Clearing an Isekai with the Zero-Believers Goddess – Vol.1-Chapter 7-Part-2

Chapter 7: Takatsuki Makoto learns the spirit language

Part II

“My head hurts…….”

 Lucy is holding her head with a hangover. You drank too much.

“What do you think? Do you want to take the day off?”

“Don’t worry ……I’m…..good to go”

 Your voice is muffled. You think you can handle it?

“Don’t worry much and just rest today.”

“No! If you do that, you’ll find forming a party with Fujiyan-san and Nina-san is more fun than with me, and I will then get ditched later on!”

 Lucy is shaking her head in disapproval.

 No way, I’ll ever do that.

“Okay, let’s go.”

“Auuu….” I headed to the meeting place with Lucy, who was walking like a zombie.

 The meeting place is in front of the south gate.

“Takki-dono, over here.”

“Hello, Takatsuki-sama and Lucy-sama. I look forward to working with you today.”

 Nina-san was waiting with Fuji-yan.

 Fuji-yan was dressed in his usual merchant’s outfit, but Nina-san was wearing light armor.

 However, there is one thing that bothers me.

“Nina-san, you don’t carry a weapon?”

” About Nina-san, she’s a martial artist. And her hands and feet are her weapons.”

 I see. I’ve heard that beastmen have excellent physical abilities and are strong even with their bare hands.

“I look forward to working with you today.”

“…..I too look forward~”

 Lucy, you are way under the weather. It must be due to the hangover.

“So let’s get going, everyone.”

 At Nina-san’s words, we started walking. We walked through the southern forest. Unlike the great forest, the monsters in the southern forest are weak. We chased away big rats and horn rabbits as we went along.

“Nina-san, you’re from the Fire Nation, aren’t you?”

“Yes, that’ s right. That’s where Master and I met, as fate would have it.”

“After losing at gambling, she became a fighter in the arena. As a slave that is.”

“Waaaa, master! You promised not to talk about it!?”

 Nina-san is flailing her hands. Or more importantly, do you like to gamble, Nina-san?

“Nina-san, who is …….”

 Lucy looks at the unfortunate person in the eye. Hmmm, I’m surprised. She looked like a firm person.

“So Fuji-yan, who likes rabbit ears, bought Nina-san?”

 It sounds kind of erotic when I put it into words.

“Well, though, he really saved me at that time. Slaves in the Fire Nation are treated like crap.”

“Why did you choose Nina, Fujiyan-san? That country is full of beast slaves, isn’t it?”

 I wasn’t familiar with the Fire Nation, so I didn’t know. So, it was like that, huh. The Fire Nation got a lot of slaves, then. Well, I won’t buy it. For the record, in Water Nation, I don’t see many slaves. Is it because of the difference in culture?

“It’s true. Although we had never met before, he took a liking to me at first sight. He didn’t tell me what he liked about me. When Master bought me and freed me from slavery and debt, I thought I’d follow him for the rest of my life.”

 Nina-san speaks with wonder.

“Ha ha …… well, it’s just a coincidence,”

 Fuji-yan is vaguely slurring his words, but in actuality, Fuji-yan must have read Nina-san’s mind.

 It’s really useful, that “mind reading” skill og “Galge Player”.

“By the way, Fuji-yan. Where are we headed?”

 Fuji-yan’s eyes shine brightly.

 Fuji-yan’s eyes light up.

‘You’ll be surprised! Actually, there’s an undiscovered dungeon nearby!

“What! Is there still an undiscovered dungeon near McAllen?”

 Lucy was the one who expressed her surprise.

“Is that unusual?”

“Yeah, Because McAllen is famous for its location near the Water Temple and its good liquor, and for having a lot of adventurers, both newbies and veterans. They say the nearby dungeons have been hunted down.”

“Oh, I see. Good job finding it, Fuji-yan.”

“Yes, I had a dream that it would be a good idea to check out the southern woods.”

“Dream? Did you believe that and look into it?”

 That’s a very simple story, for someone like Fuji-yan.

“Since I became a merchant, I’ve always looked into my intuition and the things that bothered me. Well, it often misses the mark, but in this case, I was right.”

 Fuji-yan says with a proud face.

“But if no one has ever entered a dungeon before, isn’t the difficulty unknown and dangerous?”

 Lucy’s looking worried. As a matter of fact, so am I.

“It’s all right. I inspected it myself.”

“Nina-san did?”

“Yes, I did explore the dungeon on Master’s orders. There weren’t any demons that strong, so I think the two of you with bronze ranks will be fine as well.”

“You’re very thorough, heh.”

 After all, it’s easy game when I’m with Fuji-yan.

 Fuji-yan met my eyes.

“Well, sometimes playing a hassle-free game is good. You seemed to be having a hard time.”

Oops, he read my mind.

”That’s right. It’s been tough lately, having to deal with an ogre all of a sudden and being attacked by a Griffon out of the blue.”

 Let it be easy this time. After a while, we went through the forest for a while and found a small cave entrance hidden by rocks and trees. Indeed, this is hard to notice.

“We’re here, ne.”

“This is the dungeon?”

 To the naked eye, it looks like a cave.

“You’ll know it when you get inside. Let’s go!”

 Fuji-yan is thrilled to be sticking out. There was a lamp lit in the cave for some reason.

”What are these lamps for?”

 When I mentioned the question, Lucy giggled.

“Oh my, Makoto. It’s basic adventuring. Dungeons are designed to lure adventurers into the depths of their own territory.”

“Hoo, I see.”

 As expected of a different world.

“That’s for naturally occurring, living dungeons. This dungeon seems to be an artificial one.”


 Oh, come on, Lucy. I was so proud of you, but I guess not?

“It’s probably some kind of research facility built by an old mage. There is no owner, but the facility seems to be alive and inhabited by monsters.”

 Nina-san explains.

 After going through the cave for a while, a crystal passage appeared all around.

 It was the first time I had entered a dungeon since I came to this world. It’s been about a year and a half since I’ve been in another world. It wasn’t that I was avoiding it, but I didn’t try it for some reason.

 There are many dungeons near McAllen.

 The ‘Lair of Kobolds’ where there are only weak demons.

 The ‘Forest of Wanderings’ is a deep forest that has been turned into a dungeon.

 The ‘Devil’s Forest,’ which is next to the Lost Forest, is home to an order of magnitude more powerful demons than most.

 There is also the ‘Ice Tiger’s Cave’, where the entire dungeon is covered in ice and many water-based demons.

 All of them are said to be dungeons that adventurers of Stone rank to Iron rank take on.

 Currently, we who are Bronze rank would be fine as long as we don’t go too far into the deeper levels of the dungeon…….

(I hear quite a few stories about novice adventurers who went to the dungeon for the first time and never returned.)

“Don’t you think Makoto worries too much? You’ll be fine, Makoto. You’ll be fine.”

 Lucy and Marie-san were a bit taken aback by my over-cautiousness.

 Come on, it’s okay. I’m a little picky, you know.

 And I was slightly open to the idea of ……. Maybe I should have come earlier.

“This is an amazing view…….”

“Wow, it’s beautiful!”

 My voice was followed by Lucy’s.

 After going through a small entrance for a while, we walked through a cave and found a dungeon with the floor, walls and ceiling covered in crystals. I had imagined a dark cave, but my expectations were defied.

 A faint light emanated from the entire dungeon, creating a fantastic space.

“Woah, this is stunning.”

“Is that rare for you too, Fuji-yan?”

“Yeah, regular dungeons are a lot spookier.”

 It was my first dungeon, but it seems that I hit a rare piece.

“This place must have been created by a strong mage. The enemies that appear are all magical creatures.”

“What? Are they magical creatures?”

 Oh, man. That’s troubling.

 Magical creatures are, as the name suggests, creatures created by magical methods.

 The most famous ones are golems and so on. And magical creatures often have high durability to magic.

“I wonder if my elementary magic can even be useful…….”

 I don’t think a weak magic can inflict a single wound.

” Makoto, it’s okay. I’ll blow it away with my magic!”

“Lucy’s magic in the dungeon is kind of scary, too.”

 If she went off the controls, we would all be charred.

“Hey, that’s a horrible thing to say!”

“Now, now, please calm down.”

 Fuji-yan intercedes.

“Oh, the enemy is here, nay.”

 Nina-san pointed at it. A humanoid creature made of wood came out from that side.

“Wood golem?”

“Yes. From what I found out the other day, this dungeon seems to be a nest of them.”

“Wood can burn with fire! It’s my time to shine.”

“Ooi, idiot, stop it.”

 I cover Lucy’s mouth as she rolls up her arms and starts casting spells.

 Inside the cave, using fire magic is a bad idea!

“Phew! What are you doing, Makoto?”

“Looks like Nina-san will take them down for us.”

“Hmmm, you two should feel free to relax.”

“Here I come!”

 While we were having a conversation, Nina-sam did a heave jump and plunged into a group of monsters.

 Didn’t she just jump about ten meters without an aid?

“Nina-san, that’s awesome……”

 Lucy’s mouth is hanging wide open. So is mine.

 Nina delivers a spinning kick. Dogan! And with a sound like a car colliding with a car, the golems were blown away.

 The blown up golems crashed into the wall and scattered into pieces.

 The enemy wasn’t hit quietly either. They are surrounding Nina-san from all sides, trying to hold her down.

“Shouldn’t we go in to help?”

“No, no, it’s okay.”

 I ask Fuji-yan feeling troubled, but my friend has a relaxed look on his face.


 Nina-san stomped the ground with gusto, and Don! With a sound like a shockwave, what seemed to be a shockwave spread out in a circle around them.

 The shockwave blew away all the golems around it.

“Is that earth magic?”

 It looks like Nina-san is using a combination of magic with the body arts she uses.

 Is it a magical martial technique? That’ s a high level move.

“Huh? Was that magic?”

 Lucy exclaims in surprise. Oh, I guess Lucy didn’t know that.

“‘Nina-san can also use chantless magic……”

 Sorry to disappoint you in shock, but it’s not quite right. I think I’ll correct you.

“The technique of Nina-dono is not chantless magic,” Fuji-yan told her first.

“Eh? Is that so?”

“It’s a magical martial art where certain actions automatically trigger the magic. If you step on the ground, you’ll get a shockwave, for example.”

“That’s right. You are very well informed.”

 Fuji-yan says admiringly. I’m a mage, after all. I did a lot of research a long time ago, back in the water temple days. Well, I didn’t know how to use it……..

“Well, then! Can I copy that?”

 Did she think she could shorten the three minutes of chanting?

“Lucy. You’d have to have a fighting spirit to be able to use that thing, wouldn’t you?”

“…… Huh?”

 The power that mages call ‘magic power’.

 Swordsmen and martial artist(brawlers) call it ‘fighting spirit’. They are the same power.

 It is said that swordsmen and fighters carry the fight air around their bodies and weapons.

 Looks like that all warriors above intermediate level use it, so Jean must have used it too.

 Of course, it takes practice to master it, and not everyone can do it.

 I explained such to Lucy.

“Was Jean’s wind blade the same type of magical sword technique?”

“What? Wasn’t that a magical weapon?”

“That was a form of magic swordplay.”

“Nina-dono said that her Master of Magic made her train in the same arts tens of thousands of times.”

“I suppose. They say the difficulty of learning a technique that allows you to perform both physical and magical attacks at the same time is nothing compared to normal magic.”

“…… Yeah, that’s right.”

 You can’t cheat your way through, can you now? Lucy-san.

 I’ve always wanted to be a mage.

 So I was doing a lot of research at the Water Temple. I found out that with my magic level, if I use it as fighting spirit, I’ll run out of gas in about five minutes.

 It is said that if you have the fighting spirit, your body will be strengthened enough to wield a sword.

 But five minutes isn’t enough time to do anything. I’ve given up on that method for good.

“It’s over.”

 A few minutes later. Nina-san’s effortlessly shattered the entire Wood Golems.

“That’s overwhelming.”

 So this is what the Silver Rank is capable of.

“Nina-san, that’s amazing.”

 Lucy is clapping her hands.

“Good work, Nina-dono.”

“It’s a piece of cake.”

 Nina-san wasn’t out of breath.

“These guys seem to be generated by the dungeon. They’ll be back up again after a while, so let’s get to the depths of the dungeon.”

“I guess, you don’t really need us, do you?”

“Now, now, don’t say that. Maybe there is another enemy.”

I don’t know.

 The dungeon is a simple structure, with twists and turns but basically a single path.

 There are some side holes here and there from which monsters will come out. I wonder if the monsters are infinitely sprung.

 Nina-san handles the ones that come at us easily, but there are quite a few of them.

 Besides the Wood Golem, there’s a dog golem, an armored golem, and a lizard golem, all golems!

 Is this dungeon creator’s idea of a hobby?


 Boom! Bagi! Bogo! Nina kicked most of those enemies away.

 Hmm, even when viewed from the outside, it’s a very nice fight.

 Every once in a while, the ones that Nina-san defeated would come over here.

 I also tried generating water with my recently acquired spirit magic and attacking with water magic, but the damage to the enemy is inefficient.

 Rather than me hitting ten ice arrows, it’s faster for Nina-san to land a single kick.

“This would have been impossible with just the two of us, Makoto and I that is.”

 Lucy kicks the golem away.

 Fortunately, the golems, whichever one they are, are slow to move, so they can be dealt with one-on-one.

“I’m not sure. My own magic can’t defeat it, and Lucy can’t string magic together, so she would have been outnumbered and outgunned.”

 Let’s use this as a reference for the future. After all, dungeons aren’t a simple matter.

“Even so, there really are a lot of them~”

 Lucy, who hasn’t fired a single magic shot, looks bored.

“Generating and controlling this many golems would require quite a bit of magical power, wouldn’t it? There’s a chance that the facility that powers this dungeon has something valuable in it.”

 Fuji-yan is a merchant’s perspective. It sounds like fun.

“How far did you venture, Nina-san?”

 I spoke to Nina.

 Just as we finished defeating the swarm of monsters.

“Hmm, there was a big staircase up ahead, just before that one.”

 As she said, there was a large staircase at the end of the passage.

 The stairs were quite long, but there were no enemies in the middle.

 Down the stairs was a slightly open space, and a huge metal door appeared.

 It’s a room with something in it, indeed.

“The problem is that thing in front of the door, isn’t it?”


 The alert of the ‘Danger Detection’ skill is noisy from earlier.

 Right in front of the door, a monster as big as the Griffon from the other day is lying there.

—–Part II end—

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