Clearing an Isekai with the Zero-Believers Goddess – Vol.1-Chapter 8-Part-1

Will be in 2 parts

Chapter 8: Takatsuki Makoto takes on the old giant god

Part I

The shining giant spoke to us, mouth twisted wide with happiness.

“…… A human huh”

 The giant’s voice was so low it sounded like it was coming out of a giant speaker, a bass note thudding down into my stomach.

 Fuji-yan is still mumbling and holding his head in his hands.

 Nina has taken a stance with her back to Fuji-yan, and Lucy has her mouth wide open.

 Pulling Lucy’s hand away, I moved close enough to touch the shoulders of both Fujiyan and Nina-san.

I’m able to keep my composure with the “Calm mind” skill, I’m sure.

 The return items from the dungeon are in Fuji-yan’s possession.

 The only way for everyone to leave this place safely is to use the return item.

 It’s better to stay in one place as much as possible. However, let’s just wait and see.

The “danger detection” skill isn’t responding very well, is it?

 An optimistic thought crosses my mind that maybe it’s not a bad one.

“Thank you, ……. You guys have broken the seal.”

 Did we do something? I couldn’t help but glance at Lucy.

 Bum-bum, Lucy shakes her head.

 It’s a misunderstanding! she seems to say but, Didn’t you touch the magic stone earlier?

 Lucy-san did it again, didn’t she? But it was different this time.

“It’s me…….. It was a bad idea for me to ‘Appraisal’ the magic stone…….”

 Fuji-yan replied in a trembling voice.

“…… I was defeated in an old war and the seal of petrification was placed on me. …… That seal has been weakened, but I couldn’t break it by myself. …… I needed someone to recognize me.”

“Huh ……, does the appraisal break the seal?”

 So there’s that kind of sealing magic.

 But then, it’s not really Fuji-yan’s fault, is it?

“I mean, everybody would have to evaluate a big magical stone like that.”

 Fuji-yan, don’t be so depressed.

“Average eyes …… cannot see through the seal that was placed on me. Only a ‘god’s eye’ can see through the …… god’s disguise.”

“God’s Eye……..”

 Did Fujiyan have those skills too?

 No, he said he ‘appraised’ it, and I guess that means his ‘appraisal’ skills were God-grade.

“My appraisal is not God-grade……”

 Fujiyan denies my prediction. That’s right, Fujiyan’s appraisal skills were superior grade.

“……Well ……either way, my seal is broken. ……So that’s fine.”

 Anyway, we saved this giant, didn’t we?

 The language is understandable, and it doesn’t seem like it”s going to get attacked.

 That’s what I was thinking.

“…… I’m hungry.”

 Until he said that. The giant’s eyes stare at me with awe.

 Hey! Aren’t we the benefactors? Don’t look at me like that.

 I felt something cold creep down my back.

“RE, Return!”

 Nina takes the item from Fuji-yan and activates it.

 Thank God! I didn’t know how to use it.

 The four of us were standing in front of the cave we entered when the light went out, surrounded by light.

 Were we saved? No, not yet.

“Let’s get out of here.”

It’s not safe for us to stay here.

“Oh, oh, can we just leave him there?”

 Lucy asks in a frightened voice.

” We should go back and report to the guild!” “Yeah, that would be great.”

 Nina-san is right.


 Fuji-yan is still depressed.

“Everyone, let’s get back to the city. The giants from earlier might be after us.”

 Everyone gave a small nod and tried to go back the way they came.

 –a lump.

 The ground in front of us rose up. In no time at all, the earth began to take the shape of a human being.

 And then it began to glow dully.

“…… Where are you going?”

 Holy shit! This guy. I can’t get away from it.

“Master! Please run!”

 Nina-san headed towards the giant.

“Y-You can’t do that! Don’t touch it!”

 Fuji-yan shouted impatiently, but it was too late.

 Nina-san’s kick almost got caught by the giant’s head.

 Boong, there was a dull sound like hitting a bell. The giant was just waiting patiently for himself to be kicked. Could it be slow?

“…… wait.”

 The giant’s hand reaches out.


 Nina-san must have been planning on attacking and moving away quickly. She was trying to kick him, trying to keep him out of range. Her movements were quick and the giant didn’t seem to be able to react.

 The giant’s movements were relaxed and …… I noticed that the giant’s fingertips seemed to touch Nina-san a bit, and then.

 –Nina-san was blown away.


 With a thud, she hit a tree in the distance and fell down.

 Eh! Nina-san is a Silver Rank. What the hell was that?

 Nina-san got blown away by an incomprehensible strike.

”Fuji-yan! What the hell is he?!”

“He was an evil giant who was sealed in stone after the wrath of the Holy God, ……. According to my appraisal, the seal has been broken ……. That’s all I could find out.”

 ”The Evil Giant …….”

 Indeed, there’s nothing but an atmosphere of danger.

“Fuji-yan, let Nina recover with the items. Me and Lucy will buy you some time.”

“I-I understand! Don’t push yourself.”

 Fuji-yan runs with a thud.

 Next to me, Lucy is chanting a spell.

 Normally she wouldn’t be able to make it in time, but the giant in front of her is basically acting slowly.

 However, I can’t let my guard down because it makes a mysterious move like the one I made when I attacked Nina-san earlier.

“F-Fire Strom.”

 Lucy’s magic was just in time.

 A tornado of flames, even bigger than when the Griffon was defeated, flared up around the giant.

“You did it, Lucy! You’ve succeeded in using High Grade Magic.”

“J-Just about one in ten will do.”

 Oh …… You just pulled a 10% gacha? No, let’s assume that luck was on our side.

 It’s unlikely that the damage will pass through to that giant with a comparable magic.

 The storm of flames continues to burn, scorching the sky at an alarming rate.

“As expected, some damage has passed through. Let’s run away with Nina-san and Fuji-yan.”

“Well, wait. I’m not used to advanced magic, so I might have gotten a little magical sickness.”

 Lucy is wobbling.

 I’ve heard that a person with low magic power like me has no connection to it, but a person with high magic power like Lucy, right after she uses powerful magic, the magic power in her body is invigorated and she sometimes feels like she’s drunk on alcohol.

 I pulled Lucy’s hand away and walked towards Nina and Fuji-yan.

 Fuji-yan is using a recovery item for Nina-san.

 Okay, maybe we can escape from this. I had a time when I was thinking like that.

 –The ground trembled.

 The air trembled, and all the birds in the forest flew away at once.

 From afar, I could hear the frightened cries of the beasts all at once.

 Perhaps it was the voice of a monster.

 Fearfully, I turned around and saw a giant slithering out of the tornado of flames ahead of me.

“……it’s unharmed?”

 Lucy’s voice is trembling.

 If it wasn’t for the ‘Calm mind’ skill, I would have lost my mind too.

 An enemy that Lucy’s advanced magic that defeated the Griffon is completely ineffective.

 We can never be able to handle it. We want to run away, but the enemy uses a strange movement method, so it’s unlikely we’ll be able to escape. What do we do now?

“Do you want to fight the old giant god?”


 No. ←.

 Hey, hey, ……. It’s not a giant, it’s a giant god. This isn’t an enemy that’s going to be in the beginning of the game.

 The balance of the difficulty level is broken, it’s a different world.

“Lucy, run away with Fuji-yan and Nina-san”

 I whispered.

“M-Makato, w-what about you?”

“I’ll be buying you time.”

 –××××××× (Water, that one) “Water Magic: Fog”

 The water generated by the spirit magic is turned into mist. In an instant, the area around us becomes engulfed in fog.

“…… ho, spirit magic?”

 I heard a low voice. A slight, amused tone of voice.

(He knows about spirit magic…..)

 An intelligent giant god. Would my attack work? My anxiety grows.

“Go Lucy, just go.”


“Fuji-yan is a very important friend of mine. I’ll catch up with you later.”

“…… I won’t forgive you if you die.”

 Lucy glares at me.


 You say the same thing about goddesses. Speaking of which.

(Goddess-sama! Any advice here!)

(……) No reply.

 Normally, she’ s been nagging me. Please give me some advice now.

 –thump, thump, thump due to the heavy footsteps. The ground shakes.

 Although it’s blank in front of us because of the thick fog, the giant god is definitely heading this way.

 Lucy ran towards Fuji-yan.

 There was zero visibility, but Lucy had good hearing.

 We should be able to meet up with Fuji-yans’. Okay, let’s do it.

 – ‘Stealth’ skill.

 I activate the skill. The plan is simple.

 Use the fog to take away the opponent’s vision while slashing them with the Goddess’s dagger, and then hide again in secrecy.

 This is a messy strategy, thinking that the opponent will stop searching for the enemy.

 The giant god who couldn’t get by with Nina-san’s kick or Lucy’s magic.

 It’s like it’s a given that my magic doesn’t work, but if it’s Goddess-sama’s dagger, maybe.

 …… zzzzzzzz, …… zzzz, and the sound of footsteps approaching.

 I catch my breath and wait for the giant god to pass by.

 From behind, aim for the ankle and Achilles tendon area if possible.

 That should cause it to stop walking.

 Holding my breath, I watch …… as the enemy passes by.

‘”…… what are you doing?”


 The Giant God’s hand was reaching out towards me. Why? ! Am I not using Stealth?

(Oh, no! I’m going to get caught!)

 If that happens, there’s no escape! No. Is he going to eat me?


 The giant god’s hand was closing in on me at a hopelessly close distance, but I swung my dagger around like a madman while activating my skills.

 There was no resistance.

 Luckily, I was able to escape from the giant god’s hands. I was saved!

 With a blur, I felt something fall at my feet.

“What !”

 Suddenly, the giant god shouted in anger.


 The voice, which seemed mild, was laced with obvious anger. The ground shakes and a gust of wind clears the fog.


 Is one finger of the giant god’s hand …… missing?

 Oh, did I cut it? I didn’t have a clue how it worked at all.

“…… where did you get that dagger …… where did you get it?”

 Hmmm, should I honestly say that the goddess gave it to me?

“That’s too much for a human being…….”


The next thing I knew, there was a giant god in front of me.

 Before I could avoid him, he grabbed me by the body.


 I can’t get away. It caught me!

 With my body restrained by the giant god’s hands, his face approached me.

 A pair of huge eyes, as big as my head, stared at me.

 Ku, I’m going to be eaten!

 –Ah, my adventure ends here–

—–Part I end—-

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