Clearing an Isekai with the Zero-Believers Goddess – Vol.1-Chapter 6-Part-3

Chapter 6: Takatsuki Makoto forms a temporary party

Part III

I was dreaming. I found myself standing in an empty space. How many times had it happened?

 It’s a familiar sight by now. But this time it was a little different.


 The Goddess-sama, who usually greets me with a smile, puts her hands on her hips and glares at me.

 Um, are you angry?

“Hey,” said Noah-sama with cold tone.

“Do you remember the first time I asked of you?”

“Ummm” was that…

“Be strong, was it?”


 Goddess-sama with half-lidded eyes is kind of nice.


 My mental murmurings got pecked out.

“Do you remember what I said next?”

“Oh, yes, yes, I remember that.”

 Good luck, right? Oh, and before that, did she mention that she has high hopes for me?

“You don’t remember!”

 Keeeee, Goddess-sama flails her hands.

” I do! I said that Makoto was the only believer and I wouldn’t forgive him if he died so easily!”

“Ah,” that’s right, of course, eh?

“…… No way,” I said as my blood drained from inside my body.

“Am I …… dead?”

“Haaa, you’re really being too reckless.”

 With a snap, Noah-sama snapped her fingers and a monitor appeared in the air.

“Here, look.”

 That magic is cool. I can see everyone on the monitor.

“Your fellow priest girl is doing her best to heal you right now.”

“Makoto! Hey! Is he alright?

“Lucy! Calm down. He is still breathing, but he is unconscious. Let’s get some first aid done first and then we’ll go to the hospital as soon as we get back to town.”

“Don’t die, Makoto! We’re almost at the city!”

 Jean is carrying me on his back and Emily is casting a recovery spell. Lucy looks pretty distraught. I’m sorry, guys, for worrying you.

“It was only because of Makoto’s magic that they were able to defeat the Gryphon, and they would all be desperate to save your life.”

 Well, I’m glad everyone is okay.

“I’m sorry, Noah-sama. I have been so reckless today. I almost died.”

“Really, you stupid boy. The injuries you sustained today should have killed you!”


 What does that mean?

“Look at this.”

 Master Noah showed me a Soul Book.

“That’s mine, isn’t it? Please don’t take it without permission.”

“Come on, it’ s okay. Makoto and I are very close. Look at this.”

 She grabs me by the shoulders and holds me close. A little too close.

“Come on, now, just take a look.”

 Goddess-sama gets more and more glued to me.

As I triggered the “Calm mind” skill, I looked into the 『Soul Book』

 –‘Goddess Noah’s Blessing’

 An unfamiliar letter had been added.

“This is…”

” Mmmm, you did it! Makoto. Your daily prayers have helped you get the blessings! Thanks to that, you were able to withstand Gryphon attacks and fire magic.”

 Apparently, with the blessing of the goddess, the believer would gain strength or become more robust.

 Apparently, that’s what saved me today.

“I see……..”

 It’s been long. A year and a few months since I arrived in another world.

 Finally, I’ve caught up with my classmates a bit.

“You look happy. But that’s not the only thing that’ s interesting.”

“Is there anything else?”

“Look here!”

 Noah-sama pointed to an unfamiliar set of letters.

“Spirit user?”

 I’m pretty sure it’s a skill that elves and dwarves have, right? Lucy must have had it too.

“Yes! Our Titan god race is so close to the spirits! This is a ‘gift’ skill from a goddess.”

“Spirit user…….Spirit, eh.”

 There were no users in the Water Temple. Or rather, there are currently no users in the ‘human race’. This is a minor magic used by elves and dwarves sparingly.”

“Oh, not happy?”

“No, no, no, that’s not true!”

 No, no, no. I’m not complaining, but I’m not sure how strong I am, and that feeling seems to have leaked out.

“I will use it gratefully, Goddess-sama.”

“Fufu. Continue to be diligent.”

 She gently stroked my head. A light wrapped around my body, softly.

“I think it’s time for Makoto to wake up.”

 Noah-sama smiles. It’s a beautiful smile.

 Looking at her face, I suddenly thought of something.

“Thank you, Goddess-sama. By the way, can I recruit Lucy as a follower of the Goddess-sama?”

“Hmmm, recruiting huh–.”

 Huh? You are not that happy.

“Actually, I can only gain one believer every ten years as a punishment for going against the God Realm~”


 Then I can’t invite anyone.

“Well, I am fine with Makoto.”

 Noah-sama gives a thumbs up and a wink.

 Aren’t you being a little too easygoing?

“No, I’m fine, I’m fine. Now, you mustn’t be so reckless.”

“Yes, take care of yourself, Noah-sama.”

” See ya~”

 I was surrounded by light.

“Makoto-kun, how are you feeling?”

 The place I woke up was the guild’s medical treatment room. I looked up and saw Emily’s face.

“Good morning. How long have I been out?”

“It’s only half a day. Now it’ s night time.”


 Slowly, I sat up. My body was heavy.

 I asked Emily what happened after I defeated the Griffon.

 When we informed the guild that we defeated the gryphon, the guild was apparently in an uproar because it was the defeat of a dangerous, high-level (class 3) demon by just four bronze ranked adventurers.

 Especially Lucy, who had weakened the Griffon with her powerful fire magic, and Jean, who had finished it off, had become a hero.

 Currently, the Adventurer’s Guild’s entrance is in a festive mood.

 Just like the last time we defeated the ogre, the adventurers like to make a lot of noise.

 Meanwhile, I’m currently being treated for burns from Emily. I’m in the state of a mummy man with bandages all over my body.

“My whole body is itching ……”

“That’s a sign that you’re recovering, so bear with it.”

 I guess I’ll just have to be patient.

“Can I move?”

“Actually, you should be resting. Makoto-kun, you sleep over at the guild, right?”

“Ahh, I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep with all this commotion. Hey, I’m going to show my face to the guys.”

“Well, I’ll go with you. I’ve got to go pick up Jean.”


 I went to the entrance of the Adventurer’s Guild and Lucy ran up to me.

 Her face was red. She looks like she drank a lot.

“Hey! Is your body okay? Is it okay to not sleep?”

“I can’t sleep with all that noise.”

 There is a big party going on in the entrance.

 Jean was surrounded by adventurers and was having a good time.

 Among them, there are a few female adventurers who have been rubbing elbows with Jean. That’s pretty sweet.

“That Jean!”

 Emily plunged into the circle. She’s pulling away from the female adventurer who’s trailing Jean. Someone else is having a hard time.

“Hey, Makoto?”

 Lucy’s eyes watered and she grabbed my hand.

“Are you okay? You’ve been out of it the whole time, haven’t you?”

“Yeah, I just woke up. More importantly, you’re a hero today. Go over there and make some noise.”

“It’s okay! I really wanted to be by Makoto’s side, but Emily told me I was useless, and Lucas-san made me drink with everyone else because it wouldn’t be as exciting without the star of the show, and it was a mess!”

 She looks pissed off, but she seems to be enjoying herself in her own way.

 I doubt she’s ever attracted so much attention from people around her before.

“H- hey. Makoto……”

 Lucy asks timidly.

“You’re angry about today?”

“What did you mean today?”

“My magic hurt Makoto badly ……”

“Oh, it was my own fault. I was taught in the temple that you can’t ‘sync’ to magic of an unsuitable attribute.”

“Nah, it certainly shouldn’t work if you synchronize unsuitable magic with it, but it’s not really supposed to burn your whole body with fire magic like this one…….”

 Lucy’s face is dark and somber. I wonder why?

 I don’t think she’s merely referring to the fact that she injured me.


 Lucy looked up and mumbled as she looked up.

“Maybe because of the demon blood in me……”


 Lucy began to speak with a dark look on her face.

“Yes, that’ s right…….”

“Lucy is an elf, right?”

“My mother is an elf. But not my father. My mother married a demon somewhere, and I’m the child she had.”

 A hybrid of an elf and demon race. That must be very strong.

“According to my mother, my father was a demon race whose entire body was covered in flames. It appears that I have his blood, and my magic power is strongly influenced by the attribute of fire.”

“Whole body on fire, so how could they have kids?”

“That’s not the point!”

 She’s angry. It was a normal question, I think.

”I can use powerful magic thanks to the magic power of the flame demon race, and my flame resistance is strong, but I can’t use weak flame magic. I’m not very good at controlling them, and they easily go out of control. Also, my body temperature is abnormally high and I have a tendency to heat up because of it.”

“Oh, so that’s why you always wear so little?”

 The mystery of Lucy’s always being thinly veiled was solved.

“So I think the reason Mako got burned all over in this magical synchronization was because it was me on the other end. If it was anyone else, this wouldn’t have happened…..”

 Lucy’s expression was gloomy. She looks quite depressed.

“If that’s what happened, it’s no wonder. Let’s try something else next time.”

 Lucy looked up with a pouting look in her eyes.

“Makoto, are you going to keep partying with me?”

“What makes you think I won’t continue?”

“Cause! Again, I was useless. I lured the monsters to us. And on top of that, Makoto got hurt!”

 She’s teary-eyed and complaining.

“You’ ve helped me,” even though I’ve been burned all over.

” Makoto was badly hurt!”

“Don’t worry about it so much. Everyone makes mistakes.”

“But! My recent training hasn’t improved much at all. What do I do…….

 Hmmm, she’s feeling down. What should I do to comfort her?

“Hey, you really don’t think I’m too much trouble? I’m guessing you have no choice but to keep the party going because Lucas-san and Marie asked you to ……?”

 Her negative thoughts are so far off. I don’t really think this is too much trouble.

 I really enjoy trying to figure out how to use Lucy’s strong magic, it’s like solving a puzzle.

 It just feel like I’m solving a riddle in a game, and if I tell her it’ s fun, she’s going to get mad at me.

 Hmmm, I’m in a bit of a bind.


 I grabbed back the hand she was using to hold onto.

“I need you, Lucy. Let’s keep working together.”

 I meet Lucy’s eyes and mumble with a serious expression.

 I’m watching it from the side with my ‘RPG Player’ skills.

 Woah, this is pretty embarrassing.

“Eh, eh! Y-Yeah, right. Okay, I’ll do my best!”

 Lucy is red-faced and flustered.

 I guess I’m being a little over the top. It’s going to be okay, right?


 I thought I heard the goddess sigh. Oh, that wasn’t good?

For a while after that, I focused on treating my burns.

 But I was just lounging around in the rest area of the guild.

 –I’m bored.

 Lucy is busy improving her proficiency in fire magic.

 In between, I asked Lucy to tell me about my newly acquired skill, “Spirit User”.

“Spirits are invisible,”

“How can you use a spell if you can’t see them?”

“It’s just like regular magic. It’s a spell. But you have to utter it in spirit language.”

 Another language, eh. It is difficult to learn another language.

“Well, I guess I better start with the easy ones. Maybe I’ll go to a used bookstore later.”

 Lucy shook her head at my words.

“There’s no spirit magic books in Makkaren, you know.”

“What? Why?”

“Because no human spirit user has ever been here.”

 Ah, right. I learned that in the temple. There are no users from humans, are there?

“Well, then, how do I learn to do it?”

“Hmm, that’ s a problem.”

“Haaa, I miss my adventure.”

“No! You must rest for another week!”

 Emily, who was passing by, gave me a warning.

“Yo, Jean,”

“Hey, Makoto.”

 I raise one hand to greet Jean. Apparently, he’s training to hunt rampaging bison by himself. That sounds like a lot of fun.

“It’s torture to be in the guild all the time and not be able to go on adventures.”

 I made 7 water balls float and juggle with them.

 This is how I’ve been practicing these days.

“You say that, but you’re doing advanced stuff. …… Hey, Makoto?”

 Lucy has a serious look on her face.


“You know, Makoto’s been sleeping in the guild’s common room for a long time, right?”

“Yeah, it’s a waste of money, or rather lack of money.”

 The money I got from the goblin hunt is tiny. And since I can’t go earn it now, it’s diminishing rapidly. Also, I should be fine for a week or so …….

 Haha …… life in another world is not easy.

“My parents are the village chiefs of the elves. So they send out a decent amount of money, so I’ve signed up for a long-term stay at an inn.”

“Ah, I see.”

 I’m jealous of you, young lady.

“So, that’s why, ……. ‘Oh, um, …… well,’ said Lucy, who squirmed.


“I think Makoto should be in a proper room, you know? Also, if you’d like, Makoto, you can accompany me to my room at ……”

 Lucy was just about to say something when someone interrupted her.

“Makoto-kun! Are you feeling better?”

 It was Marie-san who hugged me from behind.

 Surprisingly, she’s not drunk. It’s still daylight, though.

“Marie-san, you’re being rough on the injured man.”

“Hey! Marie! I’m talking about something important!”

 Lucy screams with a snap.

“Hmmm… Should you be treating me so badly?”

 Grinning, Marie-san hands me some books.

“What? ”Spirit Language Beginner”, what’s up with this?”

 I thought the city of McAllen didn’t have one?

“I heard that Makoto-kun has learned a new skill. So I got it from the Wood Countrys’ Guild.”

 ’It was hard work-~’ said Marie-san.

“The Adventurer’s Guild of the Wood Country ……. As I recall, there are a lot of elves and dwarves, so it looks like there might be ……,’ said Lucy, folding her arms.

“Thank you so much, Marie-san!”

“Nyufufu, it’s fine. Good luck, Makoto-kun.”

 She pats me on the head. Lucy is puffed up next to me. Well, we were in the middle of a conversation.

“Lucy, were you trying to tell me something earlier?”


 Lucy won’t look at me.


“…… It’s nothing, really.”

 ”Huh? What’s going on?”

“Marie-san. What is the cost of this book?”

“You don’t have to pay for it. However, it belongs to the guild and you have to return it. I just lend it to you.”

“I understand. Once again, thank you.”

 Good. Thank God, cause I didn’t have much on hand. ‘Bye,’ said Marie-san, fluttering back to work, waving her hand in the air.

“No, thank God. Now I can practice my spirit magic.”


 I also don’t know what to do about Lucy’s grumpiness next to me for some reason.

“Hey, Lucy-san?”

…… Hey, Makoto?



 She ran off.

 It was tough to soothe Lucy during dinner that day.

◇Lucy’s point of view ◇.

 Ugh, I couldn’t invite Makoto to the inn because …… Marie was in the way …….

 But that might have been a good thing. I invited him because they say adventurer parties often spend a lot of time at the same base.

 And Makoto is a guy. If we stayed at the same inn, I’m sure that’s how the relationship would work, right?

(No, it’s too early for us!)

 Elves are not fond of pre-marital sex. They are not very good at love.

 I used to be in a party with Emily and Jean, though they live together.

 That’s because they were both raised in the same orphanage. They’re special.

(What do I think of Makoto, anyway?)

 Favoritism. Unlike those who have been inviting me to their parties based on my ‘Fire Magic: Monarch Grade’ skills and my appearance, he doesn’t make fun of me if I can’t handle magic well.

 Makoto is also willing to go along with my magical training.

 To be exact, Makoto trains in his spare time, so I train with him. The expression on Makoto’s face as he trains is one of seriousness.

 No, he looks a little bit happy. He focuses on that for hours on end.

I asked him, “Hey, Makoto. How can you concentrate so much?”

“If you want to get into RPG’s, you can do it in three ways,” he returned.

“What’s a three way?” I asked him if he wanted to stay up all night for three days.

 I think he’s crazy …….

 Serious guy. He’s not particularly amiable or very strong.

 In fact, his status and skills are very weak. Too weak.

 Normally, it would be better to give up being an adventurer. However, Makoto continues to be an adventurer and is secretly respected by the guild.

(A strange one.)

 He had never even thought about organizing a party before. It’s unthinkable.

 A mage is an occupation you can’t do without joining a party.

 Moreover, Makoto is an apprentice wizard.

“A man should shut up and go solo.”

 No, no, no, no, no, I’ve never heard of such a word because I’ve never heard of it. I wonder if people in other worlds do……..

“Good morning!”

“Good morning.”

 As I was meeting him at the entrance of the guild, a sleepy-looking Makoto came over.

“Did you stay up late last night training again?”

“Yeah, there’s nothing to do.”

“You’ re not supposed to push yourself yet, are you? And that’s what I hear from Emily.”

“It’s okay, all the doctors say is don’t push it,”

 Makoto looks uncomfortable.

(Is that what he wants to train for?)

 I need to become one of the best, sooner rather than later! I can’t just rely on Makoto!

 I tightened my grip on my wand, a favorite of mine from my days in the elven village.

“Shall we go to the South Woods today, Lucy?”

Yeah, okay.

 The place of training that day was the forest south of Makkaren.

 This place has good visibility and there are few dangerous monsters here.

“But there’s no water, is it safe?”

“It rained last night, so I can at least make a blinding fog.”

 It was muddy and difficult to walk. But Makoto keeps walking, stepping over the unstable foothold.

(Is he using some kind of water-walking magic?)

He uses it unchanted, and the activation is so fast that you can’t tell if he’s using magic or not.

 Wait, wait, wait! I can’t walk that fast. I had been following Makoto for a while.

“Wait, there’s something,” said Makoto, turning around and placing a finger to his lips.

“What’s wrong, Makoto? A monster?”

 ”There was a little dog-headed demon there.”

“A Kobold? Is it a stray beast?”

“Well, that’s unusual. It’ s out of the South Woods.”

“Hey, what are we going to do?”

Let’s get out of here.

“Eh? Aren’t you going to fight?”

 Makoto pulls his hand away.

“Kobold? A goblin is as strong as this monster, right?”

 Makoto is a goblin cleaner.

 But he doesn’t seem to be willing to fight. We fled in a flash.

“Fu…… we managed to get away.”

“Hee …… I’m covered in mud. ……”

 We ran through the muddy water and I was heavily smeared with splattering mud.

“Oh, sorry. Lucy,”

 He apologized to me with a look of guilt.

“You could have beaten it without running away, couldn’t you, Makoto? That Kobold.”

“Hmm, but I’ve never met this monster before. I don’t want to fight it out of the blue.”

 He’s so cautious. Even though he is an adventurer who has fought a griffon before.

“Hey, I don’t want to go back to town dressed like this!”

 I appealed to Makoto as I touched my muddy clothes and hair.

“Well, let’s take a quick detour.”

“Do I wash my clothes in here?”

“I’ll be watching to make sure no one comes in.”

 A small spring in the southern forest. Makoto found it with his ‘map’ skills.

“Do- don’t look!”

“Okay, I won’t look so relax.”

 Presently I am not wearing anything.

 I hid behind a rock beside the spring to remove the mud from my body and hair. I washed my clothes and underwear with the water from the spring. Later, I’ll have Makoto dry my clothes.

 The water is a little cold. I endure the coldness of the water and soak my shoulders in it.

“Makoto, are you there?”

“I’m here.”

 Makoto’s voice from the other side of the rock is calm itself, as usual. Ugh …… I’m pretty nervous though.

 The mud on my face is washed off with water. It’s cold.

(Behind this rock, Makoto is …… well, I don’t think he’d peek at me.)

 No matter how I dress, he doesn’t even change his face. I’m sure he’s still practicing water magic at the moment.


 The surface of the water shook a little. And the birds flew away.


 What’s going on? I was going to ask him.

“Monsters! There’s an ogre! Damn, there are so many stray ones out there today!”


 There’s an ogre’s horns behind the rocks! No!

I have to run.

 And yet, I’m not wearing any clothes. But! I grabbed my wand and jumped out.

“Water magic: ice blade.”

 –Gaaaah! The ogre holds its eyes and suffers. Just like that time with the big ogre back then.

“Water Magic: Ice Floor”.

 Mako calmly freezes the demon’s feet and makes it roll over. The ogre tries to get up in a hurry.

“Water Magic: Ice Needle.”

 Huh? Just for a moment, what happened? The demon’s arm stops moving. Perhaps he stopped the ogre’s nerves by stabbing them with an ice needle? What precision!

“Hey, water magic : cooling.”

 Mako thrust the dagger into the demon’s chest, and the demon jolted, trembled loudly, and then stopped moving.

“Haha, you’ll surprise me, Luc ……y, eeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

 Oh, my God. He beat it. Ogres are supposed to be fought by more than one bronze-ranked adventurer! And yet he beat it all by himself.

 Oh? Why do you look so surprised? Makoto.

“Lu- Lucy, oh, um! Ho, get dressed!”


 I think I forgot something important……..

 I’m …… naked, noo!


 Along with the feeling of shame, my magic power quickly increased …… and it went out of control`.

 An enormous pillar of fire rose up.

“Hi ……, again, I almost got burned all over?”

“I’m sorry! So, Makoto, have you seen ……?”

“……………… No, I didn’t see anything.”

Bullshit! I know you’re watching!

“Ug. ……”

 But I cannot say it strongly enough.

 U-ugh. How can you be so calm when you see me naked!

“By the way! You run from the Kobolds, why do you fight the ogre? Plus, it’s a quick and easy way to take it down.”

“I had fought an ogre once before. And this time it was smaller.”

“The last one was a big ogre. …… That demon from earlier was big enough too!”

 Absolutely weird! It’s the other way around! One would rather run away from the ogre and fight the Kobolds, though!

“Well, I’m glad I was able to defeat it. But I thought the southern forest was full of only weak demons. I wonder if the demons are becoming more active after all.”

 He doesn’t seem to mind too much that he defeated the ogre.

 Normally, you would be more excited and proud of it. ……

“Hey, don’t tell Emily that I fought an ogre. She told me to rest easy.”


 Apparently, he wants to keep it a secret that he defeated the demon by himself.

“Makoto is …… a weird one, after all.”


 Even if you have to look at me strangely. You are definitely weird!


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