Clearing an Isekai with the Zero-Believers Goddess – Vol.1-Chapter 7-Part-3

Chapter 7: Takatsuki Makoto learns the spirit language

Part III

“Chimera ……?”

 Lucy mumbled. A massive, four-legged beast. A double-headed lion and goat with a snake head on its tail. The fur on its entire body was dark gray.

 It appears to be asleep, but there are signs that it is about to wake up when you get close. A gatekeeper guarding the door, I guess. Is this a magical creature that was also made by someone else?

“Shouldn’t we just fight it out?”

 Nina-san, you sure don’t hesitate.

“Well, wait a minute. First of all, I’ll use my ‘appraisal’ skill to check out the demon.”

“I mean, it’ s strong looking, so take care of it, Fuji-yan.”

“Leave it to me ……, hmmm. It seems that the demon is definitely a chimera. Its weakness seems to be ‘fire’.”

“That’s my cue!”

 Lucy suddenly started to tense up.

“The other thing is that the year of creation is “10 years before the salvation era”. That’s a chimera that was made a long time ago.”


 At Fuji-yan’s comment, Nina-san and Lucy shouted in surprise.

“Ah …… it was a thousand year old demon, Ka. It was a close call.”

“Whoa, that is one foul monster.”

 Nina and Lucy are getting impatient.

“Lucy, what’s so foul about it?”

“Nina-dono. Is that monster strong?”

 As for us, the otherworldly duo, it didn’t ring a bell.

“Master, Savior Abel-sama saved the world a thousand years ago. You know the story of the Dark Ages before that, when the demons were much stronger than they are now, right?”

“Ah yes, I’ve heard the stories.”

 I know that too.

“According to legend, the monsters a thousand years ago were more ferocious than today due to the influence of the Great Demon King.”

“So that means that guy has been alive for a thousand years, so it means it’s pretty strong. How strong is he compared to an ordinary chimera?”

“It’s said that monsters from a thousand years ago were roughly three to four times stronger than today’s monsters.”

“That’ s totally another thing, isn’t it?”

 Oh come on. Are monsters from a thousand years ago really that dangerous?

“There are even stories of veteran adventuring parties being wiped out by thousand-year-old monsters when they thought they were just regular monsters and tried to fight them.”

“What should we do, give up and go home?”

 To be honest, I don’t want to push myself too hard.

“No, let’s go,” suggested Nina-san.

“Nina-dono, do you think the odds are good for us to win?”

“That kind of monster doesn’t often move from the gate. If we can’t beat it, let’s run for it,” Nina-san says with a grin.

 Fujiyan nods his head in agreement.

I have an item called ‘escape card’ that allows one to escape from the dungeon. When it gets dangerous, let’s run away from the dungeon.”

“I like it. I agree.”

 Then it seems safe. I like a cautious style of play.

“I’ll support you, Nina-san. ×××××××× (water: overflow)”

 I use spirit magic to generate water.

“Water magic: water manipulation.”

 By manipulating the generated water, I make huge water projectiles. Compared to using my own magic power to activate magic, it takes a little longer. Well, I guess I can’t use it during mid battle.

“Lucy. Please chant fire magic.”


 If Lucy’s magic didn’t hit the last time, the Gryphon, we couldn’t have won.

 I have a feeling that Lucy’s magic is going to be important this time as well.

“Also… Fuji-yan. I’ll be counting on you to take care of that thing when the time comes.”

“I understand.”

 We have a lot of work to do this time. It’s nice to have a group of friends to help you out.

“Well, I guess I’ll just go first.”

 Nina-san approaches the chimera with a light step. I follow a little later. Fuji-yan and Lucy are waiting near the stairs. And Lucy began chanting a spell.

 – slithering, the chimera gets up and lets out a low roar.

 It wasn’t asleep, after all, the gatekeeper beast. After all, It’s the boss of the dungeon.


 Nina-san quickly shortened the distance between them and kicked the chimera.

 There was a heavy thud, and the chimera staggered a little. But that’s all.

 In return, Nina-san dodged the chimera’s paw with a buzz, and saying, “Wawa!”

“Water Magic: Ice Arrow.”

 I released my magic to stop the chimera in its tracks.

 Bash, bash, bash, bash, bash and all the bullets hit. However.

“It’s not working at all.”

 Nina-san’s ears droop.

 The chimera doesn’t even avoid my magic. It must have felt ‘Was it a mosquito?’ Or something like that.

 Damn it. That’s annoying.

 After that, Nina-san goes around behind and to the side of the monster and attacks it. But the chimera has very little openings.

 The 3 heads of a goat, a lion and a snake are always watching Nina-san.

“Hmm, it’s still much stronger than an ordinary chimera.”

 Nina says, a bit distant and troubled.

“Is that so?”

“If it were a normal chimera, I could take it out with my kicks, but this one won’t budge.”

“As for my magic, it doesn’t look like it’s even something to avoid…….”

 I have not yet mastered the spirit magic that I’ve been using after all.

“Then I’ll go!”

 I can hear Lucy’s voice. She’s happy to finally get her turn.

“Yes! Lucy, please.”

“I’m on it! Fire magic: fire arrows!”

“Is it  really an arrow…….?”

 I heard Fuji-yan murmur. A pillar of flame, too thick to be called an arrow, headed for the chimera.

 The chimera, which had never been interested in my magic attacks, seemed to be frightened by this.

 It jumped back to a huge distance. The pillar of flame slammed into the crystal wall, sending flames flying in all directions.

 Shards of flame, large and small, poured down. To Chimera, …… me and Nina-san as well.

 The chimera makes an abhorrent noise, but we are not in a position to do that.

Nina-san runs away and says, “Wawawaaa.”


 I’ve been traumatized by burns lately, so I hurriedly walked back to the stairwell area where Lucy and Fuji-yan were. Whoa, the edges of my clothes are a bit burnt.

 I notice that Nina-san is also close by. For some reason, the chimera isn’t following us.

 Perhaps it’s because it is wary of the fire magic that Lucy is releasing.

 It would take three minutes to activate it once more, though.

“Hey, Lucy?”

“Oh, what? Teehee!”

 The wizard who had just detonated fire magic is tilting his head in a cute way. This little witch.

“Lucy-dono’s magic is of great power. Is Nina-dono okay?”

“Well, I was in a bit of a panic.”

 Nina laughed, not seeming to be angry.

“I’m sorry,” Lucy apologized, as expected.

“Well, let’s be careful next time. The crystal walls in this dungeon seem to bounce back the magic.”

“There’s a danger of hitting it with a lot of shots.”

“I don’t know what to do.”

 Anyway, as it stands now, that’s not very conclusive.

“Fuji-yan, please.”

“Oh, that thing you were talking about. Do you need it?”

“No point in trying to waste it.”

“That’s true, then.”

 Fuji-yan sticks his hands out in front of him.

“Storage skill: retrieval.”

 At that moment, water flowed out of Fuji-yan’s right hand like a waterfall.

 That amount of water cannot even be compared to my spirit magic. In no time at all, the floor was filled with water. The water was below our knees, including the chimera.

 Previously, I asked Fujiyan, “If you were to use your storage skills to carry water, how much would you be able to carry? When I asked him, “I’m sure I can spare as much as a 50-meter long pool,” he said, “That’s it!” I thought.

“Well, Master’s storage skills are impressive,” said Nina-san, admiringly.

“Your ‘Storage: Superior Grade’ skills are amazing ……,” Lucy says in amazement.

“You come up with some interesting things,” says Fuji-yan.

“Anything we can do, we have to do.”

 I am the weakest mage apprentice in the world. I truly am.

 Within the dungeon, the glow of the crystals on the ceiling and walls reflected off the water, creating an even more magical landscape.

 Beyond that, there’s a large chimera staring at us.

 Alright, let’s do it!

 The chimera looks unhappy as its bed is flooded.

“Nina-san, I’m going to cast “Water Magic: surface walk” on you.

“No, don’t worry. I’m fine with it because I’m not going to be able to step on it.”


 Argh. Have I done something inconvenient for Nina-san……..

“Takatsuki-sama, I am counting on your support.”

“I understand.”

 Yeah, I’ll do what I can. With all this water, there’s a lot of moves I can make.

“Lucy, I’m off. Keep your magic close.”

“Yeah. But maybe it’ll be avoided again.”

 Lucy looks somewhat hunched over. The way she looks up and hugs her wand with both hands is cute.

“I’ll stall it. We have plenty of space here and you can go all out.”

“O-okay, got it!”

 Kok Kok Kok nodded Lucy.

“If it becomes too dangerous, we will return without straining ourselves.”

 Fuji-yan tells everyone, clutching the item for the return trip.

“Then let’s go, nay!” Nina-san plunged in.

 This person really doesn’t hesitate! And the Chimera is wary of Nina-san’s kicking skills.

 The other thing it seems to be worried about is Lucy’s magic. I guess I’m about third.

 It’ s annoying. You know… I guess it’s easier to fool that thing.

“Water Magic: Fog”

 I create a thick fog around the chimera.

 If I cover it completely, I can’t see where the chimera is as well, so the fog only covers part of it. And the parts are, the three heads.

 A goat’s head, a lion’s head and a snake on its tail.

 Because the three heads look around without being careless, there is little room for error.

 So I take away its vision. Covering its head with fog will crush the enemy’s advantages.


 Nina-san lands a kick. She aims at the goat head.

 The Chimera shook its head, abominably, trying to shake off the fog that blocked its vision.

 That fog, you can’t shake it off, can you? Thud, there was a nice sound and a clean hit on the Chimera. The chimera was flipped over!


“I got it! Fire magic: Fire arrow!”

 Taking advantage of the opportunity, Lucy unleashes her magic.

“Good! It’s decided …… hmm?”

“You are way off track. ……”

 Nina-san shook her head and ears in disappointment.

 Lucy’s magic went off in a straight line, taking the chimera out of the line.

 Chimera, who had collapsed, rushed to its feet as if sensing danger, but seemed relieved to see that Lucy’s magic was off.

 …… It’s naive thing to do, Chimera.

 Lucy’s fire spell slams into the crystal wall.

“Water magic: Ice Floor” ” Water magic: Water current”

 I freeze the floor underneath the chimera’s feet and use more water magic to get the chimera moving.

 The chimera seems to be in a hurry and tries to stomp on it, but it’s too late.

 Lucy’s, off the track fire arrows gets reflected off the wall and the chimera was engulfed in flames.

 Geeeeeeeeeee! Veeeee! And the lion and the goat head shrieked, while the chimera twisted anguishedly.

“This is our chance, ne.”

 Nina-san grins. She’s chanting some kind of incantation.

“Earth Magic: Giant Rock”

 Oh, I see, she can also use chanting magic normally. In the air, a huge rock, several meters long, appeared.

 Then, Nina-san jumps high.


 She kicked it down to the chimera as hard as she could. With a thud, the large rock crushed the chimera.

 Geeee the chimera lets out a pained cry and falls limp.

 The fallen chimera does not move. The surface fur on its body smells of burning.

“Ta, did you knock it down?”

“Please wait. I’ll appraise it.”

 Lucy and Fuji-yan came running in.

 I was careful not to get too close to them and have them do an appraisal.

“…… umm, it’s definitely dead. That’s amazing, folks.”

 Oh, good. Thank God we defeated it safely.

“Nina-san, that was an intermediate earth magic, wasn’t it? You can even use magic.”

 I thought she was a melee only fighter, but she had a hidden technique.

 The Silver rank is different after all.

“No, no, it’s only because of Lucy-sama’s magical power and Takatsuki-sama’s support.”

 Nina replies with a smirk.

 She’s this humble, even though she handled the vanguard of the chimera battle all by herself and took the final tome with her.

“Well, it’s easy peasy with my magic.”

 I want this off track wizard to learn from her.

“Lucy’s magic didn’t hit at all, did it?”


“I missed one or two.”

“It turned out to be a good one at the end! Ugh …… that was way off track anyway.”

  Lucy-san sobbed “UUUuuuu”.

“I’m sorry. I’ve said too much.”

 As long as the results are good, oh well. We’ll continue to train and get stronger and stronger together.

“Then let’s go deeper!”

 Fuji-yan is all tensed up.

“Does it have strong weapons given that the facility is a thousand years old?”

 To be honest, I’m a little excited about it too.

 This dungeon is like a hidden dungeon. There’s something about it!

 We proceeded to the door at the back, assuming we’d collect the chimera material later.

 The Door was a thick iron door, but it wasn’t locked, and when Nina pushed it open slowly with a heavy sound.

“It looks like a research facility.”

 On the other side of the door, there were a few old shelves and other unfamiliar machines.

 They were all rusted or weathered and tattered.

 The pile of treasures I was expecting to find! It wasn’t like that.

“Nah, it’s boring!” complained Lucy.

“Well, well, perhaps there are more bargains to be had than you think. What do you think, master?”

“Hmm, not much of value at first glance.”

 Fuji-yan is scurrying around using his appraisal skills.

 It’s a shame …… judging by his expression. Apparently it was a bummer.

 Well, a legendary weapon in a dungeon that I happened to discover! What a great idea!

“Hey, there’s more to it than that.”

 It seems that Lucy, who has no interest in the research facility, has explored the back of the room by herself.

“Hey! Don’t go too far by yourself. It’s not safe.”

“It’s okay. We defeated the gatekeeper monster, so there are no around here.”

 Lucy replies in an easygoing tone. Good grief.

“The ones who says those lines are the first to get killed. In the movies, you know.”

“A movie?”

 Next time I’ll show Lucy the importance of the death flag.

“Oh, this looks like a dungeon power room.”

 Perhaps worried about Lucy wandering off by herself, Nina-san seemed to have gone along with her. I’m sorry about that, our child.

“Ho! The power room! It must be a lot of energy to power an artificial dungeon that’s been operating for a thousand years.”

 Looks like we’ve got something good.

“Master-. There’s a really huge magic crystal  here.”

 Nina-san provides a good report. She and Fuji-yan are a good pair.

“Fuji-yan, did you find anything of value?”

 By the way, I’m walking with my ”danger detection” while I’m walking around.

 The iron door is closed to prevent monsteres from coming in.

 I tried to find out if there are any monsters hiding in there, but so far they don’t seem to have any problems.

“Su, that’s great! I didn’t know there was such a huge magical stone! That’s enough to cover all the energy used in the city of McAllen!”

 Looks like we found ourselves a bargain. Let’s see, maybe I should go have a look.

“Wow, I’ve never seen such a big magic stone in the village of the elves. Ah, I felt a tingle.”

“L-Lucy-sama? You shouldn’t touch it too carelessly…….”

 Oh, come on, Lucy. Be careful with that.

“Whoa, if we bring this back, the city of McAllen will be reborn. But how can such a huge natural magic crystal …………, waaaaaahh.”


“Fujiyan-san! What’s going on?”

 Huh? What happened?

 I hurriedly joined the others.

“Fuji-yan, what’s the matter! I mean, this is incredible.”

 When I entered the back room, a seven-colored magical stone, bigger than the chimera I saw earlier, was moving slowly.

 …… Why is the stone moving?

“Ha! We have to get out of here! We’ve caused a hell of a thing to wake up!”

 Fuji-yan has a very pale face.

“What! What’s going on here!”

 Lucy, as usual, is panicking.


 Nina-san’s eyes were sharp and positioned to protect Fuji-yan.

 I ran up to the three of them.

“Oh no, we’re in trouble. This is not good…….”

“Fuji-yan? What’s going on?”

 I called out to my friend, who pulled a face and mumbled to himself.

 The seven-colored magical stones in front of me slowly grew upwards, then wiggled and rippled as they changed shape.

“G-giant ……?”

 Lucy’s trembling voice reaches my ears. The seven-colored magical stones change shape into a giant human shape.

 –A large pair of eyes and mouth were opened.

 Those big eyes looked down at us.

 The dull, shining giant, which looks like it’s two times larger than the ogre we fought before, looks at me and grins, “Oh hey.”

 Ah…… this is a bad one.


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