Clearing an Isekai with the Zero-Believers Goddess – Vol.1-Chapter 6-Part-2

Chapter 6: Takatsuki Makoto forms a temporary party

Part II


 In a fantasy world, a monster that may be second only to the dragon in fame.

 A monster with the upper body of an eagle and the lower body of a lion. Well, everyone knows about that.

 I’m quite fond of the griffons in RPG games.

 They usually appear as a powerful enemy about halfway through the game.

 I’ve never seen a game where the last boss is a griffon, but as a mid-game boss, they often stand in the way of the player’s difficulty. Most importantly, it’s cool.

 But hey, they don’t come out of nowhere this early in the game, do they?

 There’s something to be prepared for, isn’t there, Griffon-san?

 One of the most famous monsters in the fantasy world is approaching us at breakneck speed.

 You can hear the wind whistling of giant wings and the low roar of the beast.


 The griffon’s massive body is one size larger than a rampaging bison. Scythe-like claws that extend from its thick paws are gleaming. I don’t want to get cut by that one, though…..

“Everyone get away! It’s most likely for the rampaging bison meat,” Jean shouted.

 The griffon must have been caught by the smell of burnt meat and came over.

 Jean is running away holding Emily’s hand.

“Lucy, let’s run.”

Ummm, yeah, …….

 Basa, basa, basa, the wind whipped up on the wings of a giant eagle, and the whirlwind reached here. The griffon stopped on the rampaging bison, as expected. As it is, it begins to eat its flesh.

”Oh, our prey is ……

 Lucy, let’s give up on our quarry this time. I’m an adventurer with a vested interest in life.

 I think it’s time to put some distance between us and the griffon.

(I’ll give you your prey, just go away.)

 I hoped so, but the griffon stared at us grimly.

 A gaze aimed at its prey. The one in the corner of that gaze is …… Lucy?


Lucy made a goofy sound. Second time today?

“Lucy, you’re getting a lot of attention today.”

“Oh, my God, no!

 Lucy pulls back with a scowl.

 I wonder why. I’ve heard that strong monsters prefer prey with high magical power, perhaps it was attracted by Lucy’s magical power.

 Let’s think about that later. First, we have to survive.

“Jean! You ready?

“Ok, I and Makoto will buy you some time.”

“Wait! It’s Impossible. You’ll die!”

 Emily looks like she’s about to cry.

 With a bang, the gryphon rises into the sky with a flap of its wings.

“It’s coming!”

 It glided toward me and Lucy.


 I held Lucy in my arms and activated my skills. I escaped from the griffon’s claws in the nick of time. The griffon once again stares at us from above.

“There it is again!” Lucy shouts.

 Damn, it’s Persistent. “Evade!”


 It seems that Lucy’s feet made contact with the ground during the evasion.

 I am not proficient enough yet for two people’s simultaneous ‘evasion’ skill.

“Lucy, can you chant while evading?”

“I can try, but probably not…….”

 Lucy appeals to me with tears in her eyes.

“You’re right…….”

 It takes three minutes in a situation where you can concentrate to begin with. So chanting while evading is going to be difficult.

 The gryphon attacks us a third time. Oh, shit! ”Evade”!


 I managed to avoid it, but Gryphon’s claws grazed my shoulder a bit. The aim is getting sharper and sharper. The Gryphon quickly gets back into the air.

 Oh no. A close up attack, but it’s blocked.

 Jean holds his sword with his back to Emily, but he seems to be unable to find the right moment to move to attack. The griffon lets out a high pitched scream. What is it? The griffon is gathering magic around it?

 The griffon attacks for the fourth time. I have a bad feeling, but I can only avoid it.


 A shock hit my body.

“Gahh!” “Aah!”

 I was supposed to have avoided the attack, but I was blown away! Lucy and I are separated from each other as well.

 Damn, was that wind magic just now? The wind covered the gryphon around it.

 A Monster that can use magic!

“You okay, Makoto! Lucy!”

“Ye …… Yeah. Jean. Take care of Lucy.”

 Holding my dizzy head down, I stand up. The griffon slowly approaches Lucy. Jean stands in front of her with his sword at the ready.

“Jean!” Emily screamed. This isn’t good, what do we do?

 Lucy doesn’t seem to be unconscious, but she’s not getting up. Emily is casting a recovery spell from a distance. It’s not safe over there either.

 That griffon is highly intelligent. If it finds out that someone is using recovery magic, it is likely to be targeted.

“Damn it!” I can hear Jean’s impatient and angry voice.

 Every time the griffon brushes off its paw, Jean’s shield is about to be blown off.

 With that, it’s only a matter of time before he gets hit. My magic power is empty.

 Attacking with my dagger is out of the question.

 I’d like to run, but it’s not going to let all four of us escape.

 What do we do? Ditch Lucy and run away? No, it’s not.

(You must put your life first, Makoto.)

 Goddess, I will not abandon my companions.

(…… so)

 I heard the dumbfounded voice of the goddess, but I ignored it.

Activating the “Calm mind” skill, I managed to keep my composure and searched my memory for something to do.

 See if there’s anything…….. Remember. I think I’ve got a trick that will help me beat that thing.

 –this was a year ago, at the Water Temple, when I took a class.

“So, everyone. The first step in learning magic is to feel the magic.”

“””””yes “””””

 The kids in my class responded cheerfully. I gave a small sigh.

“Put your hands in front of you and say aloud with me. O Holy Gods, who rests in the heavens. I pray to you……”

“””””I give prayers to the Holy God with all my heart ……”””””

(This is what you call chanting a spell.)

 That’s a little embarrassing.

 But apparently, to use magic in this world, you have to chant it. Be patient.

“What do you think? Did you feel the magic?”

“Not really……”

 The children around me were saying like it’s warm and it lit up! I didn’t feel anything beside me while they were shouting about it. Oh, this is bad, isn’t it? Don’t tell me I’m going to lose to the kids too?

 The teacher came over as I was turning pale due to that thought.

“Makoto-kun, you’re too old for this, so maybe it can’t be helped. Younger children are more sensitive to these things.”

“Is that so ……?”

“Don’t look so anxious. We’ll do it together.”

 Then the teacher held my arm.

“Please concentrate on the palm of your hand.”


 –I felt something cool in my hand.

“Is that it!?”

“How’s it feel? Makoto-kun.”

“I kind of felt like …….”

“Now, I have ‘synced’ with Makoto-kun. It’s a way for two mages to interfere with each other’s magic by touching their bodies.”

“Wow, ……, I didn’t know there was a way to do that.”

“All mages=s above the high grade can do it. High Grade mages often take apprentices, you know. It’s the quickest way to teach someone how to use magic.”

“Would this work on me?”

“As long as the mage’s proficiency level is 50 or higher, you can use it. Just be careful, it won’t work if you don’t have an aptitude for the attribute.”

“Since you could use water magic, that’s why you could sync with me?”

”Well, Sensei can use the six attributes other than ‘moon'”

 This teacher is pretty awesome……. I remember that conversation.

 And I – thanks to the fact that I’ve been using the water magic techniques a lot, the teacher says I’m at an advanced level of proficiency alone.

(I know, I know, it’s bumpy, but I’ll use sync!)

 I ran over to Jean and Lucy.

“Jean! Buy me some time! I’ll use a big magic spell!”

“G-Got it!”

 Jean drops his sword and stomps on both feet, holding his shield up with both hands. The griffon’s foot strikes Jean.

 Somehow, he manages to survive it. Please, Jean.

“Lucy, increase the magic.”

“What! What?”

“Get your right hand out and generate something with your magic anyway! I’ll take control!”

“What do you mean, I can only use fire magic!”

“That’s it, then. Give it your all!”

 I grab Lucy’s right hand and put my hand around her waist with my other hand. Like the teacher did that day.

‘Hee! What are you doing to my hand?”

“Just let it go! Hurry!”

“Eh, all right, all right. You’re sticking it to me too much!”

 I forget about Lucy blushing for a moment and focus on the magic.

(Like this?)

 Normally, I gather magic power from my own body, the sensation of gathering magic power in my hands, with the image of being one with Lucy’s body. It is in sync with Lucy’s magic power.

 It seems that you can only do it if you have an aptitude for the attribute originally, but I think I can manage it. If not, then we’re that griffon’s food. With a bang, I felt as if I had been swallowed by a storm.

 And then I realize that it’s flowing in from Lucy’s body.

(Is this …… Lucy’s magic?)


 Lucy next to me makes a sexy noise, but I don’t have time to worry about it.

 It’s different from the magic power like grains of sand that I have, an enormous amount of magic power like a storm.

 This is the magic power of a ‘Monarch Grade’ skill person ? Lucy always tried to control this kind of thing?

 This is really tough. From now on, I’ll be a little more gentle with my training.

 Lucy is still building up her magic power. I try to convert it into a different kind of fire magic than usual.

 Suddenly, a choice appeared in front of me. Hey, what the hell. In this busy time.

“Do you want to use synchronized magic with Lucy?”

 Yes ←


 –Yes, of course.

“Are you sure?”

 Yes ←

 Well, I don’t want to do it.

 …… kind of pushy, isn’t it? I don’t have any other choice anyway, so I have to do it.

 I gather the vast amount of magic power that flows from Lucy into my right hand.

“Fire magic: firestorm.”

 A giant fire tornado appeared in front of us.

“Wow, it’s triggered! And even so, it’s a High Grade magic!”

“If I’m not careful, I think it’s going to go haywire…….”

 I feel like I’m riding my bike through a typhoon at breakneck speed.

 I’m sweating and I can’t stop. My body is hot! It seems to burn.

“Jean! Move, NOW!”


 Jean took cover near Emily.

Grrrrrr, the gryphon falls back as if it was alerted.

“Ahh,  it’s going to avoid that!”

 Emily screams. The firestorm is unable to reach the gryphon. With a bang, the gryphon evades into the air.

“Makoto! It avoided that! What are we going to do?!”

 The fire tornado was just about to pass by the Griffon.

(Imagine, just like water magic. The Griffon has let its guard down. I guess, now’s the time.)

“Spread out!”

 The fire storm turns into a large vortex all at once. The hot wind even reached here.

 Geeeeeeeeee! And the gryphon got swallowed by the flames.

“EHHHHH! You did magical shape-shifting?”

“That’s what I was practicing for when I thought I’d get to use it someday, and it paid off.”

 I wasn’t expecting magic on this scale, though. The gryphon struggled to escape from the flames, but a pillar of fire chased after it.

“As if”

 I’m getting used to Lucy’s storm-like magic.

(It’s hot, by the way. What’s more, it smells like burning.)

 I feel like my whole body is stuffy. Is my sweat stopping?

“H-Hey, Makoto!”

“Oi! Your  body is on fire!”


 I couldn’t see much in the flames of Firestorm, but is my body really on fire?

“What is this?”

“Makoto! Stop the magic! Not any further!”

 Lucy hollers impatiently.

“Is Lucy okay?”

“I’m fine! Anyway, hurry up and stop the magic!”

 –Fire magic: Release.

“Huh? The fire on me won’t go out.”

“Why are you so calm, Makoto! Your whole body’s on fire!”


 Even if you say that, I’m not in a hurry, thanks to the ‘calm mind’ skill.

 A useful skill despite the fact it’s not usable in other cases.

“The griffon is going to fall!”

 When Emily pointed that, the griffon fell with a thud.

 Its wings were burned out and its body was charred in places. It’s almost dead.

“Jean! NOW!”

“I’m on it! Or rather, you put out the fire!”

 The sword Jean holds shines.

“Maximum Output: WIND BLADE!”

 A green light wrapped around Jean’s sword and cut off the griffon’s head.

“Y, did we do it?”

 I could hear Jean’s relieved voice. Next to me, Lucy was wobbling around.

 Did I suddenly suck up too much magic power?

“Great, great! Jan! We defeated the gryphon! We did it!”

 Emily hugged Jean.

“Hah, thank God,”

 With the relief of defeating the griffon, I released my ‘clam mind’ skill.

 To be honest, I was careless. I was relying too much on the “Calm Mind” skill.

 The fact that I thought it was a little hot earlier was apparently a fatal wound.

“Ah …… ah ……”

 My whole body is in intense pain. My vision is getting smaller and smaller.


 As I heard Lucy’s voice, my eyes darkened in front of me. No, I can’t stay conscious.

 – synchronization magic with Lucy.

 Even though it was a straight-up attack, we were able to safely defeat the gryphon, which seemed hopeless.

 It’s a pretty powerful method of attack for those of us of the bronze rank. But in exchange, I, who have no aptitude for fire magic, seem to be burned by Lucy’s magical power.

 So that’s what they say about not being able to synchronize without aptitude.

 I should have asked my teacher what would happen…….

 I guess I can’t do it this way anymore. I thought it was a good idea.

—— Then I lost consciousness.

—Part II end—-

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