Clearing an Isekai with the Zero-Believers Goddess – Vol.1-Chapter 7-Part-1

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Chapter 7: Takatsuki Makoto learns the spirit language

Part I

Spirits are–invisible.

 Voices of Spirits –they cannot be heard.

 Spirits are– whimsical.

 Spirits are — everywhere. They are everywhere, even now, flying around you.

 There’s only one way to talk to them.

 A long time ago, there was a time when the Titan gods talked to spirits.

 The language of the mythical age. This book is a compilation of some of these words.

 —- “1 Minute a Day. Your First Spirit Language You Can Start Talking from Today”

Couldn’t there have been a better …… title?

 I flipped through the instructional book Marie-san had lent me lying down on the water.

 This was a waterway that ran behind the Adventurer’s Guild. The guild also has a training ground, but according to this book, water spirits are said to be found in large numbers near the water.

”For now, let’s see what I can do to try it out.”

 Spirit words are complicated to pronounce and difficult to vocalize.

 If it’s not pronounced correctly, it won’t reach the spirits. However, if activated, the effect is tremendous, and it can change the weather and generate a large amount of water that can cause a flood.

 A thousand years ago, I heard that there were many spirit users of the human race, but nowadays they have become obsolete.

 I wonder why.

“Ah, Makoto-kun! What are you doing!”

 Emily found me. Oh, did I mention that she told me to still rest this week?

 I haven’t been resting at all.

“I’m reading.”

“You’re using water walking magic!”

 She caught me lying on the surface of the water and shouted at me.

“This much should be good, right? Isn’t Jean with you?”

 I try dropping the subject by using Jean’s name.

“We’re taking a break from adventuring today. I mean, you’re the only one who hunts goblins on a daily basis, right? Now just get out of there, Makoto-kun!”

 I guess I couldn’t fool her. Oh well. I get down to the ground.

“Geez, I told Lucy to keep an eye on you.”

“Lucy’s training hard.”

 These days, she’ s been working even harder. I can’t wait to go on a quest with her.

“Yeah, right. What book are you reading, by the way?”

 Emily peeks in.

“It’s a book on spirit language,'”

‘Oh, you think you can use spirit magic now? Oh, but not just yet. You’ll have to get better first.”

“I just started to learn, I cannot use it that quickly.”

“Hmm, but spirit magic is minor. I’ve never met anyone who uses it before.”

 I guess so. I don’t know if it’s great or not because the Adventurer’s Guild doesn’t have anyone to use it, either. In the first place.

“It’s so complicated to pronounce. It’s probably why it’s out of style.”


“Oh, for example, [Water Overflow], a short sentence, but in spirit language–×××××××× (Water, overflow).”

 Casually, I uttered a spell from the book.

“….. hmm, I couldn’t get it well what you just said.”

“Right? It’s really hard to memorize this p…..”

 Before I could finish my sentence. A lot of water splashed down on my head.

 It was just me and Emily, who were soaking wet.

“Hey ……, Makoto-kun?”

 She stares at me. Her light brown hair is now dark brown and moist.

 The loose priest’ s uniform is now a perfect fit, bringing out the lines of her body.

 You have a pretty good body, Emily-san. What am I talking about?


 First of all, I apologize. I didn’t expect it to be so easy to trigger.

“Ah! What are you doing? Even though Jean bought me these new clothes. I got soaked!”

“No, I’m really, really sorry. Just give me a minute. I’ll dry you off.”

“There’s no way it would dry out so quickly…….”

 I gently touch Emily’s clothes.

(Water Magic: Dehydration)

 I drained water from Emily’s clothes. If you do too much, it will damage your clothes. It’s a pretty delicate, careful spell.

“Huh? Ehhh?!”

 In a matter of seconds, Emily’s clothes were dry.

“What is this?”

“I used water magic to dry it off. That’s normal.”

“It’s definitely not normal! I’ve never seen magic like this before. Wow, wow. Even my underwear is perfectly dry.”

 I don’t need that report. I Blush.

“Oh, wow. Your magic.”

“Um, I’m sorry?”

 Emily sighed and groomed her hair with a sigh.

“Well, fine. Then you can read, but don’t practice your magic yet. Rest up for the week.”

 With that, Emily left.

 She seemed to have forgiven me for getting her soaked. Good.

 I find myself alone to think about it.

 The amount of water that just came down on top of us.

 Where did it come from? It’s far more than the amount I can generate with my magic power.

 That said, I didn’t manipulate the water in the channel.

 The water quality of the water just now was different from McAllen’s water.

”Did I use the magic power of a spirit ……?”

 That easy? With just one word?

 I look around. Emily is gone.

 –×××××××××× (Water Overflow)

 Instantly, a large amount of water appeared above my head.

(Water Magic” Water Manipulation)

 I control the water. It has become a giant water ball.

 This is it! I think you could use …….

 Ask the spirits to generate water and control it. Maybe I don’t need to be near water to fight.

 Yo, okay. Let’s try this on our next adventure!

 I pull out my dagger and put my hands together.

“Thank you, Goddess-sama,”

(Good. Good. Keep up the good work.)

 Hmmm, I can imagine the face of a goddess who is very proud of herself.

 After praying for a while, Lucy came over.

“Makoto? What are you doing?”

“Praying to the goddess.”

“…… Hmmm.”

 She’ s in a bad mood. I guess yesterday’s anger is still kicking in.

” You okay?”

“You know, just now. Emily said that she was drenched by Makoto’s magic, what did you do?”


 Emily-san! I thought you’d forgive me.

“No what? Are you a old pervert or something who get’s happy after drenching a girl in water…….”

 Lucy-san’s eyes weren’t angry, they were scornful!

“It’s not!”

 Even after using the ‘calm mind’ skill, which hadn’t been used in a long time, it was a tempestuous moment.

◇Lucy’s point of view ◇.

“Good morning, Makoto ……”

 Behind the guild. I would often go to the place where Makoto was training.

 There was Makoto, holding a dagger in both hands, kneeling in prayer.

 I wait for him to finish.

(Let’s try not to interrupt him.)

 Mako is a devout follower of the Goddess. Whenever he defeats a goblin or has a successful adventure, he thanks the Goddess. However, he doesn’t go to church at all.

“Makoto is a devotee of the goddess of water, Eir-sama, right?”

 When I asked him about it a long time ago, he said, “What? There’s no way that’s true,” he said with a sullen look on his face.

 It seemed to bring back a bad memory. He wouldn’t tell me what happened.

“Good morning, Lucy.”

 After finishing his prayer, Makoto turns around to look at me.

 I always wondered how he knew I was there when he wasn’t looking at me.

“Good morning, Makoto. Emily asked me to keep an eye on you and make sure you didn’t overdo it.”

 Well, the other reason is that I wanted to stay with you.

 Hearing my words, Makoto gives me a subtle look.

“I’m already feeling better. She said it’s okay.”s

 Makoto, who trains in his spare time, seems unhappy.

“Why don’t you take a break from it once in a while? With the bounty from defeating the Griffon, you have plenty of money to spare, right?”

“Hmmm ……, I think I’ll go shopping then.”

“Can I come with you?”

“Of course you’re welcome.”

 Oh? Is this a date? No, no, we’ re part of the party, it’s normal, right?

“So, we’ re in a weapon shop……..”

 Makoto’s first stop was the city’s weapons store.


“Not that it’s bad or anything, but ……”

 He looked around at various weapons and ended up not buying anything.

 Apparently it is fun just to look at them.

 I want to go to a cafe or a clothing store. I told him that and he went with me.

 We wandered around the city and then took a walk along the shores of Lake Shimei from the north gate.

“Lucy, you’re from the Wood Country, aren’t you?”

 Oh? It’s rare to hear a question from Mako.

“Yes, my family home is in one of those little elven villages in there.”

“You gotta show me around.”

 What’s happened to him all of a sudden?

“Okay, but there’s nothing there. We’re in the middle of nowhere, you know?.”

“But there are a lot of elves out there, aren’t there? It’ s a dream!”


 His usual cool expression is gone, and he has a feverish look in his eyes.

 Every once in a while, this is the weird side of Makoto that he shows.

“I’m telling you, you can’t mess with an elf girl, okay? The elves have a strong backbone, unlike the humans.”

“I wouldn’t pick up on that.”

 Well, I don’t think Mako would do that.

 There are rumors that people from other worlds have bad habits with women.

 When I talked about it, Makoto made an aha moment.

“…… Oh, Kitayama and Okada would have it.”

 Apparently I know someone like that.

 Even so, it’s a strange feeling for a newbie mage like me to be able to form a party with an ‘otherworldly’ person.

 More than a year ago, there was a lot of commotion when a group of otherworldly people, including the legendary Hero of Light, appeared. Rumors of the resurrection of the Great Demon Lord blew the gloom out of the air.

 Makoto is always humble, but even he thinks it’s great.

 He’s been in this world for a little over a year now, and he’s been defeating one strong demon after another and continuing to break Makkaren’s record for raising his adventurer rank.

 Glancing at his side, I saw him look cool with manipulating about seven water balls, …….”

“Hey! Emily said you can’t practice magic,”

 If I take my eyes off him, this is it.

“No! I’m tired of just walking around!”

 Saying that, Mako ran over Lake Shimei.

 Hey, it’s not fair to run away with a water walk!

“Come back!”

“A little bit! It’s just for a minute!”

 As he said it, the water of Lake Shimei sprayed up like a fountain, creating a beautiful rainbow.

 I can’t help but be dumbfounded that he’s doing that without chanting.

“Hahahahaha! Hooray!”

 He’s using spirit magic, which he seems to have just learned the other day, to generate huge chunks of water and slam them into the lake in large quantities. And now, I couldn’t see a cool adventurer there, but a kid frolicking with a new toy.

“I wonder if he was stressed out. ……”

 I was kind of enjoying watching it from the shore.

“Hey you guys, I told you to rest easy!”

 Rumors of a pair of mages fooling around on Lake Shimei soon spread, and Emily scolded me profusely in the evening.

 I’m not bad, am I?

◇Makoto Takatsuki’s point of view.◇


 Don! An empty mug is slammed on the table with the sound of

 Oh, oh ……. That warmhearted Fuji-yan is mad.

 Hasn’t he been angry since the time I accidentally erased his game data in the past? It’s been a long time ago, but that’s not the case. How did we get to this point?

“Takatsuki Makoto-sama, are you in there?”

 One day around noon. I was having lunch with Lucy in the dining room of the Adventurer’s Guild when a rabbit-eared shopkeeper I met at Fuji-yan’s came up to me and said.

”If you’re looking for Makoto-kun, he’s over there!:

 Marie-san showed her to us.

“I didn’t know you were acquainted with such a cute bunny-eared girl, Makoto-kun.”

 For some reason, Marie-san sat down at the table with me. Is your work good?

“Hello, long time no see,” greets the person with rabbit ears.

“Hello, master’s friend, Takatsuki-sama, . I’m Nina from Fujiwara Trading Company.”

 Her name seems to be Nina.

“You wanted to see Makoto?” Lucy added.

 You should be a little more affectionate. Go take a lesson from Nina-san’s smile!

“Oh! You are Takatsuki-sama’s companion, Lucy-sama. I hear you’re an amazing fire mage.”

“Eh? Yes, I do. You know it well.”

 Lucy looks happy with the sudden praise. That’ s a bit silly.

“Well, here’s a token of your acquaintance with the future Grand Mage,” she said, handing out some sweets. There are some for Marie-san as well.

“Wow! What is this? Delicious!”

“Sw~eet! I’ve never had it before and it’s delicious!”

 Lucy and Marie are chattering away. Probably those are chocolates.

 As expected of Fuji-yan, he even stocked up on that stuff.

“So, what can I do for you?” I ask Nina-san about the topic.

“About that! I got a message from my master. He said, “Let’s have dinner at the Cat’s Ear Pavilion this evening.”

“The usual one.”

 All the staff have cat ears and Fuji-yan is a regular customer.

“Are you available?”

“Come to think of it, I haven’t seen him in about a month, and I might want to see him too. So it’s okay.”

“That’s good to hear. Master will be pleased.”

“What? What am I supposed to do today?”

 Lucy turns to me, as if she’s sulking.

 I thought it was fine to be separate sometimes, but when she looked at me like that.

“Your companion, Lucy-san, is welcome to join us if she wants to,” Nina invited her.

“I want to go too!” said Marie-san, poking her head in.

“Marie-san, don’t you have to work?”

“Today, I’ll be at …… until the evening.”

“You can’ t then.”

“Makoto-kun, you’re cold!” ‘Terrible~’ said Marie-san as she went back to the reception desk.

“Well then, I’ll be waiting for you at the shop.”

 Nina-san left after saying so.

“Hey, hey,” said Lucy, tugging at my sleeve.


“So the chairman of Fujiwara Trading Company and Makoto are friends!”

“You know about Fuji-yan, Lucy?”

“Of course! Fujiwara-san of Fujiwara Trading Company is rumored to be connected to the Lord of Makkaren, and he has succeeded in many business ventures over the past year. It’s said that he knows everything about the city’s underbelly, grabbing the weaknesses of the merchants he opposes and silencing them one after another. He’s the number one person in this city that you can’t cross!”

“heh ……I” didn’t know about .

 When I asked Fujiyan about this town, all he’d say was “No, it’s not much,”. He’ s using his cheat skills and seems to be rising steadily.

“Well, let’s train until the evening.”

“Ehh, I thought we were done for the day?”

“Well, I’m going to train by myself.”

“Just kidding! I will do my best too.”

 I trained hard until the evening.

“””” Kanpai “”””

 In the evening, at the Cat Ear Pavilion.

 Today, it’s me, Fuji-yan and Lucy. Also, there’s Nina-san, the store clerk.

 Maybe she was careful not to leave him alone with the girls?

 The food here is good and there is a wide variety of drinks. And all the waiters are cat ears (of the beast-men race).

 While I can’t see the merit of cat ears, I think the waitresses are cute, minus the cat ears.

 We were led to a large table in the back of the restaurant, which is always crowded.

 It seems that Fujiyan is a regular customer and also a VIP.

“Ni- nice to meet you. I am the mage, Lucy,” said Lucy, who is unusually nervous.

“Nice to meet you too. My name is Fujiwara. You can call me Fuji-yan, just like Takki-dono.”

“My name is Nina. I’m employed by Fujiwara Trading Company, and I’m also an adventurer. I’m a silver-ranked adventurer,” she said, showing her silver badge.

“‘That’s great.”

“No, no, not really.”

 It is said that one of the barriers in the adventurer ranks is the silver rank.

 I heard that one can reach the Iron rank or so if you persistently work hard, but for Silver rank and above, an adventurer is required to defeat quite a number of dangerous and high-ranking monsters to become one.

 Although she was humble, Nina-san should be quite strong.

“We’re only Bronze rank. We have to work hard, Lucy.”

“I- I’ve got the Monarch Grade skill!”

 Come on, don’t be so stubborn.

 Fuji-yan, the well-informed man, probably knows that you don’t know how to use it well at all.

“Oh no, but Takki-dono is good at it. To have such a beautiful elven mage as your companion.”

“Now, here you go. Lucy-sama.”

“What? Oh, thank you.”

 Fuji-yan rejoices and Nina-san pours the drinks.

 Lucy gets the recommendation. Oh, man, she’ll be down soon.

 I munch on a plate of pasta with lots of meat on the bone and tomato sauce and garlic toast. This place is really good after all.

“Makoto is too stubborn!”

 Lucy is drunk. Her red cheeks are glossy.

 When Lucy gets drunk, she has a sleeping pattern and a rough pattern, but today is the latter?

“He’ s always training all day, every day, without getting bored. And despite that, Marie-san is courting him.”

“Doesn’t this have anything to do with Marie-san?

 Marie-san is just being nice to me, you know.

“But I’ve heard rumors about you two. Defeating a griffon at the Bronze rank is a first in the history of the Makkaren Adventurer’s Guild!”

“That was just lucky. I just got burned.”

“Burned? Do the gryphons of this world breathe fire?”

“Oh yeah, I know, it’s scary.”

“Makoto~, Don’t lie to him.”

 I was saying something random and Lucy stuck me with it.

 I mean, it’s not cool to say that I got burned by my friends’ magic or something.

 We were chatting happily like that, but when we talked about Jean and Emily, with whom we’ve been close lately, Fuji-yan’s expression became more and more grim.

 Huh? Have I said something wrong?

 Fuji-yan empties his ale in a gulp.

…… Fujiyan is silent.

“Y-Yes master?” Nina-san has a troubled look on her face.

”Fuji-yan~?” I talk to my friend, who is not speaking much.

 Lucy is asleep. I guess she’s passed out.


 With a thump, his empty glass is slammed on the table.


“Why didn’t you invite me to your party?”

“Huh? Is that why you’re angry?”

“I’ve been waiting for you all along! You said that once you were strong enough, we could form a party together!”

“Oh, yeah? ……”

“Master was always wondering if Takki-dono would come by sooner or later.”

 Uh-oh. That was a bad idea.

“I felt getting abandoned. I have been waiting for you all along.”

“Sorry, sorry. I just thought I’d level up a bit more.”

“At Takatsuki-sama’s level, a simple labyrinth should be no problem.”

 Right, right. Somehow, I’ve gained a lot of experience.

“Fuji-yan, I’m looking forward to working with you. Let’s have a party together.”

“Oh! I’ve been waiting for those words!” We shake hands firmly.

 Well, I made the decision without consulting Lucy, but I guess it’s okay. I guess it’s okay.

——Part I end—

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