Clearing an Isekai with the Zero-Believers Goddess – Vol.1-Chapter 8-Part-2

Chapter 8: Takatsuki Makoto takes on the old giant god

Part II


 A beautiful voice that echoed from the heavens was that of a goddess.

 However, it wasn’t a voice that echoed in my head as usual, but directly from my ears.

 What surprised me most of all was.

“….. Is this voice, Noah ojou-sama?”

 Apparently, even the giant god can hear it.

 His expressionless face becomes distorted with surprise.

 Grabbing me, the giant god’s hand tightens on me. I-It hurts.

“S-Stop it! That boy is my believer.”

“…… Ah. …… So it’s like that. …… I’m sorry about that.”

 He suddenly let go of his hand.

 I was being lifted up into the air. And then I fell a few feet.

“It hurts.”

 I fell on my ass clumsily. Well, but . It doesn’t matter much.


 I stand up unsteadily and call out to her.

“Fufu. Be thankful, Makoto. You should be glad that you are my follower.”

“Um, what’s going on here?”

“…… We, the Titans, are at the service of the Titan Gods. If you are a believer of Noah-sama, then you are as good as my family.”

“…… I-Is that so?”

 Although I haven’t been able to keep up with the story in a hurry, this old man of the giant god is a member of the Titan tribe and seems to be a companion of the Goddess-sama.

 So it seems that the Giant God became more mature with a word from the Goddess-sama. Nevertheless, I wish she had helped me sooner. Normally, she would have been quick to interfere.

“Thank you, Goddess-sama.”

 But first, let’s be thankful. Seriously, I thought I was dead.

“Hey, Makoto, don’t be such a pussy. Titans only eat plants that grow on the ground. They don’t eat humans.”

“What? Really?”

“…… Mmm. …… I don’t eat meat.”

 The Giant God was a vegetarian!

 Then don’t look at me and tell me you’re hungry. You’re shortening my life span.

“But why did you blow up Nina-san?”

…… I was surprised when she suddenly attacked me. I thought I was going to push …… lightly.

 He sounds expressionless, but a little apologetic. Giant God is reflecting on this …….

 Even so, a little touch and that power.

 The silver rank was unable to react and was downed by a single blow.

 This grandpa giant god is quite non-standard.

“Ah, Makoto, gramps. I seem to be out of time. Well, take care of the rest.”

 Goddess-sama said this, and then her voice was lost.

 What do you want me to do? The old giant god nodded something.

“Hey, Takki-dono!”

“Hey! Giant! Get away from Makoto.”

 Huh? Fuji-yan and Lucy, who should have escaped, came back.

 I told them to run away.

 Well, I said I’d go after them too, and I’m the idiot who got caught.

“T-That’s Takatsuki-sama! Did you use your dagger to cut off the giant’s finger?”

 Nina-san is astonished.

 Oh, speaking of which.

“Um, excuse me. I cut your finger off ……. Can these things stick together?”

“…… I don’t care. …… It will grow back in 10,000 years.”

“Well, that’s good.”

 This’s a long time, but apparently he forgave me.


 I have a regular conversation with the giant god, and everyone freezes up.

” It’ s okay, everyone. This Giant God is a friend.”

 I explained the relationship between the Goddess and the big old man to everyone who was surprised.

“What, so this man is a companion of the goddess you believe in, Takki-dono?”

“Oh, come on, Makoto. I didn’t hear that you were a believer of evil gods!”

“L-Lucy-sama? To say that when right in front of you is ……”

 Everyone is surprised.

“…… We, the Titan people, are the protectors of the Titan GodS. …… But our Lord lost the war, and the Titan tribe, including us, challenged the divine world to help our Lord.”

“It’s the War of the Titans, huh.”

“I see. They were gods who fought against the holy gods, so they were described as evil.”

 That’ s a mythology story. How long has this old man been alive?

“…… I was sealed with petrification about 15 million years ago.”

 Did he read my mind? It’s scary.

 Also, I can’t imagine living too long.

“Oh, by the way, you said you were hungry, right?”

 Let’s change the subject. Lucy is freaking out at the back.

 Don’t worry, this old man only eats vegetables, apparently.

“Fuji-yan, do you have any bread or fruit?”

“A-Ahh. I’ve got it.”

 I ask him to serve food at random with his storage skills.

“….. Oh, I miss it. …… to be able to taste the blessings of the earth once again.”

 The old man was happily eating bread and apples.

 When Fuji-yan handed him a bottle of wine, he drank it, too, and it looked good.

“I should thank you for it…….”

 Based on the size of his body, I thought he hadn’t eaten enough, but he was satisfied.

 The giant god looked down at us.

” …… Daughter of the Beastman Race. …… I’m sorry about earlier.”

“N-No! Was I the one who attacked first, La!”

 Nina-san was buzzing her hands in a hurry.

“….. The blessings of the Giant God of the Earth upon you,”


 With a pop, Nina-san is enveloped in light for a moment.

“Oooh, I feel some kind of empowerment. ……”

 Nina-san looks around at herself.

“Let’s see… …… Yo!”

 Nina lightly kicked a nearby rock.

 Zuo-oh! And the rock that Nina-san kicked off transformed into a large rock in an instant, ripping down the trees around her as she went along.

“Wow, amazing”

“How did you do it?  Nina-dono.”

“N-no. I was just going to give it a try. This is incredible!”

 She is doing roundhouse kicks in the air.

 I don’t know how she can do three turns in the air.

 Oh, as soon as she landed, she made a crater in the ground.

 Nina-san seems to be surprised by her own footwork.

“Wasn’t Nina-san a follower of the Goddess?”

“Haha …… the beastmen race is not very devout, you see.”

 Nina chuckles.

 Not everyone is an enthusiastic devotee of the Holy God Tribe, I guess.

“…… Next up is you, the one who offered me food.”

 His big eyes turned towards Fuji-yan.

“In that case, Giant God-sama! Could I have that severed finger, please?”

 Fujiyan says the giant finger I cut off is better. Is that a good thing?

 Lucy and Nina-san have a subtle look on their faces. I wonder if they think it’s in bad taste or something.

“….. If you’re okay with that sort of thing, do what you want.”

“Thank you!”

 There’s probably a reason why Fuji-yan wouldn’t get something that doesn’t make sense.

 He’s holding it up like a big deal and tucking it into his storage skills.

“…… Next up the daughter from the elf tribe.”


 Lucy nervously grabs my clothes sleeve.

 She still looks a little scared.

“…… You’re not in control of your magic, are you?”

“Y-You know about that?”

“…… If you look at that, the stormy magical power you posses.”

 I knew Lucy’s mana was a storm.

 This reminds me of the time I synced in.

“…… Please lend me your wand.”


 Lucy gives the giant god the wooden staff she always uses. I hope it doesn’t break. The giant god pulled out a strand of his own hair and twisted it around the wand. In an instant, the giant god’s hair became like letters of light and was sucked into the staff.

“Take this …… back. …… This should make it easier for you to use earth magic.”

“Yeah, huh?”

 Lucy, who received the wand, fearfully chanted the spell.

“Earth magic: Earth bullets.”

 A large rock leaps out of her wand, as big as Nina-san produced earlier, and


 It went right past Nina-san.

“I’m sorry!”

 Can’t you fix your aiming?

 However, the earth magic that hadn’t succeeded at all during the training was easily triggered.

 Didn’t she receive a pretty good item?


 Lucy is staring at her wand while shaking. She looks impressed.

“…… Well, then that is all.”


 What about me?

“Hey! And for Makoto?!”

 Lucy shouted.

“…… You have been blessed by Noah-ojousama with the blessing of a goddess, even a divine weapon, and you still want more? …… too much desire will destroy you, …….”


 Hmmm, when you put it that way. You mean that I should be happy with the status quo.

“…… When you need help, call on the Noah-ojousama. Just once, I will help you.”

 Oh! So you mean to say a supportive character. I’ll ask for help in the future if I ever have a problem.

“…… but if you are far away from me, I can’t come to you right away. If you need me, just let me know in advance.”

 I see. If a strong monster attacked me and I said, “Help me now!” That”s not how it works.

“…… Also, as I am of the divine race, I cannot disrupt the ecosystem of the terrestrial world according to the ‘divine world rules’. Even if you ask me to destroy any country, I can’t do it according to the rules of the divine world.”

 Pretty restrictive, giant gods.

 The fact that you can’t do it because it’s a rule means that you have the power to destroy …… the country. Scary.

“Do you wish to make a wish on the giant god?”



 Oh. The choices are given by  “RPG player” skill, nice one skill-san.

 Wishing now, huh? Nothing …… No, I had one.

“Can’t you save Noah-sama from the Underwater Temple?”

 The gramps giant god has a surprised look on his face.

“…… That’s not possible. …… In order for Noah-ojousama to regain her power, her followers need to reach the underwater temple. …… My help will not bring back her power.”

 Apparently, they have a rule about that. Goddess-sama, you left quite story to tell?

 That Goddess-sama didn’t say anything important to me, so …….

 The gramps giant god smiled lightly.

”It’s a good intention to wish for the Lord rather than …… your own wishes.”

 I was complimented. They said it was perfect communication.

“…..I’ll give you one piece of advice “

 The old giant god said.

“A advice?”

“…… the spirit language that you use. That’s the language of God. Don’t do it.”

 Eh, yeah, ……. If I stop using spirit language, I can’t use spirit magic.

“…… Spirit language is only meaningful if the Titan God Race uses it. If you want to use spirit power in your human body, see the spirits, talk to the spirits, and get close to the spirits.”

“There are no spirits in sight.”

 If you can do that, you won’t have a hard time.


 He suddenly grabbed my head. You scared the hell out of me if you rush!

 A strange magical power flows through my body. Is this ‘synchronization’?


 In front of me, a murky stream of light spreads out in front of me.

 Green, blue, yellow, white; I was surrounded by grains of light of all sizes.

“Amazing ……”

 Maybe this is what it would look like if you were surrounded by thousands of fireflies. ……. In Tokyo, I’ve never seen them.

 Suddenly, the light disappears.

“Ah …… “I reached out for it, but couldn’t grab anything.

 The giant god’s hand is away from me.

“Did you see ……?”


I could see it. So that’s a spirit. There were so many of them. And there was a tremendous flow of magical power.

 That’ s the spirit magic that I need to manipulate.

 …… No, that’s not it. That’s not something that can be manipulated by humans.

  The cluster of spirits is the very magic in nature.

 –I can just ask for a little help. There’s no way I could order them to do anything.

“…… You seem to have figured it out.”


 I reached a goal. To see the spirits. Next will be the action.

“…… You cannot see the spirits if you have no talent. …… You seem to be well-liked by the spirits. …… The spirit language is the command language of the Titans, and is the language of command for spirits. …… Spirits do not like to be ordered around by anyone other than the Titan gods.”

“…… Watch the spirits, talk to them and get to know them.”

“…… Devote yourself to it.”

 I remember the words of the giant god who speaks solemnly.

“Thank you.”

 I’ve learned a lot of useful things.

“…..I now bid you farewell,”

 The giant god disappeared into the ground.


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