Clearing an Isekai with the Zero-Believers Goddess – Vol.1-Chapter 6-Part-1

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Chapter 6: Takatsuki Makoto forms a temporary party

Part I

“Hey, Makoto. You wanna go on a quest with us?”

 Jean said such a thing to me. Next to him is Emily, the priest.

“Huh? What are you talking about? Are you guys out of your minds? Go away ~sooo!”

 Lucy, who has been drinking, acts tough. Or rather, you are going to turn them down by yourself, Lucy.

“We asked Makoto-kun for it! Why is Lucy the one refusing! “

Emily argues back. You guys stop fighting.

“Why come all the way out here to invite us?”

 Let’s hear it for a change though.

“To tell you the truth. We’ re planning to subjugate the ‘rampaging bison’ soon.”


 –Rampaging Bison. A monster with a danger level and medium class 2 demon.

 Simply put, it is a massive bison monster. Its size is about three times the size of a normal one.

 It is usually docile, but is violent when provoked. When it sees something red, it gets excited. It is such a monster.

 It’ s a herbivore, so it doesn’t attack people, but it seems to be the one that rushes into carriages and annoys travelers.

 If you’re in a bronze ranked adventuring party, this is a quest with a good difficulty level.

 The reward amount is modest. But it’s meat is very tasty and is bought for a high price.

 It’s a popular quest to earn a little money. However.

“I’ll pass.”

“Eh? Hey, why not?!”

“The rampaging bison are the creatures that stalk the grasslands. Grasslands near McAllen don’t have a lot of water. I’m an apprentice mage who can’t do anything without water, so I’m useless.”

 I gulp down the rest of my cocktail.

“No, but you’re pretty good with your ‘detection’ skill, right?”

“Why do we need  “detection”?”

 That giant bison out in the meadow can be seen from a distance without needing to use my skill.

“Looks like I’m not helping you,”

 I munched on my sandwich and tried to break off the conversation.

“Wait! You will get more of your share of the reward! So why don’t you join us?”

“Why would you want to go with me that badly?”

“He wants to apologize for the last one, eh.”

 Lucy replies. Oh, is that so?

 I look at Jean and Emily and they look awkward.

“It’s meant to be an apology, but we’re both new adventurers and we want to get along in the future.”

 Emily replied. Getting along. I don’t know what to do.

“What? There’s no way we’re going to get along now.”

“Why are you being such a jerk to me?”

 Kiiisssaaa! And Lucy and Emily are glaring at each other like a cat fight.

 You guys need to get along a little better.

“Hey, Jean. Why not just slay goblins if we’re going to have an adventure together?”

“Yeah, I was thinking about that too, but goblins would be in the Great Forest. And I heard Lucy’s fire magic is banned in the Great Forest.

“Oh, yeah.”

 Until she has control of her magic, Lucy is banned from using fire magic in the Great Forest.

 The only decent attack magic Lucy can use is fire magic.

 Therefore, she has been immersed in her training lately.

“If we were in the grasslands, we could use Lucy’s fire magic to our heart’s content.”

“Well, that’s for sure. What do you think? Lucy.”

“Ehhh, We’re really going with these guys?”

 Lucy doesn’t seem happy.

 But she’s been bored with all the training lately, and we’re an unbalanced party of two mage. With Jean in the vanguard and Emily in recovery & assistance, the balance will be better.

 However, there is one concern.

“There’s nothing I can do, you know?”

 In a grassland without water, I’m useless. The ‘detection’ and ‘stealth’ skills are also useless.

“W-Well, at least if you can stall it or something like tha..”

Emily seemed to have trouble saying that. So basically, I’m a decoy.

 I have Escape and Evade, so I think I will be able to manage.

“Okay. We will be getting the bigger split, right?”

“Yeah, it’s a 7:3 split.”

 We haven’t been making any money lately, so that’ s okay.

“Lucy, now that the invitation has come up, why don’t we go together?”

“Really!” Jean’s face lights up.

“If Makoto says so, then fine.”

 Although Reluctantly, Lucy agreed.

 –The next day.

 I wake up in the Adventurer’s Guild’s resting area and wash my face with the nearby well water.

 After that, I hold the Goddess’s dagger in both hands and say a prayer.

“I’ll do my best today as well, Goddess-sama.”

(Yeah,  yeah, but be sure make priority to be safe, Makoto.)

 After finishing my daily prayers, I headed to the meeting place with Jean and the others.

 The meeting place was in front of the east gate. After passing through the gate, we went out to the grass field. The weather was clear. Not a single cloud.

 –It’s bad weather. For me, a water mage.

 It would have been better if it had rained a little. Well, that’s just luck.

 On the way, I set out for my destination while chatting with Jean.

“Huh, so Jean and Emily are childhood friends?”

“We grew up together in an orphanage in the Sun Country. I want to be a knight and Emily wants to be a High Priest. But first, we intend to make a name for ourselves as adventurers.”

“That’s an honest goal.”

 You become famous as an adventurer and then change careers and get a stable job.

 This is a common career plan in this world.

 However, since adventuring is very dangerous, it is said that many people fail to make it. Well, that’s true, isn’t it?

 Also, it seems that Jean and Emily aren’t exactly a couple of lovers.

 It seems that the last time Lucy was saying a lot of things about them, it was a quarrel.

 But a beautiful childhood friend. I’m jealous.

“What is your goal, Makoto?”

“Well, I guess I’m going to level up for now and go to the more difficult dungeons…”

 I didn’t mention that I was aiming for the highest difficulty dungeon, The Undersea Temple.

 And Lucy was taken aback by it. Apparently it’s not the kind of dungeon that a bronze rank would aim for.

“Huh, so you’re an adventurer all the way.”

“It’s the only thing I can do.”

 Being hired by some other country and living in the palace.

 For that, my stats and skills are not good enough.

“Is the goal the Great Labyrinth “Laberintos” ?”

“The largest dungeon on the continent, huh……. I’d like to go there one day, though.”

 This huge underground labyrinth stretches across three countries: the Wood Country, the Water Country and the Fire Country.

 It seems that there are still many unexplored places in this huge labyrinth.

 Many adventurers are willing to take on the challenge.

“For that I have to become an Iron Rank.”


 The recommendation for the Great Labyrinth is for adventurers of Iron rank or higher. For us, it’s still a lot of work.

 Lucy and Emily are following us a bit further away.

 Are they getting along?

 I was curious, so I used my ‘eavesdrop’ skill.

“Hey, hey, how far are things progressing with you guys?”

 Lucy WAS teasing Emily.

 Oi, Oi, you okay? No fighting this time, okay?

“What is this all of a sudden?”

“You’re in love with Jean, aren’t you? Have you made any progress?”

“Look, we’re just childhood friends who grew up together.”

What are you saying? You thought me as a rival of yours.”

“No! To begin with, Jean was troubled because Lucy was always dressed too revealingly. You’re dressed like that today too.”

“It’s very hot, I can’t help it. Besides, that’s something Jean is not trained enough to do. Makoto doesn’t care what I wear at all, you know?”

(I do care about …….)

It’s just that I always sue “Calm Mind” skill to suppress my worries.

“That’s impressive too ……. I wonder if he’s not interested in women?”

 Don’t be rude. I’m interested, what about it?

“What if Makoto is a guy who likes men ……?”

 I was worried about Lucy. Idiot.

“How’s it going with you with Makoto?”

 Emily fights back.

“What? There’s no way there’s anything there. We’ve only been partying for a few weeks, remember?”

“Aren’t you pretty intimate with him? I’ve heard that you two train alone every day until late at night. It’s all over the Adventurer’s Guild.”

“EH,…….. really?”

Eh? Really?

“The talk is that With Lucy’s poisonous influence, her next target is probably the otherworldly mage, Makoto-kun.”

“I’ll hit you.”

“You were the one who said the weirdest things first.”

 I don’t want to hear any more about it. Danger Danger.

 Some time after our departure.

I think that’s it.

 Lucy pointed at something. I turn my gaze to Lucy’s pointing direction.

“Which one?” asked Emily.

“I don’t see it at all.”

“You should use your clairvoyance skill.

 After using that skill, I do indeed see a small, dotty, bison-like monster.

Since it’s out of the range of the ‘search’ skill, I can’t tell if it’s the prey I’m looking for or not.

“You sure can see so well that far away.”

I can’t even see clearly with the ‘clairvoyance ‘ skill.

”Elves have good eyesight!”

 Lucy puffs her chest out after saying that.

“So, what should we do now?”

 I asked the others.

“I’ll bash it with my magic!”

 Lucy rolls her arm.

” It’s about 500m from here, you sure you can hit it?”

 Jean says doubtfully.

“She can’t”

 Emily asserts flatly.

“What! I’m the only one here who can attack from a long range, you know!”

 Pouting, Lucy gets angry.

“Well, Lucy don’t have fine control of her magic.”

 I know because I’ve seen Lucy’s magic so many times. There’s no way she could make it that far.

“I’ll act as a bait.”

 I pulled the dagger from its scabbard and held it in a loose position.

“Don’t expect me to be of any help on offensive this time around, and….”

 It was a clear weather. Not a single cloud in sight, and everything around us are grasslands, with no water source in sight.

 With the dagger in my hand and my own magic, I couldn’t hope to attack the large, rampaging bison effectively.

“Makoto, will you be fine ?”

 Lucy gave me a worried look.

“I’ll use my skills to manage it somehow. Once I lure it over here, Lucy will use her magic to weaken it, and then Jean’s magic sword will finish it off.”

“I’ll be using support magic on Lucy and Jean to increase the effectiveness of their magic and attacks.”

“That’s the plan. Lucy, start with that long chanting of yours.”

“Wait, Makoto-kun, I’ll cast a defensive spell on you.”

 After having Emily cast an support skill on me. Now, let’s go.

 While using the ‘stealth’ skill just to be sure, I approach the Rampaging Bison at a close distance.

 As I narrow the distance, the monster’s huge body gradually becomes clearer and clearer.

 The total length of the rampaging bison is about the size of a medium-sized bus.

 If it hits a human being, it looks like it will blow them off like a leaf.

 It may not have noticed us yet, but it is leisurely hacking away at the grass.

 I wonder if Lucy’s chanting is about to end.

 I turn around. I see Jean raise his hand. That’s the signal that he’s ready.


I disable my “Stealth” skill.

 The rampaging bison glanced at me. He’s seen us. But it’s only just still wary.

 I picked up the stone at my feet and activated my “throwing” skill.

 It’s a traveler’s skill, and what I throw will always hit. However, it has almost no offensive power.

 It’s a skill that can only be used to draw the opponent’s attention.


 I grab a rock and throw it as hard as I can.


 The stone, which was thrown with full force, hit the rampaging bison in the nose.

 Buo-oooooh, a yell of rage resounded. Glaring at me, I comes toward us.

(Here it comes! Now all that remains is to lure it in.)


 I head towards my companions as fast as I can. The rampaging bison chases behind me.

 Geez, it’s even faster than I thought? It’ s faster than the big ogre.

 Unlike the last time we were in the woods, there are no obstacles. This one is catching up to me.

 When I looked back, I saw a rampaging bison rushing toward me, raising a cloud of dust.

 Oh, it was quite powerful. If it hits me, it could break my whole body, or if I’m not careful, I’ll die.

‘Evasion’ !

 Just before it caught up with me, I activated my skill. With a thud, a black mass passes in front of me.

 I feel like a matador. Again, I look at the rampaging bison to avoid it.

 The rampaging bison is over here …….

“Hmm? ” Why is it not coming here?

“EH? Ehhhhhhh?”

 Lucy made a goofy noise. The rampaging bison gets excited at the sight of red things. Lucy wears bright red hair and a bright red cape.


 Lucy-san, looks like it likes you.

“It’s Coming!” Jean shouts.

“Heeee! Fireball!” Lucy activated her magic.

 With a thud, a huge fireball is fired at the rampaging bison.

” It was quick!” I screamed.

 The rampaging bison couldn’t turn around when it started running. Therefore, if a magic is struck after the rush, it will hit almost 100% of the time. However, if it was before it started running, it would naturally avoid it.

 The rampaging bison avoided the fireball with plenty of time to spare.

 Once again, it scrambled up its hind legs to lunge at Lucy.


“Hey, Lucy! Hurry up and chant again!”

 Emily is trying to calm Lucy’s confusion.

 But this isn’t going to make it. The rampaging bison keeps his head low and is ready to charge.

“It’s coming!”

 Jean holds up his shield, but that won’t protect him. No choice. Let’s see if we can mix up the magic.

“Water-magic: ice floor!”

 I froze the rampaging bison’s feet. Slyly, the rampaging bison tumbled.

 It let out a slightly dumb squeal and slipped away, “Bum-ooh.”

“Is that Makoto’s magic?!”

 Jean shouts towards me.

” Yeah! But I can’t do it a second time. I don’t have much magic left.”

“Seriously? You’re way too low on magic!”

“Shut up!”

“Hey, Lucy! Use fireball one more time.”


“Wind Blade!”

 Jean swung his sword down, and the magic blade hit the rampaging bison’s side.

 There is a zinging sound, and the rampaging bison bleeds out. However.

It doesn’t look like it’s working very well.

 The rampaging bison looks fine. It’s snorting towards us and showing its charging stance.

“It’s essentially a magic sword technique for close range. It’s not very powerful when used as a flying tool.”

 Jean says in frustration.

 Lucy’s chanting isn’t even half done.

“Alright, let’s split up. I’ll take the bait and avoid it. Jean, attack from behind.”

“O-Okay. But how will you attract that things’ attention?”

“Hmmm, like this.”

 I readied my knife and ran towards the rampaging bison.

“Oiii, hey!”

 Jean shouts impatiently behind me.

 The rampaging bison glares at us with a guileless stare. He’s rushing towards us!

“Evade!” And then!

“Water Magic: Ice Blade!”

 The magic that I activated with the last of my magic power pierced the rampaging bison’s one eye.

 Booooow! A strained cry sounded.

“Oh! You did it!”

 Jean says that carefreely.

“I didn’t do anything. I just pissed it off.”

 The rampaging bison rushes toward me in anger.

 It loses one side of its vision and wobbles a bit. That makes it a little easier to avoid.

“I’m already empty of magic. Jean, you take care of it!”

” You sure, you’re a mage? Al-Alright! I’ll take care of the rest.”

 Jean tackled the rampaging bison from the side with his great shield at the ready.

 A thumping sound of a large object crashing and the demon staggered.

 Is that a shield skill? You have some nifty moves, don’t you?

“It’s done!”

 Emily shouted. Jean and I panicked and moved away from the enemy.


 Lucy unleashes her magic. The rampaging bison was staggered by Jean’s skills.

 No evading this time. A ridiculously large fireball completely covers the rampaging bison’s huge body. Whoops, a pillar of fire rises.

 Bum-oooo~oh……, the rampaging bison’s desperate cry of despair that was engulfed in flames rang out.

“The power of Lucy’s magic, it’s amazing……”

 Emily blurted out.

“I didn’t get my turn ……,” muttered Jean sadly.

 He was ready to lash out, but he didn’t get a chance to do so. No, he did a good job.

I did it!” Lucy was pleased with herself.

“But it’s totally charred goods now. Can we even sell it somehow?” I asked Jean.

 Wasn’t this supposed to be pocket change, but is it too much?

“It’s fur is no good. But the organs and bones are valuable as material, too, so someone will buy them…… maybe.”

 Jean is looking a little unsure. Oh, come on, I’m sure it’s all right.

“I’m starving. I wonder if I can have some of this.”

 Lucy says something wild. Sure, it smells good, like roasted meat.

“Hey, you’re going to have a stomachache.”

 Emily gives a perfectly honest shove.

“I’ll report it to the guild. I’ll have to ask them to buy and carry the monster back.”

 If you take down a large monster, and report it back to the guild and they will transport and assess it.

 Jean seems to have a communicator that can help us contact the guild.

 We’re on the lookout to see if any other monsters have come in until then.

 There are very few strong monsters in this area, so it should be fine.

 For a while, we waited for the guild’s people to come, looking around and taking it easy.

It was only enough after Jean defeated Bison and reported to the guild that he noticed the incident.

――The warning sound of the “danger detection” skill rang in my head.

A high-pitched sound echoed in my head and I almost frowned.

I heard this pitch and loudness for the first time. Greater than the time of the great demon.

“Hey! Everyone has strong monsters!”

Call attention to everyone.

“What? Makoto, where?”

“Makoto! Is it true?”

“Watch out for the surroundings! There must be something!”

Search for a position with the “search enemy” skill.

“Oh! Look at that!”

Look in the direction Lucy pointed. Something rushes in with tremendous momentum.

“Lie !? Griffon!”

Emily screamed.

It was the monster Griffon of “Danger level: high, Rank 3” that approached us.

——Part I—end

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