Nina-san.

 As they left, Nina-san gave a slight bow. Apparently, it was the right choice.

 Now, where should I go? The stalls were full of products that I had never seen before.

 Just looking around seems to be fun.

“Hey, Makoto. Let’s go around together!”

“Takatsuki-kun, let’s go together.”

 Lucy came from the right side, and Sa-san from the left side, crossing their arms.

“”……”” And then the two of them looked at each other with me between them.

 The temperature of the air around us seemed to have dropped a little.

“Lu-chan, you can also tag along.”

“Aya, you can also tag along.”

 …..What is it? This tense atmosphere.

 I noticed that Sa-san calls Lucy “Lu-chan”. Just by listening to that, it seems like they’ve become friends. ……


 A kind of sparkle appeared between them.

“Then, let’s go with the three of us.”

“Okay” “Sure.”

 Everyone on my party gets along! Isn’t that nice?

 Lucy, Sa-san, and I looked around at the stalls.

 On the way, we bought some sandwiches with thick ham and vegetables, and some fish skewered and salted for our meal.

 I think I would call the seasoning ethnic? The spices were used in abundance, giving it a peculiar taste, but it was delicious.

 For drinks, they sold mixed fruit juices. It was sweet.

“Water Magic: Cooling.”

 The drink was a little lukewarm, so I cooled it down with the water magic method, and it was just right.

“Delicious, Takatsuki-kun.”

“Makoto’s magic is very convenient.”

 It was good that Sa-san and Lucy seemed to be enjoying themselves.

 The area where we stopped after lunch was a clothing section. The stalls selling piles of women’s clothing were particularly noticeable. Many of the designs were different from the clothing stores in Makkaren.

 After all, women like to dress up, no matter where they are, and both Lucy and Sa-san’s eyes were sparkling, so I said to them, “Why don’t you take a look? “.

 And now, Lucy and Sa-san are looking for clothes at various stalls.

“Hey, hey, Makoto. What do you think of this dress?”

 Lucy showed them a bright red dress that looked like a Chinese dress.

 I love the color red.

“It’s good, you know?” Lucy would look good in it.

“Really? If Makoto says s……”

“Hey, Takatsuki-kun! How about this?” Sa-san interrupted the conversation.

 The clothes in her hands are a tropical white shirt and an orange skirt.

“I think it’s cute,” I said, thinking it would look good on her.

“Is that so. I think I’ll go for this one then.”


 They stared at each other for some reason.

“”I’ll try it on!”” And then they disappeared into a tent that looked like a fitting room.

(I wonder if I can find some cool gear too.)

 I thought it would be a good idea to buy something new. There weren’t many things that I, with my lowest level of muscle strength, could wear. On the contrary, I already have a “divine weapon”.

 It’s hard to find a weapon that can surpass the Goddess’ dagger.

(Of course!)

 That’s right, Noah-sama.

“Thanks for waiting! Makoto. What do you think?”

 Lucy came out of the fitting room.

“O-Ohhhh, ……!” I couldn’t help but exclaim in admiration.

 Lucy was wearing a tight-fitting, bright red Chinese dress. Her thighs were dazzlingly visible through the bold slit.

 She was wearing a mini-skirt that showed off more skin than her usual mini-skirt.

“It looks good on you,” and indeed, it is erotic.

To avoid blushing, I maxed out my ‘calm mind’ skill.

“Really? Do you like this kind of clothes, Makoto?”

 Lucy comes up to me, looking up at me …….

(Uh……, different clothes change your image)

 Secretly, I’m tensing up …….

“Takatsuki-kun! Look at this!”

 Sa-san appeared from the fitting room.


 She was wearing a skirt with a flower pattern that looked like hibiscus.

 The problem was her upper body, where only a small amount of fabric covered her breasts.

“I-Isn’t it cold? It only covers your breasts, you know? And I can see your stomach.”

“No, I mean, don’t you have anything else to say?”

 Sa-san posed cutely.

“Well, it’s cute. ……”

 But it’s a little too revealing, and I can’t get my eyes around it. There’s a big gap between this and her normal clothes.

 It’s so cute …… Sa-san.

“Hmmm~, I can feel Takatsuki-kun’s gaze on me…”

 Sa-san was approaching me with a grin. She twines her hand around my neck.

“Makoto, look at me too.”

 At the same time, Lucy leaned towards me. Their arms are wrapped around my neck.

 On my neck, their hands and eyes are intertwined.

“Hmm, Lu-chan’s clothes are so ecchi~!”

“Aya’s clothes are not exactly suitable for adventure, you know?”

“It’s okay, I’m just showing it to Takatsuki-kun.”

“I-I’m also showing it to Makoto.”


 Why do you always have to compete with each other?

“Well, if you both like it, why don’t we buy it?”

 I hurriedly asked the store owner about the price.

“Ahh! Both of your companions are cute. If so, how about this accessory? It’s an excellent accessory that also has an amulet effect!”

 They made me buy a bunch of stuff with them!

“Thank you, Makoto.” “Thank you, Takatsuki-kun!”

 It’s good that Lucy and Sa-san were happy.

 After that, we enjoyed visiting the stalls for a while.

 The outfit was the new clothes I had just bought. Two beautiful girls in erotic and cute outfits.

 Thanks to them, I felt like I was attracting a little more attention.

 I was a little troubled by the fact that Lucy and Sa-san were competing with each other at some points.

 We had finished our shopping and were just wandering around.

“Hey, look, Makoto.”

 I saw a sign in the direction Lucy was pointing.

“The Shrine of Marriage.”

 There was a sign in Japanese.

( I’m sure this was made by someone from another world. …… )

 It’s Japanese.

“Hey, Takatsuki-kun, let’s go there together~”

“Hey, Makoto, let’s go together!”


 Can you please stop staring at each other silently?

“You see, Lu-chan?” “Hey, Aya?”

 The tone of their conversation was suspicious. A touchy-feely air flows through the area.

“Yeah, let’s not fight anymore!”

 I hurriedly stopped them.

 After paying the entrance fee for the three of us, we went inside. The entrance is in the shape of a torii gate.

(This is from another world, ……?)

 At the entrance, there was a person who seemed to be a staff member who explained to us.

“There is a shrine at the back, and if you go there and make a wish, your wish will come true. However, there are various obstacles along the way, so you’ll have to overcome them!”

“Heh, …….”

 It’s like an amusement park attraction game. Or rather, a shrine in another world?

 This world is supposed to be a world ruled by a goddess.

(Let’s not think too much about it.)

 We walked through the forest along a path paved with stones. The path was well maintained and easy to walk on.

 It was completely different from the big forest.

“Makoto.” “Takatsuki-kun.”

 More accurately. Lucy and Sa-san were pulling me from both sides, making it extremely difficult to walk.

 As I was walking slowly.


 With a strange cry, a monster(?) appeared!

 The monster had a stocky body with hair-like yarn growing out of it.

 At a glance, it looks like a big dog-eared doll. Not too scary.

“Terrible! Makoto, it’s a monster!”

“Takatsuki-kun! I’ll kill it!”

 Lucy held up her staff and Sa-san’s expression sharpened.

“Wait a minute! That’s not what it looks like!”

 It’s a stuffed animal, no matter how you look at it!

 The staff member in a worn-out monster costume that looks like something you’d find at a country amusement park was saying, “Gao, gao”. It’s kind of cute.

“Oh, my God! A monster has appeared! Hey, there, brother! Please be cool and slay it. Here’s your weapon.”

 Before I knew it, a staff member appeared and handed me a weapon.

(A bamboo sword?”

 It was the kind used in kendo. This is like Japan, after all.

 Anyway, I fought back with the bamboo sword he gave me.

 Pesh! I heard a cute sound.

(Um, is this the best you can do?)

 I was asked apologetically from inside the costume.

(I’m sorry, I’m doing my best.)

 My strength is only as strong as a woman or a child.

“Makoto! Get back! I’ll do it.”

 A fireball the size of a house floated above Lucy’s head as she held up her staff.

“Takatsuki-kun! I’ll take it down!”

 Sa-san was next to me, lifting a large rock that was as big as the fireball.

“Uaaaaaaaa! I’m going to be killed!”

 The stuffed monster screamed and ran away.

 The staff member who gave me the bamboo sword also ran away with him.

“Huh?” “What?”

 Lucy and Sa-san were tilting their heads.

 The women in our party are strong, I apologize.

(I see, so, this is the facility.)

 After that, monsters (fake ones) prepared by the staff appeared every now and then.

 Normally, the male visitors would be the ones to fight them off and win the hearts of the women.

Lucy’s “meteor” spell created a huge rock crater.

And Sa-san’s goes ‘Orya’ with her fist, knocking down a huge tree.


 The staff in their monster costumes scattered and ran away.

 The whole thing was ruined.

(I think I’ll be banned from here next time…….)

Thinking about this, as we proceeded deeper into the forest, a huge slime that looked twice as tall as I was, appeared.

(This thing, it’s a real monster.)

 So not all of them are fake. But this is the first time I’ve encountered one.

 What kind of strategy do we use?

“A Big slime? ” Sa-san hurriedly prepared herself.

“It’s alright, Makoto and Aya. It’s a jelly slime, so there’s no danger.”

“Ahh, I remember now.”

 The jelly slime is as weak as the horned rabbit, I believe.

 A herbivorous monster that usually lives in the shallow waters of the ocean, eating seaweed and the like.

 But, why is it here on land?

“I’m going to beat it for now.”

 Sa-san held up her fist.


“Aya, no!” Lucy tried to stop her, but it was already too late.

 I remembered what I had learned in the water temple.

 –It’s a very weak jelly slime, but it’s wise to avoid using physical attacks.

 Because ……



 The giant jelly slime flew apart.

“Whoa! “Whoops!” “Aah!”

 The shards of the jelly slime turned into sludge and rained down on us.

“What is this? It’s so slippery!”

“……, it’s in my clothes, it’s so slippery, Takatsuki-kun.”

 Lucy and Sa-san’s newly purchased clothes were covered in slime goo.

 Even though the clothes were well-fitted, they emphasized the lines of their bodies even more.

 No good, I derailed.

“Makoto?” “Takatsuki-kun?”

“L-let’s hurry up!?” My voice trailed off.

(Nope, I shouldn’t look)

 Calm Mind, Calm Mind……

“Hey, Makoto. Should we continue on this outfit?”

“Takatsuki-kun, let’s change our clothes!”

 The women complained.

“…… You should do that.”

 Unfortunately, this attraction was going to be canceled at this point. As I was thinking that.

” Oops! You’ve all been exposed to a piece of jelly slime! That’s not good, not at all.”

 Whoa! What is it with the staff here, they always appear so abruptly!

 A female staff member pulled my hand.

“Yeah, the three of us of got caught in it.”

“Yes, then you three, please follow me.”

 We were led to a place where there were many small cottages.

“What is this place?”

“Up to two hours is included in the price. If you want to stay overnight, you’ll have to pay extra.”

 That’s not an explanation!

 But we were all covered in slime goo, so there was no other way.

 We didn’t get any details, but we went into one of the cottages they showed us.

 Inside, it was like a simple hotel.

 The only thing that bothered me was …….

“Hey, Takatsuki-kun, ……, what is this place?”

“Ah, yes. Sa-san …….”

“What’s wrong? Aya, Makoto. This is a pretty room.”

 Lucy didn’t seem to have any doubts. She was wandering around the room, looking at the decor.

 The interior is based on the color pink.

 Indirect lighting illuminated the dimly lit room.

 The room was filled with the sweet smell of incense burning.

 And in the center of the room, a king-sized bed with a canopy.

(Isn’t this a love hotel, ……?)

 As a virgin, I’ve never been there, of course. I’ve seen rooms like this on the Internet!

 Wait…… are they trying to physically tie us together? That Operator ago.

“Hey, Aya, there’s a bath.”

“Oi! Lucy, don’t start undressing!”

“Makoto, turn around.”

“Tell me beforehand!”

 I hurriedly turned around.

But with the “RPG Player” ability of “Viewpoint Switching”, I can see what’s behind me if I want to.

“I’ll go in too. Takatsuki-kun, do you want to join us?”

“Sa-san, don’t be ridiculous.”

“Just kidding, just kidding,” she laughed mischievously.

 Immediately, I could hear the sound of clothes being taken off.

 DOn’t look at it. …… You can look at it, but don’t look at it.

 Sa-san and Lucy walked into the bathroom, squealing and giggling.

 In the meantime, I could hear the sound of water splashing.

(Wow, Lu-chan, your breasts are huge.)[ARE THEY THOUGH?]

(They’re normal, don’t touch there!)

(Wow, they’re so soft, that’s not fair. You’re seducing Takatsuki-kun with these. Here, take this!)

(This! You did it now! Aya and Makoto have known each other for a long time, right? That’s cheating. Heh, take this!)

(Hey, Lu-chan, you’re so strong. …… An! You!)

(This! Aya, aren’t you good with your hands?)

(Because Lu-chan’s touch is more indecent!)

 I could hear their voices.

(What a conversation. ……)

 I felt like I was going to go crazy if I kept listening to them, so I moved away from the bathroom so I wouldn’t hear them.

(What am I going to do now?)

 I was left alone in the room.

 Well, it was fine since the girl was going to take a bath first. I’ll be free until they come back.

(No, wait?)

“Spirit-sans, Spirit-sans,” I call out.

[Water Magic: Water Ball] I cover my head with water that I invoked with magic.

 I then wash away the pieces of jelly slime. And threw the dirty water outside.

 Also, I used water magic to dry my clothes. Everything was now clean.

(Come to think of it, there’s no need to take a bath.)

 From the bathroom, I could hear the happy voices of the girls.

 When it’s just the two of them, they usually get along well. I wish they would get along with each other when it’s the three of us as well.

“Hey, I think Makoto might be lonely.”

“Right, Takatsuki-kun. Do you want to join us?”

“Makoto! You can come in if you want.”

“I’m not coming in!”

 Damn it, you know I can’t go in there, but you’re teasing me!

 I plopped down on the huge bed that could fit three people.

(…… It was a tough time exploring the Great Labyrinth this time.)

 But the harvest was great.

 The reunion with Sa-san.

 The battle with the Taboo Dragons using spirit magic.


I learned the true objective of Noah-sama.

 –To turn this world upside down.

 In a different world ruled by a holy god. That’s quite a grand purpose.

(Is that really possible? ……?)

 The hurdles are too high, and it still doesn’t feel right to me.

 But this time, my adventure in the Great Labyrinth was a success.

 Let’s move on, one step at a time. But still…

(I’m exhausted from all the things that happened. ……)

 I’ve been adventuring in the Great Labyrinth for quite some time.

 It’s been a long time since I’ve laid down in bed to relax since I spent the last day in a bar making noise.

 My eyelids got heavier and heavier.

 As soon as I closed my eyes, I was dragged down to sleep.

 Well about Noah-sama……I didn’t see her.

(I must have fallen asleep at …….)

 Sheesh. I remembered that there was an extra charge after two hours?

“Are you awake? Takatsuki-kun.”

 I looked to my left and saw Sa-san giggling.

“Ahh, I’m sorry. I fell asleep.”

 I apologize to Sa-san and Lucy.

“It’s okay, Aya and I were talking about not waking Makoto up because he looks tired.”

 To my right, Lucy was smiling at me with her hand on her cheek.

“Lucy, my bad. I should have known.”

 I rubbed my sleepy eyes and sat up. Something’s wrong, I can feel it.

“It was unusual for Makoto to sleep so soundly.”

 Lucy was playing with my hair. It tickles.

“Does Lu-chan always sleep with Takatsuki-kun?”

“Sleeping with …… Aya, that’s not what I meant. It’s just that Makoto doesn’t sleep well during adventures, so it’s unusual for him to sleep this deeply.”



“I want to sleep with you too, Takatsuki-kun.”

“You’re sleeping right now.”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

 They giggle and laugh together. What is it? They’re so close.

 Something is different from before.

“Lucy, Sa-san. Hey.”

“Good morning, Takatsuki-kun.” “You still look sleepy.”

 Both of their gazes were drawn to me.

 That’s fine, but ……

“But, why aren’t you wearing any clothes?”

 Although their bodies are covered by sheets, they are not the same.

 Their shoulders are bare and the skin is visible up to their chests, so you can tell that they are not wearing any clothes, at least not on their upper bodies.

“Because we just finished bathing, Takatsuki-kun.”

“Our clothes are drying, Makoto.”

“Y-Yeah ……”

 Well, their clothes were also slippery from the jelly slime fragments.

 No, but this situation is not good!

 In a room like a love hotel(?) I am in close contact with a naked girl on the bed!

“Well, I’ll dry your clothes with water magic. Then we’ll leave.”

 I tried to get off the bed so I wouldn’t have to look at Sa-san and Lucy.

“What are you talking about, Takatsuki-kun?”

“No way, do you not feel like doing anything in this situation?”

 Both Sa-san and Lucy grabbed me by the arms.


 Wait, wait, wait! What the hell are you two talking about?


 I’m not an insensitive person.

 I’ve noticed that Lucy and Sa-san have more than a little bit of a thing for me.

(Really? )

 Noah-sama! Please don’t interrupt me!

 But there’s something wrong with this sudden turn of events.

“Hey, Takatsuki-kun,” Sa-san’s cool right hand dabbed my cheek.

“Makoto ……” Lucy’s warm fingers crawl around my collarbone.

 The tingling sensation that runs down my spine is indescribable.

(But, why are these people so aggressive today!?)

 It’s completely different from before. Besides, Lucy and Sa-san were fighting with each other just a while ago, but now they are coming at me as if they are cooperating.

(Makoto, Makoto. Look at the poster in the room.)

 I heard Noah-sama’s voice. A poster?

 It’s true, there was a notice posted around the entrance of the room, probably written by the manager of this cottage. One of the sentences read.

 –There is incense burning in this room to make you feel erotic.

(Is it because of this thing? !)

 Indeed, there was a sweet smell the moment I entered the room.

 When I looked at Lucy’s and Sa-san’s faces again, I saw that they were both blushing and had puffy eyes. They seemed to be under the effect of the incense that made them feel erotic in this room.

“Wait a minute.”

 The next thing I knew, I was being undressed by both of them.

 The sheets on Lucy and Sa-san were removed, and their naked white bodies were barely visible in the dimly lit room.

“Here, Makoto, take off your clothes too.”

“Takatsuki-kun, let’s get you undressed.”

 Both of you are very strong!? Nope, that’s just me being too weak…….

 In the blink of an eye, my upper body was naked.

“Wow, you’ve got more muscle than you used to have, Takatsuki-kun.”

“…… Did you ever see Makoto naked before, Aya?”

“Fufufu, when we were in middle school, we had pool class together.”

“Oh, I think I worked out a lot more than I did back then. ……”

 When I was in middle school, I was a go-home club person and played video games all the time, so my body was very thin and frail.

 It’s not that different now, but I think I’ve gotten a lot healthier.

(But this is not the time to be talking about that!)

“!” That tickles!

 Sa-san’s body came to rest on top of mine.

“Wait a minute, Sa-san?

 I hurriedly tried to escape, but Lucy’s body came at me next.

“You saw me naked bathing last time, Makoto. Now it’s my turn.

 Lucy’s tongue licked around my neck.


 I let out a pathetic scream.

“Takatsuki-kun, your voice is weird.”

“Makoto is so cute!”

 With a bewitching smile on their faces, the two of them came closer.

 N-Nope. While I was frozen in place, a letter softly appeared in the air.

[Would you like to have sex with the two of them?]

 Yes, I do.

 No, I don’t.

 Hey! There’s a choice on this too!

(Should I just get carried away with this ……?)

 No! No! These two are my friends!

 I can’t let this weird incense affect our relationship!

(Ehhh~ Makoto you big idiot! Don’t tell me you won’t feast on a treat that’s already in front of you?)

 No way! Noah-sama, you’re too noisy!

This is my choice! I should get to choose!

“Wait a minute!”

 I hurriedly got off the bed and threw the incense out the window.

 Water magic: Fog!

 Instead of ventilation, I used water magic to create a fog that drowned out the scent of the incense.

 The sweet fragrance disappeared.

 Then, Lucy and Sa-san’s puffy eyes came back to normal.

“Eh?” “W-What?”

 The two of them looked at each other.

 On the bed.

 Lucy and Sa-san were naked.


 –A scream went up.

“Ah, um, Sa-san? Lucy-sam?”

 They came to their senses.

 I dried their clothes with water magic.

 After that, they went outside to change.

 And now. They are huddled in the corner of the room with their heads in their hands.

“Ugh ……, why did I do that ……?”

“Ah ……, I was tempting you like, mother…..”

 The two of them were holding their heads and mumbling.

 Well, I’m glad they’ve calmed down.

“It’s because of the weird incense that was burning in this room.”

 I called out to the two people sitting on the floor.

 By the way, I’m back in my original clothes.

“Ugh, Takatsuki-kun, you saw, right?”

“Again, You saw me again. …… This is the second time, I was seen”.

“It’s all right, I didn’t see anything.”


 It’s a lie.

 After that, we went back to the inn Fuji-yan was in, soothing them.

“Ooh! Takki-dono. Are you going back in the morning?”

“Ufufu, I hope you had a good time last night.”


 Lucy and Sa-san overreacted to Fuji-yan and Nina’s words.

 Nina-san, how did you know that line?

 The airship on the way back.

 Fuji-yan and Nina-san teased me on our return trip in the morning.

 Lucy and Sa-san seemed to have cheered up after eating.

 But when they make eye contact with me, their faces turn red and they avert their gaze.

 But I’m sure they’ll get back to normal in time.

 I leaned against the railing of the airship and watched the scenery in the distance.



 Sa-san came over. She was leaning against the railing next to me.

 Her face is a little red. I wonder if she’s still embarrassed.

“The wind feels good.”

“Y-Yeah. …… Are you watching the scenery?”

(Come to think of it, I did think about seeing the scenery of another world with Sa-san on our trip to Laberintos?)

 The dream came true.

“What’s wrong, Takatsuki-kun? You’re grinning.”

“Eh? Oh, I’m just happy to be back with …… you.”

“Huh? I-Is that so!”

 Hmm? I didn’t say anything weird, did I?


 The silence continued for a while.

 I wondered if I should say something clever.

 Well, it would be strange to be so cautious with Sa-san, wouldn’t it?

 The green scenery continued endlessly.

“Makoto, Fujiyan-san said we should have tea. Aya, they’re preparing a cake.”

“Really? Yay!”

 Sa-san ran quickly.

 As I watched her smilingly, I noticed Lucy staring at me.

“Makoto, you’re having fun, aren’t you?”

“Do I?”

“Are you happy to be with Aya?”

“Yeah, she’s one of my few friends from the past. It’s only because of Lucy that we can go home together.”

 As I said this, a huge crosswind blew. The airship was agitated and the hull tilted.



 I grabbed Lucy by the shoulders and held her close to me.

 Her high body temperature was felt in my hands. It seems that though she was the bracelet that the Great Sage-sama gave her, her body temperature was still the same.

“Y-Yeah, thanks …… Makoto.”

 Lucy’s face was close to mine.

 The ship’s tilt has already been fixed, but Lucy is still leaning against me and won’t move away. It feels strange to force her away, so we stay close and silent.


 How long should we stay like this? I don’t know when to let go.

“Ah, if I take my eyes off her, she’s getting ahead in the march!”

 Sa-san came back.

“W-What do you mean, getting ahead!”

“Come on! Let’s go, Lu-chan!”

 She pulled Lucy along with her.

 The two of them went into the ship hand in hand, arguing with each other.

 Could they get along at least?

 When I looked up, I saw a huge blue shape in the distance.

 It was Lake Shimei, in the center of the Rozes. Near the lake is the city of Makkaren, where we live.

 On my first expedition to the other world, I was reunited with one of my classmates and was able to return safely.

 –Under the guidance of the Goddess-sama.

 Should we consider that this adventure was a success? Like Noah-sama said.

 I took another look at the view from the airship. The wide world stretched on endlessly.

 Greenery and mountains as far as the eye can see. And all the places I can’t see, all the places I’ve never been.

(It belongs to the Holy Gods and is the enemy’s camp for Noah-sama……)

 As her apostle, I am the enemy of the world.

“I have a long way to go. ……”

 The goal is so far away that it makes me dizzy.

 –That’s exactly why it’s worth the effort.

 As I muttered to myself, I left the deck of the airship.

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